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    W.R.Long 84" 4 in 1 bucket

    Your going to love that 4n1!! I've had the 72" W.R. Long for a few weeks now doing backfill work up in yards. It is a great attachment and adds a couple of dimensions to your tractor. One of the most useful moves is open up the bucket, set it over a pile, put the loader in float then slowly...
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    Starting Excavating Company, Insurance/Bank Recommendations

    I see where your headed with that now, thanks for clarifying your original post. I don't business bank where I personally bank. Too many mistakes made by the bank putting checks into the wrong accounts. Soon as you cross accounts like that they all can become business accounts and therefore...
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    Buying Advice Bobcat w/ backhoe, 3PT backhoe or HF trencher

    You have some golden advice given here. I make a living digging with a backhoe and an excavator and these people are spot on. If your digging is so infrequent to not warrant an excavator/backhoe then consider renting an excavator/backhoe when you need one. For $20k id find the nicest backhoe...
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    Starting Excavating Company, Insurance/Bank Recommendations

    Most around here use Farm Bureau. Make sure you understand where physically and what type of jobs your insurance coverage allows you to dig. Banks around here will only look at 80% of equipment/property values if that. None will loan on "blue sky". Absolutely use and follow the states...
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    L2501 3rd function manual vs electric

    I see the manual valve as being hard/cumbersome to operate vs an electric switch right on the loader stick. Is this cost driven or are there other consideration(s) for wanting to go manual?
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    60” Wicked Root Rake Grapple

    Wow, those are hard to come by! I'd be asking $3k for that. The perk to buying your's is no waiting. GLWS!!!
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    Here are the previously mentioned chain hooks added to the 4n1 bucket. I add chain hooks front and back. Front and rear hooks help when picking up something flat to load onto a trailer. I also added a keeper set up for the hydraulic hoses. Just a bit of round bar and a horse shoe tacked...
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    Here's a couple pic's of a clean up job I did today with the LS4155HC, power rake and new EA 4n1 bucket. Before. And after.
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    Nice innovation from ford.

    I like it. Most people have no idea on weights. This at least gives them a sporting chance to not overload if they choose to use it. I like the ability to zero your weight and then see how much tongue weight you added. I think this will be the most useful feature as most people have no...
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    My 4in1 bucket showed up!!! WRL-UJ2-72 Ordered 07/29/21 Recieved 10/15/21 Here is the 1st bucket load. I had cleaned out a culvert and the rock and dirt were laying up on the narrow right of way. I was able to open the bucket and move backwards while collecting all the dirt. Zero shovel...
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    Trailer choice before I make a mistake

    Lots of good information here. I'll add my experience of 45 years of towing. Get a GN. In your case a 22' GN and your truck will haul that tractor all day with no issues. While some have luck with bumper pulls and so have I at times, stay away from them if you can. I started small with an...
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    UTV Tires

    East Texas? Have thorns, sapling stobs and sharp rocks? You will want a Pro Armor XG Crawler in 8 ply. We have both here plus some pavement. 3500 miles on a set with only 2 punctures. I sold them at half tread and the guy is still running them. They do great in the mud as well. If you in...
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    Stuck PTO shaft on Finishing Mower

    Penetrating oil, a big hammer, a block of wood and time. Hose it down and start carefully hitting it to get it to move. Wood goes between the hammer and what your hitting.
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    What should I do with my old front bucket?

    I'd make the 3pt scoop out of it with the mentioned hydraulic top link. You could move a lot of material with a scoop at each end.
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    Who makes the best power rake / soil conditioner?

    I'm interested in your impressions as well! You are going to enjoy that rake! Here is a clean up job I did a couple days ago. Hauled off the big rocks with the grapple. Raked out and windrowed the rocks that were left. Ran the rake over and smoothed everything out.
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    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    Installed a french drain today and backfilled with the LS. This is where an LS has an advantage over other cab tractors from my view point. It has the smallest cabs that I found when looking for a tractor. I can work it in tight spots other tractors won't fit in.
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    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    Found some bob wire. The power rake excels at rolling up wire. Took a solid hour to get all that out.
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    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    Been busy with the LS lately. Never enough time to post much. Did a little clean up a few days ago. Amazing what a few hours can do with the right equipment. The Wicked Twin hauling rocks. The power rake leveling, sorting and windrowing rocks. And a few passes to clean up.
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    Digging stump techniques

    Dig another backhoe bucket width or maybe two away from the stump. Then use your outriggers to tilt the machine so you can dig under the roots all the way around. Then use the backhoe to pull from the side to rotate the stump as mentioned. You can also curl your bucket some and hook the edge...
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    72" Harley Rake on compact tractor?

