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    Snow B7100 tractor and snowblower

    A couple of suggestions for you. I spent a lot of time researching front blowers on B7100 while helping a friend. The original design by Kubota had solid steel support bars running from the bell housing area of the tractor up to where the blower was attached. These bars were 1" solid square...
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    Ford 1700 Starter Problem

    Your starter relies on contact with the engine block to complete its circuit. It happens with old tractors that the mounting face of the block where the starter sits gets rusty to the point that only poor electrical contact to the starter body occurs. Clean the block mounting surface and try...
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    Need 2 more spools on JD 970

    This post is intended to alert some JD owners that JD has used closed center hydraulic systems on some models. The difference between Open Center and Closed Center is very important in selecting valves for adding rear remotes. I checked and the JD 970 is open center which will make this...
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    kubota glow plug indicator not glowing/hard cold start

    The M7030 is actually a Fiat painted orange. You first need to make certain each GP is working. Disconnect the wires from the GP's and then measure the resistance to ground of each individual Glow Plug.. They all should be close to the same value. If one is different then replace all of...
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    kubota glow plug indicator not glowing/hard cold start

    On the B7100 the only fuse associated with the GP's is the main fusible link. If you blow it nothing works. Machine is different than the B7800 Dave M7040
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    belarus 610 hyd line blew, now no pressure

    If possible, use a shop vac to pressurize the reservoir and help the pump get started. I am mindful that you have a Belarus. Decades ago my neighbor was selling Belarus tractors. When he had one for service, particularly electrical stuff, he would call me to come by in the evening to help...
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    Setting posts atop existing concrete patio...anchor?

    Don't forget the wind uplift forces which is a big reason to have the posts well tied to the concrete. In deciding what fastener to use, consider the diameter. A Tapcon screw will be strong to start with but add a bit of corrosion and soon the cross section of the screw is significantly...
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    L-5040 GST Dies when trying to go forward

    The WSM page showing the switches Dave M7040
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    Add rear remote

    Do you have a loader? If yes how many lines attach to the loader valve, 6 or 7. 7 lines means one is a Power Beyond port likely feeding the 3 pt hitch. It may be possible to put a new valve also with power beyond in the circuit feeding the 3 pt hitch. The power beyond on the new rear remote...
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    Glow Plug Voltage

    A word of caution regarding glow plugs on older L series. A couple of models used series wired glow plugs instead of the much more normal parallel wiring. The L210 is definitely one model but there may be one or two more. What I find is that owners have read wiring diagrams they did not...
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    L-5040 GST Dies when trying to go forward

    It is the tractor's safety systems which are shutting the engine down. In your GST model two possible switches are out of adjustment or have failed (or wiring). #2 or #3. Dave M7040
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    Branson "bouncy" hydraulics

    Some tractors incorporate a hydraulic cushion device on their loaders called by Kubota a Kubota Shockless Ride. There are other similar products on the market which can be retrofitted to loader. Kubota Shockless Ride (KSR) The KSR absorbs loader shock and reduces operator fatigue. This option...
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    L295DT front pto flex shaft for loader

    A simple search turned up this 3/8" drive flexible shaft. flexible shaft And another flex It could be the starting place to fix yours. The coupling which slides unto the end of the crankshaft would have to be retained Dave M7040
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    Need more details on your tractor. Type of transmission. Does it have a loader installed I have attached the pdf page of the relief valve description and operation. You do not say why you need this info. Let me end by giving you a big caution. If you are trying to extract more...
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    Hydraulic power for FEL mounted snowblower

    Using something like a Landpride rear hydraulic pump and reservoir is an expensive option and consumes lots of pto power which many smaller tractor do not have. 52 pto HP from memory to provide 30 gpm @3,000 psi Dave M7040
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    Engine doesn't turn off with key turn.

    A friend provide me access to the BX1500 documents. There is a TIMER relay controlling the stop solenoid. Your engine is stopped by the timer relay being triggered and it then applying power to the stop solenoid. Make certain the 15 amp fuse is OK. If there is power to the relay and the...
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    Engine doesn't turn off with key turn.

