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  1. JTKub

    Cubless once again :(

    Sold my 2010 Z-Force 44 yesterday. I had it up on Craigslist for all of a few hours before it was gone. I hated to do it, but with the move and new baby coming in a matter of weeks I had to lighten the load. I probably should have asked more for it, but just didn't feel like going through all...
  2. JTKub

    Difference between Command and Courage V-twins.

    I did some comparing between the Command and Courage service manuals and found some interesting differences between the two V-twins. Obviously they have cosmetic differences between the blower housings, shrouding and air cleaner assembies. #1 would be the Courage twins don't have hydraulic...
  3. JTKub

    Bought a Z-Force 44"..

    The bug got to me and I ordered one today! Well... I need one in all reality now (and I use that term loosely) since my 2544 is moving a few miles away. My FIL has been struggling big time with an old MTD Yardman GT for years on their very hilly/rough property and it's not easy on him. The...
  4. JTKub

    A garage partner for my 2544!

    I just picked up a Case 220 to accompany my 2544. She's a 1979 model year per the ID tag. I found it on Craigslist not far from my house being sold by it's original owner. It's all original, garage kept, unopened Kohler 10hp K241 and no touch ups or patches of any kind. It lights right off...
  5. JTKub

    Busted my 2544's steering...

    Man did a pull a bone-head maneuver today. Trying to get my lawn mowed after a ~13hr night shift and 4-5hrs sleep, I got my 2544 stuck when the front wheels fell into a rut I have been meaning to fill/level off near my new patio. Trying to get it out myself, I cranked the steering wheel HARD...
  6. JTKub

    Dumped the Cub Cadet Drive System Fluid Plus today.

    I did a little experimentation today for the sake of science. I swapped out the Cub Cadet Drive System Fluid Plus with Shell Rotella-T 15w-40 in my 2005 model year 2544. I last changed the transaxle oil two seasons and about 70hrs ago. I'm just not comfortable leaving a spin-on filter in...
  7. JTKub

    Oil & Fuel Shell TTF-SB hydrostatic trans oil

    The product data sheets Shell sent me back in 2005 for Cub Cadet Drive System Fluid Plus: Joel
  8. JTKub

    Oil filter internals...

    I scored this really nice oil filter opener tool from eBay awhile back for $5. Now I have this sickness where I can't wait to cut open every used oil filter I twist off! Attached are a couple of pics of a WIX/Affinia off the Kohler Command 20hp from my 2544. This filter was in service for a...
  9. JTKub

    No more plastic drain valve for me!

    I finally had enough with the OEM engine oil drain setup on my 2005 model year 2544. I'm still dumbfounded as to why or how Cub Cadet could let such a system go. I know softer, more pliable surgical style tubing can be had at home centers to make the stock setup work better, but tubing that...
  10. JTKub

    Tuff-torq supplies to sears now?!?

    Check Tufftorq Looks like sears is phasing out the hydrogear transaxles? That's gotta hurt HG big time loosing that account! The light tufftorqs do seem to hold up better than the light HG's so maybe it's a good thing. Joel
  11. JTKub

    Troybilt 4-cycle trimmer..

    Anyone else have one? I picked one up from SLowes a couple days ago to replace my ~7yr old, $50 weedeater 'featherlight' (that's still going): Lowes sells them for ~$164, plus I had a $10 off coupon. I've...
  12. JTKub

    2006 SLT series transaxles..

    I was just browsing thru one of those nifty color CC adds (drooling is more like it.. ). I see under the specs for the Super Lawn Tractor SLT 1550 CC lists: "Automatic transmission with heavy-duty hydrostatic pump with exclusive oil drain port for long life". Can anyone confirm the drain...
  13. JTKub

    Operator comfort..

    In the past I've always praised manufacturers like JD for their roominess and comfort behind the wheel compared to CC. I'm not so sure now?! I got to have some fun on a 3 year old JD 425 tonight. My FIL was borrowing it from his shop for the wknd. It's a big GT, power/hydraulic everything...
  14. JTKub

    2005 1000 series machine

    Needs alittle work, maybe some touch-up paint..;f=14;t=000608 G/luck Joel
  15. JTKub

    CC 2544 5hr service [email protected]#$

    I had some fun doing the 5hr service on my CC 2544 today. Not only is that mofo of a plastic engine oil drain valve a total POS, but it's near impossible to stick a piece of hose over the ½" hose barb with the allotted space! The engine oil drain sits directly on the engine mount cross-member...
  16. JTKub

    Type of grease?

    What type of grease to you guys use for your deck spindles and all the misc. zerks on your machines? The factory stuff is a thick caramel colored stuff. Just wondering if their will be any compatability issues? Thanks! Joel
  17. JTKub

    2005 Cub 2042 & 2500 series filters..

    An alternative source for engine oil filter and transaxle filter for new 2000 series cubs: Oil Filter= Carquest # 85516 (oversized, 2x as long as OEM) Transaxle Filter = Carquest # 85410 (exact size to OEM) These filters have the exact same specs as OEM (thread size, gasket size, bypass...
  18. JTKub

    FYI, 2005 Cub transaxles...

    It looks like the hydrostatic drive portion of the new cub 2000/2500 series is made by hydro-gear! The hydro portion is aluminum & bolted to the input side of the iron diff. & has the drive shaft bolted directly to it. The hydro assembly is fairly large, about the size of one of the big coffee...
  19. JTKub

    New Cub 2544: first impressions!

    New poster here! Been lurking for a bit, just got my new 2544 yesterday. Wow this thing is BIG compared to my MTD 600 series. Seating is WAY up high. Kind of van-like. Seat is large, comfortable, supportive (like me:o)) Fit & finish look good at this point. Nice paint. Nice plating on all...