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    Exploding tractor battery!

    As others have said, baking soda / water mix. Try 1/2 to 1 cup per gallon well mixed. Hose the whole area off once you note that the reaction has stopped. As far as cause, that explosion began internal to the battery. Likely due to a low electrolyte level while charging, then an internal Arc...
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    Well today I learned 5 things about post hole augers

    I believe Land Pride manufactures their own stuff, but I could be mistaken. I paid $2600 for the ssqa auger, which was expensive, but worth it in my opinion. At the very least It was still less expensive to buy the equipment and materials than the quotes I got to have the fence demoed and...
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    Well today I learned 5 things about post hole augers

    I bought a Land Pride SA20 ssqa post hole digger with the low flow motor. The low flow model requires 1500-3500 psi and 6-15 gpm flow. Medium flow motor needs 10-20gpm, and high flow 15-30gpm. My Kubota L4060 is 9.4gpm total flow and the auger works fine, but it's slower in rpms compared to my...
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    Essential Workers?

    I certainly did not get rich as a paid firefighter over my 30 year career, but I am now enjoying the great retirement benefits.
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    Work Pants

    Not cheap, but for the past year I have been wearing Carhartt "Rugged Flex Steel Cargo Pants". Great pockets, double front, and knee pad pockets if desired.
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    PTO Generator

    I replaced my gasoline 7kw portable a year or so ago with a 15kw PTO Winco generator. I just got tired of storing gasoline and cycling it every year or two. Diesel is so much easier to transport and store. I have only used the PTO generator once while testing, and it worked fine. I have a manual...
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    Man I need front fenders

    Our Canadian neighbors up north can get fenders on the L40 and L60 series tractors, but I was not able to find a way to actually buy them. Apparently there is an "Arctic" tractor version that comes with fenders, but it may also be a Canadian or dealer specific thing. It's been a few years since...
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    Well today I learned 5 things about post hole augers

    With my previous 3 point auger I set the auger exactly straight, then pulled the tractor forward ever so slightly. By the time the auger was down 36" the hole was straight down. For 6" posts like standard split rail, I use a 9" diameter auger. I always stored the post hole digger in all separate...
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    Zero Turn Tires

    I have grooved my last 2 R4 tractor tires, which made a big difference in snow. I was tempted to groove the ZT turf tires, but put some chevron type tread tires on my backup diesel mower for banks instead. Good luck with the grooving… report back!
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    John Deere 5210

    The spin on filters are the type I was referring to, but yes, I would assume it would be leaking also. I used an aftermarket (spin on) suction filter on one of my diesel zero turns several years ago and the hst wouldn’t operate at all. There were no fluid leaks, but I don’t know exactly why it...
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    John Deere 5210

    A bad seal on a hydraulic filter is a possibility. A common error is a doubled up gasket. The old gasket can separate from the filter and stay on the tractor, then the new filter and gasket won't seal properly.
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    Zero Turn Tires

    My zero turn 26x12-12 tires take just over 9 gallons each, for a total weight of 140 lbs of antifreeze. That makes a difference on slopes.
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    Front Tire Popped Off Bead

    I've used ether exactly twice (and won't be doing it again). The first time I jacked up the tractor, used small amounts of ether until I got the desired effect. I also wore gloves, helmet, and faceshield. Worked like a charm. The second time was on a zero turn tire. Being now an expert, I...
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    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    I plow 15-20 rural drives beginning at 0400h. LED lighting (110w front, 110w rear) turns night into day and makes the job MUCH easier.
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    Oil Light after Oil Change

    The oil sender wire on my diesel zero turns have come off in the past. In my case they are tied to a rigid harness and the engine vibration breaks them off. I extended the wire when replacing the spade connector. I would also recommend checking the oil sender wire, and while your at it, confirm...
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    Changing coolant yearly or lack thereof.

