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    M7060 Stalls when PTO is Turned On

    Thank for the responses. I will share them with my neighbor. It is not a batwing. He keeps his equipment greased.
  2. J

    M7060 Stalls when PTO is Turned On

    My neighbor purchased a used M7060 with 1,500 hours. It looks and runs nice. The problem is when he has his 10 foot HD brush cutter on it, which is 4 years old. When he turns the PTO on the engine stalls. The 10 foot works fine on his John Deere 5410 (65 hp at the PTO). The M7060 has 540E on it...
  3. J

    2007 JD 5103 won't start

    The attached pages come from TM4829 tech manual for 5103. Could be the fuel shut-off relay is bad. Look at the page on bypass attempt, it may help on why the starter is not turning over. Hope this helps. If you find out what the problem is please consider sharing it with us.
  4. J

    5045E - 3 Point Control Lever Doesn’t Stay Up.

    I have attached a page from the 52x0 manual. Hopefully it will be of help.
  5. J

    Long 1548A Loader in Need of a Cylinder Repair Kit

    A friend owns a 1989 Long 2360 Model 2050 with a is Long loader 1548A with cylinders by Gold Star, Laurens, IOWA (since changed to Fisher) part # A060CY02 . The cylinders that raise and lower the loader are leaking. Anyone know where one could locate a cylinder seals repair kit? Thanks in...
  6. J

    John Deere 5210

    You need to clean the pickup screen. It is located back by the PTO shaft. I have included pages from the owners manual to show its location and how to clean it. The issue at this point is that you will need to drain or siphon some of fluid out first. I have heard people put it in backwards, so...
  7. J

    John Deere 5210

    Do not know the answer, but here is what I would check. Did you clean the pickup screen/mesh filter? If not you need to do that. If you did, when you put it back in did you put it in the correct direction? Did you use John Deere hydraulic fluid? Do you have steering? I have included a picture...
  8. J


    The following was taken from the tech manual TM1716 using an ohm meter test the readings from the sensor. If you do not have a way to measure the actual temp of the engine you should see the ohms changing. To test the temp gauge if you have some resistors put them in place of the sensor can do...
  9. J

    Fuel leak question on 5310

    After you replace the line that runs from the fuel tank to the fuel filter. Yes you will need to open the shut off, before starting. You might want to read how to bleed the system should you have to do that.
  10. J

    Fuel leak question on 5310

    I have attached a picture of the fuel system and an included a link to the operators manual if you did not get one. As suggested already clean it up and watch for the leak. I suggest NOT trying to open the drain valve (at13740) as you may make things worse. If it is the valve consider replacing...
  11. J

    Cutting Down a Forked Tree

    I have a maple tree that is forked and needs to be cut down. My plan is to put the hinge on the left piece (see picture), make a plunge cut 1.5 inches behind the hinge and work towards the right, leaving myself a back strap. Then put wedges on both sides, then cut the back strap. My concern is...
  12. J

    JD 5X10 Clutch Repair

    The clutch is almost gone and no adjustment left on my neighbors 5410. He is trying to decide if he should have it done or do it himself. He would replace the whole clutch packet/assembly. He has the tech manual, a concrete surface to do it on, jacks and I think all the wrenches/sockets needed...
  13. J

    LV100117 pdf

    Please find attached LV100117 pdf for those that may want it.
  14. J

    Long 2360 Fuse Size and Get Dash Off

    A friend has a Long 2360 that is blowing the number 2 fuse (charging circuit). A couple questions what are the fuse sizes for all the fuses. The operators manual does not list size. It is felt a wire under dash is the cause as a mouse nest was found under there. It looks like the only way to...
  15. J

    Recommendations on Cleaning a Plastic Diesel Fuel Tank

    The valve at the bottom of the fuel tank had a leak, while I have stopped the leak, I will be replacing the valve. Since I have to drain the tank to replace the valve. Figured I would replace the fuel lines and clean the tank as well. I have not had any fuel problems. How do others...
  16. J

