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    Exploding tractor battery!

    Vented Batteries produce Hydrogen when being charged/overcharged. Internal spark is highly unlikely. Be very careful when connecting/disconnecting charger. Always unplug it from AC first. Charge in a ventilated area. You were lucky.
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    Please weigh in on a weighty issue.

    Great setup on the Bobcat. I have never seen one.
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    Dump trailer prices

    Blame Global Warming like everyone else. Check out JDJ Trailers in Waterdown Ontario Canada. They ship to US I believe.
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    Silo Gazebo - Smoke Problem

    Open the Manway in the roof to help air flow. Use seasoned wood. Double up on the refreshments.
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    Becareful What You Do....

    That is called "Barber Chair" in Forest Speak.
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    Well today I learned 5 things about post hole augers

    Keep lots of Shear Pins of the correct metallurgy in the Tractor tool box along with hammer and drift punch.
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    A few pics from today’s square baling

    I see that you have the Mexican Speed Wrench handy.
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    Kubota L4610 electrical problem (need help please)

    Both ends of the Negative (Ground) cable are equally important. REMOVE both ends and provide a bright metal to metal contact. Grease them if you wish After tightening. Visually inspect ALL wiring - lighting included. You may have a severe short circuit to kill the battery that quickly.
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    Bush Hog BH25 yokes breaking

    Those bars should have NEVER broken in that way. Wrong metallurgy, chineeeeesium parts. Replace them with locally obtained flat bar.
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    New New Holland

    I feel your pain. Check Battery Ground, both ends of cable.
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    Always Set Parking Brake!

    Life Lesson here.
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    bucket level indicator

    A strip of white paint or reflective tape at the optimum level is very helpful.
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    Dump Trailer Questions

    Getting a load of stone delivered is much cheaper than buying, licencing and maintaining another trailer. Dig up the potholes a bit so the new aggregate can knit in properly.
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    Bolt Size Help

    If you are talking about studs for the 2 empty holes, try removing the loose Stud and see if it fits. If it does take it to Kubota for a couple matches. There are internal and external thread gauges. If you are just plugging the holes, oil them and insert wine corks!
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    This is a stainless steel ____________.

    Perhaps you could form a shield to keep scum from quickly stealing your Cat.
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    Pocket Gopher Control

    You have so many that my method of a burlap bag soaked with gasoline inserted in one hole and some time later (15 min) a flaming burlap bag shoved in a known connecting hole. There are Hot Shot flares that force Moles right out of their holes. The concussion would kill ground hogs. Get some...
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    Cordless Tools vs. Other Options

    If I need to drill 1-1/2 holes, I always grab my battery powered drill. Never enough for 2 holes it seems.
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    Another cart, oversized debris bucket, carry-all on the 3ph, or something else maybe?

    I have one similar size that I was told was Cub Cadet. Sandblast or sand the entire thing and repaint it. They don't make them that sturdy anymore. Keep it.
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    Dump trailer direct wire?

    Buy a Spare Battery. Eliminate all the connectors etc. You will need a substantial Switch like a Solenoid. Perhaps a DPDT if you also have to power down.
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    what to do with a pile of asphalt

    Cover it back up and plant some flowers, ground cover like Periwinkle, and perhaps a structural feature like wishing well or Windmill.
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    Elevation = rough start up..?

    Some Kubotas have indicators to tell you when sufficient Glow Plug time has elapsed. 10 sec seems short. Try 20-25 Secs with more than idle Throttle setting.
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    Will 10 Horsepower actually matter on the same size tractor?

    Horsepower is like Breast size said every Man.....
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    Chain hooks on Bucket or just use pallet forks? (For misc chain hoisting)

    Very nicely done. Glad you used Grade 8 bolts.
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    John Deere 790 stuck in the middle of the field, dead, won't stay running.

    I hope you checked the Fuel level............. Sounds like a safety switch module somewhere...
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    Loading issues on Dump Trailer

    Obviously loaded too far forward. Tell the Operators first then stand by the trailer and see that they comply. What is the Gross weight with that load? Looks too much for your truck to me.
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    Wheel bearing grease for small trailers?