    For engines that I can't (or won't) drain the block, after flushing with distilled water I add 100% coolant in the same amount as the block capacity then pre mix the rest. Since testers have been mentioned, I highly recommend the refractometer types. They are very accurate, easy to read, and not...
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    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    Looks good! LED light cubes or bars really are on a different level of lighting.
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    Front wheel Torque on the studs

    From Kubota. CA
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    Always Set Parking Brake!

    My tractor drifts also, and I have gotten into the habit of setting the parking brake. I also close the cab door each time I exit. I would imagine getting pinned or run over would be a drag.
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    When do you start and stop mowing the grass where you live?

    In Maryland I start the first or second week of April and end mid November. I mulch leaves into December.
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    Snow boots

    When plowing with my previous open station tractor I used heated gear by Gerbing. I wired a 12v plug near the seat. Overkill for most outdoor work, but for sitting on the tractor for several hours it was perfect. I have heated socks, pants, vest, and gloves. As far as current snow footwear, I...
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    Snow FEL Blade Attachment for Snow Removal

    I ran a slightly wider county line lightweight blade for years behind my L3410. It was fine on pavement with the steel edge, and great for pushing snow backwards into the grass without damaging the turf. Currently I use UHMW polyethylene edges on heavier blades. The heavier front and rear blades...
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    New tractor suggestions for snow removal

    The LX2610 is below the HP threshold for dpf, although I personally would not let dpf be a factor in the decision. I have 600 hours on a larger Kubota L4060 and the regeneration processes have been a non issue. When I was tractor shopping for a snow plow machine weight and frame size were my...
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    SSQA FEL-mounted snow blades

    I also like a rear mount blower combined with a front blade for larger snows, but for the vast majority of my snows a front and rear blade is awesome. For short driveways I back in to the garage, rear blade out for the tractor length, back up, front blade out. The rear blade is also great for...
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    Tales of running out of fuel (and the remedy).

    While I agree that the majority of water intrusion is caused by direct entry (operators leaving fuel cap off, defective design, etc), the article posted is only looking at one cycle of potential condensation. Tank pressures increase and decrease on a cyclic basis, drawing in outside air repeatedly.
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    Best way to change oil in Woods RD7200 gearbox

    I use large vet syringes and rubber tubing to remove gear lube. It's a little time consuming, but goes fast enough if the gear oil is warmed up by use. With water contaminated oil I would get as much out as possible, a and fill / drain several times.
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    Best commercial zero turn?

    I just find the whole California thing ludicrous since they can't even keep the power on as it is.
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    Tales of running out of fuel (and the remedy).

    Dang. I don't think I could do that, but I did abandon my International H 2 Miles from home in the middle of a blizzard. That was a long walk home. A local dairy Farmer stopped by with his tractor and just left me there. Never spoke to him again.
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    Time to check out the generator.

    In addition to my 15kw PTO generator I keep 2 Yamahas (1800 and 3500) inverters for around the property, and for morning coffee in the rare outage.
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    Another confused first timer

    Other than your apparent aversion to paragraphs, it was fine. Don't sweat the small stuff.
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    Time to check out the generator.

    Sorry to hear of your injury, but glad it wasn't more serious. I think as we age it's important to begin to be more purposeful with our movements and not rely on deteriorating reflexes. My eyes and reflexes aren't what they used to be. As far as generator exercising, I got rid of my gas...
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    Tales of running out of fuel (and the remedy).

    Definitely a good idea to know the bleeding procedure before you need to use it, I recently replaced the 2 fuel tank filters on my Kubota ZD1211 mower. Each tank must be bled separately (close one, bleed the other, repeat for 2nd tank). I suspect there is a bleeder valve at the engine, but it's...
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    How to price a commercial job trimming chain link fence

    Awesome, thanks for the heads up. I just ordered 2.
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    How to price a commercial job trimming chain link fence

    Good luck on the Darwin handle. When I last looked they were not in production due to supply issues. I definitely want to try one!
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    B7800 gets hot after about a hour.

    Another item to consider is the water pump. Check the weep hole for leaking, and it's also possible the impeller blades are corroded off. That said, the most frequent issue is an externally clogged radiator - it's not always obvious, so shine a light through the fins.
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    House generator questions...second thoughts on whole house system.

