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  1. Code54

    STIHL MS500i

    Was wondering if anyone has got one and if so how they like it. I put my order in for one the other day and dont really have any idea when it will come in but hopefully in the next month or so. The fuel injection was a big factor in my decision as well as nice jump in hp over my current farm boss.
  2. Code54

    Over Armor paint

    Has anyone tried the Kilz Over Armor paint? I have a concrete block wall in our garage I would like to smooth a bit and make look a little better. It is totally dry, no weather so nothing to worry about, just really want to dress it up and thinking the thicker print will fill the voids a bit...
  3. Code54

    Drywall question

    We just smoothed a few textured walls and I am having a small issue. Getting pin hole in the top coat. We did our entire downstairs and didn't really have any problems but the hall is giving me fits. I always used all purpose premix without any issues and it worked great, but not this time...
  4. Code54


    Was wondering if anyone else rides or has E-bikes? I been running for almost 25 years and notice that my knees bother me a bit more than before so I been kicking around biking again. Well, I have to admit some of the hills WV are tough on a bike, and my wife who loves biking hated big...
  5. Code54

    Parasitic power draw on Jeep JK Wrangler

    I have a a problem with the JK going dead in a few days if I don't keep it on a battery tender or run it. It has a LOT of electrical accessories - CB,Winch, 5 sets of lights, subs, touchscreen, air compressor, etc. Well I disconnected EVERYTHING aftermarket and still have the draw. Went...
  6. Code54

    Iron Worker/Iron Crafter and machinist type of help

    Was working on cleaning my shop up and took a break only to find an Iron Crafter (Iron Worker) on Craigslist nearby. Long story short - shop still needing clean up and an Iron Worker now added to the stable of tools. I generally know about them but could use some help. it is a 30 ton and...
  7. Code54

    Esab, Lincoln or Miller

    Been looking at a small multiprocess welder for the house. 110/220 Mig, Tig and stick. Mainly going to use the Mig but think I will play with the Tig some. Almost 100% mild steel so I am not concerned with Alum. Can always get a spool gun if needed. Main question is about the welder itself...
  8. Code54

    Sihl starting

    Any tips for getting a Stihl saw to start quickly when cold. We have two and both need about 40 pulls to start, doesn't matter if it been a day, or a month sitting in the shed. Start well warm, run like a dream and work great but that initial cold starting is a pain. Any thoughts?
  9. Code54

    Alamo 74" Flail mower

    SH74 (think that is the model #) super heavy duty Alamo flail mower with PTO clutch. New bearings, hangers and new flails last year (about 4-5 hrs used since then). Works good and VERY heavy duty. This is a commercial flail (road side mower). Guessing around 900-1000lbs. Has some dent and...
  10. Code54

    Theft of photos from TBN

    This is kind of funny yet sad in another way. I was looking at Craigslist and saw an AD and said, hey that's my tractor! Yep sure it, they added a lot of fake info of course but it is the photo I posted here in the review section for my MX5100. Decided to look a little further then found a...
  11. Code54

    Theft of photos from TBN

    This is kind of funny yet sad in another way. I was looking at Craigslist and saw an AD and said, hey that's my tractor! Yep sure it, they added a lot of fake info of course but it is the photo I posted here in the review section for my MX5100. Decided to look a little further then found a...
  12. Code54

    Bears and pistols

    Thought some people on here maybe interested in this article on pistols being used to defend against bears. Defense Against Bears with Pistols: 97% Success rate, 37 Incidents
  13. Code54

    Scat (animal poop) question/identification

    Went on a run today and found this in the driveway. Was a bit over 6-7" long, warm and still very moist (it was about 80ish degrees out so must have just been "dropped") Had hair in it - later photos I pulled it all apart with a stick. We are in southern WV, and live a good bit off the...
  14. Code54

    Mechanical issue with truck brakes.

    Today I noticed I get a squeak in the front wheel for the truck (2012 Ram 2500 diesel)- was fine going to the store, returning it was a constant squeal, like a brake indicator. Truck has 28K on it (2012) and I just checked the brakes in Jan (1100 miles since then) and they had plenty of pad...
  15. Code54

    303 tractor fluid

    Thought this may interest a few people: Playing Roulette with 33 Yellow Buckets | The Petroleum Quality Institute of America
  16. Code54

    Super cookie recipe

    We been looking for a good holiday sugar cookie recipe. Anyone have any suggestions? THANKS!!!
  17. Code54

    Anvil and blacksmithing

    I been finding I have some interest in doing some minor blacksmithing and learning about knife making. Nothing professional, nothing other than some fun home projects where I can make things for friends, family and myself. I was thinking a Anvil would be the first thing I need to acquire...
  18. Code54

    IT networking help(Internet) help needed

    We have Frontier DSL and have been having horrible internet service since April. We have had a LOT of work done including Frontier replacing the modem/router, all new inside wiring, new cable from the main box to the house box (About 1/2 mile of new cable) and still having issues. What is weird...
  19. Code54

    Latex paint and auto paint gun?

