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    Preventing well pump flood

    They use a wet switch: WS-1 - DiversiTech WS-1 - Wet Switch Flood Detector Problem is it's 24vac. You'll need to hook it up to a relay to shut down the pump.
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    Preventing well pump flood

    I don't think a low pressure cuttoff switch would necessarily prevent a flooded basement. If a major leak would occur, the pump would probably maintain more than 10psi. over the low setting, and still flood the basement. What would work is the : Skillings and Sons Water Shutoff The leak...
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    Preventing well pump flood

    Thank you very much Doofy. I just ordered the switch from Amazon. Thanks again!
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    Preventing well pump flood

    God forbid you spring a leak on your well pump piping. Basement floods out. The well will just keep running and running. Has anyone installed any safety gadjet to prevent this potential tragedy?
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    driveway monitor

    I just installed the guardline 1/4 mile unit. Works great! I bought it from amazon. Receiver and 4 sensors for $150. I'm about 800 feet off the road and it works flawlessly.
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    baldwin cross reference

    wix 10113
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    baldwin cross reference

    I got in touch with Baldwin, and they said they do not make a filter that is cross-referenced.
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    baldwin cross reference

    I have a dk40hse. I'd like to know if Baldwin makes a hydraulic filter to replace the kioti t4620-38841 that my manual calls for.?
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    studs for ice?

    Anyone using removable ice studs on their R1's for snowplowing? Advantages, dis-advantages vs. chains.
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    driveway monitor

    Anyone using and satisfied with an electronic driveway monitor on thier property? I'm about 800' off the main road need some recomendations.
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    4500 TLB Bleed

    Is there a procedure to changing a fuel filter on the 201 diesel engine without bleeding out the injectors? It's so simple on my Kioti, but the 50 year old is tough.
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    DK40 fuel filter too tight?

    Has anyone else had problems with installing a new fuel filter element on a DK40? It seems like all the Kioti OEM Fuel Filter Element 84612-43160 openings are just a slight bit too small.
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    titan toothbar kit

    Can anyone tell me how well this toothbar fits over a loader bucket with a bolt on wear edge?
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    tractor logging winch brake

    I recently bought an igland/norse 4501 winch. Really impressive! The manual is awful. How the heck do you operate the rope activated brake?
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    Missing bolt

    I'm missing a bolt from my loader, part # 01133-51016. It holds the zerk flange. 10mm x 16mm. Hex head cap screw. Is this a fine or course thread? Where can I get this?
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    falling on ice

    How's everyone handling the ice problems. My wife just took another fall. Patches of Ice walking out the door to our vehicles are bad.
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    DK hst filter

    For those with the DK models that have chosen to substitute the HST filter (Kioti T4125-38021) with the Hitachi T412538021 , or Donaldson P573481. How'd you make out? Any problems or second thoughts?
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    front plow and rear blade

    I like using both the front plow and rear blade for snow. Problem is the rear blade doesn't add enough ballast to counter the front plow. What's a good way to add weight to the rear? I do have loaded tires.
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    coolint system fill

    I know this is very fundamental, but what's the proper way to fill a cooling system. I just drained all a the old coolant out through the rad. petcock. Now when I fill with new coolant I assume I first fill the rad. all the way, replace the rad cap. Now at what level do I fill the plastic res...
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    I'm over 2 years and need to change the anti-freeze. Should I flush or just drain/refill? Use distilled water or just get a pre-mix? What's the best antifreeze to get?
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    woods backhoe

    How difficult is it to install all the mounting hardware on a dk40 for a woods bh90x. Does it usually come with good instructions?
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    Backhoe choice

    I have an opportunity to buy a 2004 Terramite T7 backhoe in pretty good shape for $9000. I can buy a brand new woods BH-90x with the subframe hoses etc.for my dk40 for about $9500. What would you guys do?
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    2004 t7

    I have the chance to pick up a 2004 t7 kubota diesel. Guy is asking $9500. Good shape with 1750hrs. Two new hoe cylinders. Good price? Used terramites are scarce here.
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    terramite comparison

    I have a Kiote dk40, I'm thinking about getting a backhoe attachment for it. Now I'm reading about these terramites. I could probably pick up a used terramite for the price of the attachment. How would the hoe digging force compare? Would the little terramite be as strong a hoe?
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    parts availability

    I have a dk40hse. The tractor model has been discontinued a few years ago. How long will kioti be required to have replacement parts available for this tractor?
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    Ignition switch

    Whats involved in replacing the ignition switch on a dk40? I'm just thinking ahead!
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    DK40help please

    My two year old dk40se won't start. Always ran great, just now it refuses to start. Cranks good. Dealer says he suspects the fuel solenoid. We're gonna get snowed on tonight. What can I check?
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    wood chipping

    thinking of buying a WoodMaxx WM-8H pto chipper this spring. I'd like to know how it will do on old brush piles. I have lots of old brush piles I'd like to chip.
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    Oil Filter

    I know this is been discussed many times, I've been using the factory oil filter, but after owning my tractor for 3 years, and have 300 hours on it, I'm not seeing the need to use genuine Kioti oil filters any longer. I'm thinking that a Wix #51324 is every bit as good if not better. It's more...
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    fence post/tree/shrub puller

    Does anyone have the titan tree Tree Fence Post Puller Skid Steer Attachment Quick Attach Bobcat Kubota Case: Home Improvement I'm loaded with Jap Barberry and would like to know if the puller would work?
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    grease mix?