    With the prep work already done I would bite the bullet and finish up with the 24kw Generac and be done with it. I went the portable route with a manual transfer, recently upgraded to a whole house (mostly) 15kw PTO generator. It was a real drag managing gasoline storage for the portable over...
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    Another confused first timer

    No intention of starting a brand war, but I have always had Kubota tractors and mowers. I just hate the thought of rebranded tractors, particularly the numerous orphaned machines. I full realize that I paid more for the name, but also for parts, service, warranty, longevity, and resale value. I...
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    How to price a commercial job trimming chain link fence

    My cut throat rate for overgrown trimming is $60 per hour, but like snow plowing, markets vary considerably. 10 years ago the going rate for standard mowing / trimming was $60 per hour. I hover around $38 for regular (weekly) mowing. I just quoted an overgrown trimming job at $60 per hour with...
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    ZD1211 Fuel Tank Equalization

    I would imagine without the check valves the tanks would equalize on gravity immediately. I have no idea why they need to be there. I am hesitant to alter the setup, but may consider removing the check valves and tank filters, and add a large 2 micron spin on filter after the "T" fitting.
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    Kubota or mahindra

    I snapped off the lower arm connection point casting on my Kubota L4060 this summer pulling old fence posts. In my case, I was applying a load to the 3pt arms that it was not designed to handle and I should have known better. That mistake cost me 2 Grand.
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    ZD1211 Fuel Tank Equalization

    Follow up... Replacing the tank fuel filters fixed the uneven fuel draw problem. I did discover that these 2 filters are larger than the filters I'm used to on the zd326 and zd331. Also, there are check valves on each tank line at the filters, so the engine must only draw somewhat equally on...
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    SSQA FEL-mounted snow blades

    Paul Short of Specialty Repairs gives a good tutorial on fixed ssqa blades for snow plowing on YouTube. He basically feathers the loader to suit the terrain. I have no problem running my ssqa blade in this fashion, although it doesn't work real well when the terrain changes rapidly like...
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    What tires are on your truck?

    BF Goodrich All Terrains on my F250, though not Kevlar. They ride much quieter than I expected and wear very well.
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    Looking at the L4060 have some Questions

    I've had my L4060 HSTC for 4 years and change, and it's been a great machine. I would not consider the L4060 for your pallet lifting requirements.
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    New-to-me scam.

    Entertaining read. Similar to the Nigerian Prince scam, except what funds the scanner needs in advance not disclosed (yet). I just watched one of those "I won the lottery!" shows, and I certainly don't want millions of dollars. I'd rather be happy and poor.
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    ZD1211 Fuel Tank Equalization

    It would imagine that one filter after the tee would ensure that each tank is more equally being drawn from. I replaced the first inline filter on my previous zd331 and current zd326 backup mower with a large 2 micron Cat filter that worked very well.
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    ZD1211 Fuel Tank Equalization

    Anyone understand how the left / right fuel tank equalization works, and how the fuel is gets to the engine? My previous understanding was that the pipe across the top of the tanks carried fuel from left to right, with the engine always drawing off of the right tank. From the parts diagram it...
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    Kubota F warning lights

    You would think mounting locations on mowers would be easy... I agonized over the mounting location of a simple SMV triangle for several years on my ZD mower. Ended up bolting it through the thick vinyl on the back of the seat and adding industrial double stick tape. Back to lights though, if I...
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    What is needed to add stereo to Grand L cab?

    I made the mistake of ordering my L4060 with the OEM radio because at the time I assumed speakers, wiring, and antenna were not present unless the radio was installed. I recently upgraded the speakers to higher watt standard size speakers, and the improvement is dramatic. I would have to...
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    Driver's License... What Vehicle did you use?

    I took my test in a 1972 Chevy C30. It was a nice looking truck when new, but succumbed to rust in a few short years. It was a mess when my dad got rid of it.