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  1. TYMNorsky

    Need to be concerned about this rust?

    Worst case if it bothers you, use a metal brush, degrease and paint some grey POR15 over it.
  2. TYMNorsky

    TYM wheelbase stability

    My T474 (Same chassis as T394) is 64'' outside to outside of rear R4 tires.
  3. TYMNorsky

    Titan 79" Snow Hydraulic Blade adapted to compact tractor?

    Yeah, that is the bounceback buffer on the blade......if it tripps the spring.
  4. TYMNorsky

    Kubota M7040 with grooved R4's

    Hmmmmmm.....maybe I should sell my used once cutting tool? They are up to $130.00 now 😳
  5. TYMNorsky

    Kubota M7040 with grooved R4's

    Here is an older thread on the subject. I'm a Believer... No Not the Song... R4 Tire Grooving
  6. TYMNorsky

    Kubota M7040 with grooved R4's

    I grooved my R4's, made a SIGNIFICANT difference on packed wet snow and powder. Ice........well.......there only chains are effective. Before grooving the tires, I couldn't make it up my driveway on 32F snow. That is the border of liquid/freeze and is the worst conditions to deal with. Grooving...
  7. TYMNorsky

    45-50hp Help

    I bought a TYM simply because they offered the best lift on FEL, features and size/weight/hp for the $$$$ I've 153h on my TYM T474 (48.3Hp w. cab) with absolutely NO issues. I buy my filters through the dealer to give him my business.
  8. TYMNorsky

    Transporting YT347

    Get some axel straps to use with your flat strap tie downs.
  9. TYMNorsky

    Is there a "free food app"?

    Yeah I was once very very poor I worked as an IT Intern paid $500 a month living in the most expensive city in the world at the rent was $500/month, I had but 5 bucks left in my wordily possessions in my pocket. Gave it to a pan handler, later that day the same pan handler was...
  10. TYMNorsky

    New snow

    Yes. This is the same house before clearing off all the trees.
  11. TYMNorsky

    New snow

    Nothing in NW MT worth mentioning, the crew was clearing timber of wrecked houses again this week after the annual 60+Mph windstorm on the ranch. And as they crew started to cover the building with a tarp, as snow storm started brewing. I took off my grapple and mounted my plow on the tractor...
  12. TYMNorsky

    Ready for the next storm.

    Oosik, you and me in Western Montana......the gusts are getting up there. I don't need to have more trees to come down.
  13. TYMNorsky

    My twisted sense of humor-what's yours?

    Willie 1 and Willie 2
  14. TYMNorsky

    Snow B7100 tractor and snowblower

    Nice fab skills man.
  15. TYMNorsky

    Black oil

    I have a 2014 Chevy Cruze Turbo Diesel. It blackens the oil in 50 miles. My Tractor blackens it after about 4-5h of use. It shows it is doing its job.
  16. TYMNorsky

    Brakes on kubota Bx25d

    If it is in 4wd, it will absolutely have some breaking capabilities on all 4 wheels. But being they are not locked diffs, it will be more like 3 wheel break. But definitely better than just RWD.
  17. TYMNorsky

    Kioti DK 4510

    Location helps
  18. TYMNorsky

    Allow hunting. . . very inclined to say no.

    If you desire privacy and quiet, then I would say recant your decision to allow anyone hunting.
  19. TYMNorsky

    Noob Here...Seeking a Tractor Education, Please

    Also deem the need for ROPS (open station) or cab, factor in weather vs your own health. Woods/no tractors need to be more aware of tight spots and woods. But they do shield you from elements hot colt or driving over a yellow jackets nest while working the soil.
  20. TYMNorsky

    Diesel fuel Anti-jell

    View projects farm's test on diesel anti jelly agents
  21. TYMNorsky

    Is AB-1346 The Beginning To The End Of The GARDEN TRACTOR?

    We need to cut all carrier power lines into CA. Let them cook in their own fat for unwise choices. They can live and eat lithium from China.
  22. TYMNorsky

    Snow on the way tonight, fun times again

    All we got in NW MT right outside Glacier park was this (n) Wimpy!!!
  23. TYMNorsky

    Farm UTV/RTV Purchase

    How about an 4wd Japanese Mini truck? 92 Suzuki Carry Japanese Mini Truck 4WD, Diff Lock, 5 speed
  24. TYMNorsky

    Typical FEL Mount Bolt Torque?

