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  1. DB Pilot

    thingamabob not in proper place

    On my 2001 BX2200 this spring I lost all steering. Turns out it was the same problem you had. the two bolts in your picture loosened up and one was missing. Can't remember if it was both sides and I don't think the brackets were bent. It was a quick fix for me, the longest delay was...
  2. DB Pilot

    Brand new KIOTI dead on arrival

    A similar thing happened with my Kubota L3800 HST. When it was very new less than 50 hrs. I shut it off about 1/2 mile from the barn and walked around for awhile, then decided to start her up again. NOTHING no clicking starter, Nothing. Luckily I wiggled the HST pedal and after some trial...
  3. DB Pilot

    Cub Cadet Challenger 550

    Found another Cub Cadet Challenger Dealer about a month ago. 25 miles from the dealer I originally bought it from. Who agreed to look into the Challenger 550 problem. Guess what, their was a recall on these machines in 2019. Seems the transmissions on some of these machines suffer from...
  4. DB Pilot

    If I tilt forks all the way down on BX1880, they won't tilt back up.

    I experienced something similar one winter with my 2001 BX2200. Using the bucket to push snow, At start up the bucket would not tilt back until the machine warmed up. All the other hydraulics worked fine just not the tilt back. I considered two possibilities - water in the lines or low...
  5. DB Pilot

    Intermittent starting problem

    Should your tractor be the Hydrostatic model, I had a similar problem with the pedal not being centered in the neutral position. On my Kubota L3800 there is a grease fitting but that was not enough. There are roller bearings on the pedal linkage that need manual greasing. They dried out...
  6. DB Pilot

    Kubota Mower Deck Pulley Failure

    After 12 years of mowing my 60" Kubota deck had a similar problem. The Top nut on the shaft would not stay on. No amount of tightening, new top nuts/lock washers or lock tight paint would keep it from working loose. I found that the hex shaped shaft that the pulley sits on was worn down plus...
  7. DB Pilot

    Cub Cadet Challenger 550

    Spoke with dealers mechanic today and explained that my machine does not go into gear until after the gas pedal is pressed. Again only occasionally. His first response was that this was normal. Also with Polaris utv's as they both are belt driven. This was said in front of another...
  8. DB Pilot

    Cub Cadet Challenger 550

    Have been having a annoying problem with our 2020 challenger 550 since we bought it last year. Sometimes when shifting into gear either forward or reverse there is a grinding (sounds like a chain slipping) before the machine is fully in gear. I do not find a chain drive system so I assume it...
  9. DB Pilot

    Box blade advice

    I have the EA 66" box blade. It is a little wider than the tires for my L3800 Kubota. When I make a pass there is nothing but smoothed ground behind and that's a great look. So A little wider is good but I think too wide and you start hitting things. Can't remember the weight of the BB...
  10. DB Pilot

    Possible way to stop sliding-slipping down in Kubota "B" seat.

    On my 2001 BX2200 the plastic seat started to show cracks. I taped them all up but, the seat looked terrible. Started looking for a new seat but then I found seat covers (can't remember the brand) that cover the whole seat plus a zippered compartment and two storage pockets at back of seat...
  11. DB Pilot

    My tractor mods

    On my 2001 BX2200 I welded 1/4" round steel bent into a U shape to put around my turn signal lights. Seems getting into wooded areas I would damage them beyond repair. Haven't had to replace a light since I made the cage like brackets. I did not think about mirrors but I may do that...
  12. DB Pilot

    Kubota L3400 seat cutoff switch

    800 hrs. on the L3800 now. The seat switch has given me no more problems at all and works as it should. The new problem I was having with the HST pedal was it got very rough to use going forwards. Worked smoothly going into reverse but had to use force to go forwards. After greasing all the...
  13. DB Pilot

    New Purpose Build for Dump Trailer

    Can't wait to see the first screenings. I'm looking for screens right now.
  14. DB Pilot

    Im thinking of BUYING A NEW TRUCK..

    I bought a brand new Silverado in 2003 and kept it for 17 years until last year. One month after I purchased it a shopping cart rolled or was pushed (I'll never know for sure) into the truck right under the gas cap cover. Causing a rather deep 6" long vertical dent. Last year I went looking...
  15. DB Pilot

    Fill Rite Fr11c

    I have the basic fillrite hand crank pump. It is installed on a 55 gallon white plastic drum. I can see the level of fuel with white. The threads on the pump are cast and rough so I filed the high spots, a small triangle file for inside edges of the threads. Not doing that the plastic...
  16. DB Pilot

    Case Farmall 75A review

    Thanks Deserteagle, I have a maintainer for my dump trailer and will use it on the 65A. I've seen the battery indicator go down to 10.5 V in cold weather but the tractor still started with no problem. Again it is a rather new tractor. a charged up battery will last a lot longer than one...
  17. DB Pilot

