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    Colt Rattlesnake 45
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    For what its worth

    If your FEL is slow, take the boot off the joystick and check that all allen bolts at the base of joystick are tight. My bucket down tilt got from slow to not working, I finally took the boot off and one allen bolt had backed off 1\2 inch, it was not letting the joystick engage the tilt down...
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    Hydraulic valve with float

    I want to replace the valve on Mitsubishi 28HP with front end loader, with a valve that has float. I can't find any info on pump that tells GPM. anyone have an idea of GPM. Thank you.
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    Oil and a little diesel fuel for trailer deck wood.

    What about the underside of the wood
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    I need to mention, main reason for rake is, last winter ice storm took down a couple large trees and hundreds of limbs on our 5 acres. I have cleaned up the trees and large limbs but still have a ton of small limbs, bits and pieces, 2"diameter x 24" long and smaller.
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    Yes, top link, A County Line Landscape Rake, 5'- 195 LBS
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    If I remove the drawbar and replace with chain will my 3 point landscape rake float ? My property is very rough, no way can I lift and lower constantly trying to use the rake.
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    Harbor Freight (HF) Trencher(Backhoe)

    I have owned mine for 6 years and have put it thru Hell and still works like new. From digging a 8 foot x 8 foot x 6 foot deep pit to lifting 20 foot x 16 inch diameter oak trees on to a trailer, digging up 36 diameter stumps. If it ever wears out I will buy another. Nuff Said.
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    Mitsubishi D3850 Help

    Valley power, they might find a used one, no longer made.
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    Did the smoke test.

    Mitsubishi MT2801FD. Put the front axle gear case and king pin case on the tractor and did the smoke test. Drove around in 4 wheel drive for awhile, till started raining. Put it back in the shop and will check for leaks on the floor. So far so good. A big thank you to all the members that...
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    King pin case and axle gear case back together Mitsubishi MT2801FD

    Got it all back together, now have to get help to pick it up and put in back of pickup and unload at my shop. Don't know what it weighs but can't lift it off the bar. Brought it in, in pieces. Will trim off gasket material after I torque the bolts, has to set up before tightening the bolts.
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    Harbor freight trencher

    I have had the HF trencher for 5 years and would say abused it several times and no problems at all, still starts on first pull. Dug holes, dug up large stumps, picked up 25 foot logs 14 inch diameter with no problems, even picked up a 10 foot by 2 foot propane tank with 75 gallons of propane in...
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    Trouble finding insurance for tractor

    My homeowners with Farmers covers my tractor as long as it is on my property.
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    Ordered parts today

    For Mitsubishi 2801FD front axle gear case, oil seals and O rings. About a week before delivery. Will post when fixed.
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    Waiting on parts confirmation, will post part numbers and repair on these models if you need.

    All I need is oil seals but you never know, so I sent these part numbers and waiting forconformation.For MT2801D I have read the procedure many, many times, almost memorized, hopefully will go smooth. A lot of thanks to bmaverick 1-Bushing-05605-06040 1-Oil seal-0840 1060 759 1- O ring-1980 3174...
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    I can now work on and get parts for my Mitsubishi MT2801FD tractor.

    I got the Parts manual, Repair manual, and owners manual, earlier this morning, have been doing a lot of reading last several hours, so now I can do all repairs and answer all my questions and can get all needed parts. I can't even begin to count the hours I have been on internet and phone...
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    FIXED IT- NO MORE LEAKS---4x4 front left leaking oil onto rim and tire

    I have never owned a tractor before, that was reason for coming on forum. I don't have a clue about 4x4 Mitsubishi MT2801FD or any other tractor. You have never worked on a Mitsubishi like mine it is very rare. I can tear down a 1990 Jag XJS convertible V12, complete rebuild, rebuild hydraulics...
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    FIXED IT- NO MORE LEAKS---4x4 front left leaking oil onto rim and tire

    Better for people to think your an idiot, than to respond and remove all doubt.
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    Lynch Pins Coming Off

    Zip ties.
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    FIXED IT- NO MORE LEAKS---4x4 front left leaking oil onto rim and tire

    More to it than just take apart and back together. Have you ever done it.
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    FIXED IT- NO MORE LEAKS---4x4 front left leaking oil onto rim and tire

    I need to know what comes off first.
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    Making money with credit card

    I have never been charged to use my CC and no annual fees.
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    FIXED IT- NO MORE LEAKS---4x4 front left leaking oil onto rim and tire

    Mitsubishi MT2801fd 4x4 with loader Fluid running down on inside front left wheel. Need help on replacing oil seal, maybe bearings, I can see on inside rim where about 5 inches is being rubbed by something. Can't see that it is rubbing anything, maybe a rock or stick got behind the rim. If...
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    Will my tractor damage neighbor’s rototiller?

