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  1. Sysop

    Anyone gotta safety pin?

  2. Sysop

    Big Rollover Recovery

    Found on the Tubes of You...
  3. Sysop

    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    My little Johnny needs the engine replaced. Drive belt on my Craftsman failed. Tired of balancing little tractors on little bottle jacks and jack stands. Needed something better. Shopped around for mower lifts. Lowes, Home Depot, TSC, couple other local tool supply places, all had various...
  4. Sysop

    Black Talon High Back Seat ON SALE at RK

    Last I saw, they were over $150 each, now $117.43. Not sure there is a better option for the money if anyone is looking... Black Talon Seats Tractor Seat Universal High Back 44BK3UN
  5. Sysop

    The real world; Fast Fords

    I find this amusing. The fastest speeders caught in Texas: #1 a sport bike @ 156MPH #2 a Ford F150 @ 150MPH #3 another sport bike @ 145MPH Source: 86 mph over the limit — just one of the 1 fastest speeding tickets in Dallas-Fort Worth | News | Dallas News
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    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    Currently, the list is all compressors, floor jacks, safes, saw mills, storage cabinets, chests or carts, trailers, trencher/backhoe, welders, Admiral, Ames, Bauer, Cobra, CoverPro, Daytona, Diamondback, Earthquake, Fischer, Hercules, Icon, Jupiter, Lynxx, Poulan, Predator, Tailgator, Viking...
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    How sad...

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    Grapple vs forks

    You could get a pallet fork with a grapple attachment on it if you really need to save a few bucks and have a tool that is nearly "all in one". There are many styles available: Personally, I like a separate grapple and forks. I purchased my forks first, which I would advise for anyone...
  9. Sysop

    Dangerous times even in small town

    If it is good enough for them, it is good enough for me...
  10. Sysop

    2020 Siverado HD

    Then what is with the new superduty? It uses the full headlight area, it remains lit all the time for both low and high beam, as well as daytime lamps. The height used to make sense of low mounted headlights before this. But why now? It apparently doesn't matter...
  11. Sysop

    2020 Siverado HD

    They all should do as they have with their muscle cars. Just do larger modernized builds of their classic designs. I think we would all agree this is much better looking than the 2020 HD... Same for Ford and Ram.
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    2020 Siverado HD

    Yes, it is a photoshop, but not a joke. It is just to ease folk into the real thing (shown below):
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    I had no clue where else to put this, but laughed and wanted to share.

    linked to me from a friend. I'm sure it's been all over since it came from facebook, but was the first I've seen of it.
  14. Sysop

    Appalachian English: Why We Say 展arsh Rag & 鏑ow Tar

    Interesting article. Appalachian English: Why We Say “Warsh Rag” & “Low Tar” | Appalachian Magazine
  15. Sysop

    Bradco Backhoe Thumb

    Well, since Paladin took over Bradco, they no longer make the 485 backhoe. Now they make the 490! It appears by all I can find to be the same unit, just built from a milder steel (80ksi versus 100ksi). What do you think the chances are that the thumb is the same? The few pictures and...
  16. Sysop

    Maintain a Pond/Lake EASY! Put a front loader and a sickle mower on a boat... NUTS!

    This is absolutely nuts, and awesome...
  17. Sysop

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Taken from another page...
  18. Sysop

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Load was hanging 6' over the back of the trailer. Negative tongue weight. Note how high the rear of the truck sets. He was only managing 40mph in a 70mph zone and still seemed he was white-knuckling it...
  19. Sysop

    5k on 5k trailer..

    I purchased the basic EAZ-Lift, which is made by Camco. The original/first designer and manufacturer of WDH systems. The same ones who famously took the rear wheels off Olds Toronados and towed trailers to advertise the systems. I didn't add the optional mechanical sway control since my...
  20. Sysop

    New (to me) safe, need ideas.

    As the title states, I just got the deal of a lifetime on a safe. It is big. I need the best ideas on moving it. I have my 14k equipment trailer that I just equipped with a 12k lbs winch. I also have a couple snatch blocks to increase the pull. I also have my tractor, which will be woefully...
  21. Sysop

    "A Tractor on Steroids" Thoughts?

    Between the lift links, same as any tractor... Seems there may be a couple hydraulic ports and an AG trailer connector there too...
  22. Sysop

    "A Tractor on Steroids" Thoughts?

    A Tractor on Steroids | Yanko Design Thoughts? Comments?
  23. Sysop

    You know it is cold on the farm when...

