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  1. dourobob

    Toro Wheelhorse 520Xi - VALUE

    I have a chance to buy a Toro Wheelhorse 520Xi. What I know is this (stated by the seller who is the second owner): Year 1999 Model 520 Xi Purchased in 1999 for $11K Add aftermarket FEL with ON/OFF switch for hydraulics 25 HP Kohler Command Engine (annual service and uses only synthetic oil)...
  2. dourobob

    Any Electronic copies of KIOTI Manuals

    Need to replace my DK45SE HST owner manual and loader manual. I know they are available form dealer but wondered if anyone knew a site where they can be downloaded. Thanks Bob
  3. dourobob

    Oil & Fuel Hydraulic leak

    Been away from this forum for a while. We sold our farm and have moved to a place where I no longer need my DK45SE HST. I was just moving the last few heavy pieces of statuary before getting ready advertise the tractor for sale and I noticed a dark spot on the ground underneath the area on the...
  4. dourobob

    PTO Generator - which one to choose

    Hi Folks I, like many lately, have been exploring the stand-by generator option and I have come up with two possibilities that appear viable for my situation. I have a 200 amp manual pole top transfer switch already professionally installed. Option One A 25+ year old WINPOWER PTO Unit with 25...
  5. dourobob

    Eutectic 2 cycle oil

    I came across a few cans of 2 cycle oil called Granberg Eutectic Two Cycle - says it is mixed at 100:1 ratio and is good in all 2 cycle motors - Chainsaws, pumps, mowers, trimmers, etc. Claims to be better (of course) than regular 2 cycle oil mix. I can't find anything on the web about this...
  6. dourobob

    DK 45SE HST - Starting in any range not just neutral

    I may have mentioned this before but it seems to be the only little mystery left with my DK45 SE HST with cab. Since the wiring harness was replaced it has been running without fail but ... I notice when it is cold and I wish to start it there is no light on the dash to indicate if the range...
  7. dourobob

    Heater Controls DK 45 SE HST

    I will readily admit to not always being the sharpest knife in the drawer but this issue has confused me. Perhaps it is a translation issue :laughing: In my DK45 SE cab, contrary to the instructions in the manual, I get heat when I turn the knob "COUNTER CLOCKWISE" and I get cold when I turn...
  8. dourobob

    Convert KL401 to "Self Leveling"

    Hi Is there a kit to add this "Self Leveling" feature to a loader? Seems like a worthwhile feature and makes me wonder why it wouldn't be standard. Bob
  9. dourobob

    Is the lower radiator heater cord shot??

    Had some rad problems and discovered a leak at the lower rad hose heater. Fixed the leak - a couple of loosened clamps - but now the heater is not working. I took some pictures (worth many words I think) and am wondering if anyone knows whether it might be the cord that is faulty. The other...
  10. dourobob

    Anti-Freeze Issue or ?

    Hi I am looking for some advice on what I should be checking for the following on my DK45SE HST: A few weeks ago my temp gauge dropped to "no reading". I checked the rad and discovered it was down - approx one quart of 50/50 mix was added No evidence of leaks noted at this point A week or...
  11. dourobob

    DK 45 SE HST Temperature Gauge

    Had a bit of a strange thing happen this morning - Started the tractor to warm up so I could do a couple of tasks - it was -15C here. (Around Zero F) It started easily and I let it run for 15 - 20 minutes Temp reading had come up to almost normal. Started first task and temp gauge went back...
  12. dourobob

    Help with electrical connection for 12 v winch

    I have set up a 12 volt winch to run the rotation on the chute of my snow blower. It works fine in the shop but I need to figure out how to power it on the tractor. I can bring 8 or 10 gauge wire directly from the battery to inside the cab but I am looking for a simple and inexpensive plug-in...
  13. dourobob

    Front Snowblower - Tell if (WHY) this won't work

    I have a KIOTI DK 45SE HST tractor with loader and I want to mount and run my 76" Meteor snow blower on the loader. Hydraulics are 16.5 GPM Drive is Hydrostatic I have a remote hydraulic set up The "Hydraulics Expert" at Princess Auto says he has lots of guys who use this hydro motor to run 6...
  14. dourobob

    Unusual instruction translations

    I have been watching the discussion on What does this lever do? - and chuckling at the comments about translation in the manuals. I am sure there are some interesting examples of "unusual translations" out there. I used to have a1985 ZETOR 5245 with a couple of doozies - 1 -...
  15. dourobob

    Power Socket in cab of DK 45SE HST

    Hi Folks I have just installed a small 12 volt winch on the chute rotator of my snow blower. Tested it with a battery and it seems to work well. Now I want to set it up to work from inside the cab. Three questions: 1 - is there enough power in the Power Socket to do this - manual says it is a...
  16. dourobob

    KIOTI DK 45 SE HST Stopped while running - won't re-start

    It all started out fine but ... I was bush hogging earlier today and had been operating for about an hour when, all of a sudden, the tractor shut down. No cough. No spit. No sputter. No shudder. It just stopped. I wasn't sure what to even look for but started with the basics. Fresh fuel...
  17. dourobob

