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    Do you have any Oil/Fluid changing time saving efficiency tips?

    I use Schaeffer labs and Schaeffer oil in the fleet at the golf course. Engines are expensive and it is worth it to me to monitor the health of them. I would like to monitor hydro fluid next. Most machines I see extended drains on. Small air cooled engines that are not running high RPM most of...
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    Shelf life of unopened UniversalHydraulic/transmission fluid ?

    I found an unopened hydraulic pail at my shop on a top shelf sealed. The prior mechanic was here 15 years and I doubt he could climb that high. Sealed 5 gallon container. Was unheated portion of shop until recently. So what is thoughts on this one?
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    2004 Gator HPX running erratic, hesitation

    I have the same gator HPX. I had a similar problem a few years back. I traced it down to leaking intake manifold gasket. Would suck air sometimes creating a stumble upon acceleration (this was around 1800 hrs). Change fuel filter often as well. Also I had to change the needle valves from wear at...
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    Kawasaki Mule Air Cleaner Cleaning

    I have one of these for cleaning out my air filters. Multiple small holes at the end. Works pretty well...
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    Water fire extinguishers

    I have the element fire extinguishers in my truck and my wife's car. Never actually tried them but they are small and can fit between the drivers door and seat. Easy access. The past few years around the holidays they offer a discount code.
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    Kioti RX6620 check engine light on

    So an e mail to the dealer to update them on the issue. On the reply the dealer still states that there was "water in the fuel filter and then it got into the injection system" even after telling them multiple times that there was no trace with water detecting paste. They continued to tell me...
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    Kioti RX6620 check engine light on

    So just an update here. Speaking with the dealer they said that it could be crank sensor related and to unplug the crank sensor while the CEL light is on to see if the tractor will rev up past the limp mode. This was for a diagnose test only and not to be run without it connected. I did not do...
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    Kioti RX6620 check engine light on

    I was asked by my Kioti dealer what dash I had. Apparently from my understanding of the conversation some have this now?. Mine does not.
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    Kioti RX6620 check engine light on

    Yes my dash has a warning lamp for water in fuel. My dash looks different than above. No warning light for water in fuel was ever on or any other lights on during this process except the CEL. No water found in fuel filter or tank with water detecting paste.
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    Kioti RX6620 check engine light on

    Thanks for the replies. Yes we have been in contact with the dealer back and forth before posting here and so far they have been good. They are about 1 hour away. Yes it is under warranty. Hopefully they can come down with a scan tool / laptop, otherwise there is a huge sticker on it that...
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    Kioti RX6620 check engine light on

    Greetings, Check engine light came on today with the Kioti RX6620. Tractor has 140 hrs on it and purchased this past spring. The tractor was running fine then started to spit and sputter and then the light came on. All maintenance has been performed so far according to the dealer handout...
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    Kioti RX6620 Regen light. How often?

    Thanks for the input. I will monitor this going forward. I assume the emissions requirements are why some tractor trailer have stickers that say "do not idle." Also I figure generally speaking a hydro tractor runs at higher RPM than a Powershuttle so maybe that is contributing to the regen cycle...
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    Kioti RX6620 Regen light. How often?

    Curious on what others might be seeing on the Regen light on their Kiotis. I have a RX6620 for use at my work. It has 122 hrs on it now. It is used around the shop and also running implements. Here Is my Regen history. 41 hrs, pushed bypass once. 83 light on REGEN performed 104 light on REGEN...
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    RX6620 hydraulic oil question

    Thanks for the replies. I found a local supplier Brenntag lubricants in East Hartford CT which sells Mobil products. Setting an account up through my work now. The best part is that the Mobil 424 fluid is at $76 for a 5 gallon pail and the Napa 85-405 is now $96 for a 5 gallon pail up from $64...
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    RX6620 hydraulic oil question

    Manual states for RX6620 DAEDONG UTF55 EXXON Mobilfluid 424 BP: Tractran UTH EXXONmobil Hydraulic560 Shell: Donax TD Upon my research BEFORE asking I have seen Valvoline VV813 also can work and NAPA 85-405 Universal trans/ Hydro ( I believe this is 10w-30 rated). I just want to make sure this...
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    Safety chain ideas needed

    Thanks for the replies. Interesting the ideas about chaining the hitch down on the trailer as well. Never thought about that and have used the setup a few years without issue. Thanks for the idea. @LouNY I like your setup. Did you make the hitch or buy it?
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    RX6620 hydraulic oil question

    Purchased a Kioti RX6620 at my work this year. The selling dealer also sells Mahindra tractors. The dealer is about 1 hour away from me. Trying to stick with factory fluids for warranty periods. When I ordered hydraulic fluid they gave me a 5 gallon pail of Mahindra Universal Hydraulic fluid. I...
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    Safety chain ideas needed

