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  1. CurlyDave

    Rock Trommel

    OK here is an image of my screen. The size of the screen is actually 8' x 8', I used two 4' x 8' pieces of expanded metal side by side. It is elevated about 12" to allow material to build up as it is separated. This is not going to be as efficient in collecting all of the fines as the...
  2. CurlyDave

    Building our retirement home

    I would think along the lines of a metal rod, say 3/4" or 1" in diameter. If you wanted to put one between the steel posts, you could have 6" or so of each end threaded and drill holes through the posts. Nuts and washers on each end and you have an excellent tension member. Tightening the nuts...
  3. CurlyDave

    Need Advice on Ford 6.0 L Diesel

    I have a 2004 F250 with a 6.0 L Diesel. I bought it 3.5 years ago primarily to tow the toy hauler I camp in while hunting, a 10,000 lb dump trailer, and a recently acquired 18' flat bed with my JD 110 TLB on it. The last item is the most demanding, coming in at about 11,000 lb. Despite having...
  4. CurlyDave

    John Deere 4410 -- Brake Adjust

    Trying to help a neighbor with a John Deere 4410. The tractor has been sorely neglected in the maintenance department, but we are going through that and getting it done. I can't find anything on how to adjust the brakes, which seem to be dragging. Any advice? Thanks, Dave
  5. CurlyDave

    Traction Wheel Spacers

    After being snowed in at the top of our steep 1+ mile driveway, I broke down and ordered a set of chains for the rears of my JD 110 TLB. They should get here this week, but now I need a set of wheel spacers, since the clearance on the inside of the wheels, is less than about 1.5" . I intend to...
  6. CurlyDave

    Concrete Markers (Inserts?)(Inlays?)

    Every once in a while I will see a metal marker, usually brass or bronze, set into a horizontal concrete surface. Frequently they will have the points of the compass (North, East, South, West) on them. What are these called? :confused: I am putting in a large flagpole and a concrete walkway...
  7. CurlyDave

    Trailer Length for JD 110 TLB ?

    I was looking at bumper pull equipment trailers for my JD 110 TLB today. With the backhoe tucked completely in, the machine is ~21 feet long. There is about 6ft. of overhang behind the rear wheels, so I don't think I need a trailer longer than the backhoe, but what is the correct length...
  8. CurlyDave

    Finally Sold our House in CA

    3 1/2 years ago our house in Woodside, CA burned while it was on the market. I moved back to CA and as an owner-builder replaced everything except the foundation. Upgrades everywhere. On April 24 we closed escrow on the house and are now permanent OR residents. This has been a long uphill...
  9. CurlyDave

    Gravel Parking Area over Old Burn Pile

    Is there any known downside to putting a gravel parking area over an old burn pile? How about a paved parking area? I need to burn off a fair amount of small downed trees and the beast place to do it is in an area where I will later want to put a driveway/parking area. Is there any reason not...
  10. CurlyDave

    Hornet Nest near Propane Tank

    I walked out to check the propane level and found what seems to be a weathered hornet nest lying next to the tank. See pix. This is a 500 gallon tank and it is ~ 3 to 4' in diameter. The nest is about a foot across. Looks to me like the fool thing fell off a tree and rolled downhill to its...
  11. CurlyDave

    Diesel Engine Question

    My new to me 2004 F-250 with ~67000 miles runs very well once it has warmed up. But the engine is very sluggish and underpowered when it is cold. It has the 6.0 liter engine. I have never owned a diesel truck before and need to know if this is normal or is something wrong? I have a 50-50...
  12. CurlyDave

    Brake Controller Reese vs. Prodigy vs. ???

    I upgraded my tow rig from a 2000 F-150 to a (new to me) 2004 F-250 with a 6.0 liter diesel. The primary purpose of this rig is to tow my "Redneck Hunting Lodge", a Nomad Toy Hauler, 27' from hitch to rear bumper. 2 axles, both with brakes. Manufacturer's claimed weight is 6110 lbs empty, but...
  13. CurlyDave

    Hood for JD 4410

    My neighbor, who is not very computer-savvy, had a piece of firewood fall on his 4410 hood and break it into pieces. When I look on the internet, I see ones on eBay for $299 with free shipping, and ones for $240 with $25 shipping. Does anyone know of a used hood which might be available for less?
  14. CurlyDave

    Smoker Recommendations

    Well, the catch limit at my group's favorite lake has been raised this year because they are overrun with trout. I know this is a terrible problem, but the issue we have is that we have been taking home more fish than we could eat fresh for a few years and we don't really like them frozen...
  15. CurlyDave

    Dump Trailer Fluid

    Yesterday, I went to the dump and dumped a load of debris with my dump trailer. When I went to lower the bed, I could not get it down. It is single acting cylinder type, with a battery powered hydraulic pump to raise and a solenoid valve to allow it to lower under its own weight. I managed...
  16. CurlyDave

    A New Danger on Backhoe

    While excavating for a foundation for my new garage, I discovered an abandoned 3/4" water pipe buried about 18" under the earth. It had clearly run under the old garage, and from the location of the existing water line had developed a leak and been abandoned. Anyway the left hand 2-3' popped up...
  17. CurlyDave