    There are two possible engine stop systems and it is important you determine which you have on the BX1500. One system needs power to the solenoid in order to stop the engine. Power is applied for about 10 seconds through a controller as to continually apply power would kill the battery. The...
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    ML260 on a 2005 Mahindra 6000di

    I see hydraulic quick couplers in one of your photos. Often these are the cause of hydraulic difficulties. Re seat them and see if problem goes away. If it does not, swap the loader arm hoses for the bucket hoses and see if the problem moves. The couplers can also fail internally and the...
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    Kubota hydraulic cylinder seal replacement, "slide jig" and "correcting jig"

    Messicks, a large Kubota dealer, provided these instructions on how they install seals without the two jigs. Read attached pdf file Dave M7040
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    Tractor front axle calamity; crisis averted?

    Do you know that circlips (spring clips) both internal and external need to be installed in one direction? Installed the wrong way and there is a good chance they will come off. This issue is so important all Kubota manuals include this info. Dave M7040
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    L3130 OPC Timer Relay

    Could you please provide the part number of the part you changed. I ask because after looking at the WSM, your model tractor seems to be much more computer controlled than say the L3010 where the relay for the engine stop solenoid has a timer function and I am wondering on your L3130 if the...
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    Front End Loader Problem

    If your joystick has cables and further if it has a lock on the joystick to prevent inadvertent loader movement when on the road, start by locking the joystick. The cable ends will connect to the loader valve spools with pins. Remove the pins so the spools can be centered without cable...
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    Hydraulic top link for 08 CK35 HST

    If the issue is hydraulic power to operate the top link, you need to know if your loader valve has power beyond. You can tell this by the number of hoses connected to the loader valve. 6 hoses and no power beyond. 7 and you have power beyond. Confirm exactly what you need to know and answer...
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    Scotts S2554 safety circuit

    The electric clutch pto switch ( if there is one is used for several safety functions). It makes things very confusing. Look for a single wire small diameter wire coming from the engine spark coils.. Typically all the safety features put this wire to ground thru a relay stopping the engine...
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    Ford 1700 - electrical

    Post some photos of the starter, solenoid and attached cables. Also photo of the top of your battery. Something is not installed correctly. Thinned engine oil.......... where does hydraulic system get its fluid. If it is from the transmission fluid, a leaking hydraulic pump can allow...
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    I suck: Mice!

    I learned not to cover things like my boat when storing. Racoon felt it would be a nice home and destroyed the whole interior. This photo only shows a small part of the damage. When I need to park my tractor, I find a place out in the open with grass cut short. Rodents do not like crossing...
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    Bucket cylinder bent rod

    Or using forks...... Dave M7040
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    new holland 7108 loader

    I see info on which says the Ford 1520 and the New Holland 1520 are the same machine. The on line loader spec's are here: loader spec Ford bought New Holland in 1985, and Fiat bought Ford New Holland in 1990. The Ford name on tractors soon became New Holland, but the blue...
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    Hydraulic Bush Hog?

    Some comments on a motor spool valve vs a cylinder spool valve. The motor spool valve does not abruptly stop the motor as a cylinder valve will do. MOTOR SPOOL (Also referred to as free-flow). A spool designed to provide flow from “work” ports to “tank” when spool is in neutral position. This...
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    Feed fluid to remotes from FEL supply

    Find out if your tractor's hydraulics are OPEN or Closed center. Most are open but some JD's are closed. If your system is open center, you cannot use Tee's in the supply line to feed another hydraulic system. In an open Center, the fluid will take the path of least resistance and not build...
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    Farm King snowblower shear sprocket problem

    That style of open gear has been around for many decades. A bit of snow seems to be all the lube they need. Very tough! I first saw these open gears used on blowers made by McKee Bros and also sold as JD blowers painted green. Dave M7040
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    Flow Control Valve

    A caution would be to make certain you have the pto power needed for the new power pack. Landpride's unit needs 52 pto hp to produce 25 gpm at 3,000 psi. While that seems to be right at the limit of your tractor's pto ability, you wont have any power left for moving the tractor. Dave...
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    Auxilliary hydraulic pump for FEL- what size pump?

