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  1. J

    Concrete Footer Demo

    Can you simply move your build site a few feet and avoid the entire mess?
  2. J

    My twisted sense of humor-what's yours?

    Co 1 - Johnson Co 2 - & Johnson or Co 1 - Johnson & Co 2 - Johnson easy peasey.
  3. J

    Black oil

    Send an oil sample to Blackstone. Peace of mind for about $25. I have 2 diesel Kubota's, the oil in the zero turn is black within 10 hours, the oil in the big tractor still looks new at twice the hours. Both get changed annually, (~50 hours).
  4. J

    Snow on the way tonight, fun times again

    How did this post not get censored? Snow is a bad four letter word..... Flurries are forecast for us on Monday, winter is not too far behind.
  5. J

    Grandma needs a new riding mower

    I know an 85 year old woman that has a yard bug, she loves it. It's been rebuilt at least twice in the past 25 years.
  6. J

    Coney, what is to much garlic

    There's no such thing as too much garlic.
  7. J

    How to cut steel belted tires?

    Sawzall with a bimetal/demo blade works fine.
  8. J

    Chipper Woodmaxx WM-8H on mobile base?

    Mine's on a large 4 wheeled dolly, in the corner of my shop. The leg is not down. 4+ years, no issues.
  9. J

    Help Choosing Machine for First Timer- Big Lawn, Long Driveway

    I'm also in upstate NY, with similar driveway and mowing requirements. I've plowed with a tractor, and with a truck, but 23 years ago switched to a 7' rear mounted snow blower on a 40hp tractor. I'll never go back to a plow. I'm mowing with a 60" Kubota ztr. I could switch to a 72" belly...
  10. J

    Seeking Logging Plate & Winch

    "Getting old, don't really want to do it" I'm in the same boat, just bite the bullet and hire it out.
  11. J

    My better half has been offered a job!

    Bank the extra income and pull in your retirement date. Very good news and a super in demand field. Kudos to her!
  12. J

    How to repair carpenter bee damage?

    I've had great success with FenvaStar EcoCap. I treat in the spring and fall, it lasts 6 months+. I've had 0 luck with the bee traps. I've ordered some of the sticky traps. As for holes, I caulk and paint, two coats.
  13. J

    Well pump head fitting

    I had 3 quotes, one was over $7,000, one was TBD, "should be under $3,000", I took the third - a firm fixed price of $2,150. Fortunately I have two wells so this was not a 911 situation.
  14. J

    Well pump head fitting

    "Also, the well pump is 23 years old. Was wondering if I should replace it as a preventative measure rather than it fail at an inconvenient time?" You're on borrowed time. I had the pro's replace my 25 yr old pump, pressure switch and bladder tank this summer. A well spent $2,150. I did the...
  15. J

    Broken ZTM mowing deck belt.

    My OEM ZTM belt was kevlar, it lasted over 500 hours, the replacement was also kevlar. There should be no reason to remove the deck, I only detached the driveshaft. Your mower might be different.
  16. J

    Driver's License... What Vehicle did you use?

    43 years ago at age 16, in a 1976 VW bug with an automatic stick shift, (3 speed manual tranny, but no clutch). Easy to parallel park. When told to do a three point turn I said I could do a U turn, the instructor said "NO - execute a three point turn". I did as told and passed on my first...
  17. J

    Thinking about a new saw

    I'm a big Echo fan, have the 310, 390 and 680. 100's of hours with no issues. I'd buy each and everyone again.
  18. J

    Draining my backyard swamp

    If you cannot drain the water, it's a good spot for a pond, and that will give you material to build up the surrounding area.
  19. J

    Tilling uncut grass

    Your tiller will have an easier time if you plow the area, wait a week or two, then till. Otherwise mow it and till it a few times.
  20. J

    Small Trailer Help

    If 96 gallon containers are too big, why not switch to 32 gallon trash cans? We're a family of 2, we fill two 32 gallon containers in 3 weeks. We also generate about 1 can of recycling in 3 weeks. We do compost everything we can.
  21. J

    Correct my thinking...

    Buying a tractor is a luxury spend for most of us, (it's a want, not a need). If you don't have a significant rainy day fund, don't buy the tractor. If you have a significant rainy day fund, you don't need to worry about selling the tractor if something happens.
  22. J

    Z Turn = More Work

    I had a similar issue when I switched from a rider to a Z turn, went from mowing 1 acre to mowing 3+, in the same amount of time. My only regret, not buying the zero turn sooner.
  23. J

    Super Duty Lead Times

    I special ordered a Ford F350XL, regular cab, 4x4, single rear wheel, chassis only 6 weeks ago. It's scheduled to be built mid Jan. Yes, 26+ weeks of lead time. I was looking for a 2021, that wasn't possible.
  24. J

    Deck replacement

    Last year I replaced my 25 year old Cedar decks with Larch decking, I had a few boards that needed to be replaced, scope creep turned the project into replacing all the deck boards. I hate pressure treated and don't care for the plastic alternatives. I bought mine from a local mill for less...
  25. J

    If this can happen to a really smart guy like me. . . well...

    There are companies that specialize in restoring hard drives, this is not a Best Buy forte. It's pricy, but if you really want your data, I'm sure most of it can be recovered. I used to work in IT and have been down this road many times with senior exec's. Google hard drive recovery, there...
  26. J

    Min tractor size for repairing long gravel driveway with potholes?