    Looking to add a safety chain to my PJ dump trailer tractor combo. I have the trailer hooked to the flex point #FPHS 3 point hitch which makes it easy to hook up and drop the trailer easy from the cab. I only use this setup on my property. I am looking for ideas on how a safety chain could be...
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    RX6620 oil used from factory

    OK here is the sample on the Kioti 4HT4 DAE Dong engine in out RX6620 at 56 hrs. "Copper high indicating possible bearing or thrust wear. Copper may also be from cooler. Resample at normal interval. High wear and contamination levels are common during break in."
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    Ventrac since Toro purchase

    One thing you could try is a who your Toro golf distributor is in your area as they should have more connections to available stock. I believe that most attachments can be interchangeable between ventrac and steiner. Double check before purchasing. From my experience with my Toro golf...
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    RTV500 with only 70 hours started blowing white smoke

    What engine is in the RTV500? I have done some oil sampling on my J-D gators with Kawasaki FJ400D at 100hr recommended intervals. Each sample shows no signs of wear but traces of gas and moisture. Going to lower the intervals and see. Gas in oil could be sticking needle valve or float.
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    RX6620 oil used from factory

    I agree with you and thank you for your reply. I have started doing oil sampling on all of my fleet. I do not get brand new pieces very often. I was thinking that probably nobody did a break in sample so that is why I was curious what I could find on the first one. I already have the sample...
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    RX6620 oil used from factory

    Thanks for the replies. Actually looking to see if anyone knows what oil comes in the RX6620 from the factory for my first oil analysis. Like I said I called the dealer and they didn't know specifics.
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    RX6620 oil used from factory

    Greetings, Curious if anyone knows what brand and weight a RX6620 would be shipped with from the factory? The reason I am asking is because I am doing the first oil change recommended t 50 hrs and perform oil sampling on all my equipment. Some data for them would be helpful for analysis. I...
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    Manure buckets, which one do you recommend?

    Greetings, Looking to get a manure bucket in the future for my father in laws farm. Currently he has a Yanmar lx490 tractor with skid steer coupler. His barn yard is fairly large for winter cow feeding and has about 60 head. The manure and hay mixture gets a good few layers on it before it is...
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    Recommendations for a diesel fuel storage tank

    Greetings, Curious what you all use for a farm or business fuel storage tank. We may be looking to add one to my in laws farm along with an electric pump. Currently we use 5 Gallon cans but for simplicity sake of budgeting and buying in bulk looking into a storage tank. One thing I do want to...
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    Recommendations snowblower for steep driveway

    Greetings, Looking at the possibility of upgrading my snow blower. I have an old MTD Tecumseh 26" powered blower that has done its time. I have a very steep driveway which I just had repaved over the summer that was very $$$. I used to use chains on my old Tecumseh blower on the old driveway...
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    Kubota M series VS, Mahindra 6000 series

    Greetings, My father in law is looking for a new tractor for his farm 160 acres in upstate NY. He currently has a small Yanmar LX590 ( I believe) which is too small for the task of lifting large round bales everyday and traveling to the fields. He will be keeping this tractor as a backup and...
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    Fuel treated with 911 instead of conditioner

    So today before the Thanksgiving break a task that was assigned to some workers on staff was to treat the diesel tractors (Kioti) chipper (4B Cummins) Toro mowers (Kubota) and J-D (Yanmar) with diesel fuel conditioner for the winter. Also assigned was to treat the fuel tank which was just filled...
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    Heater for floor of tractor cab?

    Greetings, Curious if any of you have hooked up a heater for the floor of a tractor cab. The tractor does have heat but there are no vents on the floor so operating for the day in sub zero weather your feet get cold. I was considering something simple that can be removed and plugged into the...
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    DK45S and RX 6010 long term report

    Greetings, Just wanted to report some long term test results on 3 Kioti tractors that we operate at the golf course. I have maintained these the last three years, any prior results were from the previous mechanic so I have really no knowledge how or why the items failed. All routine service was...
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    Tractor specifications. Are they inflated?

    Greetings, Researching a new tractor for my work. The choices are NX6010hst MX6000 or M6060. This is for golf course work. The needs are 50HP minimum with Cat 2 3 pt hitch. 3rd function valve, minimum 2 Quick release rear ports, 1mph lock speed capable, 2,375 minimum 3pt hitch lift and cab...
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    Lane Shark...Anyone use one of these?

    Greetings, Lane Shark SSQA brush cutter attachments. Who has one or has used one? Any feedback on it would be helpful. Looking at one for my 60HP cabbed tractor at work. LANE SHARK PRODUCTS – Lane Shark USA Thank you Sean
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    School me on tractor attachments.....

    Greetings, So trying to learn so be patient. Most of the tractors I have used did not have quick attach buckets until recently. I was at an auction recently and there was a whole bunch of quick attachments for tractors. Most buckets and forks made by Kivel and the grapples were titan (Cheap...
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    Schaffer 722 Synshield vs. 711 Synshield. What's the difference?

