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  1. kthompson

    Drilling and installing bucket pin grease fittings

    I am wondering about drilling my bucket pivot pin bushing and installing grease fittings in the dipper and not use a greaseable pin. This was a recommendation to consider by a machinist who knows the design fair. Also had a company who makes buckets and some pins hint on this option. I have to...
  2. kthompson

    Volvo EC 45 bucket pin needed

    I am hoping to find a lower price option that Volvo is for a bucket pin for an EC 45 excavator. Volvo is $233. Have tried internet search and no success. Thanks. I will be ordering Volvo by end of week if I can not find a better option.
  3. kthompson

    Thoughts on using air pressure to push fuel out of transport tank to machine.

    If memory is correct have bumped into a post in time past someone used air pressure to push the fuel from their transport tank to the tractor or what ever is being filled. I know the outlet would have to either have a drop tube or be on the bottom of the tank either on a side of the very bottom...
  4. kthompson

    Four wheel driver lawn mower thoughts

    We are very much level ground here other than where branches run and ditches are dug. My mother in laws lawn has both and both are issue when wet. I have compact tractor and rear finishing mower can use and do for both but trying to get away from that setup. Her yard has gentle slope from a ten...
  5. kthompson

    Gorilla Tough and Wide Duct Tape

    Bought a roll last week from Lowes. Needed to seal heavy plastic and bought this thinking it would be very good. It is wider and per label holds better. All was good till I open the roll and handed it to my wife as I was folding the rolled plastic to be taped...she was pulling with her might and...
  6. kthompson

    Geo Therm for dog house

    I am planning on a water circulation system to cool and heat our dog house. Talked with a good friend who owns an hvac business who works some with geo therm and he gave me some recommendations. But have some points hope you can help me with. Built the dog house ourselves. about a four feet...
  7. kthompson

    How do you set display on 75C to mph and not metric

    Tractor is just over a year old and dealer said they have no idea how to change the display. May be over looked it in manual but don't find it there.
  8. kthompson

    L cab seat suspension options

    I have a new L6060 cab. There is many threads here and other sites on the issue of poor suspension on these tractors. Have read each one I could find. What I have learned is Kubota does not seem to offer anything with working weight limit over 265 or 285. Was given the two numbers by a parts...
  9. kthompson

    Replacement metal radiator screen on front of hood.

    I need to replace the black metal screen on front of the hood. Ripped my and called my dealership and a new one is $342. Found two other dealerships on line who were even little more. Anyone know of after market or other source than Kubota? If not think will be trying our hand at making one. Do...
  10. kthompson

    L6060 finally gets here.

    My third Kubota and most likely my last tractor. I retired from farming last fall and been down sizing. Looked at JD and Yanmar in detail with some thoughts on LS and a glance at Kioti. For my needs and wants the Kubota L6060 was best fit. It is a Kubota L606 with cab and fel. Got it with R4...
  11. kthompson

    5525 brake lights not working

    The brake lights on my 5525 stopped working. The bulbs were check and fine but no voltage to them where there should be. Fuse is good and brake switch check by local tractor garage is good. He said it has to be check by a JD dealer with their computer system as it is computer controlled. Now...
  12. kthompson

    How fast will a Zetor C38l run?

    Have a good friend who knows little about tractors tell me today he has a cousin who has a tractor that runs 38 mph on the road. I hope have the model number correct,we both read it as I have in title but his cousin sent him pictures of the tractor and said in fourth gear in two wheel drive he...
  13. kthompson

    Operation Instructions for a Kubota tractor L6060

    Okay so have decided on a L6060 tractor and will be a couple of so weeks for dealership to get in, So thought would look at videos on the way to operate the controls of the tractor. Well I have failed to find any real instructions on them. Looked on Kubota and youtube and nothing really there...
  14. kthompson

    MX5400 cab compared to L5460 cab

    I have been looking at tractor in this size range for a few weeks and now doing final consideration on these two tractors. For some odd reason my local dealer does not carry either one in the 60 hp range. Was comparing the L6060 to JD 4066r and Yanmar YT359. Will admit the Yanmar is my first...
  15. kthompson

    Boom Mower compared to Offset Mower

    I have used and have a boom mower with flail cutter head. I have used it cut ditches, right of way, tree line, pond bank, tree limbs. Problem with the boom mower is hand full to connect or disconnect from my tractor. Cutting limbs if not a requirement, so the reach is not needed. I really...
  16. kthompson

    What does tractors and lawn mowers and other lawn power tools have in common?

