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    b6200 seat spring cap

    Now that I have lights again (woohoo), I probably need to actually fix a seat issue. On the b6200 the seat is hinged in the front and sits on 2 springs. On top of those springs are (well, should be) plastic caps. I have one but not the other. I've had no luck figuring out what that part number...
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    B6200 blowing 15 amp fuse

    Been working on this for a couple of weeks now, and am increasingly baffled..... A couple of weeks ago the tractor stopped while attempting to mow heavy, wet grass. No big deal, that happens. But this time the battery was dead. Also no big deal, it was installed in August 2003! Put in new...
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    Grading Blade bolt size - RC60 mid mount mower

    Hopefully not an old-thread revisited, but need to figure out what size socket to buy to get the blades off my RC60-72H (I'm guessing all the RC60's use the same size blade bolt). it's much bigger than any socket size I currently own. I'm also assuming that these are reverse threaded and metric...
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    Tire resources?

    I just slimed a front tire on my kubota due to a slow leak and am keeping my fingers crossed. I suspect odds are good that it will work, but it got me to wondering - what do I do when/if I need an actual new tire. The 6200 has the mysterious 20.5x8 - 10 tires, which I can't find anywhere on the...
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    Running without muffler

    Per another thread, my muffler fell off on my B6200. Not a big surprise really since the muffler on there was an aftermarket "fits-all" muffler. Since the machine had been outside for quite a while and this exhaust points straight up with no rain-protector, I found this to be expected behavior...
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    B6200 dash help

    I'm trying to figure out how where the heck fuses and the like are on this new to me (and very cool!) tractor and can't figure it out. Don't yet have the manuals, but quick help appreciated. Here's the situation: my hazard lights don't work (all others do) and there is no voltage at the bulb...
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    B6200 hazard lights not working

    Greetings folks! Just bought my first honest-to-God tractor, a Kubotar B6200 with MMM. Cut about an hour off my modest 2 acre lot cutting. Diesel fuel gage not exactly accurate (never goes to full) but that's OK - it's not that far back to the house to refill. All lights work with the exception...