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    I just bought a Hobby Farm in Michigan. Hooray for me, right? Of course, it needs work. Lots of work. Plus, it's in the middle of Farm Country. Cool. I love farms and farmers are an interesting breed. I grew up around them, too. Anyhow, to the West of me are all open fields. 100's of...
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    Engine Size

    My CX2510 HST. On the Engine itself it says it's 1,647 cc of displacement. Cool. That's a decent sized engine for my tractor. Love the Tractor, BTW. The engine sounds like John Henry is inside it trying to get out when it's running, however. People say it's normal so I'll just accept it...
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    Love At First Sight

    Walked into the Farm Depot in Ionia yesterday, saw a CX2510 Tractor Loader and told a guy sitting at a desk doing something/nothing, "I want somebody to sell me that Tractor". He referred me to a young lady. They delivered it that day. As of this morning, it has exactly 1 Hour on it. No clue...
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    Will The Chip Shortage Affect Under 25HP Tractor Production??

    I have no clue. Anybody? I could offer opinions but they would be uninformed and might embarrass me because they would be pretty dumb So, anybody that knows anything about -- anything...... Will it affect under 25HP Tractor production? Because, I'm not even sure if the little guys have much...
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    In Your Opinion, In Your Experience, What Factory OEM...

    ...paint holds up the best. Deere? Case? New Holland? Certainly not Kubota, they seem to wear their fast-fading, thin paint like a badge of honor. Just curious what others think Just looking for opinions because I'm bored. Tag, you're it
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    Do All Their Engines Rattle?

    What do you think it is? Piston slap? I just watched a video and the engine sounded kinda rough. You can't tell in a video but it made me want to open the hood and look for loose shields or something. Then I read in the remarks that they all rattle like that, even the Kioti. If that is so...
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    Looking For A Yanmar Dealer In Southern/West Mich Or Northern Indiana

    I want to buy new. I can't find any Yanmar dealers that aren't predominantly some other kind of equipment sellers. Like they took on Yanmar as a side because some Regional guy came through a few years ago offering free franchises. And the dealership really isn't all that interested in whether...
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    Can Anybody Recommend A Mahindra Dealer In Southern MI Or North Indiana?

    I'm interested in, probably, a 1635 but I can't find a dealer that isn't a Lawn Mower Center. They claim to be Mahindra Dealers but you look at their website or even zoom in on them with Google Maps and they don't have the first tractor on the lot. What am I supposed to do if my tractor breaks...
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    In Your Opinions, Which Make/Model In Under 25HP Models Has The Least HST Whine

    That about says it. Looking for those who have experience, good and bad, on which tractors in the CUT Market have the least HST whine. And, how many of you have noticed that when you use the proper gear range, it lessens the whine? IOW, trying to go up a steep hill in Hi Range while pulling a...
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    New Incentives

    They usually go by Quarter and this quarter ends March 31st. It will be intersting to see what they do. Will they increase prices due to lack of availability, is there really a LOA predicted for this Quarter? If there isn't, will they fight over customers? It will be interesting to see the...
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    Not That It Matters A Whole Lot, But......

    Does anybody know where the LX2610 is actually made/assembled?? Kubota's website says that the Georgia Plant makes subcompact tractors. The LX series is not subcompact, so..... Just curious if anybody has looked on their tractor to see where it was actually made..... Final assembly point. I...
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    Now That R14 Tires Have Been Out For A While

    How do you feel about them vs. the R4? Enquiring minds
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    Real Differences On SU Series Tractors

    I'm looking at an LX2610HSTSU (lots of letters). Anyway, it's definitely an SU series. It's also got the R14 tires on it. Not sure on those yet. I understand it's a competitor to the Green tractor's 'E' series but it seems to me that you're not giving up nearly as much. About all I can...
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    Engines and Their Smog/EPA Restrictions

    I looked and I can't figure it out. Maybe I'm just not real smart but at what HP do the EPA catalysts, DEF requirements, soot filters, regens, etc, ad nauseam start to kick in. Thanks for the help.
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    L3C19-T Oil Capacity?

    As in, what is it? :confused3: I looked for it online and ran into a brick wall. Well, that's not entirely correct. I found a site that lists all of the engine's capacities. In Korean............. And all I know about Korean is I love Bulgogi and don't mess with the Tiger Division...
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    Mechanical Four Wheel Assist??

    The XG3135 that has my interest at the moment has a Mechanical Four Wheel Assist according to the LS website. XG3135H-35HP | LS Tractor Is there a difference between that and MFWD or is it all just -- Whatever -- Marketing, terminology, branding....?? I searched and found this --...
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    What DON'T You Like About Your New LS

    Currently looking at an LS XG3135. I'm impressed for the most part. I like that they replaced that old diesel (Mitsu? Shibaura :confused3:) with a new engine containing technology not from when I Love Lucy was all the craze. Being a former arm of Hyundai, I suspect (hope) they have the...
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    New Guy

    Just wanted to say 'Hello'. I'm in SW Florida the last 42 years but getting something in Southern Indiana at some point. I want to be back on the land. The Wife likes it here. I don't. So we're gonna compromise and try to do both places. Spendy. :eek: So please forgive me if I direct a...