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  1. Atchuuu

    Leak in the 3rd function box

    Thank you. Leak is located at the 90 degree fitting on the bottom house. The 90 is really loose. Not sure if it broke off or became unscrewed.
  2. Atchuuu

    Leak in the 3rd function box

    Second photo
  3. Atchuuu

    Leak in the 3rd function box

    Hello all, I had some guys putting up a shop on my property. They used my tractor for a few things. Afterwards I noticed one of the fittings on the WR Long 3rd function was dripping hydraulic oil. The fitting is loose and I am now low on hydraulic fluid. Could have been unrelated as the remote...
  4. Atchuuu

    Had to replace a seal on loader cylinder - Re- install instructions

    Hi Guys, As the title says, I had a seal go bad on the loader lift. Probably from back dragging the bucket. Anyways, lost a fair amount of hydro fluid. Took off cylinder and dropped it off at the shop today. Can you tell me what I need to do once I get it back from the shop and re installed...
  5. Atchuuu

    I can't believe they did it !

    Maine town ‘in state of shock’ as police hunt for man who shot sheriff’s deputy — State — Bangor Daily News — BDN Maine Maine police officer's death: Suspect arrested after 4-day hunt, authorities say - CNN
  6. Atchuuu

    Kubota Paint and Primer

    Had the hood and grill guard painted at a shop. Painted the front wheels, bucket, cab, side panels and rear of tractor with spray cans. After painting everything I let it sit for a week then wet sanded and second coated. You can see the difference between the shop painted hood and the rims...
  7. Atchuuu

    How Does Everyone Clock Their Blades? Does It Matter?

    I lift the deck, turn the mower on high and use one of those handheld counters like this. Man that thing is fast. Thought you meant clocking the speed of the blades. :)
  8. Atchuuu

    What is this called?

    I have tried this search numerous times. It is the wrong type of knuckle. (if that is what it is called). If someone has searched it and found something similar to what I am looking for please point me in the right direction. The orientation of the "Knuckle" is important. The male end must go...
  9. Atchuuu

    What is this called?

    These are not what I am looking for. Here is a better illustration. The ones shown are in reverse.
  10. Atchuuu

    Kubota Paint

    Here is a before and after photo of my loader when I purchased it. You can see what the paint looked like after compound, polish and wax. Made a huge difference and your tractor is a year newer. Of course, it isn't forever and you may need to do this a couple times a year but at least it may put...
  11. Atchuuu

    Kubota Paint and Primer

    Here are a few photos of the tractor and an update - First, after all the complaining I did, I am actually a big fan of the Kubota paint and primer. Turns out the cost isn't as bad as I made it out to be as the quality is really good. For the bucket I think that Rustoleum covers very well and...
  12. Atchuuu

    What is this called?

    I had this on my tractor
  13. Atchuuu

    What is this called?

    Looking for one of these but don't know what it's called. Thanks,
  14. Atchuuu

    Kubota Paint and Primer

    Repainting my bucket with Kubota OEM primer. I am not impressed with the coverage of the primer at all. Can says do not try to cover in one coat. Yeah, would be lucky to cover in 4-5 coats it goes on so thin. Seems like it is more accelerant than paint. The can also does not say when it is okay...
  15. Atchuuu

    Kubota L4330 Won't start

    The display was showing HST Neutral. I thought this meant the HST tredal pedal but couldn't find the switch for this. After checking fuses and the battery I found the gear selector switch was disconnected. Plugged it back in and good to go. Wanted to share the solution in the event someone...
  16. Atchuuu

    Kubota L4330 Won't start

    Got my tractor stuck (again). Had to leave it yesterday but went back this morning and it initially started. I moved the HST lever to neutral to try to pull it out of the mud. Couldn't get the tractor to start again. I checked the battery with a DVM and it charged. Maybe too high as it was 16...
  17. Atchuuu

    Advice on fencing type and installation

    Finally finished the fence. Thought I would share some photos.
  18. Atchuuu

    SSQ Bucket falls off

    Problem solved - I ordered new quick tach pins for the tractor. Some had suggested replacing the springs but I decided to order the whole piece ($62.00 for both). The new ones are a bit longer than the ones I replaced. So far the bucket seems to fit tight and the pins are holding it in place...
  19. Atchuuu

    SSQ Bucket falls off

    First photo is the bucket as it is coming off. Second photo shows just how little the pin goes through the tab in this position. The pin generally goes through the tab more. The fourth..... ooops. Photo below shows the grease line on the pin when the pin is seated correctly.
  20. Atchuuu

    SSQ Bucket falls off

    Update - Thought we had solved the issue.Gene had suggested washers and this sounded very promising. However it did not solve the issue and the bucket came off again. Here are some new photos.
  21. Atchuuu

    SSQ Bucket falls off

    This photo shows a small gap between the quick attach and the bucket. The metal bracket with the slot does not appear bent and it doesn't look like this can be adjusted.
  22. Atchuuu

    SSQ Bucket falls off

    The SSQA bucket on my Kubota wont stay on when I put any back pressure on the bucket. The bucket doesn't appear to be bent or damaged. The loader arms don't look damaged. I'm thinking that the metal slot the locking rod goes into is bent some OR the locking rod is sliding up under pressure and...
  23. Atchuuu

    What size bolt/pin for Cat 1 3pt QH top HOOK

    Lost the top hook on my quick hitch. I am ordering a new one and would like to use some type of hitch pin rather than bolts. Can you tell me what size pins I need for a Cat 1 application?
  24. Atchuuu

    Watching Netflix while tending the farm

    Interesting story in the WSJ about farmers who have wireless service and Netflix in the cab of their large AG tractor. Who knew? Farmers Plow Through Netflix While Plowing Fields - WSJ
  25. Atchuuu

    Trouble Shooting Emax 22 HP - Electrical issue

    A friend of mine recently purchased a Mahindra Emax. He has only used it a handful of times and has run into a couple issues. The most recent issue was a blown 40 amp fuse. He replaced the fuse and it blew again right away. The shop picked it up for him. He says they told him they cannot...
  26. Atchuuu

    Advice on fencing type and installation

    Here is a quick update on my fence build project. (with photos) The TSC auger dug over 100 holes with no problems other than one broken shear pin. It broke on the last hole which I chose for last due to the proximity to tree roots. Never had it bog down or dig in too deep. Found that cleaning...
  27. Atchuuu

    Cell phone holders in Vehicles ??