    HELP - 2017 Case 75c

    Porkchop, The seat switch was driving me crazy also. My Farmall 65A has 83 hours on it now and the alarm did not go off yesterday or today at all. I think the seat needed to be broken in with use. This winter it usually went off early in its use and then stopped tripping. That made me...
  18. DB Pilot

    Case Farmall 75A review

    Glad I found this thread. Last June, 2020 I bought the Case Farmall 65A. To start off I am very happy with this tractor. I bought it for brush hogging and snow removal on a 1000' driveway. Both have worked out well. I also found the battery low at each start up. But being new...
  19. DB Pilot

    Failed attempt to smooth property, how to correct?

    Your Problem is something I have been working on for about 8 years. The land I bought was formerly a grape vineyard. I have a land plane from EA. It is useless on grass, perfect for the driveway. I've tried skimming the high spots that are in rows, with a little but, very little success...
  20. DB Pilot

    Cub Cadet Challenger 750

    We have reached the 50 hour mark on our Challenger 550. Bought a 68mm x 14 flange oil filter cup that fits perfectly. Youtube showed some nightmare procedures for getting the factory installed oil filter off. I think this filter cup will alleviate that headache. A firm pressure on the...
  21. DB Pilot

    kubota bh77 dipperstick cylinder problem

    Anyone have this problem with their BH77 backhoe? All has been working well for 5 years. For some reason the Hydraulic cylinder for extending the arm has stopped working. All other cylinders are working bucket curl, raise and lower boom, stabilizers and left right are all working properly...
  22. DB Pilot

    Your Land is my Land

    I've been asking my grape farming neighbor to stop running his tractors, trucks, cars, wagons, sprayers, etc. on my property to tend his grape rows for seven years now. To no avail, so this year I posted the property and put t-posts up to block the equipment. He has pulled up the posts and signs...
  23. DB Pilot

    Backhoe L3800 Hydraulic line design problem

    . Hope these images show the new setup. :thumbsup: All is working now and clear of lifting link. Sorry about the last pics. The first pic shows what I built and remounted on the tractor.
  24. DB Pilot

    Backhoe L3800 Hydraulic line design problem

    When I purchased my L3800 I also got a backhoe with it. Subframe installed by my dealer. The hydraulic connection for the backhoe is installed on the right rear side of the tractor. The Problem is with the Backhoe off and hose connected to recirculate, when using 3pt. implements the...
  25. DB Pilot

    Mowing BX2200 "60" mid mount mower spindle noise

    I bought my BX2200 in August of 2001. For me it has been the best mower ever. One thing I hopefully fixed is a persistent clicking noise in the left spindle hub of the MMM. It's been making the noise for about 3 seasons now and can be cured by tightening the top nut where the grease fitting...
  26. DB Pilot

    Tubes Tractor Valve stem question.

    I am in the process of changing one of my David Brown 780 rear tires. Today I put the inner rim and the inner tube on the Wheel rim. :) Then got stopped. :confused: Looking at the inner tubes valve stem there is a 1" washer and then the rim nut. Question is does the washer stay next...
  27. DB Pilot

    Enjoying my David Brown 780 Selectomatic

    Now that the weather has started to warm up it was time to get a new tire on the David Brown. :laughing: As you can see the inner rim has been put on. That is step one. I also put the inner tube on the wheel rim. :thumbsup: And then I got stopped. :confused: On the new inner tubes...
  28. DB Pilot

    Tire changing lubricants

    Here is a picture of the David Brown 12-28 Rim, tire changer used in the battle to break the 44 year old bead and a bonus, Just one of my 4 snow piles made this winter. I am going to try the Ruglyde tire Lube as it has answered my question and will be used more than for just this tire. The...
  29. DB Pilot

    Tire changing lubricants

    I have decided to change my own tractor tire, it is a 13.6 -28 Ag tire on my David Brown 780. :o I have taken the old tire off the rim, :thumbsup: Cleaned up the rim and some primer paint. I broke the beads with a HF tire changer set on maximum size and silicone spray to lube the...
  30. DB Pilot

    Segmented vs. Solid mower tires

    Just found some 10" x 3.25" segmented tires for my 6' Phoenix rear mount mower deck. The original roller tires were solid hard rubber. Anyone have any experience with the segmented ones as they look very durable but seem to be a bit cheaper? I have no idea how I bent the fork mount for...
  31. DB Pilot

    What is this? Help Identify my trailer find.

