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    Groan 3; the Sequel

    My brother thought a popular song in the 50s was "Shake, Marilyn Monroe."
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    Amazon suggestionst

    I agree with your point. I notice, however, that you succumb to the typical retailer's tactics. To me, there is a $23 scanner and a $159 scanner listed.
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    Harbor Freight Tools that DO SUCK II

    Just out out my Post Versalog (slide rule) that I bought about 62 years ago, for the outrageous price of around $27. Still works great, but getting more than three digits of resolution is impossible. For that I go to my HP15C, which cost about $125 about 40 years ago.
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    If I find one (rattler) about 3 feet or longer, it generally makes it to the table. Good chow. Got one a few years ago, immediately cut off the head. It went through the striking motions after that when I touched it. Weird...
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    Is quality going downhill?

    The old and cranky part is probably justified. I am also justifiably accused of trying to save money on my purchases. The rifle is from a well known European manufacturer. I am aware of the scope requirements--I have been an air rifle user for about 35 years. The scope provided with the...
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    Is quality going downhill?

    Maybe I'm just getting old and cranky. I have had to send items back or use warranties more the last year than ever before. Bought an air rifle from a major manufacturer that will not group well from a rest. It is going back tomorrow. Bought a scope for the rifle that became fuzzy after a...
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    Anyone else have an unusually large number of hummingbirds this year?

    This year has been unusual. The hummer population has been lower than usual and we have seen no young ones.
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    What to do with an old pressure tank?

    I cut one in half and made it into a barbecue. Never worked, but...
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    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    I bought one and it quit operating within a few months. Luck of the draw, I guess.
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    Good movies,,, well there are a few.......

    My wife recommended finding a DVD of "Gettysburg." Apparently there are three or four versions. Any ideas which is preferable?
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    What is your favorite Quote or Saying?

    When times get really tough, those who prepare will have to deal with those who did not.
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    Maybe the sockets are at fault. A weakened center contact can cause your problem.
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    Ford Production

    Of more serious concern is that someone has pointed out that our military systems now rely on ICs that are made in foreign countries.
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    Remembering the USS Johnston, Lost at Leyte Gulf in Oct. '44, ID'd last week

    I just finished reading "The Battle for Leyte Gulf" by C. Vann Woodward. Good reading.
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    ?????? GROAN

    All these posts about wrenches remind me of the coworker, many years ago, who had his wife running all over town looking for a metric Crescent wrench. She got back at him by sewing shut the fly on his underwear.
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    Anyone waiting for the new Toyota Tundra pickup?

    I am sold on Toyota reliability, but the conservative voice in me says to avoid the first year of any change in a vehicle.
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    What is your favorite Quote or Saying?

    A sign of poor workmanship is wrinkles in your duct tape.
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    Favorite sayings (minus religion, politics)

    Time to shoot the engineers and release the project.
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    Not so good movies

    There are several that I could not watch beyond the first few minutes. Men in Black, Gravity, Fiddler on the Roof, Life of Pi for a start. Am I alone?
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    Coouple of old pictures

    Going through some negatives my Mom had, I found a couple I thought would be of interest here. These were taken in the 1930s in Colorado, one in the Walden area. The other I don't know.
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    Free prescription discount cards

    I have seen these things in doctor's offices and elsewhere. Are they any good? It does not seem logical to me that without some kind of financial incentive that anyone could expect them to work.
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    Ethanol free gas?

    I notice that small engine manufacturers recommend ethanol free 87 octane gas, or an additive, or 91 octane. I have been using whatever is available for years with no problems. I do use Stabil in my gas cans, usually double the recommended dose. Is Stabil a satisfactory additive? If not...
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    Gator 620i question

    Just bought a '08 Gator 620i. Was poking around the engine area and found a loose machine screw with a nut attached, run up to the head. It fits into the throttle mechanism, above where I found it. If it belongs there, it apparently would adjust the idle or minimum throttle position. The...
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    YM1500D water pump

    Picture of the pump. Still have to put some heat shrink on the electrical connections and some nylon lock washers on the pump clamp.
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    YM1500D water pump

    Read a thread started about 7 years ago ( and got to thinking. Hoye now offers a water pump kit for the 1500. It is probably the best way to go. However, my Scotch ancestry and DIY attitude said to try...
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    Extra wire?

    Putting my YM1500D back together, I find an extra wire. It goes with the bundle (two other wires) toward the rear end. According to the schematic diagram in the parts manual, there should be two wires there, one to each light on the fenders. The schematic diagram shows three other connections...
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    1500 question

    One lesson I am constantly relearning is that there is no such thing as a quick project. The steering locked up on me three times the last time I used the tractor. I figured I was going to have to go through the steering gearbox. That requires removing the instrument panel. Got part way...
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    Windows gripe and a question

    A couple of updates back it appears Microsoft deleted the games from my computer. After digging around I found what appears to be different versions of the same games. I attached them to my desktop and tried them out. The displays are different and the games differ somewhat. It is...
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    Game Cam - Wildlife Pic - What is it?

