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  1. Rebeldad1

    Battery based electric vehicles of today and tomorrow.

    has anybody done a deep dive into the Ford Lightning? Sounds like a great fit for us.
  2. Rebeldad1

    Float option routing

    google= 4 way tractor valve with float or any hydraulic shop or any tractor dealer.
  3. Rebeldad1

    Float option routing

    you need a control valve with float builtin
  4. Rebeldad1

    NGO company refurbisher?

    I bought a 6000lb New Holland brand new with 0 hours, 2 year warranty and 30+ years newer for only a couple thousand dollars more. No shipping and local parts and service. Not seeing any benefit in yours for the money
  5. Rebeldad1

    Need info on rotary tiller for my specific needs

    for what you have to till get as big a tiller as you can handle. you might also look at Betstco tillers. They have 3 grades of tillers. Free shipping and work really well. Quite happy with mine
  6. Rebeldad1

    Seat operator present safety switch, Do not lift a cheek....

    simple fix. adjust the switch. sounds like its not getting enough contact pressure
  7. Rebeldad1

    Clay aroma

    Gotta ask.... What does clay encouraging mean?
  8. Rebeldad1

    Welding a hydraulic anchor point

    Sounds to me like from your knowledge of welding you would be much better off to spend some time prepping the weld area and take the tractor to a weld shop to have it welded. Once and done
  9. Rebeldad1

    Landscape Rake

    lot of people dont use them much. paid $400 for a great used 7" one.
  10. Rebeldad1

    Rural porch pirates: ideas?

    how about putting your box a couple hundred feet up your driveway. would be away from the road. could also put a couple working or dummy game cameras on posts near the entrance to make the thieves aware someone is watching
  11. Rebeldad1

    Allowed slope angle

    my mini-x is rated to 30 degrees. would recommend running the Best AMSoil engine oil in case something happens. Will save you tons of money
  12. Rebeldad1

    Sears Chainsaw Leaks Bar Oil

    Had the same with my Dewalt 20V Found out it was leaking from the cap. Had a groove cut in it for a o-ring but no o-ring installed. Just added 1 this morning. Fingers crossed...
  13. Rebeldad1

    allowed pushing with box blade

    a really bad idea. not what 3 points are designed for. in fact the front bucket really isnt designed for pushing either. we all do it some of us are more careful than others.
  14. Rebeldad1

    Winter storage

    If you loe it a Costco type 10X20 carport would be swell!
  15. Rebeldad1

    Shear Bolts??

    Call any bolt supply co. They ship Grade 2 bolt would do, whatever will fit the hole.
  16. Rebeldad1

    Max 26 Diff lock stuck

    What did the service manager say to do?
  17. Rebeldad1

    Vented propane heating stove

    What manufacturer and model? how does it vent directly indoors without all the moisture?
  18. Rebeldad1

    Buying MAGAZINE subscriptions....BOWHUNTER

    "cancel my subscription" would probably work better
  19. Rebeldad1

    Anyone else have trouble with the brake lock?

    On most tractors the brake pedal hold down is just a bar that has notches in it. Check the bar. If needed modify the notches to be a more positive contact to the pedal
  20. Rebeldad1

    Woods RD990X Can't Get Blades Off to Sharpen! Best Method to Sharpen Them On the Mower?

    what did Woods recommend when you asked them?
  21. Rebeldad1

    Value of original rice tires

    looks like im seeing cracks in them. would make them hard to sell as well as being rice tires. wouldnt be my first choice. might put them on ebay.
  22. Rebeldad1

    Well today I learned 5 things about post hole augers

    I store my PHD in the ground. Dig down a foot or two and cut the tractor loose. Easy to reconnect when needed
  23. Rebeldad1

    Can ls dealers refuse warranty work on tractor not purchased from them??

    sounds like a dealer who knows his limitations. He might be doing you a favor. Warranty work helps pay their bills.
  24. Rebeldad1

    Trespasser.....what would you do?

    Take the stands and turn them into the sheriff. Tell them what you did. Second call would be contact fish and game. Ask them what you can do to prevent it. A few no trespassing signs (the bigger the better) posted at all the access points to your property will help.
  25. Rebeldad1

    Leveling ground for tractor shed

    A hand landscape rake will get you off the tractor and give you a better prospective of what's level. If you are having it assembled by a contractor they (i've been told in my contract) you can be within 3" and they can work with that.
  26. Rebeldad1

    John Deere keeps blowing starting fuse.

    If you havnt done it. I would first check all your grounds. There cant be too many. Lots of tail chasing from bad grounds. Post what you find the problem was.
  27. Rebeldad1

    Why do we keep driving to far away stores that are understocked, understaffed and don't care?

