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    NGO company refurbisher?

    any one research this company? i see them advertising Japanese imported and refurbished machines for around 20k, some with some neat features. we are interested in getting something for the next couple years as we make a lot of...
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    new barn design help

    we want to build a workshop. I am thinking about 60 x 40. want a steel building for good bay height in the center, but keeping it lower overall to lower its visual impact on the property. It will be placed a few hundred feet in front of our home on a narrow, long 5 acre plot. we will store a...
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    anyone switch to LED lights?

    Going to upgrade the work light to the HF led flood, need to either add a switch or change it to turn on and off with the head lights. also, thinking of installing LED headlight bulbs and flasher/running light, brake light bulbs. have you done this, has it worked out with the flashers? any...
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    cell phone signal repeater

    looking at getting a cell signal repeater with an outdoor antenna. we have good service if you can stick your arm 20 feet up in the air, or walk up the hill, but not at ground level. we are on Verizon but multiple bands would be best, as we have family on at&t. any suggestions? we do use...
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    new to me 4720H

    I put a deposit down on a 2012 4720H / QA loader and 6 implements including 5 ft frontier brush mower, econo-plow 3 pt snow blower, bison 7ft blade, earth worx grader, auger and forks. I think I got a decent deal at 24500 in todays market, and its only about a mile from here as the crow flies...
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    case 75C?

    case 75c cab with flail, log splitter, 2 remotes, loader with bucket and rock bucket, 3rd function. 490 hrs 40k. anything bad about these? seems like a pretty decent deal. its a bit more tractor than i need, but after seeing 30hp cab tractors with just a loader and one remote and one bucket...
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    Cub Cadet 1641 garden tractor and attachments $3000

    Triple bagger Plow Snow blower 46 in deck Cub cadet Dump cart The full package and one of the best built garden tractors of the last 20 years. Shaft drive cast iron hydrostatic transmission, horizontal shaft 16 hp Briggs engine. Real horsepower, not like a new model with “25” hp that cant...
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    had to brag about my auction find

    picked up 3 6 ft blue spruce, 3 6 foot Austrian pines, 3 boulders, and... a 5 foot brush hog. runs like a new one, looks like the blades have never been sharpened. for $300. around here, that is super cheap. the used ones usually look like they have been backed into a concrete wall repeatedly...
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    generator brands/types

    Looking to purchase a generator. we have lost power 2x in the last couple weeks and we are just getting into snow season. We are also considering buying some property in the mountains where the generator could be useful. we have hot water baseboard, and 2 fridges and a deep freeze. all our...
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    finally getting forks and SSQA!!!! just need to get it welded up.

    ok. i finally caved and orderd ssqa forks and some ssqa adaptors for my tractor. my understanding is i need to weld on the pin brackets and a tube between the 2 pieces. a few questions though: is there a standard width between the ssqa bottom pins? my bucket and stuff is 4 ft wide. what...
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    new seat and cup holder

    ok crew, time for another seat and cup holder thread. anyone come up with a good insert if i drill a big hole in my fender? looks like plenty of clearance to the tires. could just use some steel pipe and weld it in also. what seat do you like? considering this one. Universal Compact...
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    saw for chainsaw milling

    anyone have a larger Chinese saw? looking at the holzforma 388 $240 with 28 bar and chain. looking for something to do some chainsaw milling and not spend a ton. also, will a ms261 handle a 24 in bar? or better to go used? anyone have something in that size range for sale i have a 251...
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    Truck lite headlight housing on other brands?

    This headlight housing must have been used on other things, looking to replace. Would love to put in a nice 4 in round led light If you know of one that is not a back up light? I think i could use the rubber grommet style. Or a source to replace these? From my allis 5020.
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    4.5 grinder recommendation?

    finally wore out my slim grip rigid 4.5 grinder. I really liked the trigger setup and grip on this, but do not see any like it now. thinking about getting a made in Germany metabo. any other recs? seems like in the 100ish dollar price point, you can get about any of them. I am a fairly...
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    3 point lift arms?

    The arms on my 5020 are about 22 inches long. My 3 point is about half way up when I attach an implement. Is there a source for these with some different length options? One adjustable by crank and one not as a set? When up all the way the bottom of my jd80 back blade is only about 8...
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    Quick and dirty debris rake.

    Quick and dirty debris rake. Works a charm. Cost me about 3 dollars in bolts and a bit of flux core wire. Made of a window grate I had in the pile, and a stick of 3/8 x 3.5 plate from the stack of stuff in the garage.
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    leave a gear tractor in gear on the trailer?

    I am new to trailering a gear tractor. I have plenty of experience strapping things down and traveling long / rough roads in the outback and in the states with time in the oilfields, but do you put the tractor in neutral or leave it in 1st gear when on the trailer? I did not see an answer in...
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    AC 5020 / Hino E23 / MF 210 under contract.

    My first real tractor. :cool2: Allis Chalmers 5020 AKA Hinomoto e23 or Massy Furguson 210 or Simplicity 9523. mfwd with new rear tires, balasted, original loader, everything works well and well maintained. new alternator, nothing but a few small drips. should be delivered next week after the...
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    ym1500 or l185dt

    I have a low budget of about 5k. i found a yanmar 1500d 650 hrs per the ad, who actually knows, bush hog loader, back blade and single bottom plow. i also found a kubota l185dt with loader and back blade, engine rebuilt 100 hrs ago, not sure to what extent. i have one acre that is a bit of...
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    Steiner 430 for acre lot?

    I have an acre and currently run a cub 1641 that i really like. I have a 150 ft. gravel drive, a good amount of trees and a lot of projects as the property was not taken care of for a very long time before we acquired it last spring. I am limiting myself to one machine. Land is nearly flat...
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    MUD back yard help

    longmont, colorado. my backyard is all mud and I would like to get it planted. i seeded half of it and have to get sprinklers going tonight, it has been wet the past week. eventually some of it will be lawn and a lot will be rocks and other landscaping. I really need something to germanate to...
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    My county is giving me a hard time and requiring a bunch of BS for moving a shed in to my property over 120 sq feet. the permit will cost as much as the shed! i am now looking at the lower cost but smaller option of a lifetime plastic shed of 8 x 15. anyone have one? i would plan to build a...
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    best Attachment capable trimmer?

    Looking at attachment capable trimmers. plan on the hedge trimmer, string trimmer to start, maybe a blower, sweeper, edger in the future. Which system do you have or recommend? I have done a bit of research and have come down to echo pas or shindaiwa multi tool? pricing looks to be very...
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    From the front range of Colorado on a CC 1641

    Hello. I have gotten some good advise reading here and thought I may be able to contribute as well. I just picket up a very well maintained Cub Cadet 1641 with 46 deck, snow blower, triple bagger and snow blade. We recently moved onto an acre that is a bit out of control from lack of...