    Absolutely. Set it light.
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    72" Harley Rake on compact tractor?

    I've ran a 72" power rake on a newer 24 hp LS tractor. It will smooth and level that pad with no issue as long as the soil is loose. You will also be able to rake out and windrow debris if there are any in/on the pad. I raked out and windrowed a few fairly big rocks and a whole lot of...
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    Rear Finish Mower Comparing 3 Point Finish Mower Options

    I have a 7' Land Pride I mow 6 acers with. Fairly heavy built. Cuts great. I bought it used. I grease it every time I use it. Zero issues. The best feature it has is the whole back part of the deck is open to let the cut grass out. I run it with a cab tractor so no grass-nados swirling...
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    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    Changed the oil/filter in the 4155HC this evening getting ready for a day of brush hogging. Afterwards I fired it up an let it idle in the shop for a few minutes while putting tools away. When I came back to it I noticed a pretty good oil leak coming from under the filter so I shut it down and...
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    Extend Wifi 300 Feet?

    An inexpensive wireless bridge will work as well if the product you ordered won't. I set this up to have internet in my shop along with a wireless router. Easy to set up and works perfect. I think the range on these are around 1.5 miles. Wireless Bridge, UeeVii 5.8G Outdoor CPE...
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    I had to wait a while on my Wicked Twin (Wicked Root Grapple). It was well worth it. Any mortal grapple would have long since been reduced to scrap steel. That grapple handles tons of rocks and broken concrete without issue. I now have a 4 in 1 bucket on order from EA. I have jobs waiting...
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    Anyone out there Have a Mini-Split Heat/Ac unit?

    I am a couple months in on a Cooper & Hunter 18,000 btu. Its properly sized for the space. Ice cold, dry air. Extremely quiet. Idles along on a humid 100 degree day. We will see what the winter brings. I have backup heat. I installed it myself after watching a few videos. Not too...
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    Who makes the best power rake / soil conditioner?

    I only have experience with this Woods PTO power rake. I've owned a PTO driven power rake for several years now and use it commercially. I have a 72" Woods power rake. I added power angle to it. I run it on a 55hp Cab tractor with HST. I run it in everything from hard clay to sandy loam to...
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    Buying Advice Buying a backhoe ? Several worthwhile threads on here about purchasing/owning backhoe's. To my knowledge extendahoe's and thumbs do not mix. $30k should get you a reasonably workable backhoe. I am not calling you out. If you have ran one much at all you...
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    Removing / unscrewing a broken off pvc male adaptor

    X2 on the heat to soften it up. It will back right out.
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    Trying to remove 50 inch oak tree stump with Bobcat backhoe. Struggling

    Containing the heat with a few pieces of tin or metal with help with the burn.
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    Bush Hog blade angle question

    Get the number off your blades. Confirm they are the correct blade for your machine. From the pic's I'd say they aren't the correct blades. The blade should be parallel to the ground. I would not attempt to alter those blades. Rotary cutters are already way dangerous with everything working...
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    Which Grapple for Kubota L3600

    X2. Talk to Travis at EA (Everything Attachments). He will get you the right grapple for your needs. I've had my EA Wicked Twin (72" twin lid root grapple) several years and hundreds of hours of commercial use. Zero issues. Tried to upload pic's but no luck.
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    PINE logs anyone?

