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    Should I fill the hydraukic oil tank on a new chipper before storing it for the winter?

    So I bought a new PTO chipper that feeds hydraulically using its own tank and pump driven by the PTO. I bought it now although I won't use it until spring because it often goes out of stock. It doesn't come with its hydraulic tank filled. Is it safe to leave it like that for the winter, under a...
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    Pat's Easy Change System and Canada

    Anybody bought Pat's Easy Change System in Canada? Tried to buy and said it was not possible to send to my address. Amazon Canada price is way too high :(
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    Awaiting my Woodland Mills WC68

    Just ordered a WC68. Tractor has a 23HP PTO and I feel that's right sized wood chipper for my tractor. Delivery lead time is 3 weeks so chances are I'll have to wait until next spring to use it. Edit: changed from a WC46 to WC68. Same lead time.
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    Added an electrical actuator to my snow blower chute deflector.

    Not much but I added this electric actuator I got from Amazon to adjust the chute's deflector. No more leaving the tractor to adjust it :) Used a scrap piece of metal (1/8" thick) to extend the actuator so it reaches the holes of the original deflector's adjustment rod. Switch to control the...
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    I have a bad feeling about this

    Tractor is 11 years old and I believe they were filled (Calcium Chloride) by the original owner at purchase. How scr*wed am I? Both rear tires are like that. I doubt it's the valve because on the other side, the valve is not even at the bottom. It has a salty taste.
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    Needing a Dual Pilot Operated Check Valves for a toplink?

    Hi, I have a brand new valve with an internal leakage specs at INTERNAL OIL LEAKAGE 4 ÷ 8 cc/min From A B to T My hydraulic toplink didn't come with a Dual Pilot Operated Check Valves and adding one would cost more than what I paid for the toplink. Not sure I understand the leakage...
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    Need confirmation on the hose type of fitting

    Hi, before I go buying the wrong fitting to connect that hose to my new valve (which has ORBF 10 and 8 ports), is that hose fitting NPTM or JICM? Its size is 0.8", just like the other side of the elbow, which is NPTM 1/2. That one I know because that's what the valve docs says :) Thanks.
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    Need advice regarding moving our kitchen range exhaust fan duct

    Hi, we are remodeling our kitchen and I need to move the exhaust fan over the range (which is through an outside wall) by 7.5" to the right. Issue is, it will be right in the middle of a 2x6 stud (it's currently against that stud), so I'll need to cut it. Studs are 24" apart. Exhaust fan opening...
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    Hydraulic toplink for rear facing snow blower

    Is it worth to have a hydraulic toplink for rear facing snow blower? Reason I'm asking is because I already have a remote for the chute that I'll be using this summer for the box grader by connection a toplink to my remote valve. During winter, with an extra valve, I could connect the toplink to...
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    Will this connector give me issue when trying to remove it?

    So I'll need to disconnect this hose to reconnect it to a T afterward. It's the loader return to tank hose. I think it has a swivel connector but it seems to have aged quite a bit and not sure if it will be an issue to remove. Will it give problem? Is there something I can put over it to loosen...
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    Why a grease point there on my backhoe?

    Curious, what's the purpose of a grease point in the middle of the boom?
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    Need a picture from someone with a LK30 or LK3054

    Can someone with a LK30/LK3054 with a FEL/Backhoe without a remote show me a picture of his auxiliary block (when the FEL and pumps connects to, on the right side, just below the brake pedal)? I think my dealer installed a remote valve wrong and would like to confirm it by looking at how a stock...
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    Trying to make sense of this hydraulic diagram

    This is the KB2365 backhoe hydraulic diagram according to Kioti. To me, it doesn't make any sense! Does it makes sense to you? If you look at the P side of things, all valves but the last one have PB capability but the last one is connected to a blocked port when in neutral? This would mean...
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    Material to resurface a landing/deck

    So I have a 4'x8' landing/deck when going out from the solarium made up of pressure treated plywood that was installed 17 years ago. It was stained as well but with the years and salt, the top layers are starting to delaminate. Because I didn't think ahead when I built it, changing it would mean...
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    Carrying rake and shovel

    So I saw this somewhere (not sure if it's here) and thought about posting it since it works pretty well and is cheap :) Those magnets are small but really strong. Perfect size to hold a shovel or...
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    Welding anchor to loader frame

    Hi, with the thread about being a bad idea to weld to a tractor frame, I prefer asking now than being sorry later. I want to weld this anchor: To the loader's frame here: Am I asking for trouble or is it OK? Thanks.
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    Would a check valve work and if so, where should I put it?