    Years ago I attended a talk by the recently retired Arizona G&F javelina expert. He said javelina are not normally aggressive. The only time one gave him any trouble was when he tried to corral one that had been tamed. My experience with wild javelina is that they are near sighted, and...
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    Hot water recirculating pump

    The master bedroom in my house is about 30 feet from the water heater. About 16 years ago I put a recirculating pump under the counter to avoid waiting for hot water from the faucet. The pump has a timer and a thermostatic shut off. It finally quit and I am looking for a replacement. There...
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    What is it?

    Found this in the garden while removing some weeds. I thought it was interesting. SWMBO thought it might be carnivorous. The flower is about 1/4" from top to bottom.
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    New telephone scam?

    I got a call from someone with a foreign accent claiming to be from Microsoft. It seems my computer is somehow responsible for some kind of mischief. Before he got into the details, my temper got the best of me and I responded with an impolite remark and hung up. This is the second time this...
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    Carburetor problem

    This isn't on a tractor, but it does relate to agriculture on a small scale. Besides, I don't know of a better place to get some free skilled advice. :) I have a shredder with a B&S engine. After rebuilding the carburetor I have had some difficulty getting it to run. It now will run for 3...
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    Attack site?

    What gives? I get a warning that Google has determined this is a "reported attack site."
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    Use of compression release

    I realize the compression release is to be used only as a starting aid. My neighbor recently bought a well-used gray market tractor from some folks that told him that pulling the compression release is the way to turn the engine off. He has put maybe 10-20 hours on the meter and now it won't...
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    Problem reading thread

    When I click on individual posts listed in the box at the top of a thread, all I get is the same page. None of the posts below that page seem to be accessible. I have not had this problem before. Everything seems to work ok on other forums. Is my computer acting up?
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    DeWalt battery question

    The batteries for my DeWalt 14.4v drill are dead. While searching for replacements, I found what appears to be an identical battery for a B&D drill. One reviewer on the website stated the B&D battery would fit the DeWalt drill. Since the B&D battery price is less than 1/2 the price of the...
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    Nature Conservancy

    I just received a copy of an e-mail stating the "Nature Conservancy is taking over the Forest Service." Apparently the two organizations are going to work together in the national forests in New Mexico and Arizona. The e-mail makes it sound like the Nature Conservancy is going to set the...
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    1500D ROPS

    The attachment is for those interested in a picture of a 1500D with ROPS. I found the installation pretty easy. There were a couple of minor problems: hole misalignment and interference with the 3-point hitch lift arm. The mounting holes in the tractor had to be cleaned out, but a small wire...
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    This forum is undoubtedly the best run of all I have observed. The membership is quite diverse and, at least generally, very polite. I have seen threads closed because they were political in nature, even when the discourse was friendly. I don't understand why, but I'm not challenging the...
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    Value of credit rating

    Apparently a lot is tied to one's credit rating now. We have been thinking about dropping a credit card with an annual fee, since we got another without a fee last year. A neighbor told my wife that would cause my credit rating to drop. If so, should we care? We have no plans to borrow any...
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    API GL-5 in GL-4 application

    Just checked out the thread talking about yellow metal compatibility in some grades of transmission oil. That sparked a question. I gather that GL-5 is made for more demanding applications than GL-4, so it seems reasonable that using -4 in -5 applications is probably not good. Are there...
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    UPS question

    I think I am going to fix this problem by just uninstalling the software, but I though I'd ask the question anyway. I just purchased a new UPS (uninterruptible power supply, not a delivery company) which came with software that is apparently supposed to do some great things if the power goes...
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    Underground propane tank

    I am looking into purchasing my own propane tank. Has anyone had any experience with underground propane tanks?
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    Purple Ice?

    While cruising the web, I came across mention of a product called Purple Ice. It is apparently similar to Water Wetter. Anyone had any experience with it?
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    SSN use

    A few weeks ago, I thought I heard something on a newscast about a recent law prohibiting insurance companies from using SSNs on their customers' ID cards. On Christmas day my FIL said he had had discussions with his insurance provider and union on the subject and they had changed their...
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    Concrete mix question

    I am a devout do-it-yourselfer. If I don't know how to do it, I find a book and learn. I have a book on concrete work and it states clearly that the water should be clean and the sand and gravel should be washed, free of dirt and organic matter. A couple of years ago, I hired some work done...
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    Backup generator--again

    A reply by 40Kchicks to my previous question about propane backup generators got me to thinking. A portable welder/generator would be much more useful. I have a 220V buzz box and a small 110V wire welder. A generator capable of handling them would serve my purposes. A few years ago I tried...
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    Propane backup generator

    A nearby forest fire knocked out our power for nearly a day last week. That got the wife concerned, primarily about running the pump to ensure we had water for the goats. We are considering getting a 7kW propane powered backup generator to connect to our garage/workshop to run the pump and...
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    YM1500 loader capacity

    Does anyone have an idea how much weight a loader on a 1500D can lift? I am considering ordering a generator which weighs about 450# and wonder if I should be looking for a way to unload it from a truck when it arrives.