    IPHONE FTP Client to Windows 10 PC

    I have setup my neighbors Windows 10 PC to be a FTP server to transfers files from their android tablet. I am wanting to put a ftp client on their phone in order to wireless transfer files from phone to the PC. Does anyone have experience doing this and what ftp client for the phone did you...
  17. J

    Questions on a 1990 Ford 3930

    An 87 year old friend had a flasher issue with his 3930 tractor. I fixed it and in the process, I noticed the 25amp fuse for the thermostart was missing. I put a new in. Is there a dash light or some other way to see, if this is working without finding it under the hood? His fuel gauge does...
  18. J

    Shipping Car From CA To VA

    I am thinking about shipping a car from LA, CA to southwest, VA. Does anyone have a recommendation on a shipper to use? Also if you have any information I should know on how to do this, please let me know. I am looking for them to pick it up and drop it off at my house. Thanks in advance for...
  19. J

    Skidding a Log Over Wet Area

    I am going to help a friend cut down, cut up and split a big oak tree. To get it to an area that we can safely cut it up to wood stove size and split, we will need to cross a wet area and a small creek. Is there a way to keep the log from getting dirt on the bottom making it hard on the...
  20. J

    Kohler Command Engine Front Seal Repair

    Hopefully someone will find this of value. The Kohler engine on my Simplicity Prestige developed an oil leak someplace on top of the engine. Before just starting to take it apart I did some research on what could be the problem and how to go about repairing it. The second video included is what...
  21. J

    Battery Load Tester Question

    I borrowed an actron cp7612 battery load tester from a friend to help another friend test 3 12 volt batteries. One of the batteries, which has been off the battery charger since last night read 13 volts with my volt meter. When I connected the load tester to it and flipped the test switch...
  22. J

    Replacing Oil Pan on Ford 3930

    I was over at a friends today that has a 1999 2WD Ford 3930 and he needs to replace the oil pan because he hit a stump. He was told the pan was $248 and the gasket is $40. My knowledge of Fords is very limited, but is the part he needs? If wrong can you point me in the correct direction...
  23. J

    JD 5210 How To Remove Tie Rod?

    I am trying to separate the tie rod from the knuckle on the MFWD swivel housing of my 5210, so that I can replace the boot. I have the nut loose. I tired hitting hard with a big hammer the knuckle to break things loose, with no luck. I have jacking up the tie rod a little and then hit the...
  24. J

    What To Do With Retired School Buildings

    The county I in live over the next few years 2 elementary schools will no longer will be needed. Most likely the school system will surplus them back to the county. What are others aware of that has been done to make use of retired school buildings? If you are aware of businesses that have made...
  25. J

    How A 4230 Fuel Gauge Shows Empty/Full

    I am working on a friends fuel gauge for his JD 4230 tractor and hopefully have it working right. The green lines in the picture represent what the gauge will show for empty (0 ohms) and full (95 ohms). Since he has never had it working since if he purchased the tractor, he does not know if this...
  26. J

    Right Truck Trailer to Haul JD 5210

    I have a 2005 2500HD Crew Cab 6.0L gas truck. I have a JD 5210 with load tires and loader weight is around 8,100 pounds. What I would like input on is the attached picture of a 20 foot X 8 foot 2004 Econoline trailer dual axles (GVWR is 10,000 and weight of trailer is 2,500 pounds) with dual...
  27. J

    870 Tachometer Problem

    My neighbor asked me to take a look at the tachometer on his 870. At idle the tachometer just about pegs itself and bounces around at the 3,000 RPM mark increasing the tractor RPMs just moves it closer to being pegged. While I did not remove the cable it looked good. There is a squealing noise...
  28. J

    Help Identify Leaf Vac Impeller

    I need to replace the leaf vacuum impeller on a second hand leaf vacuum I purchased and do not know the name of the manufacture. I have attached a picture of the impeller does anyone know the name and where I can get a replacement? I would rather replace it then try and bend it back in shape...
  29. J

    Long 2360 PTO Problem

    A friend of mine owns a Long 2360, the PTO lever located in front of and to the left of the driver seat no longer turns the PTO off. The lever moves freely up and down. Before I start to do anything, I thought I would ask and see if anyone has any suggestions as what could be the problem...
  30. J

