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    Rural porch pirates: ideas?

    Our county provides disposal of that sort of stuff, at a rather stiff dump fee. The result is lots of stuff dumped along rural roads. If it is reported the county road crew comes out and picks it up. Still can't figure out how they think it saves money to charge.
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    When / how to rejuvenate soil in raised planters?

    Recall reading a few years back that some archeologists discovered some ancient garden areas in the Amazon that had been created by the indigenous people there. The soil was amended with pottery shards and charcoal. The garden areas had been abandoned for a long time but still were way more...
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    When / how to rejuvenate soil in raised planters?

    I've used annual rye for years as a cover crop, it's a bit challenging in raised beds as it can get really tall very quickly in the spring and needs to be chopped up fine before turning it under. A year ago I found out from my sister about a fava bean that is used for cover crop, it fixes more...
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    New guy from the wet side of Washington

    I don't think that Laconner really has any where to grow to, my sisters family owns everything to the east, the south is the mouth of the Skagit river, the Swinomish reservation to the west. Maybe north, but that's also farmland don't know how set those owners are about keeping it though...
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    New guy from the wet side of Washington

    Welcome from another wet sider, grew up in Bellingham, now live at the other end of Puget Sound. Lived near Sedro Woolley for a while after college in the late 70's. Still get up to that part of the state occasionally to visit my sister, her family farm is the reason LaConner can't grow to the east.
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    Stories of how you came about your property

    I have found a couple of doozies on Google maps as well, the one that gave me a real grin is the "road" near Laconner that leads from my sisters driveway south to join another farm yard about a mile away. Nothing but farm fields separated by deep drainage ditches. I spent my working life doing...
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    He's all on or all off. About 80% of daytime hours are spent trying to get us to play with him. A few minutes after the picture was taken we took him out for a walk, he went from how you saw him to full tilt boogie in about 2 seconds flat. Now he's resting again (probably growing!), waiting for...
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    Our boy Tucker, 7 months old about over 60 lbs. Everybody is his best friend!
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    Is Rural Living a Hobby?

    Interesting thread, I grew up on a wooded mountainside outside of the city limits. Out back of my folks place was miles of rugged uninhabited forestland, a beach on Chuckanut bay was about a half mile walk away. I loved that place and found that I was not very comfortable living in town. I have...
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    Pacific North West - Excessive heat warning issued

    Was moving a pile of top soil a few days ago, even with several inches of rain earlier in the week the soil was dusty dry 2" down. Neighbor had a burn permit for a medium sized pile in the middle of his mowed pasture, the fire started the thin layer of grass clippings on fire and burned about 30...
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    Hand held Brush Cutter

    Pole saw works well on the medium sized brushy stuff, lets you reach in without getting tangled up in it.
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    Hand held Brush Cutter

    My folks had one, they didn't buy it to use themselves. It was fun the first 6 swings or so. They also had a machete that they didn't use, I have no idea of how many hours I spent between age 10 to 18 cutting Salmon berry and Himalaya BlackBerry brush with those tools. I own neither now, I do...
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    Billionaire Space Shots

    Not expressing an opinion on whether or not billionaires going to space is good or bad. I grew up watching the space program from John Glenn's first flight to landing on the moon. It was exciting and led to a lifelong love of spaceflight and the potential of space colonization. NASA continued...
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    Billionaire Space Shots

    Bill and Melinda Gates, Warren Buffet. Folks still dislike and don't trust them. Go figure.....
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    Help, can anyone identify this houseplant?

    I thought it was called mother in laws tongue because of the numbing, and swelling of the tongue and throat if ingested. A way to shut them up if necessary. :sick:
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    Pacific North West - Excessive heat warning issued

    Just recieved a notice from PSE that our power bill will be 45% higher than last year for the same period. Don't think we used the AC at all last June, let alone running it 24/7 for the better part of a week. 61° light marine layer with a very light mist falling right now.
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    Pacific North West - Excessive heat warning issued

    That's why we don't live there.🥵
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    Garden pictures!

    I won't show you mine yet, the torrential rains a couple of weeks ago put the weeds into a record growth spurt and the record heat of the last few days made sure I won't be out pulling them! Greenhouse is doing well lots of tomatoes, cucumbers, basil and cilantro. The peppers are just starting...
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    Pacific North West - Excessive heat warning issued

    Was 80 degrees this morning when I got up, grass still wet with dew, have never seen this level of humidity here during hot weather. 3:10 PM 104 degrees, been above 100 since about 10 AM. Our 78 year old neighbor delivered eggs today, long sleeves, long pants, boots and gloves. Dripping sweat...
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    Florida Condo Collapse

    Have friends that live on the Wa. coast, any exposed steel turns to rust in a very short time. A reinforced concrete structure where the concrete is cracking and water is leaking through on the coast with salt air would make me really nervous.
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    Pacific North West - Excessive heat warning issued

    Read an article yesterday about the Western Washington power grid, according to PSE, the grid is only running at about 75 percent of what it runs at during the winter. Generating resources are pretty good, a couple of years ago Bonneville Power which runs a lot of the Columbia river systems...
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    Lynch Pins Coming Off

    Slight tangent here, someone recently lost one of those smaller lynch pins on the road around here. My neighbor found it the hard way. Embedded in the left rear tire on his truck! Right through the tread.
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    Pacific North West - Excessive heat warning issued

    We will be running the AC through this hot spell, wife has mysynia gravis, her tolerance for high temps is very limited. Also our new golden retriever pup dosen't seem to like hot weather either, just wants too lay in the shade. We are fortunate that when it gets really hot here the humidity is...
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    X300 Blade Spindles

    Wait until the mower cools off before hosing out the deck. Warm bearings will suck in water as they cool off. The grease fittings on the housings just go into the space between the bearings, it is supposed to keep water out of the space, the bearings are sealed so little or none of that grease...
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    Did the Covid shot make you cranky?

