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  1. Sysop

    Anyone gotta safety pin?

  2. Sysop

    Big Rollover Recovery

    Found on the Tubes of You...
  3. Sysop

    Black Talon High Back Seat ON SALE at RK

    Last I saw, they were over $150 each, now $117.43. Not sure there is a better option for the money if anyone is looking... Black Talon Seats Tractor Seat Universal High Back 44BK3UN
  4. Sysop

    The real world; Fast Fords

    I find this amusing. The fastest speeders caught in Texas: #1 a sport bike @ 156MPH #2 a Ford F150 @ 150MPH #3 another sport bike @ 145MPH Source: 86 mph over the limit — just one of the 1 fastest speeding tickets in Dallas-Fort Worth | News | Dallas News
  5. Sysop

    How sad...

  6. Sysop

    I had no clue where else to put this, but laughed and wanted to share.

    linked to me from a friend. I'm sure it's been all over since it came from facebook, but was the first I've seen of it.
  7. Sysop

    Appalachian English: Why We Say 展arsh Rag & 鏑ow Tar

    Interesting article. Appalachian English: Why We Say “Warsh Rag” & “Low Tar” | Appalachian Magazine
  8. Sysop

    Bradco Backhoe Thumb

    Well, since Paladin took over Bradco, they no longer make the 485 backhoe. Now they make the 490! It appears by all I can find to be the same unit, just built from a milder steel (80ksi versus 100ksi). What do you think the chances are that the thumb is the same? The few pictures and...
  9. Sysop

    Maintain a Pond/Lake EASY! Put a front loader and a sickle mower on a boat... NUTS!

    This is absolutely nuts, and awesome...
  10. Sysop

    New (to me) safe, need ideas.

    As the title states, I just got the deal of a lifetime on a safe. It is big. I need the best ideas on moving it. I have my 14k equipment trailer that I just equipped with a 12k lbs winch. I also have a couple snatch blocks to increase the pull. I also have my tractor, which will be woefully...
  11. Sysop

    "A Tractor on Steroids" Thoughts?

    A Tractor on Steroids | Yanko Design Thoughts? Comments?
  12. Sysop

    You know it is cold on the farm when...

    ...instead of stepping in the poop, ya trip over it...
  13. Sysop

    How not to remove a rock with your skidsteer...

    Someone sent me this link today...
  14. Sysop

    Make sure you get your permits before plowing your fields...

    Ridiculous... Farmer faces $2.8 million fine after plowing field
  15. Sysop

    How to replace a shingle roof - with a ToolCat...

    saw this on FB and found it unique: NTD Television - I've never seen anything like this before...
  16. Sysop

    I love my wife.

    Wife comes up to me today and says "You know, for the projects we have planned, we really need to use our tax refund money to buy a trailer that will haul the tractor and implements. Start shopping..." What I'm looking for is a 2-5/16" ball coupled, with a 20' deck, 22' max., that I can put...
  17. Sysop

    A new reason to avoid Deere

    Was trying to lend assistance to a new TBN member, who had only posted a model number of their tractor. I did a search, it came up as a JD model number. I clicked over to the Deere site to see the details of this tractor, and they tried to infect me... The following event occurred on the...
  18. Sysop

    Mahindra selling customer info to John Deere?

    I guess Mahindra is selling our contact information to John Deere. I've never done business with, nor sought to do any business with John Deere, yet they are sending me promotional sales material... They say they want to buy my Mahindra.
  19. Sysop

    Sure is pretty, but $115k for 25HP? :)

    Hopefully it's field days are done... Bonhams : 1955 LAMBORGHINI DL25 TRACTOR *EDIT* $110k, oops...
  20. Sysop

    Steel Bushings...

    Where is the best place to get steel bushings? One of the pins worked loose on my rotary cutter and one side came off while working. I went to TSC and got a new pin with washer and nut but when I went to reassemble everything, I noticed there is supposed to be a bushing in the A-Frame upright...
  21. Sysop

    Tiny round baler for 2-wheelers

    saw this and thought I'd share... Agriculture Technologies
  22. Sysop

    Now I just need a trailer...

    Just added a new 3.5L Ecoboost F150 Lariat to my list of to(ys)ols. Now I just need a trailer. Looking at a Sure-Trac 14k implement trailer. Overkill for what I need it to do, but I think it is still within reason.
  23. Sysop

    4035 FEL control is sticking

    Anyone got any advice for the best method of handling it? Up and down are fine, curl is what sticks. Thanks for any input!
  24. Sysop

    One heckuva ditch mower...

  25. Sysop

    Big explosions in China affect Deere operations and injured some workers.

    John Deere employees injured in explosion in Tianjin, China | BIG Hollywood style explosions...
  26. Sysop

    V8 Massey

    Chevy Small Block V8 Engine Swap for Massey Ferguson Tractor Brings a Mayhem Machine - Video - autoevolution
  27. Sysop

    Mahindra 24/7 website

    Mahindra's 24/7 website has been down at least a year now. You would think they would take a little bit of their advertising dollars and get it back up and running. It worked for the first 6 months I had my tractor and I found it handy on more than one occasion. I guess their reasoning is...
  28. Sysop

    Average runtime?

