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    floor jack

    I知 looking for recommendations for a low profile floor jack for very occasional use. I need to change the oil in the Miata and I want to jack it up and set it on jack stands. There痴 a few for <$100 on amazon. Anyone have experience with those?
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    4720 oil pan bolt size

    so the property owners association tractor is a 4720. the oil has probably not been changed in years. I went and got a filter and oil but I don稚 seem to have the right size wrench or socket to remove the bolt. 24mm?
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    what is it?

    i found this in a storage building at a house i bought. i used it to stack firewood for a short time.
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    come alongs

    i have some fairly large logs on the ground on a downhill slope. the slope is steep. i want to pull them up to where i can cut them and use them for firewood. i have no tractor here to work with. so will a come along do this? any come along recommendations?
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    Allis Chalmers Snap Coupler Sickle Bar Mower

    can someone explain what snap coupler is? this a a mower listed on cl for $500.
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    solar fence chargers

    i'm looking to use my old chicken fence for my goats. its poultry netting that i got from premier fence a few years ago. i want to get an easy to move solar charger. any recommendations? the fence is about 150' long. just a couple of goats. small goats.
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    easy on/off for truck camper cap

    i got this really great camper cap on my pickup but it weighs a bit. is there an easy way for one old skinny guy to take it off and put it back on?
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    automatic chicken house door

    anyone have any experience with an automatic chicken house door? is it reliable? do some chickens not make it back in before it closes at night? how long would you be away and feel secure enough about it working as it should? what model do you have?
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    tailpipe extension doesn't fit new muffler

    i got a new muffler for my 1710 tractor. the tailpipe extension from the old muffler doesn't fit, its too small to slide over the tailpipe coming out of the muffler. suggestions?
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    Ginger anyone?

    as a sort of test to see how it would grow and sell i grew some ginger in a hoophouse this year. i plan to charge $1/oz for it. there's more to harvest.
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    seen while dumping the trash.
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    (don't) let your children be farmers Let Your Children Grow Up to Be Farmers|Jenna Woginrich here's a couple of interesting articles about small scale farming today.
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    tv antenna

    i dropped the tv cable from my phone/internet package the day after the superbowl. now i'm looking at getting an antenna. any recommendations? i live in the mountains south of Roanoke VA. 60 miles to the transmitting tower. no problem doing the installation myself. does a steel roof cause...
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    changing drive belt on troy bilt pony mower

    i'm replacing the drive belt on my mower which is probably 10 years old. in order to remove the belt from the pulley thAT'S attached to the engine drive shaft i removed a screw under the lower pulley and both pulleys are supposed to slide off the shaft. the pulleys are mounted with a spacer...
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    hilling potatoes

    i just finished hilling my potatoes for the first time this year. i use a couple of discs mounted to a tool bar. it does a great job. if i want it to make the hills higher do i flatten the disc angle so they grab more dirt or do i sharpen the angle they are set to? ground speed may have...
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    RIR hen has afternoon snack

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    pricing strategy

    the scenario is that you are at the local farmers market. a vendor is selling strawberries for $6/qt, 2 for $10. This makes you buy 2 quarts. If the vendor were selling them for $5/qt you would just buy one. what do you think? the vendor is me. last week i was at a bigger market than i will...
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    crock pot substitute

    i thought i owned a crock pot. when my wife moved out it looks like she took it. I'm having some company tomorrow for supper (yes that kind of company ;-)). I want to make something in a crock pot. is there another way to imitate a crock pot? is putting the ingredients in a stainless steel pot...
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    cheap flights

    i'm thinking of visiting my son in Oakland next month. i live in VA south of Roanoke. i don't travel much (1999 is the last time i went anywhere by air). how do i find cheap airfares? is it cheaper to book one way or round trip? i will be going there for just a couple of nights or so since i...
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    are pickup truck camper caps brand specific?

    i've got a 99 f-150 standard cab 8' bed 4wd pickup that i need to get a cap for. when i'm looking on cl for a used one do i need to get one that 'fits' my pickup? or are all 8' caps the same size?
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    accurately estimating electric power use

    some background, i built a simple certified kitchen in the basement of my house. there's a growing demand for certified kitchens, at least around here. They are used by folks who have small businesses. a local kombucha maker is getting kicked out of the kitchen he presently rents and we talked...
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    i got a google chromecast which is supposed to arrive tomorrow. like most of you when i get something its like a new toy and if i need battery or something and i don't have it it makes the experience less fulfilling. some of us never grow up. well i looked at my tv and i don't see a usb port...
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    Cheap date

    i'm newly single and i'm going to start dating. but going out seems really expensive these days. i'm not poor but i don't want to become so. I'm a good cook but i think for at least a first date i would want to go out somewhere. i'm 63. i live way out of town and when i factor in the gas to go...
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    911 on a cell phone

    i read a bit about this. i want to get rid of my land line. my cell service here is excellent. i read that there is a phase 1 call tracing which identifies to the 911 operator what tower the signal is coming from. kind of useless out here. then there's phase 2 that identifies the location within...
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    a burning question

    i cleaned up the asparagus patch and ended up with a pile of stuff i want to burn. is there any reason why i shouldn't put it back in the asparagus patch and burn it? it shouldn't effect next years crop under the burning pile...right?
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    gift ideas for my grandson

    i know i'm not the only one facing this. i want to get a christmas present for my grandson. he needs nothing. zero.nadda. he is 16 months old. ideas? my daughter wants me to get him books because she is sick of reading the same ones over and over. i remind her of how many times i had to read...
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    snap ring v retaining ring