    I have been looking at different brands of lawn power tools such as pole saw and hedge trimmer. Have looked at Stihl, Husky, Red Max and one or two other brands in person and more on line. Interesting how some seem to hold they only have professional grade products. Think there was at least two...
  17. kthompson

    Korean tractors Brands and History

    There is lots of conversation here on different brands of Korean tractors. Could we have history of the different brands and the companies who make them. I would like brands being sold today and if some no longer are being sold those also. Kioti as been here for here years but has made little...
  18. kthompson

    Bolt on skid steer mounting plate

    I need a skid steer mounting plate for an implement that bolts on. Can not use a weld on for need to be able to remove it and reinstall JD mounts if necessary. I would prefer to use "U" bolts around my implement frame with the nut end being able to have the nut end on the mounting plate. Will...
  19. kthompson

    Off set string trimmers for tractors

    DR and I think it is Titan both have a rear mounted string trimmer for cutting around post and such. They look generally a like and both use string. I would like experience of those who have either and thoughts on your unit. Also how well does the string hold up. Seems you would be off and on...
  20. kthompson

    Can you get scamed using paypal?

    Have some JD planters for sale on Craigslist and had person first text me and but asked could we communicate via email which was fine. He ask a few simple questions on the planters and is wanting to buy them using paypal. I have no experience with paypal but the sale seems odd. He wants to buy...
  21. kthompson

    Health Insurance, ACA (Obamacare) and Medicare Advantage Plans OEP and AEP end soo

    Know the Open Enrollment Period for all these plans have begun and are predicated to be very busy this year. The Open Enrollment Period for the ACA (Obamacare) plans is ONLY till December 15th this year which is less than half what it has been. There has also been impact on especially Silver...
  22. kthompson

    Thoughts on Hay Barn

    I am will be needing barn for hay next year, my first. It will run North to South with west side needing to be closed due to sun and dust from dirt road that direction. Will be small square bale for sale. Looking for suggestion height, think 12 is minimum and 14 might be best height. Will be...
  23. kthompson

    Hay Grapple

    I and going to be baling and handling small square bales. Need to be as labor free as possible and looking for ways to not manually load the bales for hauling or to stack in barn. Have only on line seen any hay accumulator or grapple but so far like the WR Long grapple/accumulator. Under stand...
  24. kthompson

    GPS for tractor

    I am considering a GPS for spraying hay. I am not interesting in a steering system but would like a GPS that works well and simple. Want it to show where I have been (think that is called painting) and would like to be able to set it to spray in straight lines or follow the shape of the field...
  25. kthompson

    Crabgrass control in newly sprigged coastal bermuda

    I had a few acres sprigged with coastal bermuda the last of March this year. I did use a pre-emergent b ut did a spotty job. Some areas are very clean while others are heavy with crabgrass. My chemical person suggested MSMA with noting not labels for forage but will control the crabgrass and...
  26. kthompson

    Hay accumulator/grapple

    Just have some coastal Bermuda sprigged to add to that over the next two years to end up with about 40 acres. Have friend who also raises hay (all is square bale) and will be doing my cutting and baling as long as I need him to at what I think is a fair price. He has connections to get enough...
  27. kthompson

    How do you remove stuck wire from within conduit

    I have drive way lights about 150 feet from my house. Ran 1/2 pvc conduit and used romex wire when installed about 15 or 16 years back. Well son in law pulled the conduit into and damaged the wire a few days ago removing roots of tree pushed over by hurricane. Have no choice but to remove wire...
  28. kthompson

    Farming for profit

    I realize farming gets touched on a little here and there at tractorbynet but real on going discussion no so. Any interest here or is there a site you would recommend?
  29. kthompson

