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  1. Nasty135

    Considering a Trade 2 for 1

    I would like some advice/ input on a trade I am considering. I have a 2001 polaris D.U.S.E. 500 HO with the quick attach glacier plow system ($500 new) , It has 170miles on it about 64hrs. Also front & rear racks.. I use it to push snow if & when we have it in southern md. and pull my 4'x8'...
  2. Nasty135

    How Dirty do you get?

    Well I've had my ZTR from the beginning of this year and at first it was heaven, But I noticed that I needed some eye protection just so I could see because the debris I would throw out would be right in my path as I turned for my next pass causing very irritated eyes watering and general...
  3. Nasty135

    Woodshed/ Pavilion

    A couple years ago I lost a Huge tree 6' diameter across the base, Finally got it all split and use it for supplemental heat in the basement woodstove. But it is going to be around awhile and I figure it would last longer covered and stacked.... Plus I wanted to cover my trailer and anything...
  4. Nasty135

    DEAD Horse!

    I'm searching for sincere recommendations for my neighbor who has a horse that has to be put-down soon due to illness. I have no real clue to the nature of the illness other than it has to do with its front legs being in pain. It won't walk...its been on meds for quite awhile without...
  5. Nasty135

    eyeround roast sacrafice?

    Have you ever taken a perfectly good piece of meat and thrown it into the Weber for sacrafice? Well we have been doing this for about 25yrs. Keep watching...
  6. Nasty135

    Hustler SUPER Z

    I went looking at ZTR's again and was pretty impressed by the Hustler super Z . It seems to be the fastest at 15mph and I like the controls (stout) What I like best is the remote oil cooler for the engine and also has one with a fan for the hydraulic system , This is standard for the super Z BTW...
  7. Nasty135

    toothbar attachment preference?

    Gotta ask, Finally getting my toothbar , My dealer has the "specific" toothbar for my loader but it bolts through the bottom lip with 3 bolts. But after doing a bunch of reading on this subject here on this site I've seen the "universal " type that bolts on the bucket through the ends. Can...
  8. Nasty135

    polaris glacier plow system:input

    Has anyone bought or used the polaris quick connect glacier plow system? how did you like it ? I'm sure it beats a shovel I have a sportsman 500
  9. Nasty135

    massey 135 sheet metal

    I am looking to cosmetically restore my old nasty ferguson 135, which runs great but has been outside forever, crunched here and there, previous owners of course,fenders,front lower panel, grill,nose, vertical side panels & hood,southern md. area? Thanks for input