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  1. guitarman

    2005 Jinma 284 won't start!

    you need to see if starter is functional connect jumper to negative on battery and a good ground on engine connect other lead to positive on battery then touch or tap on the large connection on solenoid of starter. If I remember there was an instructional video on here that showed how to check...
  2. guitarman

    An easier way to refuel your tractor

    This is what I use pumps 5 gal in about 3min. As you can see in pics will pump from ground level up to my tank between 5 and 6 ft from ground no problem, I just connect it to tractor so I can use it anywhere. Listed on Amazon at $16.39. I have been using it 3 or 4 years only problem tubing is...
  3. guitarman

    An easier way to refuel your tractor

    Just an update remembered to time how long it takes with my pump 4 1/2 minutes for 5 gal not real fast but not bad.
  4. guitarman

    Need to build a clamp on blade for my loader for digging short trenches and holes to

    Ideas for a clamp on digging blade
  5. guitarman

    An easier way to refuel your tractor

    Shared it before but this might work for some of you, you can get one on Amazon for just under $20 it is for diesel or oil empties a 5 gallon can in just under a minute with can on ground and my fuel inlet is between 5 and 6 ft from ground. I just connect it to a ground and the hot on starter...
  6. guitarman

    42" deck spindle replacement

    check with eprdistribution on ebay I bought complete rebuild kit for $68.99 to my door included everything you see in pic price might have gone up some but still cheaper and simpler than the parts to rebuild yourself which I have done many times
  7. guitarman

    Ways to remove fence posts?

    Yeah the chain they show in pic kind of light weight I use a 5/16 towing chain I keep in tractor tool box. I also have two chain hooks on loader seems to work ok with my rig.
  8. guitarman

    An easier way to refuel your tractor

    This pumps 5 gal in about 2 min from the ground to Top of tractor I just clamp it on a ground and the battery cable at the starter. Got it on Amazon for around $15
  9. guitarman

    Ways to remove fence posts?

    This works really good either off 3 point or loader on my tractor, can find them at tractor supply, amazon or any ag supply
  10. guitarman

    1979 JD 2040 3pt sway bar illustration

    Here is illustration of 3 PT components
  11. guitarman

    An easier way to refuel your tractor

    Can usually be found on Amazon for under $20 will empty a 5 gal can in about 2 min never timed it but pretty fast
  12. guitarman

    Skidding winch

    Years ago I bought a winch from pierce sales, one of the best things I ever bought right now it's still mounted on my old 4X4 62 chevy but one of my projects is to build a universal mount for tractor and truck. Same winch is still available from pierce arrow inc. originally designed as a wrecker...
  13. guitarman

    Slow fel

    My loader on my 2005 JM454 works fine plenty of power just operates slow any suggestions
  14. guitarman

    Jinma starting

    used tractor for loading trash into truck on saturday started fine three or four times then nothing shorted across leads at starter fired right up. always starts easy first turn and will always start even when I have to do it at starter. made this post when tractor had sat for little over a...
  15. guitarman

    Jinma starting

    Have a 2005 454 Jinma runs great but some sometimes have to bump key several times to start sometimes nothing but will always start if I jump it at starter. Previous owner eliminated clutch safety switch so that's not it. Thinking it's a problem with switch.