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  1. JasperFrank

    The gated community issue.

    In my neck of the woods, there is zero investigation of property crimes. So everyone else is building a gate. Doesn't matter if you have vid footage or not, to local law enforcement. Show the vid, and even if, on your own, you found the person, you find out that the person has left the...
  2. JasperFrank


    Aside from when I was very young, and my family had pure bred bull mastiffs and earlier dash-hounds, all my own later dogs have been mixed breed, pound retrieved dogs. These earlier kennel raised pure bred dogs, as I remember, were easy to deal with. Just off the shelf, here is your dog and...
  3. JasperFrank

    Time to check out the generator.

    Lost electric today for 8 hours. It was a good inspiration for me to test out the generator before winter. Got it all working fine and ran out some old gas it had in it. Last winter, never needed it. Good to know its there and working.
  4. JasperFrank

    Are calcium filled tires a horror show?

    I'm not getting the air valves to work any more on the rear tires of my '87 Ford 1220 with Firestone R1 9.5-16 / F-51 tires. These are Calcium filled. My compressor, even at 150 psi, will not add air. I am hesitant to attempt to replace the air valves, if I can't get the old ones out or...
  5. JasperFrank

    Havahart wireless fences is gone.

    So. If you have a collar, from a former dog, its now worth big bucks.
  6. JasperFrank

    New Lands.

    Many folk here are probably looking at the "Get back to the land" sort of living. You may see some "raw land" that looks very inexpensive. I did that, and it sort of worked out, in the early nineties, yet I didn't know about some things. The biggest thing I didn't know about was rocks and...
  7. JasperFrank

    DIY rebuilding hydrolic cylinders.

    Having struck out finding any one local willing to rebuild the steering cylinder on my 87 ford 1220, I've decided to bite the bullet and do it my self. All ready bought the rebuild seal kit. Anyone know of a good instruction vid on doing this?
  8. JasperFrank

    My Wife said........

    if I lost only 2 pounds a month, she'd be entirely rid of me in about 8 years. :)
  9. JasperFrank

    Right to repair, Why I don't want a new tractor.

    John Deere employee responds to Right to Repair - YouTube I like what this guy says. I've been in electronic repair for many years. This is a big deal.
  10. JasperFrank

    I have a soggy problem with soil.

    Had to dig out my feed line to a septic tank. Got that fixed, but in the back fill I'm having problems. What ever i put on this is mushy. Its rained here for 2 months continuously, and even the worms are leaving ground. I want to be able to dig this back out at some time. What is the...
  11. JasperFrank

    Right to Repair.

    Right to Repair is an issue for everyone. Whether its a computer or a tractor hydraulic controller. Rossman and Ifixit are leading the charge. This is something everyone in the DIY world should look at. Its just sort of starting, the push back is small now. But one should be able to...
  12. JasperFrank

    What the **** happened?

    I use to be very organized. I'd clean it up, and one week later, lts like this again. Does getting old mean you lose your ability to put things away, or is it that you are just too tired and say to yourself that you will take care of it the next day. I don't know. All the projects got...
  13. JasperFrank

    Different use for old tire Chains/Cables.

    This worked very well for lifting rocks.
  14. JasperFrank

    How to stabilize a 50 degree slope of rocks and fill?

    Background. We are building a fire break in the form a lined pond that is down hill from our house. The pond area was originally a site that was dug out for a pond. But over the span of 20 years I never had the time to finish the pond, so for years I was dumping rocks and dirt from...
  15. JasperFrank

    9.5-16 R-1 rear tractor tires, Calcium filled. I want them at 20 PSI.

    I'm not sure if I can trust my tire gauges.. One is electronic and the others are the Slide Type. Getting very different readings. The valves spit water, even at 12 oclock. Electronic says 18.5, the sliders just give me 7 or 8 PSI. I can set the air compressor at 20 but it will not fill...
  16. JasperFrank

    Chip Seal Road Repair, Dust Control and thoughts on creating an HOA.

    All of the neighbors have decided to do some road repair on an easement that we all share.. The lower part is paved AC Grindings that I don't think was applied correctly 7 years ago. It has pretty big chunks taken out if it, from heavy trucks, pot holes and places where later repair layers...
  17. JasperFrank


    I have a lead where by I can have all the old fry oil from a local store for free. 20 Gallons a week. Has any one done this before? Have you made your own Bio-Fuel, and how did that work out?
  18. JasperFrank

    Dust control.

    Does any one have a DIY method of dust control of a rural gravel road?
  19. JasperFrank

    Tool Porn Friday.

    Starting a new thread, called TOOL PORN FRIDAY. Bring out the the old tools, USA made. Here is the first entry:
  20. JasperFrank

    I'm sure I'm not the first person to say Dealerships are over priced.

    If you go outside the dealerships, there is a precipitous drop in what things cost. I thought this was odd at first. I've even had a salesperson tell me what I wanted to buy was insanely priced. I don't understand what the dealerships are doing. They price things in insane ways for anything...
  21. JasperFrank

    Brake replacement Ford/New Holland 1220

    Thank you for letting me join. This is my first post. I need to replace the brakes in my 1987 Ford 1220. Adjusting them doesn't work anymore. I have the I and T Shop Manual FO-46 Ford Manual Fourth Edition. Changing the Brakes is described in Paragraph 143. It says I need to remove the...