    Front-End Loader Loader mounted 3 PH

    Hi I posted this in the KIOTI forum but now think it might be more suited for this area. Came across a Princess Auto add for front mount quick hitch | Princess Auto It is made by a company in the USA called SpeeCo Inc. - Log Splitter, Tractor Parts, OEM and Farm Accessory Contact information...
  18. dourobob

    3-Point Hitch Loader Mount 3PH

    Hi Came across a Princess Auto add for front mount quick hitch | Princess Auto Made by a company in the USA called SpeeCo Inc. - Log Splitter, Tractor Parts, OEM and Farm Accessory Contact information. A few questions: Has anyone used one of these? With what implements? How did it work...
  19. dourobob

    Where can I put a Tool Box on a DK45SE HST with Cab

    Sorry - did not think the first post went through - mods please delete
  20. dourobob

    Where can I put a Tool Box on a DK45SE HST with Cab

    I have been looking and looking for the right spot to locate a tool box on my new DK45 and would be really happy if someone can tell me how they solved this issue. Most of the posts I have looked at are for machines without cabs. The cab, while really appreciated these days of snow removal...
  21. dourobob

    New KIOTI DK 45 SE HST

    Hi Folks Thanks to a number of folks on this board I made the decision and I just had delivered a new DK 45 SE HST with cab. So far I have less than 1 hour on it. What a difference from my old 1985 Zetor 5245!! Apart from the compact physical size, I am having an interesting time getting...
  22. dourobob

    Options instead of PRINCE PTO pump

    Hi Folks I have been reading voraciously over the past few weeks and recently came across a post where a person used a hydraulic pump on the PTO of their tractor that they claimed was much less expensive than a comparable Prince PTO Hydraulic Pump. In my project I am wanting to convert a rear...
  23. dourobob

    Front-End Loader How do I make a 3PH Blower work on a FEL

    Hi I had posted this in Customization but now believe it should have been here under attachments. Lots of great ideas here for my project. I have read a few threads that relate to this situation but I now need more specific details on the hydraulic part. I have a 75" Meteor Snowblower that I...
  24. dourobob

    Snowblower - Move from 3PH to FEL

    Hi I have read a few threads that relate to this situation but I now need more specific details on the hydraulic part. I have a 75" Meteor Snowblower that I have been using on my 3 PH. I believe it should be possible to run this blower attached to the FEL. Understand I need a hydraulic motor...
  25. dourobob

    What other model Kubota will a Front Mount Snowblow from a Kubota L275 fit on

    Title says it all. Have a line on a front mount snow blower that was used on a Kubota L275. Am looking at the possible purchase of a Kubota like B2410, B3030, B7800, L2800 or L3240 and want to know if the blower might fit or if it will be too much jigging to make the sub-frame work. Appreciate...
  26. dourobob

    Looking for research recommendation

    Hi Folks I have been away from this forum for a while due to health and a few other issues. Now I have a question for those who are current on the features of various tractors. I am having to get rid of my 1985 Zetor 5245 due to some problems with my clutch leg and I am interested in any...
  27. dourobob

    Free/Cheap/Useful Software Recommendations

    Anyone have any suggestions for Free/Cheap/Useful Software to help us design a new, energy efficient, wheelchair friendly retirement home? Thanks Bob
  28. dourobob

    Looking for PILOON - new member in Montreal Quebec

    Hi You sent me a private e-mail about a front mount snowblower. Woulod like more information but you have not added much to your user profile and you have no posts to date. How can we connect. Bob
  29. dourobob

    David Brown 990 questions - right place??

    I have been using my neighbour's 990 David Brown for a few hours - no DB experience before this. It has a power steering leak that appears to be at the top of the steering shaft just below the steering wheel. He says he had the seal replaced at the lower end of the shaft in the spring but it...
  30. dourobob

    Advice needed - changing 3ph to submount backhoe

    A local farmer has asked me to investigate if it is possible or practical to try and change a 3ph mounted backhoe to a sub mount backhoe. He bought the backhoe unit at an auction and doesn't know the brand. Wants to mount it on a 52 HP David Brown farm tractor. I haven't actually seen the...
  31. dourobob

    Memcomatic 130 welder - need info

    My neighbour just gave me one of these MIG welders - bought it 6 or 8 years ago and doesn't use it at all. He doesn't have the manual. The info I have been able to get is: Memco Products Division Appleton Wisconsin - Can't find them thru Google Memcomatic 130 20% duty cycle Must be on a...
  32. dourobob

    Trencher Plans

    I'm fairly sure I saw a discussion on this a while ago but I have not been able to find it using the search. Has anyone seen the plans for the Trencher Model 103 from CADPLANS? I am a very beginning welder and I would like to try to build something like this as my first project. Does...
  33. dourobob

    Is "Pretty Good" "Good Enough"?