    ...instead of stepping in the poop, ya trip over it...
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    If you look at the frame at 1M23S into the video, it appears the ramps are held in place by the same bolts that hold the wheel block he installs at the front after loading. Considering it is a manufacturer supplied solution, I don't think they would provide unlatched ramps. Any good ramps...
  25. Sysop

    How not to remove a rock with your skidsteer...

    Someone sent me this link today...
  26. Sysop

    Make sure you get your permits before plowing your fields...

    Ridiculous... Farmer faces $2.8 million fine after plowing field
  27. Sysop

    2020 step

    I guess you should have used Bing instead of Google. I did a search and the very first image shows a 2020 with the step mounted. I've attached it here for future users.
  28. Sysop

    Ballast 2x2x2 concrete weight box

    If what you describe is what he has, yes, they are telescoping lower lift arms. Still doesn't help OP's situation where his block interferes with hooking up.
  29. Sysop

    Anybody recognize this cylinder holder?

    On the couple carts I have made, I've just used a small piece of chain from a kid's swing set. If they can withstand kids up to 100lbs swinging on a pair of them, one will hold a cylinder in place. Less than a buck per foot and doesn't turn brittle after 10 years...
  30. Sysop

    How to replace a shingle roof - with a ToolCat...

    saw this on FB and found it unique: NTD Television - I've never seen anything like this before...
  31. Sysop

    I love my wife.

    Wife comes up to me today and says "You know, for the projects we have planned, we really need to use our tax refund money to buy a trailer that will haul the tractor and implements. Start shopping..." What I'm looking for is a 2-5/16" ball coupled, with a 20' deck, 22' max., that I can put...
  32. Sysop

    A new reason to avoid Deere

    Was trying to lend assistance to a new TBN member, who had only posted a model number of their tractor. I did a search, it came up as a JD model number. I clicked over to the Deere site to see the details of this tractor, and they tried to infect me... The following event occurred on the...
  33. Sysop

    Mahindra selling customer info to John Deere?

    I guess Mahindra is selling our contact information to John Deere. I've never done business with, nor sought to do any business with John Deere, yet they are sending me promotional sales material... They say they want to buy my Mahindra.
  34. Sysop

    Lets see your Mahindra!

    I guess Mahindra is selling our contact information to John Deere. I've never done business with, nor sought to do any business with John Deere, yet they are sending me promotional sales material... They want to buy my Mahindra.
  35. Sysop

    FEL removal - Any tips?

    Nearly the same. I have an "alignment bar" that has a tapered point that is ideal for lining up many things on a tractor. It rides beside my seat with my rag where I can reach them from the front or rear. It is my most-used tool on the tractor (perhaps the rag is used more often). Best...
  36. Sysop

    Sure is pretty, but $115k for 25HP? :)

    Hopefully it's field days are done... Bonhams : 1955 LAMBORGHINI DL25 TRACTOR *EDIT* $110k, oops...
  37. Sysop


    Not my seat time, but funny stuff...
  38. Sysop

    How do you organize your towing accessories?

    I only use a 2-5/16" and 2" ball on my trailers. I have a solid/forged 16k drawbar for my 2-5/16" ball and a plain jane Reese 7k interlock style drawbar for the 2" ball. One rides in the receiver on the truck, the other rides in a hitch bag like this: The hitch bag, chains, and binders all...
  39. Sysop

    Steel Bushings...

    Where is the best place to get steel bushings? One of the pins worked loose on my rotary cutter and one side came off while working. I went to TSC and got a new pin with washer and nut but when I went to reassemble everything, I noticed there is supposed to be a bushing in the A-Frame upright...
  40. Sysop

    Clever trailer invention

    $14... Reese Towpower 7129 Solo Hitch Alignment System: Automotive
  41. Sysop

    Ford aluminum truck beds are strong how?
  42. Sysop

    Ford to try their hand at a diesel 1/2 ton?

    Not many people over here buy the basic F150. I have the 3.5L ecoboost that makes something like 90% of it's torque between 1000 and 2000RPMs, and doesn't drop off until about 5000RPM.
  43. Sysop

    Tiny round baler for 2-wheelers

    saw this and thought I'd share... Agriculture Technologies
  44. Sysop

    You don't have a high speed Internet connection??

    My first modem was a cradle you laid the handset into. It operated at 300BPS (bits per second). It takes 8 bits to make 1 byte, which is one character. Plain text was transmitted at a whopping 37.5 characters per second. This is a moderately fast reading speed. There was no "internet"...
  45. Sysop

    Now I just need a trailer...

    Just added a new 3.5L Ecoboost F150 Lariat to my list of to(ys)ols. Now I just need a trailer. Looking at a Sure-Trac 14k implement trailer. Overkill for what I need it to do, but I think it is still within reason.