    Porcelain Tile In Kitchen

    I am looking to put down porcelain tile in my kitchen which is 16X24, the house was built in 1996. The joists are No.2 southern pine 2X10 on 16 in centers. One section the joists are 8 foot long and the other section the joists are 16 foot long. Should I be concerned about the deflection of the...
  31. J

    Low Voltage Light Came On

    Simplicity Prestige Kohler CV23S I had been using the tractor for a half hour, when I went to turn it off the low voltage light was on and electric (not sure if the whole worded was spelled out) was displayed in the instrument panel window. I turned the tractor off and was unable to restart...
  32. J

    JD Parts Problem For US 5X10 Tractors

    Went Christmas shopping the other day for my tractor on John Deere parts catalog. When I entered 5210 for model nothing came up. Sent an email to JD and they indicated there is a problem and the work around is to select Catalog Number Search and enter 2615.
  33. J

    Electrical Question

    I am looking to upgrade the electrical service in my shed to 100amp and bring up to code the wiring from the meter and 200amp circuit breaker located on an electrical pole 30 feet from my shed. Before I get started I could use some help in answering some questions. On the attached picture of...
  34. J

    How To Connect Sub-Panel Ground Wire At Meter Breaker

    I want to upgrade the wiring that is in my shed from 60amp to 100amp and bring it up to code. The meter is on a pole 20 feet away from the shed with a 200amp breaker box under it. The 200amp breaker box has 2 120 lines and a neutral. As I understand it I will need to install a sub-panel in the...
  35. J

    Question For JD 4230 Owners

    I am helping my neighbors dad with repairs on his 1977 JD 4230 cab diesel tractor. What is next on the list is the fuel gauge. The gauge is always on full, when the key is in run position. When I disconnect the wire at the sender and ground it on the tractor, the gauge goes to empty. To me this...
  36. J

    4230 Relay Questions

    I am helping a friend fix the relay for the air conditioner on his JD 4230 diesel cab tractor. He had a person replace all the wiring some time back and said it work for awhile after he got it back. 4 wires, ground, wire to the blower/wipers, power wire from a circuit breaker (CB) and another...
  37. J

    6300 - Air Conditioner Fan In Cab Not Working

    My neighbors dad has a 1993 cab 6300. In talking with his dad, he said the fan in the cab for the air conditioner was not working. He said if he jumps the relay (I do not know which one) it works. He said he has replaced the relay and it still does not work. Not much to go on, but thought I...
  38. J

    2750 Wiring Diagram

    My neighbor has a 2750 no cab, 2WD the batteries keep draining down. He has replaced the batteries, but the problem continues. A wiring diagram would be very help to determine what is draining the batteries. If any one has has a suggestion what might be draining the batteries that would be help...
  39. J

    Cleaning 5X10 Pickup Screen

    200 hours ago, I replaced the hydraulic fluid, filter, o-rings and cleaned the pickup screen, because I purchased the tractor used and felt this would be a good idea. I did not know what to expect, but with only 400 hours on the tractor, there was a fair amount of metal flakes on the pickup...
  40. J

    Long 2360 Maintenance

    A friend has asked me to help him do maintenance on his 2WD Long 2360, which has received no maintenance in the past 5 years. We plan to do oil and filter, fuel filters, hydraulic and filter, grease it and air cleaner filters. I have done maintenance on cars, trucks and tractors for a number of...
  41. J

    Can The Regen Circuit Be Beat

    The simple reason that a regeneration circuit will not work with 2 single action (SA) cylinders is because equal pressure is put on each cylinder during the extend/dump, thereby canceling out any movement. So is there a way using different size/length hydraulic hoses, between the spool and...
  42. J

    How Many 5210s Made

    I purchased a low hour 1999 John Deere MFWD 5210 with syncshuttle transmission and a 540 loader a year and half ago. I would be interested to know, if any knows how many 5210s were made or where to find this out? I would also be interested to know what experiences good and bad people have had...