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    Pole building foundation question

    I'm all for thinking about what a few hours with a dozer can do. That was a mistake I made. A good dozer can transform areas in little time. The solutions you're talking about should only be considered if you don't have any extra land.
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    THE latest and surely the greatest .......

    That computer chip in your toothbrush is the same chip Ford needs to sell one of their F150s sitting in a big parking lot.
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    Sigarms says it's well. There are certainly some inherent traits with certain breeds, but you have to factor in individual genetics and the environment. We have had puppies and rescues. The way my wife has put it. Puppy - They take a lot of work and cause lots of trouble that first year...
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    I've had a few more years than RobA, but he has the best advice. I agree with each of his points. It does take a lot more time than I expected. A local club may offer classes during the winter. Having a mentor is huge! I've returned the favor many times since. Varroa is tough! You...
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    If you hit a dog in the road, would you stop

    My brother had the same. Complete stop and the deer put in a football size dent. I've heard of several instances like that. One guy had his old car damaged severely by a large deer that jumped on the front of his car while he was in the middle of a town at a stop light! Scared the [email protected] out...
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    If you hit a dog in the road, would you stop

    I think you need to understand that people and places vary. Let's learn and give some respect and understanding. Thankfully they are few, but there are still areas in this country that you should NOT stop and get out of your vehicle.
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    If you hit a dog in the road, would you stop

    I've been on both sides of this. I have hit a cat and dog once each in my many years of driving. The cat was a goner and the nearest houses were dark, so I could not inform anyone. I slammed on my breaks when the dog popped up on the road. The dog got hit and rolled. It hobbled off. I...
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    Good Samaritans

    I hope you never need to use US Rider. I read a story about a poor guy that needed to use it. It was useless. They did nothing to help other than call around to try and find someone in the area who might come help on a Sunday. The person that responded charged them hundreds of dollars and it...
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    Love Letters. Real Estate

    They are fairly common. Families will do it as others have noted. Others do it for investing like first mentioned. I remember that there was a death of a woman that lived past 110. In the article it mentioned how she had lifetime rights to her house which was sold when she was in her 80s...
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    Retirement Planning - Lessons Learned

    Anyone panicking right now or who is really worried about a large change in the market should pay that 1% to a investment advisor! I'm hearing lots of insane comments here. If you think you can time the market, then you're already filthy rich and smarter than anyone around or you are too...
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    Love Letters. Real Estate

    The market is certainly cooling off here. Yes, houses are often selling fast, but I'm also seeing "price reduced" signs going up.
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    How many have wives who make work for you.

    I'm confused. Is there such a thing as a wife that doesn't make work for her husband?
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    New Lands.

    The first time we used our brush hog, the neighbor thought we were using a rock grinder. It takes time to make the land as you'd like.
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    How Strict Is Your Household?? This Is Something NEW To Me!!

    Nothing like racist spiders. :) Sorry, I'm awake now. For a second, I was just woke.
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    Love Letters. Real Estate

    I'm out...
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    Chinese Gaming Limits

    Suspension hardly exist. I know of teachers that are powerless. If they send a disruptive kid to the principal's office, the kid will return with the knowledge that the teacher will be scolded for not dealing with the kid! Most administrations don't have the teachers' back. I've always...
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    Love Letters. Real Estate

    OK, I'll give you $30K. I'm guessing that's your magic number. :)
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    Chinese Gaming Limits

    During the Clinton administration the government looked at what kind of threat China could pose to us from the educational standpoint. I addended a presentation on it. They looked at how many people were going to college in the 2 countries. The US was "educating" many more people, but when...
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    GPS smart fence dog collar

    I've had a model where there are separate buttons and separate stim levels for each dog. Another had separate buttons for the 2 dogs, but one dial for stim. Another had one set of buttons and a toggle switch to switch between dogs. I have always had one dog that responded at ~20% while...
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    GPS smart fence dog collar

    Sorry, you're correct. I just checked and it is Petspy that I am currently using. I think my experience has been similar. I've bought 3 expensive brands before this current Petspy. I remember the first ones were sealed and you couldn't replace the batteries. The next two, I replaced the...
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    GPS smart fence dog collar

    I spent time reading a lot of the Amazon reviews on the wireless systems. As expected, lots of reviews were people complained about the "fence line" moving over 20feet. They had trouble marking it. Many reported testing it and found they they could go to the "beep" and it would start shocking...
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    Retirement Planning - Lessons Learned

    I don't drink, but I think I'll join you 3. It's clear that there are intelligent people here on all sides, but I'm guessing that emotions are clouding some of their thought process. I hear people attacking Capitalism, but much of the complaining is about government helping out large...
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    GPS smart fence dog collar

    I'm quite interested in this tread. I have someone looking for a system right now. I hate that the reviews in Amazon on getting worse. MANY of the pet containment systems there are giving free stuff for the 5 star reviews. I worry about the details of these systems as I've heard many...
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    Retirement Planning - Lessons Learned

    I do not know many people that don't have enough money to live on. I do know and see people all the time that CHOOSE to not hold a stable job. Of course there are ALWAYS exceptions, but the number of people who can live off of the government teat or acquire what they desire through immoral or...
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    Retirement Planning - Lessons Learned

    Not sure of your point. You get salgam from squeezing a turnip. Are you suggesting that it's healthy for people to not work?
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    Retirement Planning - Lessons Learned

    I'm just going to shake my head at some of these post. As for borrowing money, it's VERY important for people to understand that they can get into BIG trouble if they have leveraged too much. There were a lot of people in 2008 that had borrowed beyond their means. People need to have...
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    Retirement Planning - Lessons Learned

    I'm waiting to get to that point where I realized that my investments are regularly making more than I do.
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    Have you been reading about the New Hampshire Homesteader Cabin?

