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    How not to bushhog !!

    Finished mowing 24 acres of CRP ground at one farm and moved seven miles to the next 18 acres to be mowed. The west boundary of this farm is Clarks River and the bottom ground floods about every four years and can easily get out of control if not mowed yearly. My brother in law mowed it last...
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    Need tool to put tubing on nipple

    The mechanics at a factory I worked at had a tool they used to put rubber hose/tubing on a nipple. It looked like a set of pliers with clamps on the jaws. I needed one today to repair a leak on a 12-volt sprayer. Worked on it an hour and finally got hose on to where I could clamp it. Sprayed 1/8...
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    My soccer debut at 67-years of age.

    I played keeper, or in other words, goalie. I only allowed four goals. We were playing 8 and 9 year old girls who had already been practicing for an hour in 90+ degree heat. It was parents against the team and the parents were one short so I got drafted. They ran circles around us. I would run...
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    Never had pain like this before!!

    It all started when I ordered these new paring knives from Smokey Mountain Knife Works. They are Victorinox knives, made in Switzerland, and they are SHARP!! So I got one that I added on an order to get free shipping and we liked it so well that I ordered three more, one the with a serrated...
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    Need info on Land Pride and Bushhog brand mowers.

    A little late to post this as I will be buying today or tomorrow. I need a medium duty rotary mower. It is down to a Land Pride RDR 1872 or a Bushhog 216. Both are medium duty 2" capacity rating. Both are the same price. The major difference is that the deck is 2-1/2" taller on the Bushhog and...
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    How to seal red cedar

    Last Friday we cut down a red cedar tree behind my deceased father-in-law's house. I saved several properly sized limbs and want to make coasters from them. These will go to my wife, sister-in-law, and both daughters. What do I use and how do I seal them. Right not the bare wood is sticky with...
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    Lowes Kobalt 40-v chainsaw

    I used my Lowes Kobalt 40-volt chainsaw yesterday for a pretty good while. I cut down one crepe myrtle with five trunks more than 5" and trimmed two more of limbs/trunks as big or bigger. I walked around the two acre yard trimming and cutting for a couple hours. The little saw is light enough I...
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    Bush Hog light duty or Titan light duty

    Gotta get a new rotary cutter. Will be mounted on an old 55-hp Ford 4600. Our 40+ year old Ford mower died last fall, I think I finally killed it. The Titan light duty, 1" to 1-1/2" capacity, shear pin, cutter is $1700. The Bush Hog light duty mower, 1" to 1-1/2" capacity, slip clutch, is...
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    Why I quit hating soccer.....besides the soccer moms!

    Until a couple years ago I thought soccer was the most boring game ever. Then I had a couple grandkids start playing. One is now eight and on a 'traveling team'. Holy guacamole!! Those little girls play rough. Elbowing, tripping, shoving, whatever they can get away with. Looks more like hockey...
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    Tested new smoke detectors.

    I recently replaced all the smoke detectors in the house. I was prompted to do this when one started beeping and as I changed the battery I noticed that it was a couple of years out of date. So I ordered new Kiddee wireless connected smoke detectors. Granddaughter #2 helped me change them out...
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    76.8% Return on 401K

    Wife and daughter got their quarterly papers for their 401Ks last week. Both made a return of 76.8%. I had split both their investments between two funds. They are both Kentucky teachers. I couldn't believe it so I went back and looked at their charts and sure enough the market, and their funds...
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    This could have been bad.

    Brought my little Kioti home from father-in-law's place yesterday and changed from the tiller to the mower. It is a 5' Howse that has served well though it has been well used and abused. If my little tractor can push it over that mower will chop it up. Got it on the trailer with the mower up and...
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    Firearms Training Schools

    Thinking about enrolling myself and my two sons-in-law in one of these firearms training schools for a few classes. Pistol for all three and spouses. Rifle for the two s-i-ls, and shotgun for me. Short two day classes is all I want. Might make a two week trip out west next summer and this would...
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    Advice to new grandparents !!

    Always, always, ALWAYS, LOCK THE BATHROOM DOOR !! It you've been there you know what I mean. Just saying. RSKY
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    Another dang skunk !!!!

    Went out to feed the chickens this morning and the neighbor lady yelled that there was a skunk by the lawnmower building. By the time I walked around to look it had torn some of the fiberglass loose and got underneath the floor. I could smell it inside the building and all around. It was not...
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    Tiller stops every two minutes

    I have a Troy Bilt tiller that has never given me a problem that I didn't cause with neglect or stupidity. BUT now it is doing something weird. The Briggs and Stratton engine cranks, and I till for about 1-1/2 to 2 minutes and the engine sputters and dies. I let it sit for about a minute, put...
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    A three year old, a leaf blower, and chickens. Not good.

