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  1. Semper Paratus

    People name their boats. Why not name your tractor?

    My 3930 is Miss Kitty---Assigned by Mrs. Paratus when shopping for it the tractor had a bad muffler, and sounded pretty rough, she commented it sounded like a chain smoking cat which morphed to Miss Kitty
  2. Semper Paratus

    More naval history

  3. Semper Paratus


    Had the same problem in a high mileage chevy PU. It had been about 150-200k miles since I had done anything more than coolant swaps and hose replacements. Started running hot, by the gage. Got ready to do a water pump but a friend came by with his laser pyrometer. Water outlet was 195-200...
  4. Semper Paratus

    Driver's License... What Vehicle did you use?

    73 Caprice Station Wagon. Had to parallel park the beast after arguing with the tester about wearing a seat belt. If I hadn't insisted I would have lost my new license for a month. Momma's rules
  5. Semper Paratus

    Ida Incoming

    They used to shoot looters in the good old days.
  6. Semper Paratus

    Retirement Planning - Lessons Learned

    In 119 calendar days I will be without a paying job for the first time in 48 years. I transitioned a few times but always had something lined up. My first goal in retirement is to be able to regularly sleep to 0600, if I want to. Way too many years of 0dark15 6 and 7 days a week.
  7. Semper Paratus

    Front-End Loader Loader for 3930

    My 99 3930 wears a Quicke 310 from that same year. With a 2wd make sure of your counterbalance. I use a 1000# boxblade. You will have problems with heavy stuff like sand and gravel without some real good rear end weight.
  8. Semper Paratus


    Reloading has cost me quite a bit of money over the years. While my cost per round is generally 1/3 or less in most of the calibers I shoot I just shoot lots more. For years I did not bother with reloading 9mm because I could shop around and find 9's for just a bit more than my cost per round...
  9. Semper Paratus

    ?????? GROAN 2

  10. Semper Paratus

    Oil & Fuel hyd. filter change

    I busted an O-ring in the quick connect for the remote supplying the front end loader last week. Limped the tractor back to its storage area while still hemorrhaging oil. Figured it would be a good time to replace the o-ring and change the oil since I had no clue when it was last changed...
  11. Semper Paratus

    How the heck do you guys torque a cylinder nut to 600 ft lb? Rebuilding Bobcat combo bucket cylinder.

    Years ago we used to use "Turn of the nut" and a slugging wrench on metal to metal steam joins torque to 2000 ft-lbs+ to obtain a nominal 2/3 yield. If you new the grip length, fastener diameter and thread pitch you went into the tables and found out what angle of advance (number of flats) you...
  12. Semper Paratus


    I was working on the drive today doing some fill and back drag work. I looked at my box blade and it had a good bit of hydraulic fluid on it. The remote supplying hydraulics to my FEL was hemorrhaging from the Quick connect. Managed to get it back to the parking/storage place but could not...
  13. Semper Paratus


    Actually it is not Federal Law that handguns ship is the policy of the common carriers. If you violate it and your handgun is lost or damaged you are hosed for violating their policy. The common carriers want to ship overnight because it reduce their touch time and less touch...
  14. Semper Paratus

    Celebrities I have met

    In High School, during the mid 70's, I worked at a country club that hosted an annual Pro-Am for the Shriner's Burn Hospital. I was working the arrival stand and Lee Trevino rolls up. I said good morning Mr. Trevino and asked him if I could get his golf bag up to the starter's stand. He...
  15. Semper Paratus

    Natural Gas Pipe Sizing question

    Local gas company offers two meters options for home owners. One is an "inches" meter which is a white face with black letters/numbers and delivers gas at 7-10" WC. The other is a PSI meter red faced white letters and delivers 2 PSI gas. If you use a PSI meter you will likely need a secondary...
  16. Semper Paratus

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    F350 Diesel with a 14' or so bumper pull dump trailer went whizzing by me...I was between 70 and 75mph on the three lane section of the interstate this evening. The trailer appeared to have light stuff in it with a half a$$ tarp. Wind was blowing a bit and the trailer seemed to be skittish...
  17. Semper Paratus

    Another newspaper "bulldozer"

    Most journalists today would be dead if breathing wasn't on autopilot.
  18. Semper Paratus

