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    5 Eleven DesignZ, LLC

    I haven't received it yet. When I do the install will do my best to show pics.
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    5 Eleven DesignZ, LLC

    I just purchased this for my 3901. Check it out for yourself. A little pricey but cheaper than a new radiator. Will most likely install in 30 min or so, good news for my old tired body.
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    L3901 vs. MX4800 Advice Please

    My L3901 was delivered 2 days after Christmas last year. I went with that instead of the L2601 because of PTO HP. I would have liked a little larger tractor but $$$ was an issue. I also needed a FEL, BB. grapple and brush hog as well as a 24' bob tail trailer. Add to that chains, tool boxes...
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    PTO stuck on Rotary Mower

    I had a pair of those pliers in my tool box for years and never used them. Had a job the other day with the same snap ring. I fought with it for several minutes before remembering that tool. took me about 10 seconds after remembering that set of pliers to get my job done. I don't ever remember...
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    Wheel removal on T-1870 Kubota

    Thank You HTWT! I took a look on youtube and diagnosed the problem. Rusted on. My tire is still serviceable for the time being. Every now and then I'll spray some liquid penetrant on both sides of the wheel and hope for the best!
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    Wheel removal on T-1870 Kubota

    I tried yesterday to pull the front wheel off my Garden tractor. All seems well lubricated with no obvious sign of any rust. I beat on the backside of the wheel and also cussed at it for about an hour. Used penetrating oil ect. So far no sign of any movement at all. I'm sure I can operate the...
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    How to remove front wheel on T-1870 Kubota?

    Sorry I posted in the wrong place!
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    New owner L3901, Mods to make it mine

    I am replacing a bent filter right now. I forget the replacement cost for the filter but as I remember it was a "coming to Jesus" moment.
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    New owner L3901, Mods to make it mine

    True. I usually have the box blade or brush hag attached so most times I'm fine. That 3901 does feel a little light at times even with the extra weight.
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    New owner L3901, Mods to make it mine

    The grapple is a very useful tool but comes with a very steep learning curve. As far as I know the only way to learn is to use it and get acquainted with your new equipment. Are you using the Kubota hyd for your grapple or the Land Pride? The Land Pride (I'm told) is the better system. It is...
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    New owner L3901, Mods to make it mine

    Great work on your new tractor. I also bought a 3901 just before Christmas last year. One of the attachments I bought was also a grapple. You will need to modify the levers on the quick connect to keep branches from unlocking the levers on the quick connect. I have destroyed two of the quick...
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    Land Pride PTO Shaft - How to grease

    I have the same assortment of problems on my Kubota/Land Pride rotary. I'm seriously considering removing the shaft shield/cover and be done with it.
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    Mystery Tractor ? Alis Chalmers B110 ?

    I'm curious, how much did the Lady pay for this problem?
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    Empty trailer weight

    I purchased a 24' bobtail bigfoot bumper pull trailer just before New Years last Dec. The title says my trailer weighs in at 2450 #s. I paid just below $4500. It has 2 6000# axels and 2 axel brakes. The dealership is located in the Lakeland Fl area on hiway 60. I am pulling this trailer with a...