    Loader JD 240 loader compared to 541

    I bought a JD 5525 with a 541 loader (used) July of 2015. First loader for me and used it a good moving and loading dirt. Enjoyed it reasonable well but there were a few things that were not sweet spots to me. On Oct 8th we were hit by Hurricane Matthew which brought us lots of rain and many...
  30. kthompson

    how to retain pump on pto shaft

    I am using a pump (hydraulic) that mounts directly on the pto shaft. It has no way to lock onto the shaft nor do I see any sets screw to lock it on the shaft. Looking for suggestions on how to keep the pump fully on the shaft when being used. Have to make a mount to prevent the pump from...
  31. kthompson

    What value does your insurance pay for?

    Ran into this today and wanted to share with you. If you get insurance on your tractor and it has such as front end loader be sure it is insured to protect the tractor and the front end loader. Read coverage with Sentry insurance today who John Deere uses and they may have others no idea on...
  32. kthompson

    Front-End Loader Loader for JD 5525

    I have a JD 5525 bought with a 541 loader on it. Cleaning up Hurricane Matthew damage, was lifting tree off my mother in laws house twisted the loader. But it did lift the tree to get it off the house. Loader damage will cost more than hole in roof will. There is a message in there but tired...
  33. kthompson

    Anyone else having problems with the web site?

    I thought it was one of our computers but have had issues the last few days in typing a message here but my work computer is also having some issues with the site. I scanned the first computer for virus and malware but turned up nothing. It I type normal speed or try to edit a word it will not...
  34. kthompson

    Volvo EC 45 excavator electrial control panel

    I have a Volvo EC 45 mini excavator that is about 14 years old. Bought it from Volvo with about 500 hours on it right at 9 years ago and I will say it now has a total of 12 hours. When I bought the excavator they had just replaced the control panel on it for it only showed 5 hours but they said...
  35. kthompson

    Tractor Insurance

    I have seen this asked in many many threads and think would be good to be addressed by itself. First I am an insurance agent but stopped selling property insurance a few years back but little on such as this has changed. First insurance like this varies from state to state and then from company...
  36. kthompson

    Buying Advice Anyone had expeirence with a pull type box blade?

    I am looking at buying a 10 foot pull type box blade right now for grading around a pond and some other grading work. The one I have decided on has the tilt with raising one wheel option. It is a Lowery or LMC blade and do not think built in the US. Again it is 10 foot with 24 inch sides and...
  37. kthompson

    Back up camera to watch front end loader bucket or forks?

    I recently bought tractor with FEL there is the issue is bucket level or tilted as you want, is the bucket full or filling as you want, are you low as you want and so forth. I got to thinking wish I could see the bucket from the tractor seat. Must admit the set up does not lean itself to great...
  38. kthompson

    Electric Sprayer Control

    I need electric sprayer controls for my booms. Have done a good bit of internet looking and find very little info on the capacity of the controller. One says it supplies 8 GPM at a certain pressure only thing is there are three sections to the controller and is that per each solenoid valve or...
  39. kthompson

    M6800 Kubota flashers

    I have a M6800 Kubota and have problem with the turn signals and flashers. Neither work but if the flashers are pulled on and you turn the knob for a turn signal the opposite light comes on but does not flash. I have replaced the flasher and switch with Kubota original parts and still same...
  40. kthompson

    Volvo control panel

    I have a EC 45 Volvo mini excavator that this summer the display in control panel is not always coming up properly when switched on. Have switched it off and back on and it will display different usually and may come up fully or not. But until it lights up properly the hyds that are safety...
  41. kthompson

    Raising Nursery Stock

    We have a few acres we are considering raising nursery stock on. It currently is a hay field. It would be a very part time business to begin with and may only ever be that and then with the acreage we have about 40 might grow into something bigger. Live in an area that is quickly moving from...
  42. kthompson

    Samurai Cutter

    Does anyone have any experience with this cutter? Will it cut up to 1 1/2 hardwood? Is it as heavy duty as the video shows it to be? Thanks kt