    I think this was the key line... "“Maybe the things I’ve been trying to avoid are the things that I really need in life,”" I think many of us have craving to be a hermit like this guy. Often many reasons for it which are associated with demons we don't want to face.
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    Hauling Insulated glass panels a long distance.

    I'm still thinking of a little trailer bouncing around with all these post. As Eddie mentioned, it's not the glass breaking that I'd be concerned about. I'd be more concerned about the seals. I'll also agree that you may want to think twice about buying from a company that says they bought...
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    Deck replacement

    I would have never paid the extra cost for a Trex deck without the pain the front porch on the house had already given me. I am too busy to repaint every 1-2 years. Please be aware that the cost of a Trex deck is more than just buying the Trex boards. The material is a lot heavier and the...
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    Free Prime Delivery

    Yes, this is why when you go to confirm your order you may get different delivery dates. I recently had something coming from a vendor that Amazon estimated 5 days for, but the Vendor shipped it the very next day and I had it in 3 days from order.
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    Question about a thing in Wyoming.

    And I was thinking it was a billboard for the optometrist in town.
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    Any recommendations for a pedestal fan?

    I just looked to get a pedestal fan. Everything I looked at was junk. I ended up getting a floor fan that can tilt up. Thankfully, that worked for me. I wish you luck in finding something that isn't junk. I was unsuccessful.
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    Who Broke The Bridge?

    Your welding is almost as good as my caulking.
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    Northern Tool?

    I bought my tractor from them many years ago. I haven't received their catalog or bought from them in over 10 years. I know they switch which brand of tractor they sold a few years after I bought mine.
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    CDC lifts mask restrictions for those fully vaccinated

    My take is that they have an over supply of vaccine doses. There are not a huge number of people that plan to get the vaccine before it gets full FDA approval that haven't already gotten it. Therefore... They open the vaccine up to teens. Then they make the significant announcement of...
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    How did your knee replacement go?

    I know two people close to me that had replacements. Both had similar outcomes. They are doing well and glad they had them. BUT be aware that you will have pain after the surgery. This will cause you to take pain medicine. The pain medicine will cause you to have trouble sleeping, but so...
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    76.8% Return on 401K

    There are still a few left. I'm fortunate to work for one. The sad part is that they reduced their 401K funds so there are only 3 funds in it. bond/US/international. They claim that it was done because the employees were too dumb to figure out which funds to invest in and they stayed out of...
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    Im thinking of BUYING A NEW TRUCK..

    I'm completely for buying something that you feel you can afford. I agree with everyone here that maybe you need to treat yourself. But the way you have posted here about the decision your trying to make, I'm thinking you know you shouldn't. Don't let people hear help you make a decision that...
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    Modular Homes - Good/Bad experiences... I am considering this pretty seriously...

    As with anything it appears there are a range of companies. We found that many places which deal in both manufactured and modular homes seemed to be the low quality places to avoid. We worked with a GC that dealt with two modular home manufacturers in PA and they didn't deal in manufactured...
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    It's official, homes are like ammo

    Our area is experiencing similar. As MossRoad pointed out there are many reasons. Building materials are also very expensive right now. This also is weighing into the equation. Around here, many realtors are convincing their prey to put in offers with zero conditions. The home inspections...
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    Poison Ivy

    I almost forgot. Please make sure you let your skin breathe where there is poison ivy. I had a bad case on my inner thigh one time. It was oozing and I had a business meeting. I didn't want to have it oozing through my dress pants as I gave a presentation so I wrapped my thigh. When I got...
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    Poultry net reviews

    I've been very happy with Premier products. Depending on breed, sea2summit, has a valid point. I hate the leghorns as they do like to jump up and over more than other breeds I've had.
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    Poison Ivy

    I've found great results with Zanfel, but only if you use it when you first notice your skin reacting to the oil. It will also help clean it off areas of your skin where you haven't started to react. If you use it later >24hrs after your already reacting, the damage to the skin has already...
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    Bank Woes

    Things have changed. I have very little money in banks or credit unions. I haven't had a CD in over 15years. None of them offer any interest. My CUs are primarily used for checking with some emergency cash in a savings. Otherwise I keep the money in a low cost investment account. I don't...
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    Hardwood floor refinishing

    Actually, I should ask. If the scruffs are not bad, is there a process where you don't sand and stain, but just put on a new top coat? I did have a guy that did hardwoods that said you don't always have to sand and restain if they are not bad.
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    Hardwood floor refinishing

    Ouch, the responses are as I was afraid. We are in a similar situation and I will delay it as long as possible. It would be almost like moving out of the house. I assume most people in this situation rent a storage unit, move their furniture out, and go on vacation when this is done.
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    Dogs wondering off to die?

    Grief is just Love persisting beyond death
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    We really are being spied on!!!

    Why do you think they sell those listening devices so cheap? Their primary purpose if to target advertising to you. I would never buy one of those devices. I hate even the phone. It makes me hesitant to research something for someone else. I don't want adds for something I have no interest...
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    Dogs wondering off to die?

    I'm sorry for your loss. Yes, I have heard of this. My wife's dog lived by a fairly busy road. He never went in the road, but one day when he was really old, he just walked out in front of a car. My wife's VERY old cat was safely in the barn and never left. One day it walked out to her -...