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    pickup truck size

    Yup, my pet peeve is the ridiculous size of domestic trucks for the last 10 years. I owned several trucks over the years while I farmed, always regular cab 2 door with 8 ft bed and 2 wheel drive. Loved them all, they worked well for me, and had few problems I couldn't fix myself with simple...
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    What does this lever do? 1953 Ferguson

    Just bought a 1953 Ferguson TO30. Can't figure out what this long lever does attached to transmission next to pto control lever. Previous owner had it for 10 years and never used it.
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    Tractor reviews

    I have owned and enjoyed a lot of popular vintage tractors during the past 10 years. One of the first things I do is check and change the fluids, then go on to repair obvious defects. Eventually go on to restore original features, and improve functionality without impacting original condition of...