    Don't forget the power requirements for the pump you select. Often during these projects the owner focuses on quick loader action and selects a pump which is too big for the tractor pto/engine to power. The loader valve flow capabilities are part of the valve specifications which are on web...
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    ,Decoding Kubota wiring diagrams

    You may find test diagnostic tests from the L4330 WSM helpful The OPC aka Operator Presence Controller plays a major role in operating the stop solenoid. Now that I see you have the GST I will look further. Telling us about the symptoms may get you an answer not just help deciphering the...
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    LS MT240e rear control valve

    While I do not know your tractor there are some basics in this situation. Your red circle is around a plug not a place for a hose to connect to. Most importantly, your loader valve has 6 hoses connected to it. P, B1, A1, A2, B2, & T. That makes a total of 6 hoses. A loader valve with...
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    3 point will not lift

    Read reply on Orange forum Dave M7040
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    I need hydraulic education!

    I do not understand "I used power beyond ports in back." Are you talking about ports for a back hoe? A simple spool valve will not last with pressure on the T port. Does your spool valve have a power beyond feature as this would be an integral part of the installation. Dave M7040
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    Hydraulics: FEL versus Forklift

    The difference is in system design...... open center on Kubota and most smaller tractors. This system uses a constant displacement pump meaning for each revolution of the pump shaft a fixed volume of oil is moved. If the oil flow is stopped and no relief valve to maintain the flow the pump and...
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    Ford 2110 glow plugs

    I am going to give you a bit of a generic answer believing your Ford is a Japanese tractor in disguise. If the glow indicator is a glowing piece of coiled wire, its real purpose is to lower the voltage applied to the glow plugs to around 10.5 from the battery's 12 volts. The key switch plays...
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    3 Point Hitch Only Raises When Curling Bucket Up

    While your problem may seem similar, you will get more relevant advice is you start a new thread dealing with your tractor and your issues. I do not know a Branson tractor but typically the loader valve will have 7 hoses attached. Check this carefully. If it does have 7 hoses, then the loader...
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    Loosing hydraulic oil from the vent

    Curtis Thanks for reporting back. All too often people ask for help, get good advice which solves their problem and just disappear. Feedback on suggestions helps many learn which is what the forum is about. Dave M7040
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    Will 60" deck work/cause problems on a BX1870?

    I will attached a Kubota Whole Goods page for B series not because it will answer your question but rather show you the type of document you need to find. "Whole Goods" typically are looked after by dealer sales people not parts. A wider mower has longer blades and sometimes theree is not...
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    ZD326 issues

    This is an educated guess as I do not know your specific machine. Kubota uses engine stop solenoids in two completely different ways. One way requires the solenoid to be powered to allow the engine to start and run. Typically the solenoid has two internal coils. A strong Pull In coil and a...
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    JD 3120 with 300CX loader lacks lifting power

    Back dragging may be the clue. It is a method of operation with a long history of bending and breaking bucket cylinders. The linkage, which allows more bucket curl back, also works to amplify the forces bucket can put back into bucket cylinders causing damage such as bending of push rods and...
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    Alternator install on B-7100

    The B7100 WSM has detailed instructions on installing a large capacity alternator on a B7100. For you the important info is how to locate and drive the alternator. The electrical is much easier now with modern alternators. Dave M7040
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    Hydraulic hookups

    yes Dave M7040
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    Loader bucket curl circuit gets floppy after sitting for a while

    Google "Floppy Bucket Syndrome." A common loader bucket problem that design features like "Fast Dump," or REGEN are designed to minimize. Loader Valve REGEN Feature Explained Regen is a "feature" of most modern FEL (Front End Loader) valves, it's on the Dump...
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    Kubota ZD 331 Battery Light Stays On

    It will not be the dynamo! Your options: 1. invest $73.40 in a new regulator. Option 2: Go through the diagnostic procedure developed by OTT forum member Lugbolt the regulator/rectifier has 6 wires. 2 are the same color, they end up at the dynamo. AC. One is a black ground wire. You will...
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    Hooked battery up backwards JD LT 133

    John Deere are well known for anticipating a reversed battery by owner and often provide special diodes to try and limit the damage. However, should there be diode(s) as part of a safety design, these can fail shorted and this could be why even when the battery is properly connected you still...
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    Front function

    Will self bleed with use Dave M7040