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    Need advice on a larger chainsaw for an older guy.

    It actually takes me several minutes to change out a chain; the bar never seems to sit still wile I try to get everything in the groove and sprocket. Maybe I will get better at it! I am in Ohio, so everything I cut is hardwood. Mostly it is several species of oak, with some hickory, walnut...
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    Need advice on a larger chainsaw for an older guy.

    A lot of the stuff I buy on Amazon is not available at my local stores. When it is available, usually, but not always, it is about 20% higher at the local stores. And it costs me $0.60/mile to go get it driving my truck, unless I combine several trips. I do buy Stihl chain usually from my local...
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    Need advice on a larger chainsaw for an older guy.

    I don't think sharpening that often is necessary. I usually do it every 2nd or 3rd fuel fill-up, or when the cutting speed seems to have fallen off about 20%. I don't wait until it smokes or makes sawdust! With the Pferd tool, it takes less than 5 minutes to fully sharpen a 20" RS chain, and it...
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    Need advice on a larger chainsaw for an older guy.

    To answer the original question of the thread, I highly recommend the Stihl MS500i. It is lighter than any other saw I know of that puts out 6.7 Hp. I find it less fatiguing to use than other saws I have owned. With an RS chain, it should cut around twice as fast as a Stihl MS271. I run a 20"...
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    Need advice on a larger chainsaw for an older guy.

    Get the Pferd version of that tool. They actually make it for Stihl but sell it for less under their own name. I guess orange plastic is more expensive than blue! (Similar situation with Logrite, who makes the Stihl-branded peaveys, etc.)
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    Farm UTV/RTV Purchase

    I am a little late for this thread, but I have an Intimidator UTV, which is also marketed by Mahindra under their nameplate. I have the "crew" model, which seats 6 people who don't mind being really close! I chose it because it had the heftiest axles and brakes on the market at the time I bought...
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    Cordless Tools vs. Other Options

    I have had lithium ion batteries still work after being idel for a year. They may slowly discharge, but it is very slowly.
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    Cordless Tools vs. Other Options

    I have had a cordless shaver quit on me while shaving, leaving some whiskers pinched in the cutterhead. Ouch!
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    Kubota or mahindra

    I have owned both. Kubota is a very reliable brand. However, they are not built as heavy as Mahindra for a given Hp rating. The Mahindra models usually weigh about 20% more, and have larger times, bigger axles, more lift capacity, etc. So, in my opinion, Mahindra is better for utility work. For...
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    scut ride comfort while mowing, R4 vs turf vs R14

    I used to mow with a Kubota 4WD 16 Hp tractor with R1 tires. Turf damage was minimal. Ride was a bit rough. But now I use a ZTR. Much faster mowing, and no need to break out a push lawn mower for tough spots. However, a ZTR has trouble with wet or highly sloped conditions. I have to wait for a...
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    Restoring antique plow - need to remove rusted nuts/bolts - how much heat?

    Somehow I missed that. A lot of the other suggestions in this thread would also destroy the bolt, such as torqueing it until it breaks.
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    Pallet Forks?

    The first time I tried to use mine, the clamp bolts failed under a 1200# load, though they were rated for 4000#. I had the thinh reinforced at a weld shop and have 1.5" bolts now. That sems to work. The original bolts were about 7/16".
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    Will the CUT let you know you're asking too much?

    True. Most tractors do not have front brakes. That makes it useful to operate in FWD when lifting a heavy object with the loader. In FWD, the front axle is lined to the rear through the transmission, so applying the rear brakes also stops the front wheels.
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    Will the CUT let you know you're asking too much?

    Not only that, but if you lift large objects high without rolling the bucket downward to keep it level, the large objects can roll down the loader frame, right into you! Think round bales, for example.
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    Restoring antique plow - need to remove rusted nuts/bolts - how much heat?

    I am rather surprised no one suggested a simple nut breaker. If you can get to the nut, and have a nut breaker of the right size, it works every time. Example...
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    Post Emissions tractors

    That is why I bought a Mahindra. No DEF system to worry about.
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    Surprised by need for rear ballast with L 4060 in this situation

    No magic math. It is a simple lever formula. The torque or moment is equal to the weight times its center of gravity distance from the fulcrum, which is the front axle. The CG must include the loader assembly as well as the lifted load. The counter torque is the weight of the rest of the tractor...
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    Engine Oil

    Amsoil full synthetic oils beat all others in terms of oxidation resistance, volatility, lower friction and wear and overall longevity. I would never use anything else unless the engine leaked like a sieve. No, I do not work for Amsoil. But I have seen many comparative test reports by...
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    Prospective purchase for the mountains.