    Never borrow anything you can't pay for.
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    For the newbies The best creature comfort add-ons to your tractor To consider when buying

    Pallet forks for loader bucket, don't know what I would do without them.
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    What is your favorite Quote or Saying?

    Better for people to think you are a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.
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    Making money with credit card

    For the past 10 years or so I started using my cc for everything I would normally write checks for, utilities, insurance, food, gas,property tax, etc. Each month I pay the balance the statement shows. Therefore I do not pay interest on the card, secondly, I get points worth cash, every 4 months...
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    I don't know how old you are but guessing you are late 20's early 30's. You need to grow up NOW, take responsibility, do the right thing, call the people you borrowed from, tell them you will deliver the tractor, if you have a trailer, if not let them come get it, Do Not do any harm to the...
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    Mowing Kubota diesel overheating.

    As mentioned before, can you see light thru the rad from top to bottom, if not use air hose and clean from fan side thru rad. Does water run freely thru the engine block.
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    Power Washing the Tractor

    I'm the same way. The biggest reason that I bought the tractor that I did, is because I could tell the owner kept up maintenance by the way he kept the tractor clean, a 1987 that looks almost new. I have a 99 Mercedes a 90 Jaguar convertible V12 a 99 Honda Valkyrie Interstate MC a 99 Honda...
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    Spilled diesel fuel, need help

    Spilled a gallon of diesel, it went under the tractor on the floor in my shop. How is best way to clean up, or how long would it take to dry.
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    Anyone figured out a way to see

    That is not the point. Lets say I hook it up and does not work, do you think I would be able to return. They have already shown their true cdolors.
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    Anyone figured out a way to see

    I will tell you this, Never buy from US AMPRIME TECHNOLOGY. I wanted to return as my tractor does not have a cig lighter to plug monitor into. This company has sent me 6 different emails, requesting me to take photos of box contents, photo of tractor, hook up camera and send photo of what is on...
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    PINE logs anyone?

    Don't burn soft wood indoor fireplace.
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    Anyone figured out a way to see

    Thanks for all the replies. Got a backup camera but sending it back as the monitor has to be plugged into a cigg lighter, don't want to cut wires as would void warranty. Want one I can power monitor and cameras into ignition switch.
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    Anyone figured out a way to see

    I do have Wyze cameras, but mine need 110 power. Also have to be in range of my wifi.
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    Thanks for all the replies.
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    I have been reading, diesel engines should use G-05 coolant because of cavitation on cylinder liners. Have not taken apart to see iff it will accept a thermostat. Thank you.
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    No thermostat in my Mitsubishi MT2801 4x4 diesel. Anyone have a part number, also what kind of coolant do I need.
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    Anyone try to buy a trailer lately?

    Has anyone priced 2x6x18'. I did. Need to replace floor on 2 trailers, a 14' tilt trailer and an 18' trailer. 52.00 for 2x6x18' each 41.00 for 2x6x12' each I can buy sheet metal for same or cheaper. Will wait till lumber goes back down, but will never be where it was. NEVER WAIST A GOOD PANDEMIC.
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    Anyone figured out a way to see

    I feel like an idgit, Never owned a tractor before. Drove my Brothers JD but no loader. At the moment, clearing a lot of limbs from last ice storm, I have forks on bucket with chains and they stick out far enough to see. My tractor
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    Anyone figured out a way to see

    Been trying to figure out a way to see what angle the bucket is when down low on the ground, can't see the sides or the front of the bucket. Thought of a mirror but no where to put it so it does not get knocked off. Got to be a better way than getting off the tractor and looking every time. Any...
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    Transmission oil question

    Mitsubishi MT2801fd 4x4 Under the seat is a dipstick that says OIL, what kind of oil does it require, motor oil or hydraulic oil and what weight. Where do I check and put hydraulic fluid. Thank you
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    Mitsubishi MT 2801fd 4x4 with loader. 34 HP------Value

    Would like to know if I paid to much. Thank you
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    Hello from Oklahoma city

    New to the forum, I have a Blue Mitsubishi MT 2801fd with loader. From Oklahoma city.
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    Hello from Oklahoma

    I'm new from Oklahoma city.