    I hurt my JD 110 TLB Today

    I picked up a large 5' x 6' slab of 4" concrete today, intending to drop it on the ground and break it into manageable pieces, and it slipped out of the grip between the thumb and the backhoe bucket. It dropped, almost balanced, and then fell against the extended rod of the outrigger hydraulic...
  18. CurlyDave

    Shipping Tractor

    I am shipping my JD 110 TLB from Oregon to CA using someone I found through uShip. Does anyone know what kind of paperwork and insurance I should expect the trucker to show me before I wave goodbye and watch my expensive tractor roll off into the sunset? Other than riding in the seat with a...
  19. CurlyDave

    Man dies after being stung over 500 times

    Here is a story of a guy with a backhoe who died after apparently disturbing a bee nest. Man dies after being stung over 500 times by bees
  20. CurlyDave

    Air Spring Safety ?

    About 18 months ago I installed Firestone Sport Rite air bags on my 2000 F-150. They have made a significant improvement in towing ability. About two weeks ago I was hauling a load of dirt in my dump trailer when I heard a loud "pop" and one of the air bags broke. Fortunately this was at low...
  21. CurlyDave

    Foundation Bolt Strength

    Can anyone give me a pointer to the pull-out strength of a 5/8" x 12" foundation bolt, wet set in 2500 psi or 3000 psi concrete? I thought this would be easy to find on the internet, but was I ever wrong. This is the L-shaped bolt, sometimes called a mudsill bolt. Thanks Dave
  22. CurlyDave

    Roof Slope Question

    Rebuilding my burned out house, I am having to jump through a lot of hoops the Town is putting up. One is that in many places I can not increase the overall height of the house, not even by an inch. The problem that I am facing is that my old roof was built 100 years ago from 2x4 rafters. To...
  23. CurlyDave

    Best Way to Adapt this plate to Skid Steer

    I need suggestions on the best way to adapt this plate to a standard skid steer mounting plate. It is on a BobCat Model 10 Auger. While it looks like a skid steer attachment plate it is smaller than the standard. This plate is 36" wide, while the standard plate is ~45" wide. I have been...
  24. CurlyDave

    Coloring Sandstone Patio

    I re-set a sandstone patio and tightened up the spacing condiderably. This meant that I had to get some new stone, and what matched the sample I took to the stoneyard doesn't match at all, now that I have it set. Much too light. Is there a way to stain or color sandstone like concrete can be...
  25. CurlyDave

    Old Slab New Mudsills

    I have finally demolished my burned-out house and am starting to move along on rebuilding. One of the questions which a contractor brought up is the question of how an I going to handle the fact that I now have a 20 year old foundation with old, plain steel foundation bolts (a little rusty, but...
  26. CurlyDave

    F-150 Valve Tappets(?)

    I have a 2000 F-150 with the V-8 Triton engine, right now 75k miles. Based on some threads on TBN, about 2k miles ago, I changed the oil to RotellaT 5W-40 synthetic. Almost immediately I started hearing a noise which I have always associated with valve tappets (rat-tat-tat-tat-tat...). Almost...
  27. CurlyDave

    Zerk Installation

    Well, the time has finally come. I knocked a couple of zerks off the hoe. I noticed it, but ignored it until the next greasing was due, which is before the next time I use it. I went down to HF and got an assortment of American-sizes of zerks, and an assortment of metric sizes, so I think I...
  28. CurlyDave

    I need help with my truck

    The Truck: 2000 F-150 4x4 v-8 Triton, Automatic. 72,000 miles. The Problem: It spilled a lot of what seems to be transmission fluid in my driveway. The Terrain: My driveway is ~700' long with a 15% uphill grade coming in. It is gravel. The Weather: Clear and hot, 105 degrees maybe more...
  29. CurlyDave

    When to grease?

    My JD 110 TLB manual says to grease the FEL and the Backhoe every 10 hours or daily, which I have taken to mean that if I run it 8-10 hours all in the same day, I need to grease it. It is rare for me to run anywhere near that long in one day. Usually it is an hour or two in one day and an hour...
  30. CurlyDave

    Hold Muh Beer & Watch This

    Terre Haute man tries to tow crashed car with tractor - WTHR | Indianapolis Never drink & drive an 8-wheel tractor...
  31. CurlyDave

    Overfilled Propane Tanks -- How Dangerous are They?