    A few tips from my own experience with a tree farm in Ohio. 1) 4WD is pretty essential working in the woods 2) Get a hydrostatic transmission (HST). A gear drive can flip over when hitting an obstacle, faster than you can react by depressing a clutch pedal. Also, if a branch hits you in the...
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    Fuel stabalizer

    I have used Sta-Bil with 10% ethanol fuel for my chain saws for a couple of decades now. No fuel-related problems. Best not to go more than a year in storage for the mix, though. They claim 2 years.
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    When did John Deere begin the Right to Repair problems?

    Glad my Mahindra 5035HST has no computer.
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    When did John Deere begin the Right to Repair problems?

    You forgot the built-in toilet and microwave.
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    Lynch Pins Coming Off

    I am amazed that some have never had a click pin fall out. I run into some heavy brush, including stick and saplings, and even zip ties over the click pons are not foolproof. I use double butted bolts instead of pins for my main lift arms on the bush hog now (8', dual spindle) and that works. I...
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    Bigger HST machines.

    I do a lot of work in the woods. I have a Mahindra 5035HST, 4wd. It is nominally 50 Hp, and weighs about 11000 lb when I have it set up for bushhogging, about 10,000 when I have it set up for logging. I would not have a gear drive in the woods. Too much danger of flipping on an unseen stump or...
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    3 cylinder engine vs 4 cylinder engine

    Number of cylinders does not determine power or torque. Total displacement is closer to determining it, but a low displacement engine can put out more power by running at higher rpm. Look at race car engines! Naval ships often have few cylinders but huge displacement at low rpm. I was on a...
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    Should I cab or not. Getting ready to buy

    If I had the money, I would have a custom-built cab with a forestry package to protect it from limbs. Yes, I do go into the woods. we have a tree farm consisting of big hardwoods. I do tire of getting whacked on the back of my neck with branches the ROPS has caught. I had a belly guard made to...
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    Is it possible to be objective for a moment about Mahindra? Question relating to career change

    I have a 50 Hp Mahindra, 4WD HST. Its base weight is about 1400 lb more than the comparable Kubota model, and it has larger axles and tires and greater loader and 3-point lift capacity. I have had it for 6 years now, with few problems-just a collapsed rubber fuel line and a wheel that came off...
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    Sub-Compact/Compact Recommendations

    I had a Kubota B7100 for about 30 years. I finally figured out that a tractor is not a very good mower. I now have a zero turn mower (BadBoy), which mows much better. I also got a much bigger tractor for heavy work in the woods: a Mahindra 50 Hp 4WD HST model. Having a ZTR and a tractor will...
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    Carbon Dioxide

    I just cannot worry about this. The best long-term climate data we have suggests that temperature change drives CO2 change, not the other way around. And we are actually at a below average CO2 content relative to long-term norms. It reached 15000 ppm when the dinosaurs were on the earth. while...
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    5035 HST suction strainer cleaning

    This might be a dumb question, but where is it? The Mahindra manual says it is on the right hand side of the rear housing, but the illustration does not look like anything I see there. They also refer to unscrewing 4 bolts on a cover plate, but no bolts are visible in the photo. I am doe for the...
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    How do you carry your chainsaw ?

    I was inspired by seeing all of these ideas. I ended up using composite decking board for mine, attaching it to a Mahindra ML-130 loader on a 5035 tractor. I used a dado blade to hollow out the inside of the sheath to 1/2" total
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    Log skidding cone

    I thought of the plastic barrel approach, but their bottoms are rather flat. Heating them to change the shape is an iffy proposition. But I found out that used olive and pickle barrels have a more rounded bottom, so I plan to try one of those. They look like this:
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    Took the plunge 5035 HST

    You asked for pix, so here are some. I just got it yesterday. One note: at over 10,000 lb as equipped, it doesn't climb even gentle slopes in high range!
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    Hydrostatic trasnsmission vs. gear drive

    Many forums have discussed the transmissions available: gear, shuttle or hydrostatic. One point that I have not seen mentioned is safety. With any gear drive tractor, if you get into a situation where the tractor is apt to flip over or roll over, you must rapidly find the clutch and disengage it...