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  1. mguitas

    Oil filter wrench

    i had to use a claw wrench on my 1423, the strap wrench just could not get it.
  2. mguitas

    Engine Oil

    I use Amsoil 5w 40 on my 1423
  3. mguitas

    Greetings from Eastern Ontario

    Welome to the form, an welcome to the massey family.
  4. mguitas

    Massey 1526????????????

    i have a 1423 massey, an as you see you can get a wallenstein hoe for my tractor , an 1526 also could get one.
  5. mguitas

    JD 260 Backhoe

    You also can get a Wallenstein backhoe for your 2305, you can get a four point hitch for it.
  6. mguitas

    New to me Woods Groundbreaker 7500 backhoe

    I have a pto pump like yours as well, they work great. had to get a walllenstein for mine.
  7. mguitas

    Funnel for side fuel fill that won't spill and not wimpy

    Won't spill nothing with this.
  8. mguitas

    Loader MF 1433v FEL main hoses

    This is a 1400 series, I don't if these pictures will help or not.
  9. mguitas

    Where is Your Tractor Kept?

  10. mguitas

    Small tractors doing big work.

    Small tractor ,big stump.
  11. mguitas

    Backhoe stabalizers not holding

    Not all of them. There a picture of my stabs, an that's how they stay. no chains.
  12. mguitas

    Comparing new Massey 1526 to a small Massey 1700

    Yes there is an option, Wallenstein backhoe, gx620
  13. mguitas

    Oil & Fuel MF 1423 Hydro - Need help with hydraulic fluid

    Here is some pictures congo. First picture you can see the knob.
  14. mguitas

    Oil & Fuel MF 1423 Hydro - Need help with hydraulic fluid

    I can show ya . It's on the right side of the seat. the dip stick. I can show ya a picture , when I get out to the tractor .
  15. mguitas

    Backhoe Wallenstein backhoe GX-720

    There is a picture a few years ago, after I just put it on. When you hook up the hoe, take some pictures of the hoe an the four point hitch system. thanks.
  16. mguitas

    Backhoe Wallenstein backhoe GX-720

    There is a picture of my gx620, with subframe mount. Very good backhoe.
  17. mguitas

    rotella elc

    Does anybody ever use rotella ELC antifreeze in there massey. I think it is red in color.
  18. mguitas

    Comparison M59 vs L45 Pic

    The m59 looks small to my 710c.:laughing:
  19. mguitas

    Yanmar 424 Backhoe Opinions?

    There's a stump for ya.
  20. mguitas

    The Massey Ferguson Picture Thread

    Just a few pictures
  21. mguitas

    rust project

    Looking around my massey the other day, seen a lot of rust in back or the rear wheel. Started working on that issue today. I guess that is pretty normal over time. But looking at the picture, looks much better.
  22. mguitas

    john deere 710c

    Ok guys! I will give as much info as possible. Problem... 710c works perfectly one day. Next day after using backhoe for 5 minutes I noticed an audible drop in engine rpm and the Hoe bucket and dipper stick were sluggish. I tried to open the throttle to increase rpm....made no difference. It...
  23. mguitas

    3pt Backhoe on a GC series?

    No I have a subframe, also I think if I would have a ge605, that bolts would line up the same on the gx620. There is my subframe.
  24. mguitas

    3pt Backhoe on a GC series?

    Here a picture of my 620.
  25. mguitas

    Adding fuel from 5 gal container

    I got the longer spout with it.
  26. mguitas

    Non leak 5 gal fuel container

    Can't beat nospill.
  27. mguitas

    Snow Tractors and the Blizzard of 2017...

    there is one picture
  28. mguitas

    Kinda thought that we were done.

    We might have 20 inches now. Picture taken about 7:30 in the morning, a lot more snow an counting.
  29. mguitas

    New TYM T330 HST owner

    Looking at your loader, looks much like my fel. The bucket an the guard really look close
  30. mguitas

    Gas cans - really

    you can get a extended spout also.
  31. mguitas

    Gas cans - really

    Try one of theses nospill plastic cans.
  32. mguitas

    Backhoe Woods Subframe: Installation on CT230

    There is a pic of my frame from the back.
  33. mguitas

    Backhoe when not in use?

    Wallenstein stabs don't leak since I had them.
  34. mguitas

    Got me a 1433 Power Shuttle

    1400 series are nice tractors, looks like my tractor but bigger.
  35. mguitas

    New Tractor owner in search of Diesel gas containers

    Don't even need a funnel with these, have a long spout with them.
  36. mguitas

    GC owners, input appreciated

    How about a 5 gallon nospill container. I haven't spill a drop yet.
  37. mguitas

    Backhoe Dug up first stump

    Great job , couldn't lift this one either.
  38. mguitas

    Oil & Fuel Running T6 rotella in massey

    My 1423 calls for 10w 30 oil, does that mean I can't run 5w 40 T6 rotella. Or does not really matter.
  39. mguitas

    Buying Advice To Backhoe, on not to Backhoe...

    You can dig out 4 foot stumps too, just takes a little longer.
  40. mguitas

    New 1526 HST

    To heavy to mow, your tractor is light compare to the one I run. Alis 170 is near 6000lbs an works fine.
  41. mguitas

    New to this

    Self contained will have plenty of power.
  42. mguitas

    Backhoe Attaching a Backhoe to the 3-Point Hitch

    Was the stump this big. Four foot stump.
  43. mguitas

    Show your 1/23-24/16 snowstorm PICS!

    I was getting ready.
  44. mguitas

    1st big snow of 2016 this weekend

    Pushing the snow off of the pavement
  45. mguitas

    Backhoe Great Bend Backhoe Opinions & General 3pt Backhoe Questions

    I have a Wallenstein hoe , but I have a subframe mount on it. Just be careful digging with the three point, could end up braking something. Just got done digging out a big stump with my 1423. Stump was 4 feet across.
  46. mguitas

    stump out

    Took us awhile but we got it.
  47. mguitas

    amsoil transmisssion

    How many massey guys using amsoil in there hst tran.
  48. mguitas

    A few questions from new BX25D owner

    I have a 5 gallon no spill container. Just push the button. Also got a 6 inch tube for it.