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    How to jump to new posts

    I admit that my computer knowledge is poor and I need help. I got tired of having to jump to new posts on every thread so I pushed the "mark forums read" button. Now it's even worse. How do I get this site to take me to the new posts on a thread I'm following like it used to?
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    Gc steering

    Anybody else experience a loose steering cylinder on a GC series tractor? The cylinder is held in with a bracket at each end that has had the hole enlarge a fair amount to allow the cylinder to move about while trying to steer. New brackets may reduce the slop, but still will allow the...
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    leaking kingpin seal

    Is anyone able to direct me as to where I can find instructions on how to replace a kingpin seal on a 2010 GC2610? No luck on google, but I always seem to use the wrong terms. Thanks
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    plans for soil screener

    I figured that this would be the best place to look for plans to build a soil screen/shaker but a search brings up everything but that. I find it hard to believe that a search only shows one thread for a grizzly screen. Any suggestions for what words to use for my search or anyone have any...
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    Finding my photos

    Yesterday, while having difficulty posting some pics with a reply to a thread, I discovered some old photos I'd previously posted.I'd lost these when my computer crashed for good and I bought a new computer. I'd like to copy them for my own files but can't figure out how to find them. Can...
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    Loader premature pin wear

    My 2010 GC2610 has just over 100 hrs. on it and there is considerable wear on the loader pins already. During the first service at 10 hrs, I discovered that I'd been using it with no grease, as the nipples had been painted over and I'm using it in a lot of sand. I'm assuming both of these...
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    Snow Bucket???

    I have a Massey Ferguson GC 2610 TLB and I'm thinking I'd like an oversize FEL bucket to move snow. Can anyone help me with where to look for one or how to figure out the optimum size and shape to build one myself? I expect I'd like to have some sort of quick change system on it as a set of...
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    new yesterday

    New GC2610 TLB I can't find the thread where I was asked for pics when the machine arrived so picked here. Pic shows the first scoop of the loader while getting some advice from the dealer. Don't have any other attachments yet as I want to try the bucket for snow removal before I spend more...
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    new buyer

    I'ver recently retired and want a loader/hoe to finish construction and do landscaping. I've given up on finding a full size construction machine at a reasonable price and am looking at new compact models. I will also need to move snow and cut grass. I've only seen Kabota, John Deere, and...