    I've been using Valvoline crimson red lithium soap grease exclusively in my tractor. Only because that's what the dealer first used. Can I safely switch to a molly type grease? Are there compatible and not compatible greases with the Valvoline?
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    Kinetic splitter

    I'm looking at the new Kinetic log splitters out there. I heard they can cycle 10 times faster than the hydraulics. Which kinetics give the best bang for the buck? How are the imported woodmaxx splitters?
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    ice problems

    I have an 800' shale driveway that tends to ice up. One part of it is moderatly steep. What's the best, easiest, most economical way way to spread sand. I have a tractor, and a quad. How well do the atv spreaders work for this?
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    backhoe for utility tractors

    I'm curious if those who added on a backhoe attachment to their utility calls tractor are satisfied. Many I've seen look like very expensive toys.
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    250 hr filter change

    I'm coming up to my 250 hour filter change on my dk40 hst. I know the hst filter will be easy, but the hydraulic filter is in question. Is there a trick to keep the fluid loss to a minimum?
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    well pump safety device

    Is there an inexpensive, reliable device that will prevent basement flooding by shutting off the well pump in case of a bad leak?
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    Kioti key

    I just got off the phone with Tractorjoe's. They sell a key for my dk 40. Price is $1.17, when I asked how much is shipping, the guy laughed and told me $20.53. He said don't blame me, I just work here. I told him to tell his boss to shove it! Same company shipped me a counterfeit hst no-name...
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    Kioti Key

    Is it a problem to get spare keys for Kioti tractors made? I'm talking from places like homedepot. Do they carry the proper blanks for them? Tractor Joe gets $10 for a set of two with $20.00 shipping Rip-Off
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    rhino blade

    Auction coming up this sat. There's an 8' Rhino 500 grader blade in good condition. What should my maximum bid on this be?. I have a Landpride, no where near as strong as the Rhino.
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    Rock bucket loader

    How useful are rock bucket loader buckets? I live on a base of a mountain. Rocky is an understatement for sure. I'm also infested, and getting worse with Jap Barberry. How well would a rock bucket work out for me?
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    black smoke, power loss

    I was working my dk pretty hard yesterday, loader, york raking an area I was cleaning up. I was running about 1800-2000 rpm's steading, (hst). I noticed a very slight power loss with a small puff of dark exhaust. It happened twice. Never happened before, with 200 hours. Everything seems O.K...
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    ford 4500tlb parts

    Does anyone know of any good sources of parts, mainly backhoe pins and bushings for the old ford 4500 tlb? ford part #: (bushings) 290621 290624 7701104
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    landscape timber steps

    I'm thinking of installing 6x6 treated landscape timber steps for my front house access this spring. I need to rise about 5 feet. Anyone have any experience building these? Any pro-con thoughts?
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    loader cutting edge

    I bent the end of my bolt-on loader cutting edge. I tried heating, straightening with a o/a rosebud, but not too successful. Should I just leave it off? I don't really use the loader that much for grading. No asphalt or concrete to scrape. My old 4500 tlb survived for decades without one. I...
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    old cultivator

    I have an old Ferguson sko-20 spring tine cultivator. I need a tip or a shovel or (don't know what they're called]. The replaceable part that bolts on the end of the tine and makes ground contact. Any sources? Update: Found out they're called cultivator sweeps. Mine measure 71/2" at widest...
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    2485 price

    Anyone know the approximate price of getting a new dealer installed 2485 hoe on a dk40? I'd be guessing $8.5k
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    Used woods bh-90x

    I found a used woods bh90x backhoe attachment off a dk45. The guy is asking $5,500. for it. I assume all the hardware is included. How's this price? How the heck would I transport a backhoe attachment? The seller is 140 miles away.
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    HST Link Kit

    I noticed the new Kiotis have a HST Link Kit option. Does this link combine the throttle and the hst?
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    backhoe rebate

    When you buy a new kioti, must you purchase a backhoe at the same time to get a rebate, or can it be months later? That is assuming that Kioti still offers rebates on backhoes.
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    Low Range for hst

    Mike Wiles latest youtube post : What does everyone think about this? Should we always be using the lowest gear possible?