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    Gee I hope Dave is OK

    I hope Dave of Dave's Tractor in Redding CA is OK. As many here know Dave is a frequent contributor here helping many with service related questions. As some may also know Redding is beset with a huge largely uncontolled fire in Redding and the surrounding area and its a real mess there now.
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    OK so what's the drill? How do I get this @#$*&^+ back hoe back on the tractor?

    First time I took it off I put it on the ground and I liked to never got the dayum thing back on. So I built a dolly, twice in fact. I thought I had the geometry figured out and the backhoe deal licked. I went to put the hoe on today to dig some foundation trenches. I thought it was gonna take...
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    Forum has become unuseable.

    It's been a few days but today something strange is going on. When I try to read a thread under a folder it keeps jumping back to the first post in the thread. Seems related to the ad server in some way like it jumps when a new ad banner or something comes up. It makes reading the board...
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    Lovin my generator today.

    The power went out around 9PM last night and the generator has been running ever since. It sure is nice having one than not. The only reason I'm on today is because the generator is doing it's thing. I have it so automated now that the wife didn't even know the power had gone out last night. All...
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    Finally saw the glow plug thing today.

    I was beginning to wonder but it was in the 20's this morning and it finally came on. While that's kinda nippy for this neck of the woods it's a warm day for some parts I guess. I've seen negative 20 when I lived in Cheyenne.
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    Work Gloves

    It's time to buy more work gloves again. I like leather gloves but the finger tips keep blowing out on me. While the palms are usually re enforced it seems the finger tips are always giving up on me long before the rest of the glove has seen any appreciable wear. Has anybody found some durable...
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    Traction Just wondering about Mattracks.

    Just wondering if anyone here has tried Mattracks yet. They do make them for tractors. If it's about ground contact, you'd have plenty just by swapping out the wheels for track drives. Not cheap but it's a bolt on affair so could be a seasonal thing. Here's their smallest ones for tractors...
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    Loader Pallet Forks

    Who's got good quick attach forks for a Mahindra 1538L loader? I don't want clamp on's, I'll spend the extra and get quick the attach types. Looking at Titan etc.
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    I finally got my backhoe dolly to work. When I first made it, a basic T design, I couldn't get the hoe to roll back far enough to get the hooks to clear. I took it back into the shop and modified it a bit by hacking and patching the long bit to lower it and now it's working. Thing is even with...
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    Stump Grinder Woodland Mills WG24?

    I could really use a stump grinder but those things can be very pricey. Some cost as much as a backhoe. I saw this one and it seems like it's made to get the job done and doesn't cost as much because it seems the design is much more commonsensical than the others I've seen for much more money...
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    Yet more on the shoddy Backhoe install saga.

    I was building a backhoe dolly to remove the backhoe, that didn't go so well so I just dropped it on the ground today per the manual. I'll revisit the dolly and get it right. When I do one that works, I'll do a write up along with dimensions and hope to save someone else some grief. Those with a...
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    Fuel filters and yet more Mahindra manual BS.

    I just finished changing the fuel filters on my Mahindra 1538 gear tractor. The HSTs and 1533s should be the same as they all use the very same engine. I thought I'd try to prevent others from going through some of the aggravation I suffered by attempting to rely on the scant and erroneous info...
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    Bad info in 1538 operators manual.

    I'm doing the 50 hour on my new tractor. The owners manual calls for changing out the front axle oil at 50 hours but it specs filling with regular hydraulic oil like that used in the hydraulics.:eek: Sorry but I've done a lot of differential work and that stuff just isn't thick enough nor does...
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    Oil & Fuel 1538 filter part numbers.

    Since I'm doing my 50 hour I needed filters and of course neither the owners manual or service manual had the part numbers for the filters so I had to drive to Yuba City to buy them. I thought I'd share the part numbers here. I have a 1538 gear or shuttle so the hydraulic filter may be different...
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    1538 50 hour question.

    I have a 1538 gear that's rolling up on it's 50 hour. The book says to change the hydraulic filter but it seems to me that if I remove the filter to change it, 8 gallons of oil will drain out:confused3:. Oddly enough at 100 hours they call for changing the oil but not the filter:confused:. If...
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    Question for those with a ripper tooth.

    I recently bought a Bro Tek Ripper tooth to help with ridding my property of numerous stumps. I was hoping that it would rip and cut it's way right through the roots but so far it isn't working as well as I'd hoped it would. The way the tooth came it was kinda sharped at but I'd say it's about...
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    What are all these posts with live streaming links?

    I see lots of posts with live streaming links popping up. I have sense enough not to click on them but why are they there, isn't there a filter of some sort?
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    Have these people ever heard of loctite?