    Wish I was driving distance. That's a nice pile of logs. I'd take a couple loads for firewood.
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    Art of the dump trailer

    If you're hauling wet dirt to mud spray down the bed with wd-40 and will all slide right out. Doesn't take as much wd-40 to coat the bottom of the bed as you would think. Generally any wet material will stick to the bed and not want to slide out. I've had freshly dug moist dirt freeze to the...
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    2019 PJ 24' trailer $6,000

    I just picked up an 18k dump from Texas Pride. The staff there is extremely professional. Couldn't be happier with it.
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    Newbie to Trailers... Looking but no idea what for

    That is a NICE trailer! I have 2 Lamar equipment trailers. They both are well built!
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    Want to buy a dump trailer, kinda torn here.

    I will ask around and see if they are starting to look at that. Any word of enforcement and I'll throw some steel up there. I do appreciate the heads up.
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    Y'all Been Checkin' Lumber Prices?

    Maybe it is time to buy a diy sawmill. We just don't have tall, straight trees around here much. Hmmmmm.
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    Want to buy a dump trailer, kinda torn here.

    Good info, I haven't heard that yet. I will keep it in mind and do some research. FWIW it may not be enforced in this area....yet. I see buckets on the GN almost everyday on commercial and non commercial vehicles. Farm trailer wise they seem to be able to get 3 round bales up there. I'd be...
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    Want to buy a dump trailer, kinda torn here.

    I've been around and used different brands of dump trailers. Spend the extra bucks and get a gooseneck no matter what else you do. Get the "end dump" which is the single cylinder on the front of the trailer. They have way more lifting power than the scissors or dual ram. Check this video...
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    What implement best for turf grading with compact tractor?

    A power (Harley) rake is the answer. Rent one or pay someone with one on a skid steer. I have a 6' PTO driven power rake I run off the back of my 55hp tractor. There is nothing equal to smooth grassed areas. No need to re-seed. The power rake will distribute the grass roots and it will...
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    What do people use to add excavator traction when it gets really wet?

    To answer the post title you learn to use your bucket to help you move around. Thats what I see others do and that what I do. To answer your post, no I've never seen those. I'd see about steel tracks with grousers if I was determined to go that route. You are still going to need to learn...
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    Cat 310 or KX 080

    I agree with Mike on his assessment of the 57/80. Nothing wrong with either Kubota. I make a living with a Kubota U-45. I used to make a living with a CAT 420D and still have it. However, I would buy the CAT if I could afford it. The difference is in the hydraulics design of the controls...
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    Leaking front axle seals, advice on the proper way to disassemble nut?

    I just pulled my hub assembly apart due to a broken bearing. I tried the punch method with no results. I simply drilled it out with an appropriate sized drill bit. Tape it up to cover the bearing and put a shop vac at the drill site to keep the shavings out of the bearing. Where did you find...
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    2009 New Holland Boomer 3040 only 310hours

    That's a slick nickel for sure! Compacts are going up in price around here. Interesting spill guard on that tractor. HST? I wasn't really able to tell from the pics. Good luck with the sale!!
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    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    Anyone else having trouble getting parts? Bearing went out in my hub assembly and trashed most everything in there. I want to order a hub assembly but none are apparently available so I had to order individual parts. Parts ordered a week or so ago. Dealer said they really didn't know when I...
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    Grapple for new L2501

    You have to stop and ask your self why the 13 week wait. EA grapples are the best and well worth the wait. I've had my 72" twin lid several years now. Zero issues. I have hundreds of hours clearing cedar trees, loading rocks, loading concrete chunks ect. The "Wicked Twin" stays on the...
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    Time for some skid plates

    Here are a couple pic's of the armor I made for my LS4155. I use the tractor clearing trees and brush quite a bit. Its been on there for several years with no issues. No idea why the pic's aren't orientated properly.
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    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    Reclaimed another 5 acre field on a long term project. The field was cleared by first running a rotary cutter over to cut the grass/brush to reduce the fire danger, then using the 3 pt. Dougherty TurboSaw to lay all the cedar and acadia down, then finally using the Wicked Twin to haul...
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    Installing 3rd Function Remote for Grapple on LS XR4046

    I am pretty sure I still have the pic's. I am looking through my old, slow phone to find them. I will re-post them soon as I find them. I mounted the solenoids at the rear of the cab, just under the window. Mounted the hydraulic connectors on the loader cross member. Here are current pic,s.