    I couldn't get the magnets to hold my phone and the cup holder is too small -
  28. Atchuuu

    Post Hole Digger Cart plans

    Nice job. Thanks for posting. I will use this to build mine. How do you support the auger at the top of the 2x4 frame? Can't tell from the photo but it doesn't look like the Auger is attached to the wood frame.
  29. Atchuuu

    Boom Pole reach

    Amazing you lose half the capacity of the lift just a few inches forward.
  30. Atchuuu

    Fence Building

    Good advice from Eddie. You can Rake the fence or step it - How to Install Fencing on a Slope - MMC Fencing & Railing If your land, like mine, has ups and downs but not slopped as shown in the example below you can leave your posts out of the ground 56" or greater and follow the...
  31. Atchuuu

    Tool less battery clamps for equipment or seldom used vehicles

    Found these battery clamps on Amazon while looking for a replacement clamp for a generator. The quality seems very good and the price was very reasonable ($7.50 for a set). Purchased a couple extra for the Zero Turn and will be adding them on the tractor too. Makes removing the battery for...
  32. Atchuuu

    County Line Post Hole Digger - Watch which one you get!

    I couldn't be happier with the TSC auger. It has worked better than expected. Only broke one shear pin and it was the hole I saved for last due to tree roots. Sure enough the tree won that battle. The only other issue I had was that I couldn't find the replacement shear pin. Searched...
  33. Atchuuu

    Where to purchase PT Fence posts

    I hate to ask questions on TBN if the information is readily available. I just can't find what I am looking for so here goes. I need round fence posts in 8' lengths. The diameter is 5-7". I have called a couple of lumber yards and they either don't carry them at all or have to special order...
  34. Atchuuu

    Advice on fencing type and installation

    Looks great! Interesting -
  35. Atchuuu

    Advice on fencing type and installation

    I have priced out the 3 rail wood fence and the RAMM flex fencing. The cost to do the fence myself is so much cheaper than the estimates I have received it's hard to believe. (estimates in earlier post) The figures below include the 3pt PHD and Auger which can be sold to reduce cost. The...
  36. Atchuuu

    Advice on fencing type and installation

    Bought this at a Black Friday Sale for $450. Ready to start putting in posts. :laughing:
  37. Atchuuu

    Titan Fixed Pallett Forks $249

    I have been looking for pallett forks but just couldn't pull the trigger at $500 + and I didn't like the ones that attach to the bucket. Came across these tonight and they are on sale. Thought I would share with TBN folks. Seems like a great price to me...
  38. Atchuuu

    Securing keys for tractors, utility vehicles, gates, etc.

    Professional equipment thieves likely have this-
  39. Atchuuu

    Advice on fencing type and installation

    Looking to fence the area shown below. The main purpose of the fence is to keep vehicles/people off the property and for aesthetics. It is not to keep animals in. Leaning toward a 3 rail wood fence using 4x4 posts and PT wood. I have a handheld auger, am willing to purchase a 3pt PHD if...
  40. Atchuuu

    What was the original battery for L4330

    This is a photo of the battery that was installed when I purchased the tractor.
  41. Atchuuu

    What was the original battery for L4330

    Anyone know what the original battery size is/was for the L4430. Someone put a replacement battery in my tractor and it is too short. The battery keeper bar is too tall. No way for it to hold the battery down as the hardware for the keeper bar is only threaded at the top. Can't screw it down...
  42. Atchuuu

    To finance or not to finance ...

    By my calculations you would have $36,500 at the end of 5 years but you wouldn't have a tractor now.
  43. Atchuuu

    Removal of Asbestos siding

    I have a property with a 1,300 square foot home on it. Home was built in the late 50's and has asbestos siding. I would like to remove the siding, replace the windows and install hardi plank. Our area allows the homeowner to remove the asbestos and the local dump will accept it. Wondering if...
  44. Atchuuu

    Tire Pressure

    Found this online. It isn't the manual for the L4330. (models are listed at the top) Anyone know if the tire specs are the same?
  45. Atchuuu

    Tire Pressure

    Looking for help. Can't find air pressure for the following tires. They are R4. Don't know the age. The ride is really rough so I think it may be tire pressure. If weight of tractor makes any difference it is on a Kubota L4330HTC 3,860 lbs. Front tires - Akuret 10-16.5NHS Rear tires -Titan -...
  46. Atchuuu

    what is this thing on loader arm

    For those that don't want to watch the video here is a photo.
  47. Atchuuu

    Tractor seat smells like a dumpster

    I have been really happy with the purchase of my L4330 with one small exception. The cloth seat in it smells like a dumpster or a rugby locker room. The cab cleaned up well but I just can't get the old dirty sweat out of the seat. It's so bad that my clothes stink after using the tractor...
  48. Atchuuu

    Looking for a cheap option to cut around a pond

    Need to cut around a pond and can't get too close with the tractor because I don't want to slid into the water on one part of the pond and on the other side it is too wet to get close to the waters edge. So I need a offset cutter of some type. What is a good, cheap, option? I was actually...