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    Backhoe Shredding a Stump

    Too large to chip. Shredded with BH92 backhoe
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    Grapple versus Grape Vines

    If you haven’t tangles with an old grape vine you have no idea how strong they are Could easily flip my MX 5200
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    My 25 Year Old Bucket

    This has been use on my Ford 1710, Ford 2120, New Holland TN75D and now my Kubota MX5200 Served me well See the reinforcements
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    CNH Invests in Monarch Electric Tractor
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    Monarch Compact Electric Tractor
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    Jack's Small Engines now a Northern Tool Company

    As of today, Jack's Small Engines where I buy quite a few parts was purchased by Northern Tool. BTW I stared buying from Northern Hydraulics (now Northern Tool) when their catalog was a couple of xerox pages. Andy
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    Suspicious Craig's List Ad

    Say this on Craig's list New Haven CT Special Value 23 KUBOTA bx22 Rear 3 Point Hitch - farm & garden... Google search on image shows this: Kubota BX22 | Dan's Equipment Sales Looks rather similar! Andy
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    Backhoe Mounting BH92. Lying flat on ground

    Hardest part was putting up ROPS. Note when down it fills with water, DUMPS on head when straightened. Here is step by step on mounting BH92 on MX5200 3 Point Hitch Off. Requires wrench. About 5 minutes Ready to attach. Complete time about 10 minutes Be careful as hoses can be very tight...
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    Anybody looking for a Kubota L2296 Heavy Duty Round Back Bucket Bolt On Cutting Edge

    I have a never used (not even mounted) Kubota L2296 Heavy Duty Round Back Bucket with Bolt On Cutting Edge that I bought with my MX5200. I'm using one of my older buckets with hooks etc all welded on. It's located in North Haven CT 06473 If your interested please PM me. Andy
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    High Hedge Trimming

    2 man operation. Work Cage on forks Much better than ladder Andy
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    Need a Ford 2120 Block/Engine

    My 2120 has a hole in the block. Looking for a block or engine Thanks Andy
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    Landpride Tiller Flowable Grease?

    Broke the drive chain on my RTA1558 tiller Calls for Flowable Grease? Any types I should look for? Thanks. Andy
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    Loader One large Gulp

    Getting ready for grass Andy
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    Tree Removal MX5200 & Land Pride Grapple

    Wife has been wanting about a 10" crab tree surrounded by a viney mess removed for years. Though of sawing it but then decided to see what MX & Grapple could do. I don't think its too bad for bad for 45 minutes work Andy
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    Noticed Something Interesting in my Kubota Credit Account

    I was finally able to create a Kubota credit online account. On my Zero Interest loan, the payoff amount is $20,495.45 whereas the current balance is $23,665.67 This represents that the payoff is $3,170.22 less than the account balance? See attached This may be an interesting way to get a...
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    Snow Ready for Snow

    Just finished changing the mower to a 54 inch blower on my Deere X748 Have soft cab. Didn’t install If it gets real heavy have bucket or can mount blade on MX IN 5 minutes Now it won’t snow! Andy
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    Leaves Day 2

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    It’s that time of year

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    FEL Work Platform

    Trimming a hedge
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    Quick Attach Tree Spade

    Today I hooked up my Tree Spade and moved a large Fig Note the hooks & handles I welded on years ago it is quite useful for not only trees and shrubs but also setting large rocks. The hooks and handles allow chains or nylon straps
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    3-Point Hitch Front Mounted Middle Buster

    Wanted to open a few irrigation pipe trenches in a new lawn Used a middle buster in my Landpride From Quick Attach to 3PT adapter. Worked well
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    These things have thorns

    Ran into a few. Over 2 inches long
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    Kubota M5660 on Craigslist

    Does this look legit? M566SU Kabota Tractor - farm & garden - by owner - sale Andy
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    Milwaukee 18 String Trimmer

    Works great for me. My 3 Stihl’s shock work excellent also sir the majority of the time Only change I made was a manual head. I hate Bump Heads Don’t knock 18V. Power is volts times Amos and Milwaukee is a master of high current batteries Andy
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    Mowing Stabbed while Brushing

    Tried out new Landpride Brushog Managed to wedge a stump I ripped out tightly in undercarriage and linkage of MX5200. Needed chainsaw to cut out
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    Valby Chipper Belts from

    All 5 Gates A80 belts on my Valby CH160 chipper broke. New one from Autozone about $16 each. Bought for $3.47 each from VBeltGugs online I’ll let you know how they work when it stops raining Andy
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    20 Year Old Valby CH160 Hydraulic Feed Chipper

    Finally mounted my Valby 160 Chipper on my new Kubota MX5200 Haven’t used it in about 10 years since it was so hard to take backhoe off New Holland TN75 Still works great
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    Mowing Bad Place to Mow

    Pond not dry enough yet. Needed to pull out with MX5200
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    Rake My 30 Year Old Ford “York Rake”