    When my dealer installed this remote control for the snow blower chute, I noticed that when I raise the 3PH blower, the handle moves up and it turns the chute. It really didn't bother me then because I only had to put my hand on the lever to stop it from moving while I raised the blower...
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    What do you do with stump once removed?

    So I took out a 12 inch stump the other day and with its roots, that's over two feet in diameter. Moved it to the fire pit but it's taking longer than expected to burn (it's been dead and cut down a few years ago). What do you do with your removed stumps?
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    Pressure in the hydraulic tank

    So yesterday after using the box grader for several hours, I've reattached the backhoe to the tractor. I was first unable to connect the hydraulic lines for two reasons. First one was fluid in the backhoe warmed up from morning to afternoon. Had to drop one of the stabilizer to remove the...
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    Online MIG flux welding calculator and 3/16" steel

    Hi, looking at different charts, welding 3/16" steel with a MIG and flux wire has a way higher amp requirement than 1/4" steel. Thickness 3/32" 1/8" 3/16" 1/4" 3/8" Speed 145-155 175-185 205-215 220-230 245-255 Current 110-125 140-155 190-220 170-190 330-375 Voltage 14-15 14-15 15-16...
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    Fluid level

    I get the hydraulic fluid in the middle of the tank's eyelet only when the engine is off and all rods are extented (FEL and Backhoe). If I lower the FEL and retract the backhoe, the eyelet is fully covered by hydraulic fluid. Is it normal or is there too much fluid in the tank? It's a Kioti LK30...
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    BBQ covers to cover tires for those not fortunate enough to keep their tractors covered

    So yeah, anyone tried using BBQ covers to cover the tires from harmful solar rays? My rear tires are 40x16 and this would work Omore Grill Cover, 40-inch Heavy Duty 300D Oxford Waterproof Windproof UV Resistant BBQ Gas Grill Cover for Outdoor Barbecue Fit Most Brands Weber, Brinkmann, Char...
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    That's pretty cool
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    Help on which thread sealant should I use

    Hi, Princess Auto sales these two type of thread sealants: Thread Sealant with PTFE High-Temperature Thread Sealant I'm trying to seal the fittings of a hydraulic pressure gauge I made as well as the fittings of a return to tank filter for my log splitter (didn't come with one so I'm adding...
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    So, which one of you did this?
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    How long can cylinder rods remain exposed to the elements before they should be coated with something?

    Knowing that: My tractor has no shelter, therefore has to stay outside; Some rods on my backhoe can't be fully retracted when parked; During winter, I'll put a tarp over it once removed from the tractor to make way for the blower; During summer, it will be mounted on the tractor and open to the...
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    How does a Woodland Mills WC-68 compares to a stand-alone 6" wood chipper like this one

    I've rented this type of wood chipper in the past and they work very well. How does a Woodland Mills WC-68 compares to a stand-alone 6" wood chipper like that one?
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    What would this brack be for?

    Just wondering what this bracket attached to the backhoe dipper cylinder is for. Anybody willing to venture a guess?
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    Looking for a part number for your Kioti?

    Found this repository. Has documents from 2006 to 2016. My LK30 is there :) Edit: This one has the newer models - /dossfile/manualnew/ Parts manual is in the PM folder. Other interesting stuff in the other folders. If you go up in the folder...
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    Is this an odd set up?

    When I bought my (new to me) tractor and (new) snow blower, the dealer added a (wood chipper) control valve to control the chute's direction. This valve uses the backhoe hydraulic input. Last weekend, I disconnected the blower and reinstalled the backhoe. Now to work the backhoe, I have to put...
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    Question regarding assembling an hydraulic gauge with a quick connect

    So I want to build myself a quick connect hydraulic gauge using this gauge, this fitting and this quick connect. Is there anything special that needs to be done when mating brass and steel? Thanks
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    Now that the snow blowing season is over,

    What should be done to prepare the blower (3PH) for storage?
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    How bad am I scr*wed?