    Had to help give the three year old grandson a haircut today. The last time he screamed bloody murder. So this time he was bribed. He sat in granddaddy's (me) lap, his mom did the clipping, and his dad blew the hair away with a leaf blower. If we did this he said he would not cry. Now at the...
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    Cordless chainsaw, hedge trimmer recommendations?

    Anybody have any experience with the Kobalt 40-v chainsaw or hedge trimmers? I already have a Stihl gas powered but occasionally need to cut one fallen limb apart or drive to a neighbors and cut one limb for them. It seems that the little Kobalt would be ideal for that, No gas to mix. No cords...
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    Battery powered trimmer recommendations?

    I am looking for a battery powered trimmer for my 72-year old sister. She is a farm lady that is very active and tough as nails. But she just cannot start her gas powered trimmers any more. Looking at Kobalt (Lowes), Stihl, DeWalt, etc.. She already has the Kobalt 40-v leaf blower and two...
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    My 95-year old mother won the Publisher's Clearing House

    My 95-year old mother won the Publisher's Clearing House (PHC) grand prize yesterday. The guy who called her said he would be at her house in about two hours with her prize. She is still pretty sharp so she called my oldest sister on her cellphone while the guy was talking to her on her...
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    Food Shortage this Fall

    Will there be a food shortage in the US and Canada this fall/winter? Will the Corona Virus cause problems with the farms, with harvesting table crops, with processing facilities, with the delivery systems, or with the retail systems? Me and my family are putting out one large and two small...
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    Garden Seed

    I found out last week that I am putting out three gardens instead of one. Both daughters want one. So I spent the weekend inventorying my seed supply and looking online for seeds. Apparently everybody on quarantine has the same idea. Some online seed sellers are not taking orders for a few...
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    The Most Important Thing, 18-second video

    Eighteen seconds of very good advice. "This 18 seconds is probably the best single piece of advice I’ve heard about" - YouTube
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    New Underwear Problem

    The embarrassment has gone away and I can now tell the story. We were planning a vacation to central Florida. Actually the third of four grands was getting her four-year old Disney trip. Beware of starting expensive family traditions when you only have one grand cause you may end up with more...
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    Pictures of Dog Bite Scars where child hurt

    Gonna try this one more time. The bite closest to the knee is the one that nearly killed her. The bite went under the knee where there is a vein or artery that was exposed. I am no medical person so I don't know which one. All we know is that the surgeon said it was very close to being opened...
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    Last post on Dog Bite Girl

    Well, that didn't work. Tried to post the mother's Facebook report without any of the info about us and it DID NOT WORK. So I cannot put a picture of the terrible scars on the young lady's leg. So I will summarize. The last scab fell off the scars last night. No scabs had appeared until last...
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    Mowing in August verses October

    Takes me a little while to get to the point but bear with me. Mowing the CRP land at my mother's farm. It is supposed to be mowed only after the first of October and then in strips 60' wide with a 60' strip left standing. The next year you mow what was let stand the previous year and so on...
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    Wrestling a forty year old brushhog!

    I tore the slip clutch plates out of our forty year old Ford 910 brush mower about a month ago. Had to order the parts and while waiting for them I somehow came down with 'walking pneumonia'! So even though I had the parts the 'ENFORCER' (sorry about all the quotation marks but.....) threatened...
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    Saw dog bite girl today.

    If you want details look up some of my older posts. She was at the clinic where I had to go today. Her little sister was sick. Malley's leg has healed quite a bit but she is still wearing a wound vacuum on that one spot that won't heal. My daughter saw the wound last weekend. She said it was...
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    Well this just takes the cake.

    Now I have walking pneumonia!! I have got so much to do this fall and the PA at the walk in clinic said I would be out of circulation for 8-10 days. Tore the slip clutch out of the old Ford mower and have parts coming Tuesday. Need to get 24 acres mowed and that is hard to do on a 22-hp Kioti...
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    Ford 710 mower slip clutch

    I smoked the clutch on our Ford 710 mower. I have replaced those plates a half dozen times or more over the last forty years but not in the past 10-15. Now I can't figure out how to get it apart. Any advice? RSKY
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    Found a yellow jacket nest. Wish I hadn't!

    Those bastards hurt when they sting. Neighbor going to pour a pint of gasoline down the hole tonight. The nest is about 6" from the wood fence on his side. They got me twice, on the right thumb and ankle. Eight hour ago and still hurting. RSKY
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    Dog Bite, New Problems

    I posted about a month ago about the young lady who had the stray dog come in the house and bite her. Well she now has another problem. Bear with me on this. I am reporting what the mother has said and neither of us are medical professionals. So the terminology or descriptions may not be...
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    Friend’s 9-year old daughter in surgery after stray dog attack.