    I'm in the snow belt about an hour west of you, with a similar sized gravel driveway. I've made due with a Kubota L3710 for the past 23 years. It's a 37 hp tractor, with a HST transmission. I use a 6' box scraper, 8' york rake and 78" snowblower. You'll need 4wd if the rippers are lowered...
  27. J

    clearing land

    A foot of fill on 4 acres is 400 large dump truck loads.... You need at least a D6 dozer for a few weeks to strip 3 inches, spread a foot of material and then redistribute the top soil. Unless your pockets are deep, live with it for awhile and do a little at a time with your new equipment.
  28. J

    Setting posts below frost

    I'm in the same frost belt as you, for deck and porch stairs I simply pour a 4" slab at ground level. There's no need to excavate below the frost line for a stair footer. In 30+ years my slabs/stairs have not moved. If this was for a deck post, or any type of structural foundation, yes, 4'...
  29. J

    6" of Rain - Gravel Driveway Catastrophe

    Around here, 6"+ in one day would be a once in 20-50 year event. The repairs look good. If that's your first wash out, I would not spent a lot of time adding more ditches. If it's a repeat event, contact the town to see what they can do for you, if the water is coming from their right of way...
  30. J

    Well Water Filter

    I use a 30 micron string filter, it gets changed every three months. At 5 microns I was changing the filter every 3-4 weeks. I have .5 micron at the fridge for ice and drinking water. If I went the 1 micron route I'd be lucky to last a couple of days.
  31. J

    Comparison To sell or not?

    500 hours is barely broken in, if you like the tractor, keep it. If it's too big or too small, get the right one for your needs.
  32. J

    Wood max 8m infeed problem

    Can you let the material dry out before you chip it? I get minor wrapping of small green stuff, but if I pile up my material to be chipped and wait a few weeks, no issues.
  33. J

    Box blade advice

    I have a 72" brush hog box blade, very heavy, and I'm very happy with it. My tractor is an Kubota L3710, 37 horse power. I wouldn't get one smaller than your wheel width, and I certainly wouldn't get anything much bigger than what I have. With a full box of crusher run, or dirt, 4wd is a...
  34. J

    Car lift in garage

    I've had a bendpak 4 post sitting on 6" of 5,000 psi concrete for at least 10 years, I'm very happy with this purchase. I can store a car or tractor on the lift and still park a car under the lift. I wish I'd bought it sooner. I'm thinking about adding a 2 post lift in the bay next to the 4...
  35. J

    How to move a 55 gallon barrel (500lbs) from my truck bed.

    Can you simply pump it into another barrel?
  36. J

    Thoughts on Ditch Clearing?

    Call the county DPW and get the job in their queue, around here that call gets you to the top of the normal work list.
  37. J

    log skidder for Ford 1920 and/or TC40DA

    I'm running an Igland 3501 winch on a comparable tractor. No issues in the past 5 years of use. It's a very robust unit.
  38. J

    Rake attachment

    Why not build a rock screen, use it, then sell it? If you don't have welding/fabrication skills, this is a good project to develop these skills. Do a search on grizzly bars.
  39. J

    Double v belt mower

    The 120" double vee kevlar belt on my Kubota zero turn lasted 15+ years, 600+ hours.
  40. J

    Which WoodMaxx Chipper?

    I have the WM-8M with about 100 hours on it in the past 4 years. 5" hickory will bog it down with 30 horses at the pto. That isn't really a problem, anything over 3" gets cut for firewood. The 5" run was a one time test. 6" poplar is not an issue.
  41. J

    Oil Dilution

    Post your question and oil analysis results on the Bobistheoilguy site and you'll be inundated with feedback.
  42. J

    Opinions on will this cause harm

    No harm, no foul, or is that fowl? I switched my 5w20 vehicles to 0w20 years ago.
  43. J

    Anyone Ever DIY Homemade Vanilla Extract?

    I've made a couple of batches, with vodka. Bought the beans on-line, sliced them lengthwise and stuffed them into a tall bottle with a wire bail cap. I store the bottles in the pantry, give them a shake every few weeks and you're good to go for life. When the extract gets down to 50%, top it...
  44. J

    CBD Oil for arthritis

    We also have an older dog on it, hard to tell if it helps or not. It certainly doesn't hurt. We have friends that swear by it.
  45. J

    Thoughts on moving snow with a 35hp CUT

    I have a 78" AgroTrend blower, with a 30 pto hp tractor. I'll never go back to a plow. In 22 years I've sheared exactly 1 pin, hitting a piece of firewood in the neighbor's driveway. My driveway is over 800' long. We typically see 80" of snow a year, with storms over 24" at least once a year...
  46. J

    Four hours of tilling

    I'm jealous, you're a good 4 weeks ahead of me. I still have snow on the ground.
  47. J

    How Do You Get Driveway Gravel Out of Grassy Areas?

    The long term solution - Invest in a snow blower and you'll reduce the stones on the lawn by 90%+.
  48. J

    What Do You Do With Your Waste Oil?

    My highway garage has a waste oil burner, but you have to be a trusted source. No antifreeze or veggie oil.
  49. J

    Smoothing out a lawn with many wide and narrow but shallow holes.

    Been there, and done that with a Tiller, Box scraper and rake. Till the entire 1.3 acres, box scrape any remaining holes and then rake it and seed it and you'll have a nice flat lawn.
  50. J

    Hardwood floor refinishing

    I've successfully spot refinished my maple floors with the original water based satin finish. If you have several areas that need finishing, or don't have the original poly, it's probably time to bite the bullet and sand and poly the entire floor. Check references if you're going to hire it...