    Moderna, slightly sore arm after both doses, no other symptoms that I noticed. Have heard that the younger you are there is a greater chance of stronger symptoms due to having a better immune system.
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    Failed attempt to smooth property, how to correct?

    Couple of hours fabrication on the land plane, couple of weeks for the lifting frame? :ROFLMAO:
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    New fuel can feature

    Update on the new fuel can. Emptied it into the tractor today, took it in the shop and extracted the screen, and installed a vent at the base of the handle at the back. The push button spout worked OK, certainly better than the type that you have to hook the bottom of the spout on the fill neck...
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    New fuel can feature

    Those look like what I bought at TSC. The spout looked good, it's just that darned screen in the neck. I betting that you can't buy a fuel can now that doesn't have it.
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    New fuel can feature

    Five gallon diesel from Tractor Supply Company. Their house brand.
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    New fuel can feature

    By the way, have you ever had a vaper explosion in a fuel can? Been pouring gas and diesel fuel out of fuel cans for at least 60 years and have never come close, also have had enough sense to not pour gasoline on a lit fire, which is about the only way I figure that could happen. Just don't see...
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    New fuel can feature

    Recently was on our way into town to fill my diesel cans when my wife suggested that we stop at TSC and get an additional 5 gallon fuel can. I certainly was not going ignore that suggestion! So we stopped in, I purchased a new can and we proceeded to the gas station to fill the cans. Now we all...
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    Buying Advice New Member Looking At First Tractor - Ford (9N/8N)

    You are correct the PTO shaft is smaller than the standard 540 PTO shaft, you can get an adapter for it. A better solution is an over running clutch which is much safer.
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    Gulp went the big fish

    Just noticed that Pape Machinery just swallowed Washington Tractor, which was already pretty much the sole John deere dealer here in Washington.
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    How do I find the hole?

    Found this gem on the lawn yesterday, blew out of a tree nearby. Called the hornet collectors, but this morning something had eaten the nest. Venom folks got back to me that bald faced hornet demand is down this summer so they would have to charge me. Problem had taken care of itself. Earlier...
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    How do I find the hole?

    Found this one about ten minutes ago beside our patio. It has a projected life expectancy of about 3 hours, just after sundown. Got a small measure of no lead just for them.
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    It's cold a bit snowy in Western Washington

    It's cold and a bit snowy in Western Washington this week and everybody is losing their minds as usual. We have cold snowy winters here about one winter in ten around here. When it does snow everyone freaks out, including my wife. We have enough food and fuel put by to get along for a couple of...
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    Cat pics

    Our two. As you can see we have a preference for yellow pie bald cats.
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    Articulated tractor project for sale

    Here are some pictures of the project. I might add that my sister is very motivated to sell it. She would like it to go to someone who would finish it.
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    Articulated tractor project for sale

    About a year ago my brother in law passed away. He had been working on an articulated tractor project for a number of years, it is mostly complete, with some the hydraulic plumbing and the control system not yet completed. My sister would like to sell it to someone interested in completing it...
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    Dash warning lights on 2017 MF 1734e

    Here are indicator light pages
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    To all who are members of Machine

    The web site is not being maintained at this time. This is due to Matt the owner and creator of the site passing away last November. Matt was my brother in law and friend. We all miss him very much. He died from complications following heart surgery.
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    I think my new neighbor will be Ok!

    Some folks just bought the 5 acres next door to us, my other next door neighbor's have been great and i think the new folks are going to be as well. They are currently cleaning up the old homsite and preparing to build a new home. They had an arborist come in to evaluate the trees on the...
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    Nice surprise in the greenhouse

    I have been fighting a daily battle with aphids on my peppers this year. They seem to be impervious to most insecticides that I am willing to use on my food plants, so I have been washing them off every morning for since late April. A few days ago I noticed a small (1/8") worm looking thing on...
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    Living in a magic place

    I've spoken in the past about my sister's farm in the Skagit valley, the link below shows what they are all about. My sister has a degree in biological oceanography, she has applied a great deal of her education to the practice of sustainable farming, and has made a good living while doing so...
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    What's up with these tarp shelters at the farm auctions

    Here some photos from the construction last spring: Plastic on and inflated, note blower and jumpers to the sides from the top. First planting, too many tomatoes(learning curve here :laughing:) Frame up and ends on Attaching the plastic, plastic is attached using aluminium "U" channel and...
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    Lets see your Woodworking Skills

    A shaker hall table I just built as a wedding gift for my nephew who's getting hitched Sunday to a great girl from North Dakota.
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    I'm puzzled

    As I travel around the area that I live, I have noticed that there are a lot of tractors that are parked outside. In many cases they are parked outside of barns, sheds and shops. Why would you make a substantial investment in a piece of equipment then let it sit out in the elements. I have...
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    Hi from Yelm

    I have been reading and posting for a month or so on TBN, so I suppose it would be polite of me to introduce myself. My wife and I live a bit south of the town in rural Thurston County. I have been a tractor owner for over 35 years, up until a couple of years ago we had a 1948 8N Ford. As I am...