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    Snowblowing with snowmobile helmet

    Hi Guys, Today I used the tractor for the first time this winter to blow snow with - pto blower, open station. The weather was perfect at around 20F and no wind at all !!! I found it so much better today and it got me wondering about using a snowmobile helmet when blowing snow - I can see lots...
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    Modifying Chinese Tractor to fit Front PTO options like snowblowers etc.

    Hi Everyone, I have been thinking about the possibility of adding an adaptor to the front of my Chinese tractor to give me a front PTO dive take off. Whilst searching I came across this website that might just be a source of needed parts. Laforge Front 3-Point Systems | Equipment...
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    Tractor Ownership - Interesting Article

    Read what John Deere thinks about tractor owners these days. We Can't Let John Deere Destroy the Very Idea of Ownership | WIRED Gives onw pause for thought after paying out big bucks for the tractor - arrogance at it's worst.
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    Engine Heating for Jinma 554

    Hi Guys, To date I have not needed to preheat the engine in my Jinma 554 tractor as it is stored inside an enclosed workshop. The engine is the Fujian Lijia SL4105 ABT diesel. I am thinking that an engine heater might just be helpful even though it starts fine in cold weather. I have looked...
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    New MK Martin Snow Blowers

    Hi Guys, I am looking at possibly purchasing a newer snow blower - an 87" MK Martin blower. They have a five bladed fan instead of the four or older three blade fan. Does anyone have a newer Martin blower with the five blade fan? If so how do you like it ? Have included a link to their site. I...
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    Geothermal heating system and extreme temperatures.

    Hi Guys, I just tried posting a thread but lost it for whatever reason - so if it is duplicated you will know the reason why. I am interested in electricity consumption for a geothermal heating system in extreme conditions. I have a 5 ton WaterFurnace unit with horizontal lines buried...
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    Repairing Fibreglass Greenhouse

    Hi Guys, I am wondering if any of you have done much fibreglass repair work and would appreciate some advice. I have a fibreglass greenhouse that collapsed under a snow load last winter. The green house is around 25 yrs old and has suffered from UV and weathering, but it did survive that time...
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    1929 Twin City Tractor for Sale

    Just found this tractor for sale - thought someone would be interested.
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    Tough Tire Paint ???

    Hi Guys, I am wanting to paint steel rims for our harsh winter road conditions (salt, sand, grit and chemicals etc.) These are for my pickup and I will be driving though salt and chemically treated snow and slush. I have not thought before about road salt damage, but with the new wheels I...
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    Septic Lagoon Algae Buildup - How To Clear It ???

    Hi Guys, My septic system utilizes a holding lagoon, where the water evaporates (in theory). This year for the first time in eight years, the lagoon is covered with green algae. I have tried googling to get a solution but can only come up with expensive "fixes" - like buy our product or install...
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    New 72" TPH. PTO driven Snow Blower at Princess Auto (Canada) for $1,999

    Has anyone seen or bought one of these snow blowers ? Just found out that they had them on sale and I might be interested in one if I could get a look at how well they are made. Just a FYI for Canadian residents who are in the market for a new snow blower. Thanks
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    D170 Mower Deck

    Hi Guys, I have a 2011 D170 rider mower I bought in August 2011. Today I was mowing when the belt tensioning pulley went flying out of the side of the deck and into the bushes beside where I was mowing. The tensioning pulley bracket failed at 85 hours without any warning :eek::eek::eek: I spoke...
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    Removing Mower Deck on D170

    Hi Guys, Yesterday while mowing I managed to drive over a rather large stone and bent blades of the mower:mad:. Stone was not there last year and I can only assume that the freeze and thaw cycle has pushed this up to the ground surface:confused::confused2:. Anyway, I would like to remove the...
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    Jinma Hydraulic Pump - Failures

    Hi Guys, I just had a new high output E-320 hydraulic pump fail (2007 Jinma 554 tractor). It was installed just a few days ago and worked fine when installed. Today I was using the tractor and the FEL to clear some snow - and, because of the new pump, I was being very careful with my FEL. With...
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    Swedish Farmer puts a turboed Engine in hiis tractor !

    This is definately worth watching ! Swedish farmer puts a turbo engine into his tractor... [VIDEO]
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    Repositioning diesel fuel tank on tractor.

    Hi guys, I have a project that I want to do - make a cab on an open station tractor. To do what I want will get in the way of the present fuel tank which is situated right in front of the steering wheel, under the hood and on top of the engine. What I am thinking of doing is replacing the fuel...
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    Hi Guys, Thought I would mention what I have been working on through the year - on and off. I bought a 1989 Farm King 73" snow blower that had seen a lot of work but had been fairly well maintained. However, the snow throwing was not as good as one would hope for when run at 540 PTO RPM. When...
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    NEW D170 MODEL COMMENTS ???????

