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    Somebody Feed Phil

    Anyone else watch? The shows in Brazil and Argentine were great; they know their meat for sure.
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    NH TC40D rear hydraulics

    I have a NH TC40D. It does not have rear remotes for tip/tilt, or auxiliary lines to run a log splitter. The factory parts are discontinued. I have not been able to fin any aftermarket support that would bolt in like the factory valves and pipe did. I don't see anything from Shibuara. Are...
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    rock tumbling/polishing

    Anyone tumble/polish rocks? Got a Thumbler A-R6 from a friend who used to used it for tumbling brass. I have vibratory tumblers to use for brass... Of all places, Harbor Freight had some Thumbler media kits when I was there this weekend, so I bought some. Now looking for info on how full to...
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    Mountain Man Breakfast

    Here is another of Byron Bills recipes; wish I knew what happened to him and his site. It's a great breakfast for a bunch of hungry adult leaders on a Boy Scout campout :D I have used this recipe as a reference, and embellished. Here are some variations I have done: - More garlic - Less bell...
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    Italian Sausages With Peppers And Onions

    I have made this recipe a number of times in a camp Dutch oven. It is very good, especially if you are working outside and have a burn pile going; you can use coals from fire to cook with. Hoagie rolls or french bread sandwich rolls work great. I give full credit to the now defunct Byron Bills...
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    Hour meter operation

    I have a NH TC40D. The hours seem to rack up must faster than my old Kubota B8200. The B8200 tach was mechanical. The hour meter tracked PTO speed close. When I was mowing, at PTO speed, an hour on the meter was an hour mowing. But when running at mid RPM doing various chores, the hour meter...
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    Granny had a Beverly Hills cookbook

    Wow, did not know this till recently... Granny from the Beverly Hillbillys had a cookbook! Bet there's some good possum...
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    Bacon Macaroni and Cheese with Extra Sharp White Cheddar

    My wife has had this recipe for a long time; not sure where she got it. Rec.Cooking from the old days of internet? She embellished the recipe over the years a little. We make this two different ways. Make by the recipe OR Finish it in the smoker instead of the oven. I have an electric...
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    Water and electric to 5th wheel

    Looking to run water and power out to the pad where I park a 5th wheel. The water supply and panel are at the well-house, about 75' from the 5th wheel pad. I plan to rent a backhoe to trench, not a walk behind trencher. Can the water line and direct bury wire go in the same ditch? What is...
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    3 2 1 smoke ribs

    I have had good luck with my electric smoker using that method. Have some going right now. I'm on the fence about adding sauce the last hour; I kind of like little or no sauce; the meat should not need it if it is seasoned and cooked right. Like putting steak sauce on a steak; not one I bought...
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    Have had one of the Ronco rotisserie for a few year now. I thought "As seen on TV" and "Sett it and forget it" would be a piece of junk... We have used it at least once a week for 5 years now. It still keep chugging away! Our favorite is a whole chicken, although we also do pork roast here and...
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    Rice Pudding

    It took me a long time to find a rice pudding recipe I like. I found this on the web some time ago, and embellished it to my tastes. It takes some work, stirring for 20 minutes, but it is worth the effort. Sometimes I use brown sugar instead of white sugar. Most every time I double the recipe...
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    Cowpoke Coffee

    This is how my Grandmother used to make coffee. Most times she used Folgers, sometimes MJB. I do not know how she packed as much ground coffee in those big commercial percolators, but she did! They drank this round the clock; my Grandfather would stay up all night drinking coffee and talking on...
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    March 2018 is 20 years of TBN

    Wonder if there is any anniversary plans :D
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    What eye protection is best with Plasma Cutter

    Watching some videos on youtube; some say dark goggles are ok with plasma cutter. I have auto-dark helmet and was using it while I tried out my new cutter. I looked in the manual; they did not give details. What is best to use with a plasma cutter?
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    DeWalt battery compatibility - 18V

    I have an older DeWalt 18v tool pack; drill/driver, recip saw, small circular saw, flashlight and charger. I've gone thru a couple sets of batteries. Current batteries are on their last legs. Do 18V Lithium batteries work on the older tools? This Home Depot link makes it sound like a lithium...
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    recommendation for budget oriented entry level Plasma cutter?