    Since DW and I stuck here in CA for the house rebuild, and the weather finally turned HOT, DW put he foot down and demanded a grill so she wouldn't have to make the kitchen any hotter. Went down to a local store and got a medium-low quality gas one, since it only has to last for two summers...
  32. CurlyDave

    One of My EVIL Dogs Has Done Me In

    Well, today I got distracted in the kitchen and late this morning one of my labs ate the meat juice absorber from a WalMart package of beef. This thing has a black plastic cover about 4" x 6", with about 3/8" of some kind of white absorbent material inside it. One side is perforated to let the...
  33. CurlyDave

    A Question for Contractors

    In Oregon the law requires a contractor to give a one year warranty on a new house. Our house was finished in November of 2007. We have a deck on the second floor, which I had finished in tile. Special, outdoor porcelain tile. Before the tile contractor installed it, I told him that this was...
  34. CurlyDave

    Oil & Fuel Engine Oil for JD 110TLB

    The time for an engine oil change has come, and when I look in the manual I find the attached, highly educational diagram. It is easy to understand, except for the fact that there are no numbers on the thermometer in the diagram. Does anyone know either where the numbers are supposed to be on...
  35. CurlyDave

    Cure for cross-eyed cow

    This is hillarious: The Country Today
  36. CurlyDave

    3 in 1 oil vs. WD40

    I bought a container of 3 in 1 oil today and while I was waiting in the line at the register, I read the little plastic bottle. It turns out that it is now made by WD40. Does anyone know when this happened? I have always had a much higher regard for 3 in 1 than for WD40, ever since the time...
  37. CurlyDave

    House Burned Up -- Anyone Know about Insurance?

    Our house in Woodside, California burned up two days before Thanksgiving. I say burned up rather than "burned down" because the shell is still standing, although all windows and doors are gone, and the interior is a complete loss. We had it on the market for 6 months and it hadn't sold yet...
  38. CurlyDave

    Electrical Adaptor

    Has anyone ever seen an adaptor which would plug into a 7 pin connector on my truck and give me a 12 V cigarette lighter socket? I need to plug in a 12 V compressor in the bed of my pickup. I know there is 12 V somewhere in the 7 pin socket there, and this would be the perfect solution.
  39. CurlyDave

    Cold Weather Grease

    Actually, it should be "moderately cold weather grease". It was about 40 degrees F today, and I greased my tractor. The old grease I wiped off the zercs had the consistency of taffy. Really hard to get it off. The new grease was stiff and hard, but not as bad as the old grease. Is there a...
  40. CurlyDave

    Helper Springs on Truck Question

    I have a 2000 F-150 that I use to tow two trailers. According to the manual, the max allowable trailer weight is 7400 lbs for my model. Both trailers have electric brakes and I have a Prodigy brake controller in the truck. First trailer is an enclosed 16' one that I bought primarily to move my...
  41. CurlyDave

    Two Way Radio

    I need recommendations for a good FRS/GMRS radio. We use them for hunting and they are quite useful, but I seem to have very bad luck. There are three criteria I have is that it has to run on AA batteries, replaceable, not rechargeable. Anyone who has ever been hunting for 2+ weeks knows that...
  42. CurlyDave

    Securing Hunting Trailer

    This year elk season opens 3 days after deer season closes. The place we hunt elk is only a few miles from where we hunt deer, which is about 150 miles from home. I am thinking of just leaving my hunting trailer where we will hunt elk and driving the pickup home for 3 days of hot showers...
  43. CurlyDave

    Blackberry Bushes

    I have about 1/2 mile of private road to maintain and blackberry bushes are encroaching on both sides of about 1/4 mile. Yesterday I set out to trim them back, I put a generator in the back of my pickup, and started using the electric hedge trimmer which had worked so well in our suburban back...
  44. CurlyDave

    What to do with a broken chain

    One of the things I forgot to mention about the tractor rollover incident from a couple of days ago is that I managed to break a HF, grade 43, 3/8" chain in the process of righting the Ford 4000, Essentially the Ford FEL bucket had jammed itself about 6" into the ground in the initial turnover...
  45. CurlyDave

    Neighbor Rolled His Ford 4000 Yesterday

    My 77 year old neighbor was coming down his very steep driveway yesterday. When he was at a section where the driveway is about 5' above grade, on top of pit run shale (about a 45 degree angle of repose) a front wheel went over the side. Soon both wheels on the left side were over the side of...
  46. CurlyDave

    How Do I Take This Tree Down Safely ?

    This picture was taken with the camera held true horizontal & vertical. Yes the trees really do lean that much. The one I am concerned about is the evergreen which has broken about 30" above the ground. It is about 40' tall, and at about 25' it has hung up on the branch of a live oak. It is...
  47. CurlyDave

    Payne's Hitch Receiver

    I don't know whether this belongs in Safety or Attachments, possibly a moderator could help me. But, I need to bring everyone's attention to a serious safety issue with Payne's Clamp On Hitch Receivers. I have one of these and use it on the 4-n-1 bucket on my John Deere TLB 110, which has the...
  48. CurlyDave

    Driveway Questions

    Well, our new house was finished about 6 weeks ago, and we are starting to move in. We have about 1000' of driveway, 14' wide. Most of it has a grade of 15-16% and is pretty well made -- fabric, 1' to 5' of base rock (pit run shale) with 6" of 3/4" minus on top of it. The 3/4" - has been...
  49. CurlyDave

    Moving a Gun Safe

    I may need to move a gun safe (1000 lb) at some point in the future. In the past I have done this by working the safe up onto wooden blocks with a lever dolly ( until I could get a pallet jack under it. Then I...
  50. CurlyDave

    Propane Gas Fireplace

    We are putting a propane built-in fireplace in the living room of our new house. Our GC has suggested a supplier who only carries Lennox brand. Does anyone have any experience with this brand? Any other brands we should consider? Any brands to avoid?