    Hi Guys, I have just bought a D170 mower and was wondering what comments other owners might have on their machines. I know, it is a bit late asking for opinions now, but the deal was pretty good and it was the last one in the store, so I bought now and worry later ! My old trusty Sears rider...
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    Welding or Brazing for grey cast iron ??

    Hi Guys, I am interested in your input for repairing what appears to be a grey cast iron casting. It is part of my steering and has broken and needs to be either replaced or repaired successfully. Being it is cast, pre and post heat treatment I understand, is needed - to be able to weld it...
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    Hi Guys, I have an older 73" Allied-Farm King snow blower that works very well given it's age (1989 vintage). However, today I used it in what would have been perfect snow conditions and still found a lot of snow in the lower half of the auger casing - between auger and the back of the casing...
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    Hi, I am looking at buying a Speeco post hole digger and the model I think, is 70 - yellow painted frame. Also a 12" auger as well. From what I can determine, this PHD and a 12" auger will dig a 45" deep hole. Does anyone know if this is true ? If it is, can an extension be put in between...
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    Windshield Wiper Motors and arms

    Hi Guys, I got so ticked off with freezing my butt off when blowing snow with the open station tractor I have, I decided to make my own cab. I am slowly starting to gather the material for what I want to make. The one thing I have tried getting used, but so far without success, is two wiper...
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    Tire Chains - Canadian Outlets ?

    Hi Guys, I am interested in buying a set of tire chains for my tractor and was wondering what there was/is in the way of Canadian outlets ? Any references I have found to date have been for US companies. I am sure the local farm machinery outlets would sell them - but would still be interested...
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    Widening Snowblower Front

    Hi Guys, I have a TPH snow blower 73" wide at the business end. My tractor rear wheels are 76" outside to outside. The end result is that the rear wheels rub against the newly cut snow bank and cause some spillage back onto the driveway. I have read somewhere on this website, of another owner...
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    Pole Barn Carport

    Hi Guys, I have been reading past posts on Pole Barn building techniques and know it would be perfect for a 24' x 24' carport. I have a couple of questions that maybe someone can help me out on. What I have in mind is four 6 x 6 post in line at 8ft spacing - the opposite wall 22ft away...
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    Hi Guys, I am wanting to replace the roller chain on my old snow blower. The Allied King Bhuler catalogue shows the chain to be a RC-88 (old numbering series). I have tried to find the equivalent number for present day numbering system (eg. #50 chain, #60 chain etc), but have had no success...
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    Snow Attachments Snow Blower Fan/Impeller Clearance Adjustment

    Hi Guys, I am looking at repairing my worn blower fan/impeller clearances (74" Allied Farm King TPH rear mounted blower). The clearance I have between the fan and the casing is around 5/8" - far too much in my opinion. I am looking at putting replaceable tips on the fan - either metal (1/8"...
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    Noma Dynamark 12hp Rider Mower

    Hi, I am trying to get parts and information on a Noma Dynamark 12hp Rider Mower : Model B3812000. It has a 38" cut and is fairly old. I would be very interested in a copy of the owners manual as it should have diags and part numbers. If anyone has a copy they could send or know where I might...
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    McCulloch Timberbear 20" Chainsaw

    Hi Guys, I have just been working on the old Mac chainsaw I have and would you believe, have managed to get it running well - it seems:D:D:D I had been using regular gas in it last year and haven't run it for a year. I dumped out the old gas and mixed up some premium gas, 2stroke oil at 1:40...
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    Chain Saw Recommendations - not a professional one please

    Hi all, After readings 3RRL's thread on Chain Saw Cart, it got me thinking about chains saws. I am fairly new to the world of chain saws and own a second hand McCulloch 20" saw. It works Ok but does seem to be in constant need of TLC. I have several mature trees blown down in recent stormy...
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    Snowblower Snowblower throwing improvements ????

    Hi Guys, I have been doing some thinking on improving the snow throwing capapbilities of the snow blower - especially older ones. I am looking at two areas here - have previously talked on repairing impeller blade tips. What i am looking at this time is improving passage throught the shute...
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    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating SNOW TRACTOR OF YESTERYEAR !!!

    Hi Guys, thought you lot might be interested in this video clip of a snow tractor. For the tractor lovers amongst us. I don't know how to get it active - maybe sone else can help. cheers Jim
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    PTO output shaft reversal

    Hi Guys, I am curious to know if one can get a small gearbox that will slide over an existing PTO output shaft, but will give opposite rotation to the new shaft. It would not be a complex or expensive item - just two gears running together inside a casing, with another output shaft turning the...
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    Converting a rear push snow blower to a rear pull or a front push type?

