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    Your towing rigs and trailers

    Recently towed my 1978 Toyota Land Cruiser to my cabin in the Mountains
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    Rotary Cutter Brushog boggs down too easy?

    $1200 later PTO clutch replaced and finally back in the tractor
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    Rotary Cutter Brushog boggs down too easy?

    My squealer 172 keeps stalling even in easy grass conditions. Does anyone know the possible cause of thIs symptom?
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    Goat fence # 2 with Pond

    300 T-Post 75 - 8ft by 5 inch stretch posts
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    Goat fence # 2 with Pond

    Our goats have eaten our first kudzu patch to Zero. Our heard has grown from 12 does to 20 does and we need to clear more kudzu for future tree planting We started with a Dozer put a path all the way around and finished with a pond. I've purchased 75 8ft by 5inch treated stretch posts and...
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    Square bales or round bales?

    I use a 3pt hay spear for my round bales and can haul 6 at a time on my trailer My plan next year is to buy 18 round an 50 square for when I've got to pin up some goats and kids like we have had to this year:
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    Square bales or round bales?

    Hay in loft
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    Square bales or round bales?

    At 12 bales a week- I hope this is my last load until spring. Next year it's going to be 16 round bales. Who uses square bales?
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    TC 48 won't crank/start

    For the past year I've had to hold down the PTO lever while I turned the key to start. It became more and more difficult to engage/crank the motor until Sunday it just would not start. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Show me your round pen

    22 12' panels 2 gates. Very heavy.
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    Goat fence for Kudzu Control

    I'm getting ready to fence 20 acres of Kudzu and set goats out to control/eliminate the problem. Dozer just made fence line around Kudzu with instructions that my NH TC48 must be able to spray completely around perimeter. I will track costs for labor and site prep and materials and goats...
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    Hauled NH TC 48 and ATV to Ozark

    Need to freshen up food plots in Ozark farm. This is me leaving MS farm.
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    Lumber for pole barn

    Ready to build now
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    2 bottom breaking plow

    First attempt at using new 1950's John Deere 2 bottom breaking plow for food plot
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    Auger for pole barn

    Just dug 15 holes for pole barn
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    New Truck 2002 F250 Turbo Disel 7.3 Liter 156k miles

    Finally bought my dream truck: 2002 F250 Turbo Disel 7.3 Liter 156k miles Crew Cab. I can now haul my tractor with a gooseneck trailer! I'm in heaven.
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    Traction Differnce between Ozark Mountains and Mississippi Hill Country

    I have spent 5 of the last 6 weekends hauling back and forth my TC48 from Mississippi to the Ozark Mountains prepearing for Bear and Deer Season. It's been a lot of work but very rewarding. The bigest difference in working the tractor in the mountains is the steep terrain and lots of rocks...
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    Buying Advice ATV 4x4 for Hunting Price and Opinions Please

    I am looking for a used 4x4 ATV and would appreciate any opinions on which model and make is best. I will need to navigate 1 mile steep and rugged dirt/mud/sand road getting in to property and out. Also, the ATV will need to be able get around on hilly sandy and muddy 300 acres for hunting...
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    Any Snake Experts Out There?

    You GOT IT Hognose no doubt about it. They come in lots of colors. I like the pure black Hognose snake. They are great snakes and once you get them in your hands they settle down and are quite friendly and make good pets. If you have lot's of toads around you can feed them and they eat well...
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    Last year I was green, but today i'm all blue!

    You and me both! I was a "Green Horn" last year and this year I got my TC 48 18la loader in March with 330 hrs and have been blown away by the capability and performance! There is plenty of great advice and know-how on this site and Jim (Jinman) and others have been extremely helpful and kind...
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    Tires Plug or Remove and Repair?

    I have a leak in the right rear tire of my NH TC48. My plan is to try to locate and plug the leak. Any opinions regarding the success of plug vs remove tire and take for repair? Common sense tells me to just plug it and go. However I've no experience with tractor tires and do not know if...
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    First Tractor Project Complete in 8 tractor hours NH TC48 DA 4x4

    I just finished my first Project with my new 2004 NH TC 48 DA 4x4 tractor used 8 tractor hours to complete.:D First used the FEL to make two mineral licks near the two larges food plots with 50lbs each of salt and minerals. 1. Cleared KUDZU from 3 1/2 acres of food plot fields using 6' box...
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    FEL saved the day STUCK IN THE SAND

    Got Toatally stuck in the sand attempting to boxblade a sandy spot on a hill on the farm. Right Rear Wheel spinning Left Front Wheel spinning other two tires not moving -- I was stuck good. Could not move forward or backward. Used the Front End Loader to crawl the tractor out of the hole it...
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    Cant seem to get my Tractor Delivered

    One Month ago I purchased a NH TC 48 4x4 for my 160 acre Pine Farm. I had the dealer deliver to my friends farm about an hour away until my Metal Building could be completed. Two weeks ago my metal building was complete and I cant seem to get my friend to deliver my tractor as planned. Should...
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    Security & Theft Best way to protect Tractor from Theft?

    I would be grateful for some recommendations on how to best secure my Tractor from being stolen off my Farm. I've never owned a tractor before now and don't know if I need to buy a steel building to lock it in or just keep it under a covered shed and lock to post or what?
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    Price Check New Holland 2004 TC 48 with Loader 4x4

    Can anyone tell me if this price is fair? $16,500 2004 NH TC48 4x4 with loader Shuttle Shift Canopy Hours 335
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    Shibaura D28F is it a good value?

    Im considering a purchase for 160 acre farm with 40 acres in Pine. I will be planting more trees on the farm and was looking for advice from anyone regarding this machine relaibility and if price is fair? Shibaura D28F 4x4 3 34 4 Front end loader, and auger, power steering, shuttle...