    We bought a new outside door for the porch and was thinking it would be better to spray it before I install it. Wife got some of the better outdoor latex paint and I was wondering if anyone has used an auto paint gun to spray latex paint? Anything special to do other than thin it down a bit...
  20. Code54

    Ram 2500 transmission

    The other night I pulled my 2012 Ram 6.7 Cummins turbo diesel 2500 crew cab (26000 miles) out of the garage and the check engine light came on. A quick check showed low transmission line pressure. Dropped it at the Ram dealer and received the call today that there was several codes all...
  21. Code54

    Outdoor plumbing question ?

    We been doing a bunch of work to the garden this year and one of the changes is adding waterlines and some soaker hoses to make watering quicker and easier. I have a セ black water line run from the house over to the garden (Stuff from Home depot - 100ft rolls, fairly cheap). Right now they go...
  22. Code54

    Flail Mower Motts/Alamo flail mower

    I picked up another flail mower this evening and could use some help figuring out the exact mower. It is a Alamo/Motts industrial, 77" wide at the top plates (guessing maybe 72" cut) Trying to figure out the year and exact model. Looks like it could use a new rear bearing and a few flails could...
  23. Code54

    Black Diamond log splitter (3pt)

    Anyone have or use one? Thinking of getting one and the price seems decent (and in stock at our local store) and was wondering what you all thought. Black Diamond 3 Point Mount Log Splitter YTL-14-25 : Rural King I don't split a lot of wood, say ス a cord a year currently, maybe 1 cord. We...
  24. Code54

    22 Ton log splitter "issues"

    We bought a Husky 22 ton log splitter with a briggs 6.75 tq motor on it several years ago at TSC. When I bought it they sold it for ス price since someone bought it, took it home and it wouldn't run right and brought it back. It went to a small engine shop and was "fixed." I didn't use it right...
  25. Code54

    New self propelled mower thoughts

    I am starting to look for a new mower in the 22" inch range. I can be a bit bigger but I need it for cutting around beds and walkways with tight turns where the regular zero turn won't quite fit. Also in area where I can't fit a mower through a gate and such. I currently been using a Honda...
  26. Code54

    5x8' trailer question

    Recently picked up a little home built 5'x8' trailer. 2000lbs axle, 5 bolt 4.80x12" wheels. Overall it tows very well but the tongue is just too short (3') It is 2.5x2.5" sq. tube but does not appear real heavy (not シ more like 1/8th). Anyway, I was thinking I wanted to redo the trailers...
  27. Code54

    Elec. fence

    We are currently looking at fencing some apple trees in to keep the deer out of them and I am thinking of using an elec. fence instead of 4' of welded wire with another 4 feet of single line fence about that (mostly spaced a little over a foot apart) Do the solar elec. fence controllers work...
  28. Code54

    BCS power Barrow, engine weights and "kick stand"

    Thought this may interest some on the board. I originally used the J hook to hold my weights on my BCS 853 but then built a 努heel barrow attachment for my wife and decided I wanted a simple tool free way to take the weight on and off quickly so I made this hanger. I built the barrow...
  29. Code54

    BCS rough cut mowers

    I ordered my new BCS 853 and also have the rotary Harrow coming along with a flail mower. I figure that will cover a lot of my needs but I also want a mower for true rough cutting. While I know the flail can do most of it, I want to open some trials in the wood and there will be rocks, small...
  30. Code54

    F150 3.3l

    Just found out I am getting a F150 3.3L for work and was wondering what they are like. Looks like a nice truck but seems like a bit small in displacement? What do you all think of them.I won't be towing anything - lot of mountain driving however so I was wondering about the power.
  31. Code54

    Need help building a sprayer

    We have a two story cedar home and every year we are in a battle with the carpenter bees and stink bugs. I have sprayed the house before and had decent success but at some points the house is about 22ft above ground level. I would like to build a gas powered sprayer. He is my requirements...
  32. Code54

    2 wheel tractors and getting stuck

    I just ordered a new BCS 853 with a power harrow and flail mower. I don't expect ever having problems getting stuck with he power harrow on but with the flail I'm thinking it is possible. For the folks with brush mowers - do you get stuck often, any real issues getting unstuck? I am going...
  33. Code54

    Starting new Garden

    We have always had a garden and this year we have decided to expand our old garden. Last year we used all raised beds but found that we are running out of room. This year I opened up about 3000 sq ft and fenced it all in and we are now deciding on how we want to set it up. We are leaning...
  34. Code54

    Wrench set for $20

    Just saw this on Home Depots site - nice wrench set for $20. Not exactly Snap On but for the price.... Husky Combination Wrench Set (28-Piece)-28CW2NC - The Home Depot Not sure when the sale ends but thought someone maybe interested.
  35. Code54

