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    Tires Time for new tires on the B6100

    Hey there, my B6100 has a leak in one of the rear tires. They are pretty badly dry rotted so I guess I've got my usage out of them. It has 29x12.00-15 turfs back there which I like as they are gentle on my not so hearty lawn. I don't see many options for this tire size but do see some...
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    Opinions on stair tread sealant

    So I installed new oak stair treads last year. Looked at the different sealants and went with a supposed "pro" one from one of the big box stores. Before I bought it I asked on the question/answer section how it would hold up to dogs, I have two. Of course they said great. Not so much, the...
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    Looking for vise attachment ideas.

    Right now I have a 2"x10" that I have my metal jaw vice and grinder attached to. It was a quick install I did over 10 years ago and it has taken a beating and due for replacement. I'm thinking 6 or 7 - 2"x4"s glued and bolted together to get the same width which fits well for where I have it...
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    Sheild gas thoughts?

    I'll be buying an i-Mig 140 soon, mainly for sheet metal work. I've used a cheap flux core welder for a few years and also have a 220v stick welder, I'm looking forward to working with a MIG. Any suggestions on the shield gas? Tank renting or buying, which gas is best for the buck etc...
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    slow log splitter

    Hi folks, recently my FIL picked up a home made logsplitter. After doing some modifications on how the motor/pump was ghetto mounted it now runs pretty good. The thing that bugs me is how slow it is to extend. The pump is a 2 speed 11gpm Haldex running a 4" cylinder. Attached to the pump is...
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    Is the Mahindra truck really going to happen?

    I was reading this article today and thought it was interesting. Indian Automaker Reportedly To Build Pickup Trucks In U.S. | Fox News
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    Air tool storage ideas?

    Hi folks, I did a quick search and didn't find much. I'm curious if any of you have good ideas for air tool storage with easy access. My tools are a bit bulky but I'd like to have a better setup. I was thinking maybe something on drawer slides so they are out of the way and kept somewhat...
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    Harbor Freight in New Hampshire

    I just heard we now have a HF store that just opened on Amherst St in Merrimack NH. I've only seen catalogs so I'll have to check it out soon. I don't like buying Chinese tools but seeing most are, with the exception of some hand tools, I may as well go look. Road trip with my FIL :)
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    Some home made add-ons

    Here's a couple pictures of some add-ons I made this spring. The forks need a bit more work but they handle the limit of my little tractor. Most of the parts are from an old weight lifting bench, you can see the receiver for the forks will also accept a 2" hitch and they can slide side to...
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    Anyone know what it is?

    My FIL brought this home from his sister's. It's been sitting in her garage for who knows how long. The metal is pretty thick and the thing is heavy. It looks like it could tighten down on the lip of a bucket and used to pull rocks up but that's my tractor thinking side. Also kinda looks...
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    Anyone add auto throttle to a generator?

    Hello, hopefully the title says it all. Here's where I'm at, I have a Generac 4000XL, is does throttle down when no load but even a light bulb makes it full throttle. No in between. My FILs Honda EU2000 runs the RPM's at what is needed for the load. Anyone ever modify their gen to do this...
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    Now my B6100 has power steering :)

    Hi guys, just finished adding power steering to my B. Running it off the PB of the FEL. I removed the hose that went from the PB back to the block which sends it to the 3PH. I then put the power steering setup inline. The only issue I noticed is that when using full loader, the loader gets...
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    Sad day for my B6100 :-(

    Today I was cleaning up the couple inches of snow we got with my recently made snow pusher attached to the Kubota bucket. It was going really well and I was enjoying the seat time. I was pushing a bank back when I tried to stop by pushing in the clutch pedal. I heard a clunk and it still kept...
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    Snow Attachments snow pusher

    Hey guys, just wanted to add my version of a quickly built snowbank pusher that I saw on another thread. I made this out of parts from a work out bench and used 2x8 PT that I had hanging around, it took me about 90 minutes. It's about 52 inches wide and does a great job knocking down (and...
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    wiring for welding

    Hello, I recently was given a 30a-230a dual range Craftmans stick welder. The front says primary 230 volts 50 amps single. I assume this means I will need to wire it to a 2 pole 50amp breaker. What I don't get is that the original 6 foot cord is labeled as 12/3 which I didn't think would...
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    TSC in NH!!!

    It appears we are going to get a Tractor Supply store in Southern New Hampshire. Woohoo! Business
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    Kubota l322 rotary plow

    Hello, just wondering if anyone has any info on this unit. I see there is one for sale locally and wonder if it would fit on my B6100. It's a 5 foot, front mount snowblower. That would make it a few inches wider than my FEL. Why they call it a rotay plow, who knows. I'm told it came off a...
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    Is it me or is having 4 wheel drive one of the best things safety wise? I'll tell my tale so you see why I am asking this. I have been moving dirt around my yard for many hours in 4 wheel drive. I needed to turn really tight on flat gound and put it in 2 wheel so it wouldn't do the wheel hop...
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    Any one know the approximate weight of a B6100 with FEL? The book says the tractor alone is just over 1000 lbs so maybe 1400 or so? I love this forum
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    3pt cement mixer

    Hello all, it's 13 degrees outside not counting the wind chill and I'm thinking spring. I have a bunch of outside projects that will need cement and was wondering if anyone has made a cement mixer to attach to there tractor. I have a clothes washer drum that I thought may be good to use for...
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    B6100 picture

    Hello, just posting a pitcure of my little tractor for someone who asked the size.
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    B6100 picture

    owning-ML-792363-ML- Brand specific. Moved to Kubota Owning/Operating forum.
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    hours meter

    Hello, I can't seem to stay off this site. I have a question about the hour meter on my B6100. What is the far right digit on it? Is that when the hours roll past 9999 or something else? It looks like a fat 1 or I and the left side says 1100.5. I'm just wondering if it 1100 hours or 11100...
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    Kubota B6100 hydraulic issue

    Hello, I've browsed this forum and see it has lots of good info. I recently picked up a B6100 with FEL and TPH very cheap because it has a hydraulic issue. I haven't been able to dig in to the issue yet because of the constant rain here in NH but will soon. Anywhere I should start looking...
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    Kubota B6100 hydraulic issue

    owning-ML-754660-ML- Kubota specific post