    Looking for recommendations for an entry level occasional use, budget oriented plasma cutter. Seems entry level non-pilot. Is that an issue for a beginner? Lotos LT5000D looks interesting... I have 220V available, and 60gal 5hp compressor.
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    Why don't Sprint Cars have starters?

    Went to Placerville Speedway(N. Calif) for races last night; great dirt racing action! I love racing, but don't make it to the track very often. The Sprint cars are awesome to watch, when they are running... The A-Main was great racing. So, in 2017 with high power gel cell batteries and mini...
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    TC40D fuel guage

    I have been really happy with my TC40D overall. Had it for a few years now; got it with low hours. The fuel gauge however... It never seems to register right. This weekend was second time I ran it out of fuel... At last it was easy to bleed out. Anyone else had issues with fuel gauge not...
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    Trailer winch vs recovery winch - what is difference

    I ordered the Superwinch S7500 that was mentioned in a previous thread. Then I got to thinking, what is the difference between a trailer winch and a recovery winch? I told a friend about the Superwinch deal; they asked the same question. What is the difference?
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    Grandma passed shortly after making it to 104-1/2

    My Grandma passed away Monday. She had just made it to 104-1/2 years old. Lived a long productive life; still worked part time at 100 selling veggies at Farmers market. Although we didn't agree on politics, we were proud that she had volunteered to work local polling places for every election...
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    Harv's Holiday Classic animation is TBN fun!

    I have to put a post up about Harv's Holiday Classic. The sticky at the top of Related Topics was made during the early years of TBN, and is pretty fun to watch. Maybe some old-timers can figure out who's the tractors are? The Farmall was mine. I know Harv's Kubota was the lead tractor...
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    Tire chains on front or back of 4x4?

    Headed to Wyoming tomorrow; unfortunately for a funeral. Renting a Tahoe cause me and wife, my dad, and my brother won fit in my truck. Getting chains just in case to go with 4x4. Forecast for snow friday on Wasatch Front, South Pass, and Thermopolis. I've never had to chain a 4x4. Do you...
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    Hating cancer; it took my Mom

    I hate cancer. It took Jinman from us and others here on TBN have been thru it or affected by it. Last Friday it took my Mom, less than a week after her 73 birthday. She fought and beat it the first time around; mastectomy, chemo and radiation. Was doing well for almost two years. It came...
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    L2950 PTO engagement

    Been doing some work at my parents. Brother in law brought his L2950 over. He was doing some mowing with a rotary mower; he had to turn the tractor off, engage the PTO, and then then start the tractor. I thought it was odd. A couple days ago, I took my PTO chipper over, and hooked it up. I...
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    Convert Miller 130 to gas, and classes?

    I got a Miller 130 from a friend. He always used flux wire. How hard is it to convert to gas, and where to get the parts to do that? I have never welded till now. Looked locally; have not found any classes except at JC an hour away. Where's a good place to look for training? My friend I got the...
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    Boston is mostly Fill

    I have been reading about early Boston since attending a local Appleseed event. I was back there a few months ago on business but did not have time to look around. While reading, I found it interesting in the 1770's that access to Boston was over a narrow 120' wide "Boston Neck". All of Boston...
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    Looking at Goodyear Duratrac 285/75-16 - pros/cons?

    Need tires for my '01 Ram2500CTD 4x4. Looking at Duratrac's again. I had them before, but this last set of tires got a set of cheap Falkens cause of budget. Anyone have comparable tire to look at? Pro's/Con's? Stock is 265/75-16, optional was 245/75-16. One size up will fit fine. I had a...
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    Flail vs rotary

    What are the pros/cons of a flail mower vs rotary mower? My rotary mower broke(stump jumper), and parts are no longer available for this Ford/NH 951B. Wondering if it is worth considering a flail mower.
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    Options for water tank low water alert?

    Our well pump failed. We have a 2500 gallon tank, with a constant pressure pump. We only found out the well pump failed, after the tank ran dry... Looking for a tank level sensor/alarm with wireless remote alarm. Our well and tank is ~200' from the house, and not visible. Google searching...
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    9N steering

    I brought my Dad's 9N home; the front wheels keep moving inward/toe in, sometimes in a matter of feet. I can straighten them out by hand. You can feel and hear, as though the teeth on the steering sectors are skipping. Reading in the manual(FO-4), there is some adjustment by removing the...
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    ID hydraulic line; TC40D

    My TC40D has a leak in a rubber "T" on what appears to be hydraulic low pressure return lines. It has a crack in the "T". I looked at Messicks, but could not find a diagram that showed it. Looking to replace that, but trying to identify it. I only have 100 hours on the hydro fluid, but...
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    Have truck, have canoe - how to put canoe on truck?