    Just found a big nut laying in my driveway. In front of the garage where I do all my tractor service, greasing and such. It was one of the four big bolts holding the backhoe to the sub frame so I guess this was either the fault of Mahindra assembly in Olivehurst, CA or maybe KMW in Kansas. This...
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    Temp gauge question.

    I recently got a 1538, it's my first tractor. I spent a few hours on it today running mostly around 1500 RPM with the backhoe, yet to date I've never seen the temperature gauge register anything but stone cold. Is this normal or is the gauge busted on this brand new machine? The temperature out...
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    This guy is completely NUTS!!

    Still ya gotta admire his skill and nerve even if he is certifiable.
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    My method to remove peened or crimped on tooth.

    I broke a tooth on my backhoe and of course it was a crimp on and it just had to be the middle tooth. After beating on it with a hammer as per the manual and not getting very far, you just can't get in there to get a good swing at it, I paused to reconsider the methodology. I decided to get out...
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    Crazy Dog!!

    This morning the little mutt ran a large coyote off the property and last summer I watched him tree a 400lb black bear. He's only a 20 lb schnauzer. I don't know what it is, maybe they run because we have him wearing an orange safety so maybe the orange vest freaks them out. We have the vest on...
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    Backhoe Just orederd my BroTek Ripper Tooth

    Look out stumps!
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    Backhoe I'd like five minutes with the gorilla who but the bucket on this hoe.

    I went to take the bucket off yesterday to get some dimensions for the ripper tooth. Whoever put this thing on used a BFH to pound the pins in. One came out OK but the other was a different story. He hammered it so hard he mushroomed the end and it was stuck so tight I almost never got it...
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    Backhoe Finally got some seat time in this thing today.

    Well the weather finally cleared up enough for me to get some experience with this thing. I tackled a couple of rotten stumps and wouldn't you know, I busted the middle tooth off already. 6 hrs on the clock now. My guess is it had a flaw in the metal because there were no rocks in the hole...
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    How do I stop the email torrent?

    How do I stop this board from sending me email for every new message in every thread I've been following? :confused: I thought I'd set that preference but it keeps stuffing my email box. :mad: I read other message boards and they don't misbehave in this fashion. Why do threaded and hybrid...
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    Stabalizer is sagging.

    This is a new tractor and it looks like one of the stabilizers for the backhoe is slowly sagging due to some slight valve or cylinder leakage. It's taken about four days for the cylinder to move 2 or 3 inches. I assume this is normal. I was thinking of putting a ratchet strap from one foot to...
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    Winches Whats a good location for an electric winch?

    Since I have a mostly never used (used once) 9500 lb winch laying around, I thought I might install it on the tractor somewhere. It's a 1538TLB so there isn't a lot of space. It's pretty tight up front with the loader and the backhoe rules out the rear. Has anyone done this or have any great...
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    What's the skinny on KMW

    It seems that Kansas Machine Works builds the loaders and backhoes for Mahindra but there doesn't seem to be a lot of info about them in the Internet world. Both my new backhoe and loader have their tags on them. Let's see Mitsubishi builds the tractor while the loader and backhoe are made in...
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    Ballast Ballast question

    I finally got my new tractor yesterday, a Mahindra 1538 TLB. Of course I sat myself down to read and study the manuals, what there is of them. In the loader manual it says specifically that if you're running a backhoe you have enough ballast and not to add liquid ballast to the rear tires. Of...
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    diagnostics port?

    Is the under hood diagnostic port on the Mahindra engine OBDII or CAN like cars or is it something else?
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    Oil & Fuel To use additives or not?

    Since this is gonna be my first tractor and first oil burner what's good and what's bad? Stiction eliminator, yada, yada, yada. I dump a can of Cataclean in my gas powered truck to help get it though emissions and to keep the injectors clean, other than that I run synthetic oil and gear lube...
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    The board is being a real dog today.

    I seems to be going up and down like a yo-yo. Anything special?
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    Input for a multi process welder.

    I need to get a decent welding setup for fab work so decided I should get one of the new multi process MIG/TIG/Stick setups. Who has what and who makes a good one for a home fab shop setup? I have 220 power in the shop and the garage so will be going that way. Later on I'll pull 220 out to the...
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    Buying Advice How do I option this thing?

    I've just about decided to pop for a 1538 HST with the FEL of course and the backhoe. My question is what other options are worthwhile getting up front. I'm already going to get an extra remote valve installed should I ever need one. I'm thinking it might also be a good idea to get the mid PTO...
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    Hi there

    Just joined as this looks like the place to get some good info before buying my first and likely last tractor. I have five wooded acres in the Sierra Nevada foothills. I need to rid the property of lots of tree stumps, maybe move some snow from time to time, dig a ditch or two and do a little...