    New member from southern Virginia

    Welcome from Tidewater
  19. Semper Paratus

    ?????? GROAN

    Silence is golden duct tape is silver....
  20. Semper Paratus


    Yup- Got one. Real pleasant to shoot even with 900 FPS 240s. Skeeter load.
  21. Semper Paratus


    Well yesterday was the service the 3930 day. Plan was to drop the box blade and put the mower on it warm it up change oil etc. I had been through greasing adding a bit of coolant, checking steering and hydraulics, fuel, oil level, kicked the tires and jumped into the seat turned the key...the...
  22. Semper Paratus

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    And his load was well secured.
  23. Semper Paratus

    1991 John Deere lx178 - Is this a water pump?

    Yes...that is unless you live someplace really cold and use the tractor thru the winter and it needs some heat to start. If removing I would replace hose end to end with new appropriately sized hose clamps
  24. Semper Paratus

    How did you meet your spouse.

    Met mine in a military chapel about 41 years ago. Her father was a senior officer (O-6) living on base. I almost fled....In a couple of weeks it will have been 39 years married. She still likes me most of the time;);)
  25. Semper Paratus

    Box Scraper has anyone added weights to a box blade

    I have chained telephone posts and logs to box blades in the past and have had moderately good luck. Hard part is getting a 5 or 6' long 14"-18 " diameter log in the proper position. Usually took a couple adjustment cycles
  26. Semper Paratus

    Best firearm for home protection? I realize a lot is personal choice involved?

    Don't forget Co. Cooper's admonition: "A handgun is only a tool to fight your way back to a long gun"
  27. Semper Paratus

    How to catch 11 gallons of oil?

    Looks like an addendum to pallets in the field:eek:
  28. Semper Paratus

    Dixie Chopper with Generac Engine

    Ok guys I'm a little light on info but here goes. I inherited from a 2005-2010 Dixie Chopper Industrial from a deceased 3 war 101+ year old retired Army Aviator Colonel. It has the Electric lift 54" ish deck and a Generac Engine (28 HP I think). When I picked it up I had to pull it up on the...
  29. Semper Paratus

    Yazoo Walk Behind S-24---Parts Help

    :confused:Ten or fifteen years ago I inherited my father's Yazoo S-24 big wheel mower. Heck of a machine. It dates from the mid 80's He used it on an acre house lot plus a variety of rough cutting tasks for a number of years before buying a riding mower. I continued to use it for some of the...
  30. Semper Paratus

    Front Loader Quick Attach Automatic lock?

    Quickie has a version of that: See page 15 or so
  31. Semper Paratus

    QUICKE 310 Loader

    No not that kind of quickie. My 1997 3930 has a Quicke 310 loader on it and it looks like the hoses are original. Rubber covers are falling apart wires showing and rusting, no leaks yet....I contacted my local Bushhog distributor (James River Equipment), who seems to handle the Quicke parts...
  32. Semper Paratus

    New Holland 3930 Won't even crank

    Well yesterday's effort with the 3930 was clipping several hundred feet of right of way and the 50' wide loop road around the house sight (something like 700' in diameter. All told about 3 hours of clipping with no problems. I shut it down to install an ammo can tool box and then went to restart...
  33. Semper Paratus

    New Holland 3930 Hydraullic Upgrades

    My 3930 has a Quickie 310 loader hanging on the front. The source for the FEL hydraulics is a long hose from one of my rear remotes. I have the second 12 GPM hydraulic pump on the left rear of the engine. My ideal state is to have the two rear remotes available for equipment without having to...
  34. Semper Paratus

    Upgrading Hydraulics on 3930.

    My 3930 has a Quickie 310 loader hanging on the front. The source for the FEL hydraulics is a long hose from one of my rear remotes. I have the second 12 GPM hydraulic pump on the left rear of the engine. My ideal state is to have the two rear remotes available for equipment without having to...
  35. Semper Paratus

    99 NH 3930 Lights

    The lights and hazards on my1999 New Holland 3930 ROPS are not working. Does anyone have the fuse box schematic and a lighting system wiring diagram? Of course the first and easiest step is check the lights for power, then fuse box then??? Not a grand time of year to start pulling sheet metal...
  36. Semper Paratus

    A Nub from Tidewater VA

    Hey guys I am a nub here on this forum. I am an almost 58 YO former Coasty former shipbuilder and currently a Government employee working towards retirement. My current tractor is a 1999 New Holland 3930 MFWD with a Quicke 310 loader and a 6' Kodiak rotary cutter. Currently looking for an...