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    4540 Shuttle Problems

    A few years ago I took a Montana 4540 tractor with shuttle transmission, and sold to a customer. Today the customer called me and said that he was having a problem with the shuttle popping out of reverse, and now it will not go into forward or reverse. I have not looked at it yet, and was...
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    Has anyone cross referenced 4540 filters?

    Has anyone cross referenced filters for a Montana 4540, primarily the hydraulic filter?
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    JD 3120 What Battery Group Size

    Does anyone know what group size battery fits in a John Deere 3120 compact tractor. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Closed center hydraulic system

    I have little to no experience with closed center hydraulic systems, and am now dealing with one. I have to add a loader valve to a Massey Fergusen 1135 tractor, and was wondering if I could add an open center loader valve powered from the rear remote valve, if I run a return line from the open...
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    1135 hydraulic specs

    Does, any one know how many PSI, and GPM a Massey 1135 hydraulic system has? I have a customer who wants to add a loader valve to his 1135 and I want to get the correct valve for him.
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    4110 Oil drain plug

    I was wondering if any of you would know the size and thread on the engine oil drain plug. I have a customer who needs to put a helicoil in his, as he has stripped his out. I didn't know his answer and told him I would get back to him. I just thought some of you may have already tackled this...
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    Snow Chinese front mount snowblowers

    Has anyone tried the Chinese made front loader mounted snowblowers, and what has been your experience, with them. Nobody has had any experience yet.
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    2015 HST with post hole digger

    Has anyone used a 3ph post hole digger on a Mahindra 2015. I haven't had any of my customers give me any feed back on the use of a post hole digger on a 2015, as yet. My question is does it handle a standard cat I 3ph digger or is the lift height a problem. Are the diggers that are made for the...
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    Broken engine mount bolts.

    Hi everbody, I usually try to help others here, but now need some assistance myself. After 8 years with Mahindra, I have run into my first instance of broken off engine mount bolts. I found the problem when doing routine service on a Mahindra 2810 HST. I called my customer and told him I...
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    John Deere 4200 quick couplers

    I am installing a loader on a John Deere 4200 compact tractor, and can not find the correct male quick coupler to fit the remotes under the Rt foot rest. Does anyone have a Pioneer or some other brand part number for the correct fitting. I even stopped at the local Deere dealer and they didn't...
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    Dealer Joining The TYM Dealer Team

    Today I recieved the word that I am being accepted as a dealer for TYM Tractors. I am excited to be joining the TYM team and can't wait to recieve the first shipment of tractors, and start serving you, the public, as one of the TYM dealers.
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    Flat bottom V ditcher

    I have a customer who is raising blueberries. He had a 60" wide 3PH V ditcher that he was barrowing from someone, but he no longer has access to this machine anymore. He was using the ditcher to make hills 36" wide 10" deep and 60" space between the hills. He has me trying to find a new or used...
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    Tires Ford 2110 4wd tire size

    Can anyone tell me what size tires came on a late 1980's Ford 2110 4WD tractor. R1 Ag tires front and rear. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

    I would like to wish all of my friends here on TBN a very HAPPY & SAFE Holiday Season.
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    Mahindra forum

    Starting to feel like the MayTag man on the Mahindra forum. Must be everybody is busy working their Mahindra's. Nothing wrong with that. Galen LaWall Your Mahindra Tractor Dealer Batavia, NY