    Has served me well for over 30 years and 5 tractors Can be offset, rotated, tilted and angled. All under hydraulic control if I want Run it over most anything. Never broke a tooth Andy
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    Milwaukee M18 16” Chainsaw

    Finally received my Milwaukee M18 Chainsaw and I am so impressed. Easily cuts as well as a medium size gas saw. I’ve used the Dewalt Flexvolt and the Milwaukee beats it hand down I may never need a gas saw again
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    Backhoe Quickest Backhoe Drop

    Having had a New Holland TN75D with a Woods 1050 that took about an hour to drop and a tuff half day to remount when I downsized dropping & mounting the backhoe was super important to me This is my 6th backhoe so I’m not new at it With no manual & no tools I was able to drive away from the...
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    MX5200 Rear Remote Coupler Size & Type

    I tried to connect up my Valby CH160 wood chipper to my MX5200 rear remotes and the Valby (and all my other equipment) is 1/2 inch. I looked at Messick online and ordered some. However I got inpatient and went to a local Kubota dealer and picked up the same male couplers. Unfortunately they...
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    Knocked down a large spruce yesterday with my MX5200
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    !st Day Kubota MX5200

    Here are a few photos of what I did the first day operating my new Kubota MX5200. When my wife saw it she said it looked like a toy!
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    MX5200 Coming Soon

    Been waiting 4 weeks for my MX5200 to be delivered. Dealer has been accumulating the parts for the backhoe, loader, rear remotes and 3rd function value. Maybe this week? Andy
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    Downsizing & Going Orange

    Working on trading in my New Holland TN75D with a Woods 1050 Backhoe for a Kubota MX5200 with BH92 Backhoe. Since I'm not at my farm much anymore, my wife says the 75 horse cab tractor is too big for 3 acres. Hope she thinks the MX5200 is a lot smaller! Andy
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    New Holland TN75D PTO Issue

    After years of faithful service the PTO lever on my TN75D stuck in the on position. Any ideas of where to lubricate to help or if the clutch in the transmission is the problem. Also since I have to move the tractor to get it to the dealer. how do I bypass the PTO safety switch so it will start...
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    PTO Generator Choices

    Hi I've been looking at PTO generators for years I was looking at 15 kW but think 10 kW would suffice as my house is highly energy efficient . Zero Net with Solar PV 1) Harbor Freight PTO Generator - Tractor-Driven PTO Generator, 16,000 W Max 2)IMD PTO Generator Kit 10 kW (10,000...
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    Priming Problem X748

    Well I did it, ran my X748 out of fuel. Tried priming the normal ways I know how with no luck. It's a 2011. Any ideas. Thanks Andy
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    Tour of John Deere Horton Plant

    Came across this while surfing. Thought others might be interested. also it is Horicon Works Plant sorry Andy
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    10 kW PTO Generator

    Has anybody had any experience with the 10 kW PTO generator from this company? 10,000 Watt PTO Generator Thanks Andy
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    Finally Some Snow in 2012

    Here in Connecticut where last year we we well on our way to 7 feet of unmelted snow last year we finally got about 6 inches this morning. In a few minutes I'll get to try my new Deere X748SE with the 54inch blower. Can't wait, I'll keep you posted. Andy
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    Mowing Question of Reverse PTO Disengagement on X748

    Hi Guys Just picked up a small for me tractor X748 SE to mow the lawn and blow some snow (set a new record of over 7 unmelted feet in January of last year). Had to use 75 hp TN with bucket to clean 300 foot 25 foot wide drive and ended up with 14 foot high piles. Was unable to use 8 foot...
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    Need Help with TN Loader Bucket Quick Attach

    The skid steer bucket attach/detach system on my TN75D has developed a problem. The bucket is off and one of the levers and the "pin" that drops through the bottom plate of the "bucket plate" works fine. One the other side the pin is frozen. With the bucket off it appears to have "hammer...
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    GSA Tractor Auction ends 1/27/2010
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    Oil & Fuel Bleeding Fuel system TN75D

    Ok, so I'm lazy. Ran my TN75D out of fuel and it won't restart. Really don't want to find manual and it's hard too get at most things in fuel system. Where should I bleed system? Thanks
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    Here's the Blower I want

    meteor snowblower tractor hydraulic forage king - eBay (item 190342656590 end time Oct-24-09 20:04:17 PDT) Looks pretty aggressive doesn't it? Bet it would make short work of my drive :D Andy
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    How many of us have paint peeling, coming off in sheets on out TN's

    How many of us have paint peeling, coming off in sheets on out TN's Just curious. My TN75D is almost naked on the hood. Anybody have New Holland step up to the plate and repaint? Andy
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    Connecticut Motor Vehicle Farm License Plates

    I finally found this info for Conn of the conn Ag site. I thought it might be of interest to others. Andy Connecticut Motor Vehicle Farm License Plates CONNECTICUT FARM PLATES - Section 14-49(q) All the following conditions must be met for a vehicle to qualify for the farm exemption: (1)...