    Hi everyone, I expect everyone that has a rear mounted push type snow blower wished they had a front mounted push blower oe a rear pull blower. Has anyone converted the regular rear push type snow blower to either of the other two mentioned ? If anyone has converted the regular blower I sure...
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    Rear Blade Braber Equipment Rear Blades

    Hi all, I am getting ready to buy a new rear blade but have had a rude shock at the prices of them nowadays. I would really like to be able to afford and justify a fancy Buhler or Land Pride but cannoot. I am looking at a 8ft blade and have come across Braber Equipment - a company I have never...
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    Rear Blade Farm King or Land Pride Rear Blade

    Hi everyone, I am trying to decide what would be the better product for my needs. Essentially I need an 8ft blade for driveway maintenance and snow clearing and other odd jobs. Looking at both brands, it seems to me that the Land Pride blade would better suit my need as the blade is higher and...
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    Weight of MF65 (gas) with FEL

    Hi Guys, Have sold my MF65 tractor with FEL. It has loaded rear tires. It needs to go on a road trip - anyone have an idea of what it's combined weight might be? I am guessing at around 6,000 lbs. Thx J.
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    Fair value of JD1010 tractor and JD45 FEL

    Hi Guys, An elderly neighbour has a JD 1010 4 cylinder tractor with a JD45 FEL on it. As far as I know it is in pretty good shape and until last year, was used to pull plough and discs. Everything there and all works! Don't know the year, but here is the serial number U39046 Would like to...
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    Sears Craftsmen 210VH Rider Lawn Mower

    Hi everyone, I am interested in hearing from anyone that has a Sears Craftsman 210VH rider lawn mower, with the B&S 725cc engine. I am interested in looking at a (supposedly) two year old local mower that is for sale, in good running order. It comes with front snow blade, metal trailer for...
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    Need to know fair value of 1059 MF65 Gas tractor.

    Hi everyone, I am considering selling my 1959 MF65 gas tractor as I hardly ever use it (have a newer tractor) and could really do with the money (retired). I would sell it with two buckets and a Massey 6ft sicklebar mower. Tractor - everything works and no oil leaks/consumption - clear...
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    Dyna Rider Mower made by Noma Outdoor Products

    Hi, I'm posting this message to see if anyoneout there has information on the Dyna Rider Mower made by Noma Outdoor Products, with 12hp engine and 38" or 39" cut? An elderly neighbour of mine has one he would like to keep running if he can - 76 years old and on a fixed pension. We have found...
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    John Deere tractor package

    Just came across this actrive tractor package on a local paper. Don't know if this is some sort of scam or if it is for real - am making enquiries as I write this. Here is what is being sold 2001 JD4700 tractor, 4WD Hydrostatic with 441 hours, Xtra armour hd covering, in vgc. JD 460 FEL JD...
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    Sears Craftsman Rider Mower

    Hi all, I have a Sears Craftsman rider mower with the 15.5 hp Kholer engine in it. The engine works fine and I am about to do the oil and filter change to start the season off. Do any of you happen to know the [part numbers for the triangular air filter and the oil filter that are fitted to...
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    Diesel oil in gas engines

    Hi Guys, Would appreciate your thoughts on using a diesel rated engine oil in gas engines. Reason being I have a mixture of diesel and gas engines on various equipement from rider mower thro to JD450 crawler loader. Up until now I have been using different oils in different aplications. However...
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    ******Second Jinma 554 Steering Failure*****

    Hi, Some of you may know that I had a steering failure on my 2007 Jinma 554 tractor about four weeks ago - the left front wheel steering knuckle broke at 30 hours, where the power steering cylinder rod end bolts on to it. Well today, I had a second failure of the replacement part, which broke...
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    New Jinma 554 steering failure

    Hi Guys, Wouldn't you just know it - I have just had my first equipment failure. I was clearing snow and I managed to break the plate that the steering cylinder connects to on the LH wheel. It broke clean off. It is cast iron and not mild steel so this item, I suspect, will be prone to...
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    Jinma 554 pictures

    Hi all, Just thought I would post a few pics of my Jinma 554, for those that might be interested. So here goes and hopefully they will work.
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    Jinma Implement Grease Fittings

    Hi Everyone, Went to put some grease into the zerks on my Jinma FEL and found the grease squeezed out around the nipple, none going inside. Bought a new grease gun end fitting - still no improvement, same problem. Took grease fitting out and tried to identify the thread type and size. This is...
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    Snow New Jinma 160 snow blower used today for the first time.

    Well, today being such a nice day, -4C and bright and sunny (all afternoon anyway) I thought I would try out the snow blower I bought to go with the new tractor. At first I didn't think it would work too well as the height for the blower ipout shaft is 18" and the PTO output shaft 23" giving a...
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    I think I have Goofed on this one.

    Hi, Just recently bought a 60" Jinma PTO powered snow blower to use with a 55hp tractor. I don't think it will work! Tractor PTO centre is approximately 23" from ground. Snowblower input shaft centre is approximately 18" from ground. This gives a height difference of 5" over a distance of...