    I would ONLY use Wheel Bearing Grease. It is fibrous and stays put longer I believe. I carry a complete Hub with lubricated bearings with me and mount the spare to it on a spindle welded to trailer frame. One Nut for tire/wheel/hub change.
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    hydraulic fluid change ford 3600 diesel

    When in the seat the Oil Level plug is behind your left foot. 7/16" square head Plug. There is a large cap on top Right of the Diff that you open to fill/add.
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    Towing capacity

    The Towing Capacity is likely on a sticker on the drivers door Pillar. Instead of guessing, get the equipment weighed or contact the Dealer.
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    Filling a cistern

    Toss in a few gallons of Diesel and let it burn . When it goes out, fill with boulders then concrete It is likely an old Well.
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    Repairing an old cultipacker

    Cultipackers or Crowfoot Packers are used to bust up lumps of Clay/clay loam after plowing. They leave a nice planting finish to the soil.
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    Big tool rack - no returns in 7 years claim

    "Return unopened" Gimme a break!!!
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    Just a little dangerous.... imo

    A very capable machine. Geometry is right on. Operator needs more practice.
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    Formal Training?

    These days they don't even teach kids how to write. If you have a mechanical aptitude and willing relatives and neighbours and are lucky enough to get to work at a real Garage, you pick it up. I can still clean up a windshield in record time with no streaks! I worked for gas money. The 409...
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    Restoring antique plow - need to remove rusted nuts/bolts - how much heat?

    After using Penetrating oil for a couple days, Get the nut as hot as possible then drench with cold water. That often busts loose the corrosion interface. You could also use a Nut splitter or simply hacksaw down the centre of the bolt and through the nut.
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    Shuttle Valve For Lawn Sprinkler System?

    Tell SIL to go out and adjust the valves as required. Done.
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    A few pics from today’s square baling

    Farming is one of the topmost dangerous jobs.
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    Tractor front axle calamity; crisis averted?

    Don't lend your Equipment or Girlfriend to your Buddy. Well done on the repair.
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    Terrified of tipping - how about an inclinometer?

    You have a built-in Inclinometer. It is your Brain. If you feel unsafe you are in the wrong place. A gadget on the dash won't stop the roll. Neither will the stabilizers. Go up and down the incline, not crosswise.
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    Need opinions 2016 Chevrolet 2500HD

    Unless you are loaded or towing most of the time, the 4:10 rear end gearing is a very thirsty one. 3:56 is much more practical.
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    How the heck do you guys torque a cylinder nut to 600 ft lb? Rebuilding Bobcat combo bucket cylinder.

    Tighten as tight as you can get it with a cheater bar then give it another 1/2 turn.
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    Anyone else make the same mistake I did?

    Many Shear Pins are broken due to operator error. First mistake is using Bush Hog in Reverse, Second is cutting too low. Broken pins damaged housings, destroyed rear wheel mounts. Keep your hand on the raise lever, and move Forward wherever possible. The front of the unit will warn you of...
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    No steering joint boot available.

    No. NO. Being raw rubber or nearly so, it needs to be protected by wrapping poly tape over it.
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    Building 55' Bridge Across Creek - Utility Poles

    That bridge will outlast you and anyone you know. Leave the ends as is. They will be the first to rot. Nicely done Sir.
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    Prospective purchase for the mountains.

    When you finally pick the tractor you want, go one size bigger. Get all the attachments. Wide stance and ballast and wheel weights. Did I mention KEEP OFF THE SLOPES?
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    Front-End Loader Ratchet Rake // Today

    If you have any rocks in the soil those flails and rotary cutters can cause sparks! Nuff said.
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    Field Mowing Pattern - Side Discharge

    It's not the Space Shuttle. Cut it your way. Straight is good so are phonographic spirals but the corners take a lot of time. Do them first.
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    first time painting - should I grind off the thin surface rust or just apply rust converter?

    Nice paint booth. That looks small for a 4020, especially the steering wheel. You will have a lot of hand painting to do on moving parts unless you were able to move them while painting.
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    Found this on the ground ???

    I believe the part that threads internally to that has a nut that should be tightened against the part youi found. Check the opposite side. I call them Sway Bars if it is not the Centre Link. Tighten it too.
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    Reaming out holes in thick steel?

    I would advise renting a 1/2 or 3/4" Mag Drill, or invest in a Plasma cutter.
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    Stop bolt won't go back in!

    Take it to a Dealer is the Best Option given the complexity of the part and minimal knowledge of the owner.