    Apparently a stray came out of nowhere and attacked her. She has severe damage to her upper thigh. This is the third or fourth stray attack on a child in two years.
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    Boys will be boys !!

    After having two daughters and three granddaughters I am still sometimes surprised by this first grandson. For example... Our covered patio has a sloped sidewalk that goes to the house and another sidewalk that goes to the shop. The sidewalk to the shop has one large high step just off the...
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    High Pressure Surface Cleaner

    This seems to be the best place to put my question. Moderators can move it if need be. We seem to be needing a high pressure surface cleaner to clean patios and concrete pads here and at our daughter's homes. My washer is a 2200 psi with 1.5 gpm. So a 12-15" is all it could handle. Any...
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    New experience: (Gran)Daddy/(Gran)Daughter Dance

    My nine year old granddaughter had a Daddy/Daughter Dance last night. My firefighter son in law had to work and could not take her this year. So I got drafted. I had a great time and she was a beautiful 'date'. She had on a fancy dress and was wearing white Converse hi-tops. So I showed up...
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    Recommendation for strobe for mower.

    I mow alongside two busy country highways. One is for my mother and the other for my father-in-law. Not wanting to throw grass on the road I must mow facing away from oncoming traffic. So I bought a cheap 12-volt flashing light and installed it on my Bad Boy with a simple threaded rod attached...
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    Know what makes you feel old ??

    Going to the doctor's office and having a pretty young PA come in and say, "Mr. Smith, I had both your wife and daughter as teachers in school." Child looked like she should still be in Middle School. Has a 10-month old boy. Jeezz!! RSKY
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    Female Deputy goes into hole in ground, finds fugitive

    Brianna Clark WPSD - Fugitive found in underground bunker during Sperry search | Facebook This is bodycam footage from a female Sherriff's deputy in Graves County Kentucky. Besides the fugitive, missing since November of last year, there was a large amount of meth in the hide. Apparently the...
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    Taurus G2C for $154.99, any good?

    Rural King has a Taurus G2C for $154.99 after rebate. Sounds like an ideal tractor gun. Not many tears if lost in the middle of a sixty acre field. It is a 12+1 9mm that has got decent reviews everywhere I can find. There are no one or two out of five star reviews that I've seen. Most gripes...
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    New Piranha Tooth Bar installed today

    It was delivered in less than a week. I can see what the warnings were about. Hitting that thing with an ankle or a shin is going to cause stitches. Hopefully I will be able to use in soon. RSKY
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    Practice Ammo, not handloaded

    I put in an order for some accessories for my new Glock 43, mags and Sticky Holster, plus practice ammo. I was frankly amazed at the difference in pricing for the complete order. Ended up getting it from a company I have never done business with before. Ordered from them because of a 10% off...
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    Glock 43

    I am looking to trade my 9mm Kahr CT-9 on a Glock 43. I need a concealable 9mm. The Kahr is accurate, easy to shoot, and holds one more round. But it is impossible for me to conceal and still be able to draw. The Glock is just small enough to meet all my criteria. Convince me not to buy the...
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    Wear the stupid helmet !!!!

    We attended a meeting yesterday about preparing for care of an older person with Dementia or Alzheimer's. The lawyer was a specialist in elder law in Kentucky. She did an excellent job of presenting the material until she got to the part about Medical Surrogates. Her voice broke and she got a...
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    Israeli Bandages

    I have read several times about the bandages developed in Israel for treatment of open wounds. They supposedly are treated with something that instantly stops bleeding. Does anybody have any experience with these? Would they be something worth buying and putting in my vehicles and in the homes...
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    Go Bag, not a Bug Out Bag

    With each of us having a parent over ninety years old, four grandchildren, and sisters and brothers-in-law either older than us or in bad health we are always 'on-call' to leave and take care of somebody or something. So we are putting together a small overnight bag for each of us. The idea is...
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    Kentucky Funeral Meal

    For the fourth time in three months I worked a Funeral Meal at our church yesterday. Being retired we volunteer every chance we can to help with the set up and clean up. Most of the funerals are people who attend or their family members. Sometimes it is just a member of the community. Once or...
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    They Shall Not Grow Old

    I am not a big movie goer. So I can't believe I am pushing a movie here. But we went to see "They Shall Not Grow Old" tonight. It is a documentary about British soldiers in the First World War. It is well worth your time and money! Over one hundred hours of silent black and white film was...
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    Preparing Thanksgiving Dinner

    First I wanted to remind everybody to be sure to thank whoever prepares your Thanksgiving Meal. My wife has been battling a sinus infection since the weekend but she and I have cleaned house Monday and Tuesday. Well, I worked all day at my mother's Monday and my wife spent all morning at the...