    So, in an old thread yesterday I read that aluminum pumps on Kiotis are bad news and it's just a matter of time until they break. Using a magnet, I found out my new to me 2010 Kioti LK30 has such an aluminum pump :( Are they as bad as I read? My backhoe is off the tractor right now so I can't...
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    Chain lube

    What do you use to lube the chain of your snow blower. My manual mentions nothing about this. I'm thinking of motorcycle chain lube. Good idea? Bad? Doesn't matter? Thanks.
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    How to drain a split pin plug

    Hi, my Kioti LK30 manual says when the tractor is washed, used in rain or snow, that the clutch drain plug should be removed to let water that could have accumulated out. In the picture below, I've highlighted in red that plug. How do you 'remove it'. Just unscrew it like a normal bolt or do you...
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    GMail flags TBN post notifications as spam

    Like title says, all the TBN post notifications (with a few exceptions somehow) go directly into GMail's spam folder. GMail doesn't give any explanation why these emails are flagged as spam and even if I 'unspam' them, it has no effect on them not being spam filtered. Can't find a way to...
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    Question regarding funnels for different type of oil

    Hi, now that I'm having more and more types of oil to handle, I"m wondering what you guys do to handle pouring the different oil grades into your vehicles. Are you using a different funnel for each type of oil that your vehicles and other small engines take, or are you simply wiping the funnel...
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    Good way to remove the jerkiness of raising an implement on my Kioti LK30?

    So, following this thread I started that brought me to this thread, would that work to remove the jerkiness of raising my blower? By adding this (16 gpm) Pressure Compensated Adjustable Flow Controls inline between the pump and 3PH Position Control Valve Thanks
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    Question regarding positional control valves

    At least, that's what my service manual calls it. I'm talking about the valve that controls the 3PH arms. On my tractor, it has 'infinite' position. Meaning, where ever I move the position control lever, the lift arms move accordingly and stay there. I'm trying to find on the Internet how this...
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    Sorry for forgeting to introdice myself properly

    Hi all, I've been inserting myself into discussions for about 3 weeks without first introducing myself, my apologies. I'm a Frenchman from Québec's southwest and semi-retired, looking to a full retirement next summer and plan on staying in my cottage full time in a few years. I wanted to get a...
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    Question regarding calcium chloride in tires

    Hi, so I learned after buying this 2010 Kioti LK30 tractor that the rear wheels are filled with Calcium chloride (first tractor, didn't know about this before). Don't know (yet, I've asked the dealer) when they were filled. This is what the valve on one rear wheel looks like (the other one is...
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    Question regariding keeping the tractor tank full

    Hi, so I've read that it's good practice to keep the tractor diesel tank full to prevent water forming in the tank. But what about the tank that diesel came from? Surely you don't go to the gas station to fill that tank every time you fill up the tractor! Aren't you just displacing the water...
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    Hydraulic gauge

    Hi, what's the hydraulic quick connect coupling part number on a Kioti LK30? I need to connect a hydraulic gauge to my tractor but would prefer not having to remove the coupling to thread the gauge. Thanks
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    Princess Auto 3-Point Quick Hitches

    Hi, following the Harbor Freights quick hitch thread, I looked around in Princess Auto (Canadian HF) and they have this type of CAT1 3-Point Quick Hitch. It's quite more expensive than HF but seems more sturdy. Anyone tried it...
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    Rear snow blower 3 point hitch qyestion

    My 1000 ft road is not leveled. It goes up and down and the grade can be 5%-7%. Does the blower on the 3 point hitch 'follow' the road as I'm starting to climb or will it dig into the ground? Do I need to lift the blower a bit then and lower it when at a top of a hill, about to go down? Not sure...
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    Clutch wear

    Hi, this is the clutch adjustment of my Kioti LK30. I have about an 1.5" of play in the clutch pedal while the service manual calls for 0.8"-1.2" of play. The adjustment seems to be to its further end (ie, cannot reduce the play anymore). Does this mean the clutch is almost worn out? It's a dual...
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    What do those symbols mean?

    Just curious. They are on the dash, but not documented. Probably not connected either.
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    Snow Shear bolt question

    As I wait the arrival of my new 68" MK Martin Meteor snow blower, I have a question regarding its auger shear bolt. Not knowing if it comes with spares, I want to be prepared. According to the manual, the shearbolt (#16 in the following image) is bolted between the two metal plates, one attached...
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    Looking for the manual for Kiyoti KB2376

    Hi, I'm new here. I'm looking for a manual for the KB2376. I kinda easily found them for the LK30 (including repair) and KL1231 but can't find the KB2376 user manual :( Anybody know I could get a copy (no matter the format)? Thanks.