    2 wheel tractor uses and supplement 4 wheel tractors

    We are currently looking at a BCS 852/853 to use to supplement my 4 wheel machines. I have a small Kubota BX25 and a larger 50hp Kubota that does most of the work. I am thinking of getting the BCS for around the house to help out with little jobs. Mainly mowing on the really steep slopes and...
  36. Code54

    Happened across this one for sale

    Power Trac Tractor - farm & garden - by owner - sale No idea if it is a good deal or anything special but thought of you all. Seems like a lot of stuff there but I know nothing about them. It is about 3 hrs north of me, not too far from Pittsburgh PA.
  37. Code54

    turntable for lift

    I recently bought a small 2 post car lift and want to make a "table" to work on mowers, my dirt bike, etc. Here is what I was thinking: I can take my lifting "pads" off and put a table top on the arms - something like 3'x2'. What I want to do is put a "lady Susan" type of turn table on that...
  38. Code54

    Husqvarna lawn tractor issue

    A buddy of mine was talking to me about a issue with his lawn tractor so I thought I would post the question. He has a Husqvarna lawn tractor from Lowes (48" cut with a non pro Kohler motor). When he cuts a bank that slopes one direction it stalls and dies. if he cuts the same bank the opponent...
  39. Code54

    Car lifts

    Been looking at car lifts and wanted everyones thoughts and ideas. I want something for doing oil changes, tire rotations, work on the Kawasaki Mule, motorcycle and the small tractor and general smaller eqpt. The cars are easy - a Yaris and a Rav4, figure my Diesel truck is a bit too big and I...
  40. Code54

    Harbor Freight motor cycle lift

    I recently purchased a dirt bike and am going to mod it some and we are still looking at trials bikes so I was kicking around getting an inexpensive motorcycle lift. Also thought it would be great for working on the mower decks, and misc eqpt. Noticed one at harbor freight for $299 on the...
  41. Code54

    New Mini Ex attachment

    Been moving a lot of stuff around recently and started thinking it would be good to have an attachment for lifting things.... I am using a 3.5 ton machine and won't be lifting a ton of weight so I came up with this. I mostly am putting attachments in trailers, lifting rocks with a set of...
  42. Code54

    Dirt bike/Trials bike/Trail bike

    Been thinking of getting another motorcycle recently and can't find what I want. I am old enough (heading toward 50 rapidly) so I don't need any more motocrossers (CR/YZ/Etc). I rode a ton when I was young and got away from it and am looking for something different to play with. Looking for...
  43. Code54

    Kubota mini ex question

    Machine 2015 KX91-3 (300hrs) Last night I was digging and in a little bit of mud. I was moving a very large stump around and noticed that when I went to move the machine my right track would not spin. The left would spin and slip but not the right. I went to back up and everything worked as...
  44. Code54

    Another Land Plane build

    A while back I asked for some advice and information on building a land plane. I finally got it all wrapped up and together. It is a 6' wide model Little over 5'5" long Duel straight blades - have about an 1 1/2" of up and down adjustment. used 5/16 5"x3" angle as the backer for the 1/2'...
  45. Code54

    Welding question

    Need some help from the welding gurus - how do you suggest I join these two together. The beam is a 3" I beam, and it has to come in at an angle. I don't really have a wedge so I was looking for any ideas. I am not a great welder, but can get stuff to always hold together. This is a land...
  46. Code54


    Anyone ever order anything from Powerusaattachments? I was looking for a set of tracks for an mini ex and was considering them. Anyone else know of any place they would recommend me checking?
  47. Code54

    More land plane questions

    I finally started putting together a 6' land plane (mostly out of extra metal we have around) and was wanting everyones thoughts and ideas? It is 62" long and 6' wide. Thinking I would like to get around 12" high. (any thoughts) Straight or angled blades ( I am leaning toward straight -...
  48. Code54

    BX25 front weight bracket

    Do any of you know of a front weight bracket for the BX25's? Maybe built one? I put a EA aerator on my BX25 and while it works great it also causes the front end (wheels) to lift about 18" off the ground on a hill so that is a little bit of a problem. I could use the front end loader but...
  49. Code54

    Grinder/shredder ideas

    I have a new project and I am looking for ideas. We about 300 bags of coconut coir that needs shredded. I am looking for something where I can dump a bag of garden soil in, a bale of the coir (sort of a little bale really - 6"X4"x24") and some compost, have it ripped up and mixed. I am going...
  50. Code54

    Truck and tires

    I wanted to get some of your thoughts and ideas on my newest "issue". When I bought my Ram 2500 Diesel it had tiny tire - I mean funny looking little things. So bad my wife said "I love this truck but it needs bigger tires!" the first time we took it to the mall and walked up to it form the...