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  1. Slamfire

    Trailer conversion

    I've an old ('68) Prowler 19' camping trailer. The camper portion itself is pretty much shot. I put my foot through the floor in the right front, and the side wood is dry rotted in that area, also. I'm thinkin' of pulling of the camper body and putting a floor on to make a utility trailer. The...
  2. Slamfire

    Lengthen a pto shaft

    When I bought my bushhog, I had to get an overrunning clutch to keep it from pushing the tractor. That made the pto shaft too long when the tractor started up a relatively steep hill. I shortened the sliding portion by an inch on each end, and it worked great! Now I've added one of Harbor...
  3. Slamfire

    Tractor roll over, dead operator.

    Fellow from Mass. bought some land here in E. TN. and put a double wide on it to retire to. His wife remained up north. During the last week we had snow every day, with thawing and freezing. He had borrowed a compact tractor to work on the driveway, using a box blade. Some passers by found the...
  4. Slamfire

    Tach drive cable

    I managed to break the cable on my Mitsu D 1800 when closing the hood. Any ideas of where I can get a replacement?
  5. Slamfire

    Doubled the value of my pickup today

    I filled both gas tanks.
  6. Slamfire

    Front wheel lubricant

    Dug my Mitsu D1800 out of mothballs for the Memorial Day bush hogging chore. There has been a leak in the right front wheel hub, just need to check on what to fill it with. Regular gear oil like SAE 90 or something?
  7. Slamfire

    Even those born to the job

    Can get in trouble cuttin' down trees.
  8. Slamfire

    Bought a bush hog today

    Actually I don't know what it is. My old yeller Swisher tow behind, gave up the yoke and universal joint while mowing the wifes garden. Sure am glad I turned the two point hitch upside down to act as a pto guard. On the way to TSC to get some new parts, I noticed a Mitshbishi/Satoh Buck with a...
  9. Slamfire

    Circular driveway

    My wife announced that her arthritic knees no longer could carry groceries up the 10 steps leading to the back porch. There is a ramp at the other end that's quite low, about 3', and she'd prefer to come up there with her garden cart hauling the goods. I've decided to sacrifice my wood yard and...
  10. Slamfire

    Radiator cap

    The cap on my Mitsu D-1800 is now in 4 pieces, I'd like to get a new one and am wondering if it is a standard size, and what pound pressure it runs. Does anyone know?
  11. Slamfire

    Ever threaded a belt?

    On a mower deck, when the old one broke and came off? I got to do this today, and I was amazed at how many times I tried something that I knew was wrong. Only took me 2 hours in the hot sun, must have cooked my brain.
  12. Slamfire

    Rear end inspection plug

    While hooking up my bush hog's pto, I managed to push the inspection plug into the differential case. I managed to touch it once, but it was covered with oil and got away. 1. I think it was flexible plastic, do you think I could leave it inside without hurting the gears? 2. If not, is there a...
  13. Slamfire

    Horse of a different color

    Well I put Pale Horse (a half red half white Wheel Horse A-100) to work today mowing the overgrown yard, chewing up the grass, etc. The stuff was pretty thick in some spots, and the pto belt was a bit loose. I'm afraid I smoked it pretty bad. I'll stop in at NAPA tomorrow while my wife buys a...
  14. Slamfire

    Tennessee Wheel Horse

    Got an engineless A-100 from a neighbor, and installed a replacement engine purchased on e-bay. Engine swap is complete, and tomorrow we'll give it the smoke test.
  15. Slamfire

    Wheel Horse

    Neighbor of mine blew a rod in his A-100 mower. Instead of lookin' for a new motor he gave it to me. I picked up a used engine for $76 on E-bay. Reckon I'll be ridin' instead of pushin' the next time I mow the yard.