    Here is a Trailer/Cart that I nearly junked. But on closer examination I decided that the steel was still very solid. When I got the bed off I found pivot points. One under the Bed and one at the Hitch. I think that at the hitch there is a kick stand. Never heard of Buffalo Trucking...
  32. DB Pilot

    Backhoe BH77 owners

    Just wanted to let all know that the OEM thumb parts arrived in short order and will be working on installing it in next few days. :thumbsup: Also just had to show my right hand fender grip for the L3800. Couldn't believe that Kubota would not install that except on the GRAND series. Well...
  33. DB Pilot

    Recommend (or UN-recommend) a specific 3pt wood chipper

    Here is my sharpening setup. The ski edger works with a pull towards you action. I think the finished edge is like factory sharp and straight. I like how sharp I get the blade and it does not take long to hand sharpen. good luck.
  34. DB Pilot

    Enjoying my David Brown 780 Selectomatic

    Just updating my thread. Got worried someone might think I gave up on the restoration of the David Brown 780. Had to put all back together as the tractor was needed for field clearing (brush Hog). The birds in the barn already christened the new paint on the hood. :muttering: Have put 19...
  35. DB Pilot

    Recommend (or UN-recommend) a specific 3pt wood chipper

    Oh Boy. sharpening the blades. The first time I got the blades off I was looking at a variety of files, angle grinder and bench grinder. But I found a ski edger (see picture). For sharp 90 degree edges. First I run it along the beveled edge of the chipper blade and I get and keep a nice...
  36. DB Pilot

    Mower Deck Storage Stand

    I did it! The mower stand is complete. Thanks for the Idea KennyG. Overall length of unit is 16". Gave it a rocker test and it will not tip over while working on the deck. I think if I should build another set I would make it 18" but am happy with what I have built. Couldn't help...
  37. DB Pilot

    used kubota BX2200 owner

    Here are some pictures of things that I needed to do to the Kubota BX2200 over the years. Pic 1 ( sorry about the focus) is the steel grate that was needed to save the plastic grill despite putting the brush bar on. Pic 2 shows the tool canister that is on the roll bar ( no drilling but...
  38. DB Pilot

    Enjoying my David Brown 780 Selectomatic

    Wanted to put these on my thread. this was my first tractor. The 2001 BX2200. Shown are some of the repairs that were needed over the years. Grill needed on wide open brush bar, tool box on roll bar, bands on air cleaner that kept braking on original, Taped seat, secure gasket on...
  39. DB Pilot

    Enjoying my David Brown 780 Selectomatic

    Hope the details are clear enough with these two pictures. If I can get these done with clean lines it will look very cool on the tractor. It goes just forward of the shifters. The left most lever is Normal up and Slow down. Then Low and High lever and right most is the three speed and...
  40. DB Pilot

    Enjoying my David Brown 780 Selectomatic

    Well here is the hood with the grill painted Case Power Red. It is the correct color for the British Poppy Red.
  41. DB Pilot

    Enjoying my David Brown 780 Selectomatic

    Few more pictures today. Front tires back on and Battery hold down rebuilt. Seat bracket in place. :wave:
  42. DB Pilot

    Enjoying my David Brown 780 Selectomatic

    Here is the David Brown Hood Emblem. I saved as much paint as I could but it needed freshening up. Also the two gear shift knobs. Noticed the shift pattern and painted over it and then lightly polished off the surface leaving the grooves white. Odd thing is the gear shifter was screwed on...
  43. DB Pilot

    Enjoying my David Brown 780 Selectomatic

    Here are pictures of the David Brown "Super Comfort Seat". It has been completely rebuilt. I will have to mount it on the tractor to test. It does crank up and down nicely though. The seat cushion is a Massey Ferguson seat but seems to fit nicely. The backrest is very solid with no...
  44. DB Pilot

    Enjoying my David Brown 780 Selectomatic

    Found these pictures of the David Brown 780 on the day I bought it. Notice the original air cleaner which I have since updated. It will be interesting to compare the tractor at different stages of repair. :wave::yes:
  45. DB Pilot

    Enjoying my David Brown 780 Selectomatic

    Here are a few more photos and the Tachometer that started all this. Today I pulled the Seat mechanism apart. It was a brutal process due to rust and damaged parts. I learned a lot about the "Super Comfort seat". Which is what David Brown called it. Turns out it is the same seat that Ford...
  46. DB Pilot

    Enjoying my David Brown 780 Selectomatic

    Here are some pictures of my David Brown 780 Selectamatic refurbish project. Notice the Three point hitch photo that shows the rebuilt sway bars. The seat is a Massey Ferguson seat but with the extra foam and half the cost of an original replacement, I think I might like it better. Fenders...
  47. DB Pilot

    Enjoying my David Brown 780 Selectomatic

    Hello everybody. Have been looking on TBN for awhile. Time to Join. I Have a David Brown 780. It is running very well. Starts on first try except of course in cold weather. But Not needed now as the Kubota L3800 and Bx2200 are working for snow removal. What I am doing is de-rusting...