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    Alternative to EA 55 Inch Wicked Root Rake Grapple ?

    Bought LX3310HSDC late last month. Had 2 rear remotes and 3rd function valve installed. Was going to purchase a EA 55 Inch Wicked Root Rake Grapple. Didn't decide to pull the trigger until today. 7/7/2021. when to their web site to order, price had increased over-nite. I was okay with the 12 to...
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    Buying Advice B2650/3350 or Lx 2610/3310 cab tractor

    Long time member,not many posts. I want to upgrade my 18 year old Bx22 to a cabbed tractor. Was looking at B2650 or 3350. The B3350 was a no go due to history with emission problems. The Lx looks like feasible option. Either of the 26hp tractors have me concerned with the loss of horsepower with...
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    Hydraulic safety

    I've just been reading the new posts in this forum. This probably should be in the tractor safety forum, but like me I'm sure it a lot of you don't read that forum as often. Seems like hyd. leaks are abundant. Kubota has a safety warning in all of their owner manuals and a procedure for...
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    BX22 +photo

    I finally registered. I've been visiting for about 9 months. My old JD 300 finally became too much a hassle after 23yrs ,last summer. I decided I deserved a new tractor. I found this web site on a Saturday night, and after reading everthing I found on the BXs I knew I had to have one. My "local"...