    Greetings, I switched over to Schaffer 10w-30 722 Synshield last winter on the pre tier 4 Kubota diesel motors at my shop. The samples that I have sent out have all come back positive. I ordered a replacement 55 gal drum from my rep and received a 711 Synshield 10w-30. I looked on the website...
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    Need a large Extension spring that is discontinued

    Thanks for the replies, I double checked my measurements with a digital caliper and the wire diameter is still .250. I just looked at the Spring store and put in my dimensions but did not find anything for that size. I will try calling them and the other number listed a little later today.
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    Need a large Extension spring that is discontinued

    Greetings, I am looking for a large extension spring that is discontinued for my Hy-Roller Woodchuck WC-17 chipper. The spring dimensions are as follows and do not have to be exact but need to be close: Extension spring 23 1/2 long from hook end to hook end 19" long from coil end to coil end...
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    Must have options for a new LX2610?

    Greetings, After trying to convince my father for years, who is 80 now, that he could use a smaller tractor with a bucket on it around his 150 acre farm he went to Kubota and purchased a new LX2610 with a cab and front end loader. So I wanted to ask you all what options are a "must have" or...
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    Can a tear in a vinyl seat be stitched?

    Just an update here. I bought this leather stitching kit from Amazon which came with a nice curved needle for the repair. This kit worked great for this repair at only $13. I topped the stitching off with a little VLP glue. Not pretty but will do the job. Paxcoo 31 Pcs Leather Hand...
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    Can a tear in a vinyl seat be stitched?

    Greetings, I have a vinyl seat that has a tear in it about 3 inches in length. The seat has started to separate in this area as well so to fix it it will have to be "stitched" back together. Has anyone done this with success by hand? I was going to use this seat on a piece of equipment that...
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    Best way to clean rust from my fuel tank

    Greetings, I was looking for recommendations on how to clean the rust from my fuel tank. This particular tank is on a Toro gas 5500 sprayer manufactured in 1998 with a 4cyl ford engine. I have recently had problems with rust clogging the fuel line and filter. The tank has never been removed and...
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    Help me understand PTO speed

    Greetings, Hopefully someone can help me out here. I have a Kioti RX6010C. Reading in the manual it states "The rear PTO rotates at 540rpm when the engine speed is approx. 2,444". This tractor has been used to operate a SR60 deep tine aeration machine for a few years and there always seems to...
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    Repairing a PTO shaft

    Greetings, Looking to get some info on repairing my PTO shaft for my Agrimetal BW 360 tractor blower. The universals are in good shape but the internals where it slides are oblong and have been welded before and they have multiple cracks now. The inners have a roll pin which looks like if that...
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    What to look for J-D-5325

    So the tractor is a 2007. It has about 2150 hrs. Runs good, shifts good. Has the A-B-C range with shuttle shift. Has a J-D 49 backhoe attachment and a 542 loader. Full cab. Loader and backhoe work well. That electric PTO thing it does have that. The bad Something is up with the 3 point hitch...
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    What to look for J-D-5325

    Greetings, I am going to look at a J-D 5325 tomorrow and hope you could all give me a little insight on what to look for. Are there any things that fail and what are the usual checkpoints for this particular machine. This is what I know about the tractor, It is used on a high end golf course...
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    RX6010 clutch issues

    Greetings, I have a Kioti RX6010 model #4B243TLWM serial #MK1400xxx. This tractor has a KL601 loader on it. It has approx. 2100 hours on it right now. I am starting to wonder if the clutch internally is starting to get worn. Here is what is happening. For a few hundred hours now it seems as the...
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    What is the Best Battery for L305DT

    Greetings I would like some input on what you all may feel would be the best replacement battery for my 1982 Kubota L305DT. Currently the battery I have is 5+ years old and it does not seem to fill out the tray as it should(looks small). It is a tractor battery that I purchased shortly after...
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    Kioti RX6010 lug nut studs breaking

    I just wanted to up date this thread. Kioti definitely changed this part along the way. Here is a couple pictures. The picture with studs shows the new stud on the top next to the old stud on the bottom. There is actually a slight difference in measurement between the two as measured with my...
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    Kioti RX6010 lug nut studs breaking

    Hello all, I have a Kioti RX6010 with a cab that has approx 1800 hrs. We use this machine on the golf course where I work. It is running Titan rear turf tire size 44x18-20. The rear tires are not filled with any ballast just air. After mowing on a very hot day this summer it was parked and the...
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    Hello, Golf Course equipment manager from CT.

    Just a quick intro here. I am a golf couse equipment manager/mechanic from CT. We have mostly Toro equipment with some John Deere and Jacobsen mixed in. We also have 3 Kioti tractors. 2 DK45S and one RX6010. I grew up in a small farm in Upstate NY. I have operated many different tractors and...