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  1. DieselBound

    What to do with an old pressure tank?

    I've been literally kicking a big 80 gallon can about for some time now, an old pressure tank. The tank is water logged. My only thought was to cut the top off and use it as a big container for recyclable metals (I've got buckets of such now and those are getting a bit unruly). Would probably...
  2. DieselBound

    PTO slip clutch - bad or?

    I'd worried that the slip clutch on my PTO shaft (bought new a few years ago- Bare Co.) for my bush hog wasn't slipping: I cannot recall whether I'd previously taken this one apart and cleaned it up or whether it was the one that I'd had when I originally bought the bush hog (used - the original...
  3. DieselBound

    Removal of NX cab top

    I need to get at my AC/cabin fan controls and wiring as I suspect there is rodent damage. Do I just look to pop off the top shell piece? If so then the front bezel has to be removed? I'd do a quick pull to see but it's been RTV'd (a "gift" from my dealer).
  4. DieselBound

    Of Mice and Cabs

    I'm getting mice in my cab. Mice have been in the fuse area in the cabin, and I suspect they've also made it up into the cab top. My cabin fan just stopped working the other day: fuse checks OK- A/C light comes on when pushed. So, kind of two issues here... Where are mice getting into the...
  5. DieselBound

    Confirmation on B7800 valve adjustment specs and procedure

    First time to do this... I've got 0.145mm to 0.185mm as the adjustment spec on both(?) intake and exhaust: reference here; I found this in a thread here on adjusting B7800 valves, but there's no clear model spec and I don't feel comfortable accepting this blindly. Can folks verify that this is...
  6. DieselBound

    Bush Hog 286 splines still viable?

    I was hitting some heavy brush (and high ground) and felt a significant judder. Nothing that has happened many times in the past. The speed had dropped down and I figured I'd just caught too much ground (which I had). I lifted the BH up and pulled forward figuring I was out of trouble. Set...
  7. DieselBound

    How to disconnect NX travel pedal potentiome wire harness

    Not real obvious how this connector separates. I've poked and prodded but am concerned about tugging too hard. Looking for guidance.
  8. DieselBound

    NX - lost travel functions

    I'd been struggling with this for a while. My forward travel pedal on my NX5510, since day 1, had this very slight sticking point where when letting up on it it would delay ever so slightly and kind of make a light popping noise, like it was momentarily hanging up and then letting go. I had...
  9. DieselBound

    Draining coolant from NX

    Apparently Kioti engineers (and technical report writers [who are supposed to audit procedures]) haven't ever changed coolant in one of these tractors. Also seems that Kioti hasn't been interested in making it anything but difficult for many years. Anyway... Manual shows to open up the...
  10. DieselBound

    Loader Replacing Tilt cylinder rod

    I blew out one of my tilt cylinder rods on my NX's KL6010 loader: I won't go into how it happened, but, suffice it to say, it was something that I shouldn't have been doing! The rod is broken (it bent and then broke), in which case there's the top piece of the rod broken off inside the...
  11. DieselBound

    How to straighten this trailer tailgate?

    Not sure where to post this... Slipped on the controls of an excavator while dumping a load into my dump trailer and smacked the tailgate. I hit on the top edge toward the hinge. I haven't measured, but I'm guessing it's 1/4" metal. It's twisted perhaps a couple of inches. One pin got...
  12. DieselBound

    Documenting axle leaks

    This thread is an attempt to aggregate issues with Kioti axle leaks after my experiences and after reading/hearing of others having issues as well. In the Fall of 2016 I purchased my NX5510. Late summer of 2017, as I was doing the 200hr service, I noticed that the rear axle, right side, was...
  13. DieselBound

    NX HST linkage sticking

    Since I first got my NX there has been this very slight sticking of the FORWARD HST pedal. There would be this click as it would quickly free itself back up, returning to the neutral position. I just kind of figured that it would wear itself in. Last couple of days [at about 310 hours]...
  14. DieselBound

    Seppi flail? (used)

    On my "equipment to buy" list I have "fail mower." :D Budget is limited to that of a new cheaper (Chinese?) flail or a used quality one (which likely will need a little work/elbow grease). I've got a candidate identified which falls under the "new, cheaper" category, but am still wanting to...
  15. DieselBound

    KL610 loader level indicator tube

    Yup, I lost mine! I'd thought that it was the rod that would come out, so I had loc-tite'd it. I didn't, obviously, loc-tite the top tube! I ordered a replacement, informing the dealer that it was the "top" tube I needed. The part came in and it wasn't the same part! The piece that I was...
  16. DieselBound

    Gates, automating opening for exits

    Trying to decide what type of mechanism to use for triggering an automated gate for exiting the property. A sensor would seem like a convenient way to do this, but I wonder whether someone could hop my fence and trigger it. A keypad on the inside (for exiting) seems like a hassle (delivery...
  17. DieselBound

    Manual control of flow and positioning

    Pretty sure that this has been discussed somewhere, but I can't seem to find the proper wording to search by... I have a possible need to operate an hydraulic system by hand. That is, manually operate flow control while also manually repositioning the equipment. The exact need/case is a flail...
  18. DieselBound

    Looking for input from fencing "experts" - woven wire fencing

    A couple of my fence lines (looking to fence in about 6 square acres) have ditches on the outside. I won't be able to work from the ditch side, in which case I figure I'll have to bring up the wire (woven wire) on the inside of the end posts. Crudely, it would look something like this ("O" =...
  19. DieselBound

    Overstressing PTO U-joints?

