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    An hour's walk in nature

    Some pics
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    Some excavator work to night

    No me that pilots it, some cable work tonight.
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    Some boring and random everyday work here in Norway

    Just a some pics from what I'm doing and wondering about Filters on my van after 102000km, factory fitted in 2016. Well used
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    Why buy China tools when you can buy knipex

    20$ knipex, China tool 15$.....
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    European MF 1740

    Is it the same in the US? Not mine, was just looking at equipment at a MF dealer.
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    A pic of local tractors with snow removal equipment

    Juts one at firs, taken here where i live i Norway
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    Farms in Norway

    Just a pic from my drive to my farm today, it's taken in Lærdal.
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    Wife not happy with all my almost ready projects

    Wife's has no real sense for all the value I have in my precious pile of everlasting projects... Suppose I'm not alone with such problems ;)
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    What engine is this?

    Is from generator with a burnt stator, suppose is a Chinese clone but it isn't a GX clone or is it a very old GX?, any idea?
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    Fencing on my rock farm ;)

    Just so those farmers that can make a nice fat hole in the grund and fence away know how lucky they are ;)
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    Trip to the farm

    Taken today when returning to the farm
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    Haying in very steep terrain

    Seilspill Seilwinden Emmental Entlebuch Landwirtschaft Berge Zillertal Traktionswinde - YouTube
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    Cutting some gras

    Just a pic of a old machine and a barn :)
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    My two wheel tractor repair project.

    To see how much damage 25 years under a tree does.
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    The fun of irregation

    Wich I had a better solution, but after over 2 months of no rain it's not the buyers market on used equipment.
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    Rigitrac looks interesting as a consept.

    Rigitrac with 4WS Rigitrac mit Steer Drive Trailer Talstation Rinderbergbahn.wmv - YouTube
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    It's getting dry and trying to get some water on the lawn

    Whole day gone find the best junk pump, the well is full of dirt, changing bearings on the Grunfos pump so you don't go deaf when it's running... Just all fun until I have to empty the well for dirt, a bucket and a rope is an option but it's not particularly amusing I do believe. And it's...
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    Rock came flying...

    Never had a rock land so close to the house.
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    Plow tractors

    Just a pic from the gas station
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    Interesting Tajfun logging winch

    It has a small pull back winch for the wire. Had a long talk with two from the factory on a agri show here in Norway.
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    Fendt e100 Vario: The battery-powered compact tractor

    Fendt e1 Vario - AGCO GmbH Interesting consept
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    A while since I was on my farm...

    This is usually a lawn mower job ;)
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    New tool

    Did buy me an Bosch hot air gun with temp control, wanted blue Bosch but at over doble price it was a little to much for a limited use. First job is to try to replace some broken IPad an cell phone screen's.
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    Tools and workshop forum?

    Is that a good idea? Sent fra min Nexus 5 via Tapatalk
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    Mowing MF 35 still available as new, good designs doesn't die easily.

    MF 35 The people's tractor If you are thinking about buying your first tractor, the MF 35 is the perfect partner for your farm or contracting business. The MF 35 puts tractor power within everyone痴 reach. It brings mechanisation to a new generation of farmers, farm workers and emerging...
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    trailers for tractors

    What do you use? Can't say its a frequent topic here so I become curious on this.
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    Did buy me some portable lights

    Got tired of the darkness when i didn't have power nearby, uses my batteries from my Hitachi power tools.
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    Any plans for adding IPv6 support?

    More and more important for mobile users and its the future adress system.
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    My trailer project

    Got some remains of a tractor trailer and hopefully it's restoration.
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    New speed world record set by Valtra tractor

    The new world record was set by multiple World Rally Champion Juha Kankkunen, who was driving a Valtra tractor with Nokian Tyres. Juha drove the machine to a speed of 130.165km/h (80.88mph) in sub-zero winter conditions on a closed highway in northern Finland...
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    Rebulding my turbo

    A few pics of me replacing seals on my vans turbocharger, many are afraid of turbos on tractors but they are very simple to rebuild.
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    its that day of the year.... snow chains...

    It's a sure sign of winter......
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    My new Igland/Norse snatch block

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    Out winching a bit

    Used the winch to pull the small trees the way I wanted them to fall
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    Having trouble posting pics, Android app

    Have a Nexus 5 and most of the time I can't upload pics, I can choose them in gallery but it just returns to the edit window without pics. Anybody else have the same problem?
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    This is a machine I would like to get, AM53 with winch and 4WD

    Would be nice to use when I'm logging for firewood.
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    My AEBI AM10 project

    Hope to get this machine up and running This machine have no sign of wear in the gearbox and it has many hours hard work The engine is in a sorry state, parked outside and some one needed a spark plug toke it so the engine block and piston are gone.
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    Me and the communist out logging and winching

    Finding some firewood in my wood.
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    sack of firewood

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    Logging winch repair/restore project

    Starting to turn some bolts, so far it looks promising.
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    My logging winch restore project

    Did buy a Fransgard V3000 wreck today. Hopefully it is an quite easy fix but takes some hours.
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    Logging and winching in steep terrain

    Some fast and not perfect mobile pics from today. logging in step terrain - a set on Flickr
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    Aebi tractor

    For use in very steep fields.
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    some pics of stone and rocks

    From my farm ]
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    Things found in the fields

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    Some boring pics of my logging winch

    Time to start hunting firewood
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    Chipper WC8 Wood Chipper, any weakness to look for when buying a used?

    Its a std Chinese wood chipper, not very common her i Norway so i haven't got any info on what to look for. I'm going to use it on my 60hp Ursus C355 and a MF135 and its just for light duty as most of the wood will be used to make firewood.