    Is \"Pretty Good\" \"Good Enough\"? One of my favourite farmers/authors, Joel Salatin, wrote an essay one time, I think it was called "Pretty Good is Good Enough". One of his examples was about his Dad who was a perfectionist. His Dad would get upset if a gate was not built perfectly square...
  34. dourobob

    Front Mount Snowblower decision (I hope)

    While I don't want to belabour this topic, I am very anxious to begin a realistic AND inexpensive conversion of my 3PH snowblower so it can be ready to use as a front blower for next winter - unfortunately a new tractor is way beyond the budget these days. It seems the most likely way to do...
  35. dourobob

    Wanted (more) info on Front Mount Snowblower

    Well, I have been all over the map on this one from "just put up with the stiff neck and back " to "buy a whole new outfit for $35K 'ouch ") and it looks like the only way I'll be able to afford to blow snow while looking ahead from the tractor seat is to try and fabricate (with the help of a...
  36. dourobob

    Excellent Dealers-Central/Southern Ontario Canada?

    I know most of the members here are from the USA but there a few "Canucks" on this site. I am thinking of trading my two current gear driven tractors for a new (or new to me) HST machine with front 3PH & PTO. I live near Peterborough Ontario and I am willing to travel a couple of hours (maybe...
  37. dourobob

    Just Can't Remember

    Just Can\'t Remember Been away from TBN for a while and notice some changes - mostly "good" so far. I can't remember how to tag a favourite Forum so it shows on my list. Also, should my "favourite forums" show up on "My Home" or only under "Main Index" after I log in? Thanks. Bob
  38. dourobob

    Oww!! My aching back!

    I have been following a number of posts in TBN and figured I would present the following senario for comments/suggestions of those who have "been there done that". I have recently hurt my back ) (and I am getting older ) so am interested in operating some of my implements out where I can see...
  39. dourobob

    Converting a Snowblower to front mount (help)

    Many have said that the ideas are cheap, it's the implementation that is the killer. I am just at the noodling stage here and I did the search and read on TBN about the folks attempting to do this conversion but, I have a few, very basic, questions that I could not find answers for on TBN - at...
  40. dourobob

    Canadian tractor parts

    I saw a link in the new section "related links" for tractor parts in Canda but lost the URL and haven't see the link again. I don't think it was the ebay Canada one. Does anyone know what it is?? Thanks Bob
  41. dourobob

    Box Blade meets Rear Tractor Tire - OUCH!

    Was doing some barnyard work for a neighbour and the top link on my Box Blade broke. The weld at the eye gave way when the BB was raised to full height NOT when it was on the ground - I remember someone talking about raising a BB without the top link attached and saying he had to replace both...
  42. dourobob

    80w90 mineral oil - what is is called from various

    Just trying to expand my options in looking for hydraulic/transmission oil for my MF 35. The manual (and Big Dean) say 80w90 straight mineral oil GL1. What do the various suppliers call their oil that meets Massey's M1103 specs? For example Shell calls theirs Dentax What about Quaker State...
  43. dourobob

    80/90 Gear Oil - Difference in GL1 and GL5??

    Any quick answers on this one. Local WalMart is selling 80/90 Gear oil GL5 but it doesn't say anything about being compatible with Massey M1103. According to Big Dean, the guru of Masseys, <font color="red"> "The oil used in MF35s is an 80/90 wt. Trans/Hyd oil it is not the same as the SAE...
  44. dourobob

    MF FE 35 (1962) Hydro/Transmission Oil

    I have been away from this board (and my FE 35) for a while due to a couple of emergency eye surgeries (detached retina repair and scar tissue removal - getting older is a drag!!) Now that I have been able to get back on the tractor for an hour or so at a time I am having some further oil...
  45. dourobob

    Used Wall Paper Paste containers - SAFE??

    Help! I have been looking to obtain a couple of 200 gallon water tanks and I recently came across an alternative. A few weeks ago I saw a container with a FOR SALE sign on it. When I inquired I found out it was used for agricultural chemicals, and thnaks to the advice from folks on this forum...
  46. dourobob

    Missing graphics

    I have been off the board for a bit (eye surgery - detached retina) and now when I get on all of the graphics appear to be missing. Hope it is just a temporay thing because of the faulty hard drive problem but thought you should know about it. Anyone else missing graphics?? Bob
  47. dourobob

    Service Manaul - Ariens YT 935

    I have spent the last hour searching the web for a source of Service Manuals for a 1988 Ariens 935 series Yard Tractor. It has a 12 HP Briggs & Stratton and hydro transmission. The transmission is jerking and bucking in reverse and I want to try and check it out but I'm not really sure where...
  48. dourobob

    Advice for Cleaning Chemical Tanks

    Hi I need some help here and it is a safety issue of sorts. I have found for sale a plastic container that was used for bulk agricultural chemicals (herbicides/pesticides). The tank is empty and, as far as I know has not been scoured clean. It has a 1000 litre (about 220 gallons) capacity and...
  49. dourobob

    Concrete or ?? Tires

    I am looking to convert an old and worn out manure spreader to a water carrier and I want to do it as inexpensively as possible. Think I can get two 1000 litre (220 Gal BR or 264 Gal US) tanks fairly cheap and I think they will fit nicely on the spreader bed. My question is about tires and how...
  50. dourobob

    Another "Moment of Error"

    Another \"Moment of Error\" Moment of error Stay alert! Pay attention!!