    I have a Dodge pick em up truck, long bed extra cab 4x4. I have canoe, 16'. I have some pads for canoe Any of you guys haul a canoe on a truck without a rack? I have hauled this one a number of times before, but I used a utility trailer. I put the canoe on the trailer. I want to use the...
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    Where would you look for 5th wheel landing gear switch?

    Where would you look for 5th wheel landing gear switch? My 5th wheel has the external switch on a panel, that has an extend/retract switch and a second keyed switch as a lockout. Tried google, but only came up with single switch. Last weekend, was all set to take the 5th wheel on a short...
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    Rootbeer recipes?

    Has anyone made rootbeer from scratch? Not from extract. I have Pappazian's recipe, and have seen a few on the internet. I have everything to keg, from my beer brewing stuff. Looking to make 5-gallon batch, keg and force carbonate it. I noticed many recipes on the web were for a gallon or so...
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    Egg hunt

    Just finished stuffing a bunch of eggs! Year ago egg hunt
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    trailer loading fail

    Had not seen this. Both ended badly for the truck owners... How Not To Drive a Ford F-3500 On A Trailer | Yeah! Motor
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    Value of old Silo

    Any idea's where to look for value of old silo.My Dad has this and another slightly larger one. They are remnants of the old commercial chicken ranch my grandfather ran. this one is ~13' tall, 5.5' wide not counting the base. My Dad thinks it may be a 2-ton unit. We want to sell them, but no...
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    Old farm trucks

    That really go! Not a Chevy fan, but this truck can go!
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    Anyone race Hardtops?

    This is the last car my Dad built in ~1962. They were on the end of the flathead era. car had been siting behind the barn for 25 years in this picture. My Grandfather has sold the engine. Car still had the tires my Dad had grooved by hand. Used to race West Capitol, Roseville, and...
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    where to find replacement seat foam

    Where would someone look for replacement seat foam? The foam in the base of the drivers seat on my '01 Ram 2500 is worn out. Could go to upholstery shop, but figure the foam piece must be available online...
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    Lowring kit

    I have been considering a lowering kit for my truck; sometimes lifting stuff in/out of the bed is hard on the back. I found a great deal on this one, but wanted to get some feedback before buying. Lowering Kit - $19.95 :, Your home for the rare, unusual, and hard to find auto...
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    I need to haul... a wheelchair; wheelchair vans

    My Grandmother is 101 and in wheelchair, and my MIL is 86 and in a wheelchair. It has progressed to point that getting them in/out of car to wheelchair is difficult, hard on our backs, and uncomfortable at best for them. Took Grandma to a Doc appt a couple days ago; it was very uncomfortable for...
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    roll over death

    This tractor did not appear to have a ROPS, although it looks like a newer tractor.
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    Supper, Dinner, or both?

    What do you have? Being from semi rural N. Calif, we have dinner. Never understood "supper".
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    First time in snow

    Used my NH TC40D in the snow for the first time today; in the foothills outside Sacramento, we usually do not get more than a dusting now and then. Today, had 4-5". Now I know what the north-east guys talk about; my R4 tires were not very impressive... Even with the rear tires loaded, traction...
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    Waiting for tree lighting

    In Placerville, Ca. My wife got to ride with us on the '51 American La France. It is an original Placerville engine, active till the early '80's. Funny thing is, she got to ride on the engine; I got to walk ahead doing crowd control(Main Street was PACKED with people).
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    Partner S65 worth $85

    available locally. do not know anything about them. CHAIN SAW - Partner
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    Stihl 024AVE vs 031AV ?

    I have used an 024AVE a lot over the years. saw an 031AV on Craigslist locally. Got me wondering... How do the two compare? The 031 in pictures, looks bigger and heavier. Acres lists 024 as 41cc, 031 as 48cc.
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    50th anniversary

    My Sister, brother and I threw a 50th anniversary party for our parents today. Pretty cool, 50 years!