    Amazon for us is first choice. Opens a window to pretty much anything we need. Its a 170 mile round trip to a city of any size. Have tried calling and ordering over the phone, They are always happy to take our order. Last time we did this the shipping for 3 oil filters was about $25.00. Amazon...
  28. Rebeldad1

    Bush Hog BH25 yokes breaking

    best if he does 400 acres a year is to get a heavy duty brush cutter for commercial use. chain the top link. problem solved.
  29. Rebeldad1

    Tonneau Cover thoughts?

    How about a simple cab high canopy.
  30. Rebeldad1

    RZT SX 46 KH PTO problems - direct wire PTO

    Its up to you but I would wire it direct. For added safety you could add in a seat switch.
  31. Rebeldad1

    Toolcat is an amazing Christmas light decorating tool

    i decorated my first bulldozer with Christmas lights. It was great!
  32. Rebeldad1

    Best way to remove all methanol from tires.

    We dont have any flat ground so the tractor is working on inclines and declines. Tires are loaded with -20 washer fluid up to 70-80%. tractor is very stable now. You have to remember the tires loaded do not add weight to the tractor itself. It does add to the footprint and ballast to lifting...
  33. Rebeldad1

    Hour meter repair?

    amazon has wireless hour meters. stick on or screw on. meter starts when the engine does and stops when the engine stops. have some on my generators and sawmill. you could put it under the hood somewhere. under 20.00
  34. Rebeldad1

    KIOTI LB2204

    have you tried Michigan Iron and Equipment ?
  35. Rebeldad1

    Hey Rip! can I get a ride to the train station?

    2 hours wasnt enough! the 1863 yellowstone teaser looks like another great series
  36. Rebeldad1

    Best way to remove all methanol from tires.

    Sounds like you simply need to add water and as LD48750 says fill up to at least 75% Percentage of mix depends on weather and where you keep your tractor. If you dont know just fill to 75% with adding washer fluid. Cheap fix. wont freeze
  37. Rebeldad1

    Craigslist TS1610 acquired---Maybe too late but want to try and save it.

    I have had a few frozen tractors I have pulled out of barns and blackberries in my younger days... Did as you did. poured ATF into cylinders. pulled plugs or injectors and let it sit a few days. Never try to force the crankshaft to turn by starter, crank pulley or crank pulley bolt. you break...
  38. Rebeldad1

    Oil dispensing pump

    amazon has a list of 5qt -8qt oil pour containers that would make filling your tractor easier. also has a 5 gallon bucket screw-on pour spout with cap that would make filling a 5-8qt container easier to do. no motors or battery needed.
  39. Rebeldad1

    Rust oleum farm implement paint

    may have lasted but the color match is a bit off.
  40. Rebeldad1

    Horsepower increase

    drop down a gear...
  41. Rebeldad1

    Yanmar SA221 tractor seat cover

    Google.... Tractor Seat Cover
  42. Rebeldad1

    Mini Excavator?

    Always heard that a mini x was poor at best in snow. We dont have a flat spot almost anywhere on our road. When it snowed last there was about 6" on the ground. Normally we dont go anywhere, just wait it out. If needed to clear the snow we chain up 4 wheels on the tractor and have at it. For...
  43. Rebeldad1

    Mini Excavator?

    I dont think you can consider his tractor a dozer. I have both a tractor and a mini x. They work very well together, one doing something better than the other. Once you have a mini x you will find many uses. I have a 1/2 mile road to maintain. The tractor i maintain with a 7' rake. The mini x I...
  44. Rebeldad1

    New New Holland

    Actually after I first got it They came out to do a couple things. Havnt really needed anything I couldnt handle myself Recently (3 years later) I had a couple issues and needed a couple parts installed. I called and had them order parts. When the parts came in they called. If they were to come...
  45. Rebeldad1

    Weighting my Ford 1910

    Is it too light on the front to drive around, turn etc? then the extra 5 should help. If you are thinking its too light to do your brush hogging dont worry, when in cutting position the tail wheel takes most of the weight off the tractor.
  46. Rebeldad1

    Going To Buy A New Flail - What To Get?

    Call Betstco. ( they have a good selection and you should find what you want. Sounds like your selection will depend on what you have to spend more than the size you want. My flail mower from them is 3 years old and still like new without any issues. Still have another year of...
  47. Rebeldad1

    Disc Harrow Restoration Tips

    I'd use it first to see if everything works. They are very simple. Bearings and races from any bearing shop. They just need numbers off the bearings. To restore it dis-assemble and drop it off to a sandblaster. if you want you could even have them prime it for you.
  48. Rebeldad1

    New New Holland

    So why didnt you call the dealer you got it from? would have been my first call. Something simple it would be fixed over the phone. If not they would likely send a tech out on warranty.
  49. Rebeldad1

    Having a good dealer

    Brim Tractor around here is great. New Holland tractors and Mini-X's They cover Washington and Oregon. Also now selling American made side by sides
  50. Rebeldad1

    Won't start

    If you have to jump the solenoid on the starter and no start while cranking.... locate and fix the electrical problem before you tear the dash apart.