    I was reading in another thread and it was mentioned by a user that most times when they start their tractor, it is for 30 minutes or less... I personally found that rather astonishing as I am the type if I have a task that will only take 30 minutes or less, if possible, I'll put off until I...
  29. Sysop

    Fracking fluids found in 3 PA water wells...

    Three Pennsylvania wells likely contaminated by fracking | Ars Technica This stuff gets talked about a lot in a lot of other threads. I figured I'd post this and see who all will find the nearest stump. :stirthepot:
  30. Sysop

    Planning hydraulic additions... Valve type pros/cons question.

    I'm planning on some additions to the rear of my tractor. I want to add two remotes to the rear, independent of the one the tractor shipped with. I plan on adding a diverter to the one the tractor shipped with later as well to provide a total of 4 sets of remotes on the rear. The two...
  31. Sysop


    Has anyone seen any Ramps starting to pop up yet? Where are ya?
  32. Sysop

    20 x 18 box frame disk harrow

    Went past a dealer's lot today and stopped to see what they might have some deals on and think I lucked out. He said he had an unused, old/starting to rust 20x18 disk harrow on a HD box type frame. Basically the same type of structure made by KingKutter and sold for $1700 on NorthernTool...
  33. Sysop

    Test drive towing?

    Considering a new truck to increase my tow abilities enough to move my tractor around occasionally and other various towing I occasionally do I'd like a little more capacity on. What are your takes on taking a test drive and doing a short tow with the vehicle? I have a good sized load I need...
  34. Sysop

    Heh... a Tractor Ho-Down

  35. Sysop

    $800+ for a 2015 F-150 tail light...

    Ummm, wow?!?
  36. Sysop

    IN LOVE - talk about a happy cow...

    Found that to be pretty awesome...
  37. Sysop

    No clue what section to post this in, but it is too cool to not be shared...

    This is pretty awesome... TerraMec 1 - HOWE AND HOWE TECHNOLOGIES
  38. Sysop

    Post/Pile Driver

    This was sent to me as an email, but I found it rather amusing and thought I'd share... A short video of a Indian pile driving construction technique. Notice the pile driving only becomes effective when the extra man jumps on. Very finely tuned! The chant is also catchy! Now, let's...
  39. Sysop

    It can happen to anyone...

    Former Ohio Rep. Traficant injured in accident - Yahoo News
  40. Sysop

    ETA Subsoiler

    Just order my ETA Subsoiler today. Got my shipping information and they said it will ship tomorrow. I can't wait!
  41. Sysop

    Water Filter system for well.

    Just curious as to what folk are doing for filtration on their well water and how much they have invested in their systems. I have pretty decent water where I live, but it could be better. I've been shopping the world of filtration and there is a lot to it. I've had a water test done and am...
  42. Sysop

    4035HST timing adjustment

    Well, I'm getting ready to get into adjusting the timing on my 4035HST. My tractor has displayed all the same signs as everyone else's that has had the timing issue. I'll go through the whole story here so everything is in one place, and hopefully get folk's opinions along the way. Bought the...
  43. Sysop

    Time for a little dealer love...

    Unfortunately I'm going to be seeing my dealer soon about my 4035HST. I've developed a small hydraulic leak that seems to be getting worse. There are some hydraulic lines that route around the left side of the engine near the starter that are pumping out about an ounce of fluid per hour as a...
  44. Sysop

    Found a heck of a deal on LED light bars.

    Just ordered two, I thought it was a pretty decent price. 72W CREE LED Work Driving Fog Spot Light Roof Bar Off Road 4x4 ATV UTV SUV Truck | eBay
  45. Sysop

    A first for me. Home made post hole digger out of car rear differential...

    Looking through the local craigslist ads for anything interesting to me, I just happened to click one for a cheap post hole digger and much to my surprise the thing was home made from the rear axle of a car... Perhaps someone has seen this done before, but it was a first for me and I thought...
  46. Sysop

    Finally got my chain hooks on.

    Got three chain hooks last year but haven't had the tractor and a good welder within range of each other to do anything with them till now. Finally got them on yesterday. Thought I'd share! Two for the front. One for the rear.
  47. Sysop

    Kioti Tractor CK Series 20 HP to 35 HP

    This was added to youtube and didn't have many views yet, figured some shoppers out there might like it.
  48. Sysop

    Kioti DK SE Series 35 to 50 HP Walkaround

    This was added to youtube and didn't have many views yet, figured some shoppers out there might like it.
  49. Sysop

    Universal CUT Loader 3rd Function *final thoughts and best price*

    Ok, I've read hundreds of pages from several dozen threads weighing all the pros and cons of various methods and I'm about ready to make the plunge. I was fully well set on a DIY solution, but upon really digging into pricing things up it's really hard to beat the kits produced by some of the...
  50. Sysop

    Honeybees' ability to find flowers could be hampered by a chemical in diesel exhaust

    Honeybees' ability to find flowers could be hampered by a chemical in diesel exhaust, say scientists. The study, published in Scientific Reports, also revealed that a specific group of chemicals found in diesel exhaust, known as NOx, diminished the insects' response to floral scents. Read...