    Was mowing some brush today (with the NX5510) and looked back to see the PTO shaft had dropped from the rear of the tractor:eek: Yoke was still on the output, with one U-joint cap in it. The one cap is chewed up a bit, likely from when the shaft decoupled. The yoke is hammered and likely...
  20. DieselBound

    Aftermarket stereo install in an NX cab

    Hoping to create an information base here for installing an aftermarket stereo in an NX cab. I didn't opt for a factory stereo because I wanted bluetooth (at the time of purchase of my NX bluetooth wasn't available). Thanks to this thread there is a great solution for a wire harness adapter...
  21. DieselBound

    Another -What box blade to get- thread

    Well, I was about to pull the trigger on a used (of course) Gannon but before I could it got sold: I was trying to come up with a decent shipping quote (would have been looking at around $3,600). Nothing used that's suitable shows up locally (even out-of-state used stuff is pretty scarce, and...
  22. DieselBound

    Rotary Cutter Repair and enhancement of BH 286 tail wheel bracket

    Tail wheel bracket on the Bush Hog 286 that I recently picked up has broken from the tail wheel tube. There were signs of cracking at the weld when I bought it, but the weld, apparently, was a lot weaker than I'd figured it was and it failed within a reasonably short period of time. The...
  23. DieselBound

    PTO shaft T4-1130?

    Bought a Bush Hog 286 (6' rotary mower) a while back and am looking to hook it up to my Kioti. Problem is is that the PTO's yoke is 1 1/8". Previous owner (running it off of a new-ish John Deere which I'm guessing was in the 40hp range) said he had to buy a new PTO shaft because he couldn't...
  24. DieselBound

    HCA rototillers?

    I'd posted in a Woods-rebranded (Kioti) thread that I'd seen a rototiller at my dealer's. I got more information from the dealer. Says that they're HCA, made in South Korea. I'd known that quality tillers tended to have 6 blades per flange, which is what these have. Here's some pictures...
  25. DieselBound

    NX 50hr service

    I'm currently preparing for my tractor's 50hr service and was surprised at how little is listed to be done for this service. Only the following items are called out: 1. Change front axle oil 2. Change transmission filter 3. Check engine ignition system 4. Grease 5. Check wheel bolts Axle oil...
  26. DieselBound

    Tip/trick for helping change HST range selector (NX series, maybe others?)

    Getting pretty annoyed at the difficulties changing HST ranges. I'd tried several other suggestions/tips, but really no help. Anyway, I think that I may have stumbled across something that might be helpful. I'd be curious whether others find that this helps them too. If the range selector...
  27. DieselBound

    NX5510 - Fuel issues?

    Hi, folks, First time I've ever encountered an issue like this... Tractor appears to not be getting fuel. I don't have a clue about how to bleed the system (owner's manual is worthless): I'm used to the old "crack injectors" way. Started the tractor this morning and let it idle for perhaps...
  28. DieselBound

    KL6010 - uneven loader arms

    In order to get more visibility with this issue -I have it noted in my thread about my tractor- I figured I'd start up a separate thread as I've heard from one other person having this same issue., and felt that others may want to look out for this issue. As you can see in this picture, the...
  29. DieselBound

    Price differential NX open station vs cab

    Now that I've just ordered an open station NX5510H I'm having second thoughts and wondering whether to change my order to an NX5510HC - cabbed version. Anyone know what additional costs a cab tends to ring up?
  30. DieselBound

    My NX5510H

    OK, perhaps a bit premature, as I don't have it yet, but I just put money down on an NX5510H. I was finally able to check out an NX series tractor with a loader on it and felt that it would be fine. As noted in another thread, I was worried about the excessively larger turning radius than the...
  31. DieselBound

    NX5510H Quote

    Finally got a quote (dealer was waiting for September price guides from Kioti). Tractor - $25,145.00 Loader - $4,650.00 Remotes, Rear (3) - $1,200.00 Ballast (100 gal) - $200.00 Bucket hooks (3) - $8.52 Total (w/o tax): $31,203.57 This would be with delivery. Comments?
  32. DieselBound

    Option for 3rd remote on NX?

    I'm working on getting a quote on an NX5510 and had asked about a 3rd rear remote and was told that the NX series only supports up to two sets of rear remotes. Is this true? If so, is there an aftermarket solution for a 3rd remote? If there is then would I be better off not having the dealer...
  33. DieselBound

    What's the biggest flail mower being run on and NX5510?

    I suspect that it might not make much difference between the NXs (though not sure about the NX4500). Would like also be interested in hearing from folks using flails with side shift on them. MODERATORS: Could you please relocate this to the Kioti Owning/Operating section? (sorry for mis-posting!)
  34. DieselBound

    Get with factory remotes or install aftermarket?

    I'm slowly getting a clue about all the remote stuff, enough that I can confuse myself :laughing: I'd like 3rd function stuff rather than diverter, I think. One up front for a grapple. Two at the rear for top-n-tilt functioning. Just about ready to head to the dealers and sit down and...
  35. DieselBound

    Big difference in turning radius: Kioti NX5510 vs Kubota MX5200 vs Mihindra 2555

    I'm back to considering all three of these machines. I have a thread about big differences in hydraulic capabilities (primarily loader). Now I'm seeing another big discrepancy between these machines in regards to turning radius. All machines are 4wd and HST. Here's what I'm looking at on...
  36. DieselBound

    50/55hp utility tractor comparisons - specs all over the map

    OK, first post for me. I'm in the process of shopping for some more HP (currently have an Kubota B7800 - I've put 900 hrs on it after buying it 5.5 years ago with 748 hrs). I figure 50hp to 50hp is about what I need and can afford. Must have HST. Background on why I'm here (now), why this...