    Gutentight...........not like some......crossthread and then another 1/2 turn :ROFLMAO:
  25. TYMNorsky

    Rodents Chewed Main Engine Harness 🐁⚠️😫

    Geographical location? Looks like your here out west somewhere? The is Jordan Sales in Post Falls, ID. And on the East Coast there is Smiths Enterprises.
  26. TYMNorsky

    Not getting reverse only forward gears even in reverse

    I wish when people truly wants help, that they type out their problem and what type of equipment and perhaps where located?
  27. TYMNorsky

    US Hwy 1 how things have changed

    Young women are the ones I see the most with their eyes in a mini screen while driving. If I see a vehicle with irregular driving usually one of those or as DUI'er.
  28. TYMNorsky

    Time to check out the generator.

    Did my 1st scheduled test run last weekend under 1st generator ownership on my Duromax XP12000EH. Have made this a monthly thing now.
  29. TYMNorsky

    Drone suggestion

    I have had a Mavic Air 2 for over a year, this is a video I took in the new years after we had the dreaded windstorm that wrecked havoc on our NW MT property. You can see all the timber we harvested.
  30. TYMNorsky

    Trying to choose

    Yeah, the T494 would be an excellent choice, it lifts almost 2700# on the FEL, and has the same reliable Kukje engine as the T474.
  31. TYMNorsky

    Kubota L2501 HST northern WV

    You'll sell that quick, nice clean unit.
  32. TYMNorsky

    Now I am depressed... Another Great Name from the past has turned into garbage.

    I still carry a Benchmade Mini Barrage 595 every day.
  33. TYMNorsky

    alternator kioti dk 35 diesel

    If the brushes are gone, it still won't charge. The best is to measure with a voltage meter over the battery while running engine with a load on it (Lights on).
  34. TYMNorsky

    Value Proposition: What Makes Your Brand Of Tractor Better Than The Others?

    The CX2510 is really a nicely equipped tractor for the price. I think it will be a popular tractor for Kioti.
  35. TYMNorsky


    I know, I ended up paying $80 for a box of 35 Remington some time back....and $190 for 1000 large rifle primers, but now I'll start reloading it.
  36. TYMNorsky

    Picking a first tractor

    Yes, your tasks you're expected to perform, move dirt or move heavy objects, manipulate driveways or mowing/haying, snow removal or not? And geography, hills or flat country. All counts for what tractor will suit you best.
  37. TYMNorsky

    Regret a cab tractor?

    Regretting getting a cab is probably as common as getting too much HP in a tractor? :ROFLMAO:
  38. TYMNorsky

    Trying to choose

    How heavy are those pallets of pellets on average?
  39. TYMNorsky

    Y'all Been Checkin' Lumber Prices?

    Well, despite lumber prices or not, long term we aim to be self sufficient here in NW MT.
  40. TYMNorsky

    Value Proposition: What Makes Your Brand Of Tractor Better Than The Others?

    There is Jordan Sales in Post Falls, ID. They are one of the largest TYM dealers in the west. And also has Kioti.
  41. TYMNorsky

    Trying to choose

    Get the T574 if you're frequently having to do heavy loading. The T574 almost lifts 600# more on FEL than the T474.......and I have a T474.
  42. TYMNorsky

    Kubota Tractors are Tinted now

    We had 60 days above 90 this year.
  43. TYMNorsky


    And now I CAN guarantee YOU that Hollywood elites wants to dictate even more anti gun mandates, if they cannot feel safe despite being ignorant hypocrites. Then they certainly cannot leave the rest of us alone.
  44. TYMNorsky

    Kubota Tractors are Tinted now

    Yeah, I can't do this as I operate primarily at night for snow removal at my house LOL.
  45. TYMNorsky

    Is Rural Living a Hobby?

    Same happens here in NW MT, all the big $$$ have moved in, forcing people in service and blue collar job that hadn't bought a house/property yet to be forced out of their rentals in benefit of VRBO's.
  46. TYMNorsky

    SSQA FEL-mounted snow blades

    I just got this blade, I will have to wait for snow on how well it will work?
  47. TYMNorsky

    DK45 smokes white at all times

    Tractor time with Tim made a video after they ended up buying a "hot" tractor off an auction 3 years ago or so.
  48. TYMNorsky

    Montana 4940 motor starter issue
  49. TYMNorsky

    Diesel Additive - which one, and how much?

    I started using Howes after project farm showing it had pretty good anti gel properties for the cost. Especially since we're in transition between summer diesel and winter blend right now.
  50. TYMNorsky

    to those with a 6.2l gas ford super duty

    Yes, but for has had too many mishaps with engines, the TT3.5 going up in flames, 5.4 the typical spark plug issue. 6.0 and 6.4 diesel combabble.........agreee........been very few Coyote 5.0 and 6.2 problems.