    is there a difference? is there a way to remove it without buying the tool? yeah i know the tool is cheap but its not nearby.
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    i've got a kudzu problem and while i don't expect to eradicate it i would like to get some goats to forage and control it somewhat. i was thinking of fainting goats which i've heard don't challenge fences much. i have a usable electric fence. what is considered minimal acceptable goat housing? a...
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    been a long time since i camped in a tent and sleeping bag. my question is can a 63 year old guy be comfortable sleeping on an air mattress in a sleeping bag in a tent? last time i did this i was in my late 30's without an air mattress. i couldn't do that now.
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    pvc boards

    i'm replacing a fascia board on my house. it never dries out and regular lumber rots in a few years. its a 1x6 i think. i attach the gutter to it. lowes sells 1x pvc boards. is this suitable for this app? can you screw into them like regular lumber? any info is appreciated and any alternative...
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    troybilt super bronco

    the tiller tines quit turning. the wheels still turn. so this seems to be a stripped gear problem on the tine shaft. anyone ever fix this? looking for tips and tricks to make this go smoothly and for me to end up a happy tiller user.
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    5v steel roofing

    you know the stuff. any reason not to just flip it over when one side gets rusty?
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    running with half the tines??

    i've got a troy bilt super bronco tiller with counter rotating tines. it has 4 sets of 4 tines each and i'm removing the outer 2 sets to reduce the tilling width. anyone foresee any problems with doing this?
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    anyone have experience using sharkbite fittings? i need to run a couple (one hot one cold)of lines to a new basement sink. I will have to put a couple of tees into 3/4" copper and would like to transition to 1/2" pex. i never used pex before either so any advice there is also welcome.
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    basement kitchen plumbing

    i'm going to build a kitchen in the basement. it will be used as a commercial kitchen initially to prepare fresh pasta. there is no plan to have a commode but a sink is necessary. what is the usual method used to pump the waste water up to the drainage line, which is 7' or so above the floor...
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    wall material

    i'm building a walk in cooler. i'm looking for suggestions for what to use for interior walls. they should be moisture resistant, cheap, washable, and lightweight (because i'm an old guy). the material is to be fastened to studs (2x4's) 24" oc. the entire cooler is 6x8, so we're not talking much...
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    rigid insulation and vapor barriers

    this is a bit confusing to me. there are generally 2 kinds of rigid insulation. there's eps and polyisocyanurate. how do they deal with moisture? is eps unaffected and polyiso needs a vapor barrier? is the covering on polyiso a vapor barrier? i am building a walk in cooler and researching...
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    ground leveling

    i'm looking to put up another high tunnel (greenhouse) and i need to have the ground leveled. the last time i did this the excavating contractor i hired did cut and fill but this created drainage problems i didn't anticipate. this time around i'm building a retaining wall at the low end and...
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    kinky tube

    is there a way to make this round?
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    pressure tank questions

    there's a pressure tank on cl for $50. the seller says its 68 gallons, 4 1/2' high. is there a way to test it without actually hooking it up? if it holds air pressure does that mean its good to go? i don't want to pay $50 for an anchor. could i plumb it in series with my present pressure tank...
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    i want to tape 6 mil greenhouse plastic to galvanized steel tubing. is there a specific kind of tape i should use or will any do? greenhouse plastic is polyethylene i think. waterproof tape (is there such a thing?) would be a plus. like waterproof duct tape?
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    puzzling pickup problem

    yesterday evening my wife and i were driving home with a load of fresh horse manure in the pickup truck when the oil temp light came on. well at first i thought the oil level was low so i pulled over and checked to be sure there was oil but now i realize that it is the oil temp light that came...
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    how to figure the angle....

    i own the bows to a 22' wide high tunnel (greenhouse). i have attached a drawing of the frame layout. what is the angle at the peak? part 2 how would i accurately bend a 3' length of 1 7/8" 16 ga. galvanized steel tubing in the middle to that angle? i'm not sure that it really is going to be...
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    tire hard to find

    my ford 1710 takes 600-16 R1's on the front. its 4wd. they don't seem to be available locally. anyone else experience this? looks like i'll have to buy it online.
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    pump/pressure switch question

    my pump quit so i bypassed the pressure switch and found that the switch is bad. if i run the pump and have all valves closed will it blow out a valve? do i need to provide pressure relief since the pump is on all the time? so far i've been switching the pump on with the breaker switch when i...
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    orchard ladder

    the 'dwarf' cherry trees we have are loaded with fruit this year. this is probably a result of the mild winter. i don't own an orchard ladder. the dwarf trees are at least 20' tall. not very dwarfy. any thoughts on how to convert a regular aluminum extension ladder to an orchard ladder?
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    adjustable top link

    the adjustable top link on my 1710 is not working properly. it jams and is very difficult to turn. if i smack the cross bar with a mallet i can get it to turn and then it jams again. i was thinking of getting a new one at tractor supply when i go into town tomorrow. are all these adjustable top...
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    plastic twine

    is there any difference, besides color, between the various plastic twines? I want to go to the local farm supply store and get plastic bailing twine to use as tomato twine. is it the same stuff? is it the same stuff that Lowes provides to tie down your stuff in the back of your pickup? it all...
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    social security

    i'm coming up on 62 and am considering getting social security. anyone decide to start getting social security at 62 and a few years later regretted doing so? i did the math assuming i live to 80 and it doesn't make sense to me to wait until 65 to get 10k over 15 years over what i would get if i...
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    freezer into refrigerator

    seems to me that the only difference between a freezer and a refrigerator is how low the temperature is set to. i want to use an upright freezer as a refrigerator to store harvested vegetables (greens, broccoli, etc.)until bringing them to the farmers market. if i can change the thermostat to...