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    Hydro pedals

    Hello. I have a dx40/tc40d with a pedal problem. When the tractor has been run awhile and warmed up. The pedals loose almost all of the pressure both forward and reverse. Everything is fine when cold. I just changed filters and proper fluids. Any ideas or where to start? Thank you,Griz.
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    tc 40d hydro trans fast in reverse slow forward

    hello i was wondering if anybody had any ideas on what i can do with my problem. my tractor goes very fast in reverse (like new) but forward probably half of what it did when i got it new. looking at the pedals the forward pedal travels a short distance and the hydo lines stop it when pushed...
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    Rotary Cutter jd 609 cutter on dx40

    Hi, does anyone know if a jd 609 (6 footer with 4" cutting capacity) is too much for my case dx 40. It weighs 1200llbs with a tractor hp rating of 40hp and my tractors 3pt is at about 2300lbs. I just wonder if thats going to be too much weight to throw around while using a medium/heavy duty...
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    Rotary Cutter older 5' cutter or new 6'

    Hi, I am in the market for a new cutter to replace my old 6' one. I am trying to decide between a USED bush hog 285 or a NEW Rhino172 or Woods bb72x. The 285 is in pretty good condition ( a little faded) and is more than 5 years old (guessing around 8 yrs.). The price difference is at around...
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    Used 6' cutter or new?

    Used 6\' cutter or new? Hello everyone, well I finally got my tractor and I am needing a rear cutter(bushog) to take care of some fields. I have searched around and have found a couple of used 6' and of course a bunch of new. The used are an international, and mono brands, they look fairly...
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    I want to thank all of you, for the excellent info, opinions, and responses. I FINALLY (AND I MEAN FINALLY), decided and ordered a new tractor today. It is a Case DX40, loader, grill gaurd, filled tires, q/a bucket, set of remotes, tooth bar, and first bunch of filters(and bh758c will come...
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    filled tires, ez-weights, or 3pt weght????

    Hello, I am down to the wire and am trying to decide on weather to fill my tires, use ez wieghts, or maybe use a 3pt. weight (boxblade, filled barrel)? I will be doing loader work, brush hog, and general landscaping. My thought was if I don't fill my tires, it may help keep my weight down when...
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    cruize control

    Hello, I was considering the hst 40 and have read that the gear models are a little better when pulling long periods of time for constant speed. I see that u can have cruise on the hst models, so does that not help you when you need to keep a constant speed for awhile, or does it not work very...
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    hst power loss???

    Hello everyone. I am now cosidering a hst tc40d and was wondering if the aprox. 2hp loss (PTo) with the hst model compared to the gear is significant? Will I notice it when pulling or maybe going up hill or something. I know there is the big hydro vs gear debates, but I am just wondering...
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    Bucket Cutting edge???

    Hello! I asked my nh dealer to get a toothbar for a q/a bucket and he said all he can get for it is a "cutting Edge". Does anyone know what it is and is it as good. I think there is something wrong with his answer because I see that some of you with the tc40's have a toothbar and I have...
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    Gone CRAZY!!!

    Hello everyone! I am coming down to the wire in buying and am going crazy. I am very close to getting the tc40 but now wondering if I am going for more tractor than I really need, so was pondering a tc 30. I know they are two diff. tractors, but will the 30 do everything I need? I have 40...
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    shop manuals

    Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone has purchased or checked on prices of shop manuals for nh. If so how much do they normally run and are they pretty easy to read. (I have heard some are not translated very well). I know it may vary depending on the part of the country but I was just...
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    NH 12/12 shuttle -vs- Kioti 8/8 shuttle

    Hello everyone! Well I am getting so very close to buying time! I am still looking seriously at the tc 40, with a dk40 (kioti) right behind it. The nh has a 12/12 trans. and the kioti has a 8/8. Does anyone have any comments on advantages for either. Both are equiped basically the same...
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    LandTrac 360

    Hello everyone, Does anyone own a Landtrac tractor? I have a few dealers close and was considering the 360 or maybe even the 390, but was wondering if people are happy with them that own them. Someone mentioned that the tranny's are Eaton can anyone clairify that? Thanks, Griz.
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    fwd/rev lever

    Hello everyone, Well, I drove a 3045 today, and liked it. Although the fwd/rev lever was a little stiff to move, I was wondering if this is a common thing with new tractors or not? If so, does it loosen up after awhlile? Thanks, Griz.
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    3054 4x4?

    Hello everyone! Again I thank you for your responses. This question may not be the most intel. but are the 3045's 4x4? I know the front tires makes it appear that they are, but i have missed were it says it on the web site. Can you shift in and out of 4x4 or is it a constant type system...
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    bh for 3045

    Hello again! Thank you for your response on the parts issue. I was wondering if any of you have a bh with your century and how do you like it so far? Does it come off and on fairly easy? When off is the subframe stay on the tractor or go with the bh? Somewhere I may have read that it is...
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    century 3045

    Hello everyone! I am still trying to decide on a first tractor for myself. I've been looking, reading, etc. for awhile. One of the first tractors I drove was the above. I liked it and of course the price. Seems nobody else(jd,nh,bota) can touch the price for what it is. Well, I was...
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    The extras

    Hello. Can anyone suggest any extras that have become very useful for them, that I might want to consider on a new tractor? Things Like filling the rear tires(or buying extra weights), tooth bar, hd bucket, etc. Also, are these better to put in the negotiation time of the dealings or buy or...
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    bh for tc35/40

    Hello. I was wondering if anyone knows if on the sub-frame mounted bh for the above tractors lower your ground clearence due to underneath brackets and such. The local dealer didn't have one that I could look at. Also, have they been a good bh for you? Thanks, Griz.
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    wood spliter/remotes?

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if you need rear remote h. vavles to run a wood spliter, or do they vary. I'm in the process of getting a approx. 30hp tractor and wondered if I could every find the use for extra remotes. Thanks, Griz
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    d40 & jd4310

    Hello everyone, I am needing some more opinions. As of now, I am looking at the above two tractors and running in circles. I like both but have a few concerns as to which way to go. I will be using it around a construction site (backfill, landscaping, gravel roads) and at home (40 acres 1/2...
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    Price Check price of parts comparison-jd,nh,bota

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone could tell me if there is a big difference between prices of parts for the big three tractors. I realize that they all should go awhile without a need for things but what about "tune-ups/scheduled maintence" or after the warrenty runs out. I'm still...
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    tc35 vs tc40

    Hello everyone, Yesterday, I went to the NH dealer and drove the tc35 and tc40. Loved them both (and most everyother tractor I have driven). This will be my first tractor. Somewhere I read someone mentioning that the 35 might be too underpowered for the size of the tractor. I drove them and...
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    looking for my first tractor

    Hello everyone, This is my first post so bear with me. I (as most) have been looking around at the sometimes overwhelming info here for awhile. Even with all of the excellent info I seem to find myself running in circles. I have checked out many different tractors and I think I have narrowed...